Picturesque Amora Beach Resort Phuket, Thailand — Features of rest, prices

Amora Beach Resort Phuket is distinguished by the fact that it is built right on the shore, in a picturesque natural place with tall branchy trees and palm trees that save on an unbearably hot sunny Thai day. It can be reached from the airport in 20 minutes. Transfer is provided in case of organized tourism. If you booked yourself, you can rent a tuk-tuk or taxi.

The resort is located on the west coast of the island, between the cities of Patong and Phuket. One and a half kilometers from Amor there is a small modern shopping center with McDonald’s and a pharmacy. Next to it in the evenings there is a market where you can buy local food, fruits. There are no nightclubs nearby, nor any other options for entertainment. The area is quite quiet and peaceful, ideal for a family vacation.

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On a large area there are 14 buildings consisting of 3 floors, each of which has 15 rooms. The territory is quite green, saturated with trees, palm trees. Around fly the most beautiful butterflies, birds sing, there is a feeling of complete immersion in tropical nature. A small pond with live fish, over which a cozy bridge is thrown.

The main plus is two swimming pools. One of them has a round shape, around it there are lush trees and a small bar. The second with curves and twists, larger in area, is located in the heart of Amora. Both have a special fenced part for babies.

In the main building there is a reception area, where you can sit in soft chairs, watch TV or use the Internet using free Wi-Fi. There is also an exchange office, a safe is installed, which can be used by all guests. There is also an opportunity to buy excursions to almost any attraction in Thailand.

In the lobby there is a shop with the most necessary for vacationers. Here you can buy accessories for hiking at sea, personal hygiene products, cosmetics, clothes and other necessary things. Also in this building there are 3 equipped conference rooms, furnished with modern furniture and appliances.

Yuri, Khabarovsk: “Located somewhere on the outskirts. Nothing within walking distance! Maybe someone will even like it. Quiet, calm, empty coast. Relax! The sea is just gorgeous, almost without waves, as they say, go swimming – I do not want. A free shuttle bus takes you twice a day to the nearest supermarket. In the morning on it you can go to the neighboring boarding house Nexus. There you can buy breakfast, but it is more expensive. There are no shops nearby. The staff is quite helpful, helps in everything, they have a separate Respect for this. ”

Room stock

All rooms have balconies. On the first floors from the balcony you can immediately go outside. A total of 255 rooms of different levels. It is possible to accommodate children, for them – special beds. From the windows on either side offers an unusually beautiful view of the local nature. Reservoirs are located in such a way that from any body to the reservoir at hand.

Standard rooms with a view of the garden are represented by a fairly large area, up to 28 square meters. Each room has air conditioning, armchairs, coffee table, comfortable beds, bedside tables, modern TV, refrigerator with mini-bar, electric kettle and constantly replenished by the staff supplies of tea, coffee and sugar. There is also a safe, hairdryer and telephone. In the bathroom, respectively, there are bathrobes, slippers, towels, bath accessories and personal hygiene products.

Upon arrival, it is better to ask to turn off the phone and pick up paid drinks from the minibar, if you are not going to use them. It is better to do this in order to ensure that you are not mistakenly charged money for non-existent telephone conversations, damage to property and embezzlement from the bar.

Tatiana, Tyumen: “There was no closet, of course, it surprised us. But we coped, hung things on hangers, the rest was put in a chest of drawers. Thanks for that. Not everywhere was perfectly clean, under the beds and chest of drawers cleaned poorly. There was a decent layer of dust somewhere. Under the table was poorly washed, the pedestals were not pushed back. In general, cleaning is so-so. As for the food, I wasn’t particularly impressed either. Mostly local cuisine, in the morning they gave croissants, toast, various egg dishes, pancakes, a lot of fruit. The building itself where we lived is already old. We booked a superior room so we were checked into the first line and there was a beautiful view of the sea from the window. As expected, bathrobes, towels, slates, all this is there. There was also a kettle, tea and coffee were replenished nearby, water bottles were brought every day. I was glad that there were not so many people. The water is clean, the area is incredibly green, teeming with vegetation. Great holiday, we’ll come again!”


Here you can book accommodation with a buffet breakfast. So it is cheaper, and, with the expectation that vacationers will go on excursions, there is no opportunity to eat at the accommodation. But you can book a tour not only with breakfast, but also with lunches. Meals are served in a special restaurant. Breakfast includes muesli, milk, toast, a variety of egg dishes, pastries, yoghurts, and various jams. From drinks to choose from coffee, teas and juices.

In addition, there is another restaurant on site where you can enjoy seafood. There is also a lobby bar and a cozy café-bar near the round pool. All establishments serve Thai and international cuisine. Regarding the quality of cooked dishes, the opinions of guests vary, someone likes, someone finds shortcomings in the food served.

