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Mini-hotel “Lavola” is located on the territory of the yacht club in the village of Rappatily Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. This is a comfortable place for a country holiday. Residents of St. Petersburg and Vyborg come here to spend weekends or celebrate holidays. It is an ecologically clean area, without any signs of production. The owners designed the hotel fund in a minimalist style, which fully corresponds to the northern concepts of coziness and comfort. Here nothing distracts from relaxation and immersion in yourself. Complete unity with nature is the key to a good rest, – so say both the owners and guests of the hotel.

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Location and history

The hotel was named in memory of the Finnish village of Lavola, which was located on this territory. Today, the village of Rappatila is an elite area of suburban buildings in Vyborg. Locals actively use the services of the yacht club. For them there is a pier and boathouses. The opening of the recreation center served as an influx of tourists from other cities here. The area interests travelers with monuments of antiquity and an unusual museum opened in 2016.

The local nature has a special appeal. The recreation center is located on the banks of the Saimaa Canal of the Karelian Isthmus. It is a shipping route connecting Russia and Finland. It was opened in 1856. The fairway is divided between the two states. Lavola is closer to the border. It is a very beautiful place with calm waters. On one side of the canal is the Vyborg Bay, on the other – the Finnish Lake Saimaa.

The road by car from Pulkovo airport will take exactly 2 hours. Lappeenranta Airport is much closer. The accommodation is 42 km away. You can get there by car or yacht through Saimaa and the canal. From the Russian territory it is easier to get to Vyborg. Between it and the village only 11 km. The road is good. There are signs everywhere.

To Vyborg from St. Petersburg there is a train. From the railway station of the city to Rappatil on schedule runs a minibus. Experienced travelers recommend coming to Lavola on their transport or looking for fellow travelers. On weekends, there are plenty of them. On the territory of the recreation center, car owners are provided with free parking spaces.

“Great place in nature! Near the Yacht Club, rental of boats, kayakov, bicycles. You can come with dogs. For the recreation center of business class not very high prices. There is a restaurant. It is best to come here by car. Parking is provided, you do not need to pay for it. I really liked that the rooms have underfloor heating» Oleg, Russia

Pay attention! Pets are allowed only in cottages and detached houses. Pets are not allowed in hotel rooms. The cost for placing a pet is 500 rubles / day (actual for March 2021).

To settle a dog / cat, the following things will be required:

  • feed supply for the rest;
  • a collar with a label on which the owner’s data (contact phone, name) is recorded;
  • vetpassport or vaccination certificates;
  • tray, bowl, toys, bedding for sleeping;
  • veterinary first-aid kit.

Animals are best brought in carriers. Local dogs live on site. They, of course, are friendly and well-mannered, but it is necessary to take care of your own pet.

Room stock

The rooms are free houses and hotel rooms in the administrative building. Everywhere there are separate bathrooms with showers, beds for a comfortable sleep, satellite TV channels, free Wi-Fi, hairdryer. The cost of the room depends on the number of people living in it. For accommodation in houses there is a fixed price, not depending on the number of guests.

It offers the following services:

  1. Hotel rooms of category “Comfort” (26 sq. m) for accommodation from 1 to 3 people. They are in the main building. The windows overlook the Saimaa Canal.
  2. Double house (16 sq. m) is made in the Scandinavian style of natural materials. In addition to electric heating, a stove-stove is additionally installed in the room. There is a kettle. There are rustic floorboards on the floor.
  3. Standard cottage (25 sq. m) is designed to accommodate from 2 to 4 people. The room is divided into a bedroom and a guest hall with a sofa bed. The bathroom has a shower.
  4. Cottage category “Luxury” (25 sq. m) consists of two rooms. In one there is a bedroom, in the other there is a living room with a sofa.
  5. One-storey house with two bedrooms (35 sq. m.), which can accommodate a company of up to 6 people. There is a terrace in front of the entrance. The hall is combined with the kitchen. In the kitchen area there is a dining table, electric stove, microwave, refrigerator, kettle, dishes.

“Comfortable beds. The apartments have their own kitchen. Local dogs walk around the grounds. They are very well-mannered, meat from the grill is not begged. The restaurant prepares good breakfasts» Elena, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Catering for guests is handled by the restaurant “Lavola”. It’s small. The dining room can accommodate 40 people. Breakfast is served from 10.00 to 12.00. Check-out time at the hotel is scheduled for 12.00. Guests can order an early breakfast if the departure time is set for the morning. At lunch and dinner, the kitchen is à la carte. The hall is often rented for family and corporate celebrations. Therefore, it is worth considering other catering outlets located nearby.

