Recreation center “Rublevka” on the Volga

Each of us on the eve of the long-awaited New Year holidays at least once faced with a situation when the family becomes similar to the heroes of the famous fable I. A. Krylova “Swan, cancer and pike”. Where the swan mom wants to ski at one of the famous resorts, the cancer dad insists on a trip to the village, breathe the frosty village air, and the pike-son craves extreme adventures.

Of course, each of us has our own ideas about rest, they correspond to the character and temperament of a person. Some prefer to stay at home by the fireplace, others, on the contrary, strive to get as much adrenaline as possible during the vacation, others want new emotions, dreaming of visiting as many new and interesting corners of the planet as possible. You can relax as you like and anywhere, the main thing is that this happens in an ecologically clean area, where the body would have the opportunity to recover and improve its health during the labor pause.

A logical question arises, how and where, to relax with the family in the winter, so that each of its members has fun in full.

Location and infrastructure

An excellent way out of this situation can be a trip to the picturesque left bank of the most full-flowing and majestic river in Europe – the Volga, which amazes the imagination with the unforgettable splendor of nature. It would seem that there is no longer a single piece of land left on the Volga that would not be mastered by people, but this is not entirely true. On the left bank, in the bosom of a virgin oak grove, not far from the city of Krasnoslobodsk,the recreation center “Rublevka” is comfortably located.

Since ancient times, the left bank of the Volga could please its guests with fishing, hunting and fertile lands. According to local residents, the left bank has always differed from the right bank by more favorable natural conditions and, of course, the beauty of nature. In addition, walking through the forest, you can get great pleasure, watching how snowflakes slowly fall on the bare branches of oaks, and at the same time, and breathe fresh and clean air.

In winter, the local forest is warm and cozy. Massive oaks like formidable guards, protect the peace of vacationers from blizzards and winds. Those who once visited here, return to “Rublevka” again and again. Everything here attracts like a magnet: beautiful houses made of oak tree logs, comfortable living conditions, friendly and highly qualified staff, as well as a variety of all kinds of entertainment.

A few minutes from the complex majestically flows the Volga,which creates a delightful atmosphere on the territory of the base. The camp site“Rublevka”provides its guests with double rooms for resettlement, as well as quadruple and six local houses, which are deliberately stylized as Russian huts.

Room stock

Each room is comfortably equipped and equipped with everything you need: a modern comfortable bed, TV, bar, cooler with clean drinking water and a comfortable bathroom with shower. In addition, vacationers will be pleased with the overall atmosphere of the rooms, which are also stylized in the old days.

Entertainment and infrastructure

If you arrive by your car, then on the territory of the base there is a free guarded parking.

Children will also like it here, since the hospitable owners of Rublevka have arranged a huge children’s town on the territory of the base, which will invariably appeal to every child. After all, children really like a frosty sunny day to ride on a slide, and their views here are enough to satisfy even the most fastidious children.

Adults at this time will be able to have a little fun in the free karaoke bar, singing their favorite songs or enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Well, if you have already tuned in to cook barbecue in the company of friends, then at your service is a cozy gazebo with barbecue and skewers, because as it happens to have a nice lunch in the fresh frosty air.


Every day for their guests, the chefs of the recreation center for breakfast prepare a “buffet” with an unlimited number of approaches. The restaurant’s menu is replete with delicious dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. Bartenders of the camp site will delight guests with a wide range of fragrant teas that will warm the soul and body after a walk along the winter Volga.

Events and celebrations

On-site facilities include a spa and sauna, where experienced craftsmen can find you. Professional bathhouse attendants will pick up fragrant brooms for you. They will teach the wisdom of the Russian bath, with the indispensable diving into the snow.

In the beautiful tourist complex “Rublevka” you can not only spend a wonderful vacation, but also other activities. Hospitable and high-class staff will be able to hold any celebration at the proper level. The organization of weddings, anniversaries, corporate and graduation parties, off-site wedding ceremonies, stag and hen parties, seminars and trainings, children’s holidays is one of the priority areas of Rublevka. Moreover, there are all the necessary conditions for this that meet all European standards.

Loyal pricing policy of the tourist base will allow you to spend an unforgettable time in an ecologically clean place, without much loss to your budget. As you can see, in order to adequately relax and get unforgettable impressions, it is not necessary to go to distant countries, because happiness is very close.

Alina Abramova

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