Resort Hotel Ripario Modern Yalta Crimea

Ripario Modern is a relaxing holiday surrounded by natural sites with the possibility of recovery. As in many other hotels in Yalta, it has its own beauty and health studio, where you can get a free consultation and referrals for procedures.

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Ripario Modern Beach Hotel is located on the Black Sea coast, close to the Nikitinsky Botanical Gardens. The nearest city of Yalta is only 4 kilometers away. The complex also offers views of the nearest park and mountains. The large green area of the complex and the remoteness from other hotels and guest houses of Yalta provide peace and comfort.

The hotel is considered a modern building, while earlier there was a famous boarding house “Coastal”, on the basis of which Ripario Modern was erected. This place officially has 3 stars. This means that the hotel has not only a new name, but also a new approach to service.

It features a heated swimming pool, a children’s area and a hydromassage fountain. It offers active recreation fans a football field, tennis courts, table tennis tables, dance floors. The food system includes 2 restaurants, cafes “A-More Bar”, seasonal beach cafes, bars, including karaoke bar. Rooms here will provide you with 62 channels and cable TV. Internet access is via WLAN. The reception is located in the Art Nouveau and Aparthotel buildings, in all public areas and on the waterfront. There are 5 conference rooms available for organizing corporate events and presentations of various levels. The hotel’s guarded car park is designed for 60 cars.

The old park where the hotel is located is the former estate of Count Orlov-Davydov. This is more than 10 hectares of the park, framed by the sea and mountains.

Suddenly, I liked everything. Absolutely. Near the sea, the beach, a beautiful area with many trees. A real park. The territory is very landscaped: a children’s playground, swings, numerous benches. I especially want to note Building 8, Ripario Modern. The rooms here are spacious. Bathrobes, disposable slippers in the room pleasantly surprised me. Huge balconies with beautiful sea views. Special thanks to the restaurant staff. Very nice and friendly people; friendly and responsive team, professionally performing their work. Thank you all! If I can, I will definitely spend my next vacation at The Ripario Modern.


For guests of the resort, the Ripario Modern Hotel offers a choice of more than 200 rooms of different categories and comfort levels:

  1. For one. Cozy single economy room of 12 sq.m, equipped with a single bed.
  2. For two. Economy double room of 12 sq.m, equipped with 2 beds.
  3. Standard B. Economy double room with a balcony of 15 sq.m, equipped with 2 beds.
  4. Standard Room: Air-conditioned double room of 15–20 sqm with 2 beds.
  5. Standard BC. Double room with balcony and air conditioning, 18-20 sq.m, with 2 single beds.
  6. Standard. Double room with two rooms, 30 sq.m, consisting of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room.
  7. Superior. Elegantly furnished two-room apartment consisting of a bedroom with a double bed and a living room.
  8. Comfortable. This 19 sqm room features mountain views. The room has two separate beds.
  9. Superior North and Superior South. Exquisite studios in a modern building of 37 sq. m.. Equipped with a double bed or two single beds.
  10. Apartment A. With panoramic views of the sea, mountains and picturesque bay of Yalta. Located in the modern building of the Hotel Ripario. Room size 240 sq. m.
  11. Apartment B. Located in a modern house of 80 sq. m.
  12. Apartment S. Located in a modern building with panoramic views of the sea, mountains and Yalta Bay. The area of the room is 180 sq. m.

Each room is equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture. The price also includes all evening shows.

Note! The hotel does not allow pets, so it is better to leave them at home.


The Ripario Modern Hotel has two dining options. Each of them has its own hall, where you can also organize a celebration or a romantic/business meeting.

The first restaurant, Ros Marinus, is located on the coast, next to the Black Sea, in a park area. Guests can choose from an outdoor terrace and a lounge area. The system of orders is “a la carte”, that is, the order of dishes takes place on the menu and everything is prepared individually for each guest. The chef of this restaurant has developed a menu that includes European and Oriental cuisine.

The second institution is called the same as the hotel – Ripario Modern. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel. It is here that all breakfasts are held according to the “Buffet” system. An à la carte menu is available for lunch or dinner. Only European cuisine is presented here.

In both restaurants, chefs are increasingly trying to please guests with new products, so seasonal dishes or dishes of the day appear on the menu.

If you want a snack or a quick eat, you can use the café A more Bar, which is located on the coast, next to the sea itself. The menu includes fast food.

For those who want to enjoy coffee, refresh themselves with a cocktail or have a drink with friends, ripario Modern has a lobby bar.

More information! The Ripario Modern Hotel offers three types of food systems:

  • breakfast + lunch;
  • breakfast + dinner;
  • breakfast + lunch + dinner.

What to do at the hotel?

Hotel Ripario Modern positions itself as a place for a relaxing holiday. But despite this, there is something to do here.

There is a tennis court with professional lighting on site. To play tennis, guests need to make reservations at the reception in advance and get the necessary equipment. If this is not enough, then you can go to the fitness center. There are about 30 simulators and 2 treadmills, air conditioning and sound systems. Tourists can practice independently or with a professional instructor who will select simulators and exercises depending on the physical characteristics of the person and his goals.

Note! A visit to the gym is included in the price, and personal lessons with a coach must be paid separately.

After a work session, you can go to the sauna or enjoy the cool water in the pool. Guests can also visit the spa and medical treatments. There is a wide range of cosmetic and wellness services, various types of massages and relaxing complexes. After the initial consultation, the doctor prescribes not only a recovery plan, but also prescribes recommendations for the choice of dishes.