Boris, Minsk: “Breakfast was with a wide selection, loved, very tasty omelet. Quite a large area with trees to lie in the shade. Volleyball court, pleased. Qualified, helpful staff.”

Family accommodation

Amora Beach Resort is focused more on family accommodation. Here in the state there are no animators, there are no entertainment shows, there are no nightclubs on the territory and nearby. Everything is designed to lie quietly, sunbathe by the water, swim. At the beach there is a fenced area in which you will do a real Thai massage. There are a lot of sun loungers, it makes no sense to get up at 6 am to take the most advantageous place under the sun.

In the lobby of the main building there is a billiard table where you can play at any time of the day. There is also a library, but few people use it. It is possible to rent a car to go to the city, and free parking. You can also rent a two-wheeled transport – a bicycle, to explore the surroundings. On the beach you can take a completely free kayak to ride in the sea.

In the pools there are specially designated areas for kids. They are fenced with a fence that separates the deep part. Through this fence, children will not be able to get into the adult area, which guarantees their safety. The large one is equipped with a fountain-fungus for children and a slide. Near the beach there is a playground with horizontal bars and swings. There is also such a service as a babysitter for a child. If parents decide to go on a trip to the city or on an excursion, they can leave their son or daughter under the supervision of a professional. Initially, there is no special furniture for children, but when booking or checking in, you can indicate at that time that you will need a cot or high chair.

Irina, Zhytomyr: “We went with a one-year-old child. We were immediately given a crib in the room, as we knew that we were with a child. The crib, of course, is a horror. Old, iron, we did not use it. From the very first night, the baby slept with me and my husband in our spacious bed. The Chinese were not particularly visible, a couple of times I met them in the morning, when we were heading to the restaurant, and they were going to the sea, and then to take pictures. Then, it seems, we left for excursions. Overall, we liked it, we’ll be back.”

Beach holidays

In this regard, the hotel is just perfect. The beach area of Bang Tao with white sand and the cleanest sea did not leave indifferent any vacationer. In general, this is part of the bay, which stretches for 10 kilometers. Giant pines and sprawling palm trees allow you to hide from the scorching sun so as not to get burned. Therefore, you can spend at least the whole day on the beach.

For tourists there is everything you need – a restaurant, a tent for Thai massage, a volleyball court, a children’s playground, kaika rental and many, many sun loungers. There is simply no need for umbrellas here, the shade is created by branches of palm trees and other trees. At the shore the depth is small, so you can not worry about the children.

Even in high season, it seems that there are few vacationers. This is due to the fact that the territory is quite extensive, and guests often go on various excursions or trips to the city, so that they do not intersect with each other.

The most favorable weather here is from late autumn to mid-spring. During this period, the least rain and the sea is the cleanest. The rainy period falls on the middle of July and September. Therefore, in these months, the lowest housing prices. It’s not just rains, it’s showers, and protracted. In the summer months, it is better not to go here, as neither the weather conditions nor the state of the sea will please you. As for the temperature, both air and water are kept at about the same level all year round.

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Alex, St. Petersburg: “What’s very close to the sea is the coolest! After passing the entire coast of Bang Tao, we realized that only ours is the best! Only here so beautifully and appropriately stand large trees and give shade until lunch. Convenient smooth approach to the water without breaks. Not everywhere is so smooth, somewhere – too high a coast, and in the other side – inconveniently placed a platform for swimming and sunbathing. It’s very comfortable. About 1 kilometer away is a wonderful supermarket and an incredibly cool market where you can find seafood, fruits, souvenirs and clothes. ”

Thailand is the right country for an unforgettable holiday. Visa-free regime, cheap air tickets – all this makes the trip affordable. Moreover, on the islands in Thailand there is a huge selection of places to stay, where you can find relatively low prices with a pleasant, clean atmosphere and a high level of service.

The island of Phuket is especially popular among tourists, thanks to the beautiful nature and mild climate. Around the island, the sea amazes with its purity and transparency. Natural conditions are conducive to placing a large number of tourist boarding houses on the coast. These are the complex Amora Beach Resort.

Rest in this complex will be remembered, and you will want to return here. Many families come every year, remaining loyal to this place. The main reason that causes tourists to return is the extraordinary beauty of the beach. Unlike the usual sandy shores, almost at the very edge of the water there is vegetation that creates a pleasant shade during the hot heat.

The hotel complex takes into account the needs of all guests, go to meet any requests and comments. The service is at a decent level, all the staff speaks fluent English.

So, this hotel is suitable for a family, relaxing beach holiday. Pleasant atmosphere will not leave indifferent any guest.