On the road to Vyborg there are several roadside cafes. The main restaurants worth visiting are in the city itself. By car from Lavola to the district center to go 15 minutes. In the city you should pay attention to the following institutions:

  1. Restaurant “Tavern” is located in the heart of Old Vyborg. Candles burn here, the atmosphere resembles the refectory of a medieval castle. Dishes are prepared according to old recipes. Waitresses are called housewives. They treat guests with traditional Finno-Karelian cuisines, bake pretzels, brew craft beer. The prices are average, the reviews are amazing.
  2. Restaurant “Fortress 5” is also located in the Old Town. Russian cuisine is prepared here. Guests praise the hodgepodge, dumplings, draniki. Civilization has reached this gastronomic corner. For dessert, ice cream, cheesecakes, cheesecakes are served. The service is excellent, delicious, like at home at my mother’s.
  3. Steakhouse «Black bull bar» offers American cuisine. It is located next to the Round Tower, one of the attractions of Vyborg. After visiting it, you can go to the pub, order a steak and a mug of beer. The menu includes a variety of burgers, chocolate desserts, several types of coffee.
  4. Cafe “Extreme” is located on the shore of the bay. European cuisine is served. Among them: creamy soup, strudel, brioche with custard. Good fish dishes are prepared here. From alcoholic beverages, guests prefer rum, like real pirates sitting on the beach in a tavern.
  5. “Espilya” is a restaurant of Russian cuisine, located next to the Transfiguration Cathedral. Hungry tourists will be offered a native Russian snack of potatoes, green onions and pickles. Then they will serve borscht, beef stroganes and pancakes. In addition to these on-duty dishes in the menu there is still a lot of interesting things.

Many cafes prepare takeaway meals. It can be ordered in steakhouses, pizzerias, sushi bars, fast foods, which are open in the city a huge number. Delivery is carried out by not all catering enterprises. You can clarify information about them from the hotel administrator, who will help you make an order.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel offers a lot of interesting entertainment for its guests. All of them are connected with nature and a healthy lifestyle.

Important! On the territory of the recreation center you can not smoke. For this purpose, special places with ashtrays are equipped.

It offers a large bath complex with a sauna for 15 people. It is located in a separate house decorated in Scandinavian style. In front of the house there is a terrace with sun loungers for relaxation. Next to the steam room there is a room with billiards, a dining table, a kitchenette and a fireplace. Here guests like to relax on winter evenings. In summer, there is usually a terrace. The complex has living rooms. They are designed for those who come for the weekend to take a steam and walk around the neighborhood.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday in nature without kebabs. There are several mangal areas on site. Separate braziers with tables are installed near each house and cottage. The gazebos are electrified, so you can plan gatherings for the late evening. Skewers and lattices are provided free of charge. Coal, liquid for ignition guests usually bring with them. If you need to replenish the stocks of “combustible materials”, then a 15-minute drive from the recreation center there is a supermarket “Pyaterochka”, where there is always material available for kindling.

For fans of active pastime, sports grounds for volleyball and football are installed. You can take darts and badminton from the reception. On the shore of the reservoir there are places for summer and winter fishing. giant chess is installed in the clearing, and trampolines are installed on the beach, and not only for children. The hotel has its own private beach with sun loungers and parasols.

Sports and leisure equipment can be rented on site. Here you can rent:

  • rowing boat and go on a water trip along the canal;
  • catamaran – an excellent boat for a romantic couple;
  • bicycle, in the area there are routes and paths for trips;
  • Finnish sledges are a great means of getting around in the snow as entertainment or for a fishing trip.

Pleasure yachts periodically depart from the pier. Employees of the yacht club have developed several interesting routes along the Vyborg Bay with a visit to historically significant places of the area.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children of all ages. For babies up to 3 years old, cots are provided free of charge. From 23.00 a “quiet hour” is established. Restrictions relate to noisy events, loud music, so children calmly get enough sleep until 8 am. For them on the territory there is a children’s playground, trampolines. Parents can take board games, puzzles, as well as include children’s satellite channels from the administrator.

If the child becomes bored, you can go to Vyborg. The city is interesting for its history, which is associated with the life and life of the Vikings. Children are usually impressed by the following historical sites:

  1. Historical and Cultural Center “Varangian Yard”. On its territory there was once an ancient city of Svargas. In the Middle Ages, it was inhabited by fearless navigators and skilled artisans. Visitors are presented with a huge collection of military and household relics of that time. They can also attend any master class or participate in a regular thematic program.
  2. The Burger Manor is more suitable for adult excursions. But children can learn here what needs to be done to make the sorceress Lauhi fulfill their wish.
  3. The Military Museum of the Karelian Isthmus is a private collection of war trophies of different centuries.

In the vicinity of the recreation center there are many picturesque places where you can just walk with a child, as well as visit the Vyborg Castle.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The yacht club arranges water excursions along several routes:

  • visit to the lock “Brusnichny”;
  • excursion around the park “Mon Repos”;
  • travel along the Saimaa Canal;
  • water promenade along the Vyborg Bay.

Bus sightseeing tours can be booked at any tour desk. In the village of Rappatila opened a museum “World on Saimaa”. While hiking, you can stumble upon caves hollowed out in the rocks. These are parts of the bridge fortifications of the Vyborg castle.

Recreation center“Lavola”is designed for suburban leisure. People come here to spend time in nature, ride a yacht or just fry kebabs.

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