It features a private beach and a heated indoor pool. If guests want to engage in active recreation, the staff will offer to visit the gym or play tennis, basketball, football, billiards.

And you can end the day with dinner in one of the restaurants, drink a cocktail in the bar or watch a movie in the open air.

Pools and sea

Ripario Modern is located on the first coastline and is 200 metres from its own private beach. In total, there are several equipped beaches on the territory of the hotel, so rest on the Black Sea coast is always calm and pleasant for guests. It has everything to make a beach holiday safe and comfortable. Modern sun loungers, aerarias and umbrellas delight guests of the resort and give pleasant emotions. Of the additional paid services, sports equipment rental, yacht and scooter rental are available.

In Yalta there are few hotels that have indoor pools. And one of the few, just is the hotel Ripario Modern. The advantage of such a pool is that here you can relax and engage in physical activity at any time of the year and in any weather. The indoor pool is always a pleasant place to spend your free time, regardless of the season and weather conditions. Heating fresh water allows you to feel comfortable while swimming. There is a children’s area where children like to spend their free time. For adult tourists, an artificial fountain with hydromassage has been created to relax the whole body.

Rested at the Ripario Hotel in August 2020. A good place for a relaxing holiday. We lived in the first building in a standard room, everything was fine. The only disadvantage is that there is no balcony, but there are dryers in the corridor and there is still a small dryer in the room. The corridor also has an iron and ironing board and a refrigerator with hot and cold water. I liked the food in the restaurant, it costs 650 rubles. If there is an all-inclusive system, it will be cheaper than paying for lunch and dinner every day. There are 2 shops on site where you can buy basic food and drinks, but the prices are high. The beach is clean, it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol. It is pebbly, but there were no problems with bathing. Excursions were bought in a kiosk near the hotel, I liked everything. I want to note that young people will be bored to relax in this hotel, because there is no entertainment.

Entertainment for children

The Ripario Modern has several places to relax with children:

  • game room;
  • pool:
  • evening entertainment animation.

Entertainment is an integral part of the life of the Ripario Modern Hotel. Any free time here will be bright, fun and unforgettable. The team of animators entertains everyone, from young to old, so that guests can experience positive emotions and enjoy their vacation and communication with other tourists. Every evening there are parties where you can relax with children and make interesting acquaintances.

Holidays of young guests in Ripario Hotel Group are distinguished by positive, bright emotions and a large number of positive impressions. For them, there is a team of animators who know how to attract children and create the right atmosphere. All kinds of games, relay races, lessons, missions, shows and other recreational activities allow children to meet other peers and make friends.

Also, children have the opportunity to actively spend their free time in a pleasant company of peers on the playground, where clean sea air takes care of the health of the younger generation. On the equipped playground there are always positive emotions and laughter. Here children roll down slides, climb stairs, descend a rope, ride a swing.

In the rental of equipment you can take for a joint holiday with children badminton, darts, balls and other items to make the free time of the children was sporty and interesting. Also, the hotel staff offers for vacationers with children several interesting excursion programs. They give children a lot of impressions and acquaint with the history of this tourist region.

More information! One child under 5 years old can stay without a seat for free. If there are two children, the parents pay the cost of an extra bed when checking into the hotel. If the child is from 5 to 12 years old, parents receive a 30% discount on his stay.

Nearby attractions

  1. House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov. The project of the building was developed by architect L. Shapovalov. Chekhov settled here in 1899 and lived in the house for five years. Here he wrote some of his most famous works: “Three Sisters”, “Lady with a Dog”, “Cherry Orchard”. The house was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1927, but was rebuilt the following year. Another test was the years of the Great Patriotic War and occupation, but even during this time not a single artifact was damaged or lost. The literary exhibition of the museum opened in 1966, for this purpose a special building was built. In 1974-1980 the museum was restored, and in 1983 a new exhibition “The Life and Work of A. P. Chekhov” was opened. One of the highlights of the collection is Chekhov’s philatelic collection. The author collected about 30 packs of stamps, including samples from different countries.
  2. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. On the slope of one of the highest hills, in the center of Yalta, stands the beautiful Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, past which it is impossible to pass without admiring its noble nature and architecture. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the main Orthodox monuments on the southern coast of Crimea and one of the most beautiful churches on the peninsula. A tourist who comes to Yalta will certainly visit this cathedral, at least for the sake of cultural heritage, not religion. On the left, on Polikurovsky Hill, is the oldest cathedral of Yalta – the temple of John Chrysostom.
  3. Massandra Park. In the main part of the Massandra Park, forest vegetation is complemented by flowers. Once there were many statues copying Greek and Roman samples. Now there are almost none. It is not the wars or vandals who are to blame: initially the sculptures were made of low-quality materials and quickly lost their appearance. Due to neglect of the area, not all hiking trails here are cleared, so the map can not always help to navigate. However, the area is less than 42 hectares, so it will not be possible to get lost here. Despite all the difficulties lived, the place retains its picturesque beauty. Most of the rare plants that were planted here during the time of the kings are still alive and continue to adorn the landscape.

Importantly! The friendly staff can assist with ticket bookings and sightseeing arrangements. If necessary, you can book a transfer from the airport or rent a car.


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This hotel is conveniently located on the southern coast of the peninsula, so guests who arrive here will find themselves in the epicenter of a pleasant resort life. To see this incredibly beautiful region from this angle is a must.