Photos of beaches in Sochi: top 10 best offers of the Russian resort on the Black Sea

Summer is a time for rest, when everyone goes to rest on the sea. And photos of beaches in Sochi are necessary for you to see for yourself. The advantages of this sunny city are difficult to underestimate. Let’s take a closer look at the local beaches. There are large, popular and elite beaches here. Rest on some of them is possible only for residents of the corresponding hotel,and for the rest – paid. Perhaps the most popular are: Riviera, Lighthouse, Seaside and Pearl. The latter clearly demonstrates the case when the entrance is inaccessible to a simple passer-by, and the guest of the hotel “Pearl” is always open.

As for the other three beaches – there is easier with accessibility, and anyone is able to settle on the shore. And then there is a full set of all sorts of amenities. Here you have vast expanses to accommodate hundreds, even thousands of people at once. And auxiliary gizmods like changing rooms or showers are enough. And the service is such that everything is included.

For those who are in the city of Sochi resting for the first time, and are accustomed to the beaches of the river, covered with small pebbles coast may seem uncomfortable. At first glance, it seems that walking on the stones will be difficult, and I want to find good old sand. However, the fears quickly pass. Pebbles really brought most of the shores, but these pebbles are smooth. In addition, such a beach keeps cleanliness better than sandy.

If you want to enjoy entertainment: ride a banana, go shopping, and so on – then the largest beaches will be to your liking. It’s crowded, you feel the scale, and you become part of that fun. But for some, on the contrary, silence and peace are more important. For them, there are places more modest, with their advantages. Let’s look at the most famous beaches separately.


As already mentioned, the Riviera is one of the largest beaches in all of Sochi. Nearby is the central park, which bears a similar name. It will serve as a guide for you.

The area of the beach is huge. It reaches more than sixteen thousand square meters, and the width in some of its places exceeds fifty. There will be not only standard entertainment, but also a medical center, and a post of rescuers. There are a lot of attractions, simulators for sports fans.

For maximum convenience of ordinary people on the beaches everywhere there are wooden paths, and even on the beach there is video surveillance, and even speakerphone devices. For those who are used to taking the ball with them, there is a place to play volleyball, or football. Special sports grounds are often occupied, so it is necessary to occupy in advance.

In short, it is difficult to surpass the Riviera beach in the number of available services, and in terms of size it ranks first. But we must take into account that solitude on this shore you are unlikely to succeed. Great popularity affects the abundance of people.

“Landscaping is chic, but there is nowhere to push through. But everything is very beautiful, for free. The shore in the sea is gentle, you can safely bring children. “


Next in line is the Lighthouse. This beach is almost as popular as the Riviera. Tourists visit it in the masses, and constantly. You can get there from Primorskaya Street. Nearby are the summer concert hall, and the marine station. They gave the names to bus stops, where you need to get off if the beach Lighthouse was your choice.

There is enough space here, although it is less than on the Riviera. The beach stretches for as much as five hundred meters, and its width is sufficient. It is safe for both adults and children to swim – the bottom is devoid of pits, and the depth increases gradually. The number of all sorts of attractions is also pleased, and the main one is the water park.

If you lack any equipment on the beach, you can rent it – another plus of the town. And among the entertainment there are water skis, and parachutes for flying over the waves, and scooters. Restaurants and cafes lined up right there – you do not have to starve. It’s a great place to swim and go shopping, which is enough nearby. It’s nice to walk and sunbathe here. Choosing the Lighthouse, you definitely can not go wrong and will be satisfied with your decision.

“The pier goes far into the sea. I love watching sunrises and sunsets while sitting on the very edge of it.”


A direct continuation of the Lighthouse is the beach Primorsky. It is visited by all the same crowds of people, and the popularity of this giant is easy to compare with the Riviera. As well as a list of all sorts of amenities. There are also rescuers ready to come to you at the first call. And if you managed to get hurt, or grab a sunstroke, then you need to contact the doctors – they are also nearby.

The shore on the beach reaches 700 meters long, and about 30 meters wide. The set of services is as complete as possible, and there are among them a couple of new ones inherent in this place. So, girls or guys with long hair can please themselves with African pigtails. They will be braided to you with the same diligence with which they will make tattoos – there would be a desire.

Sun beds are enough, whether they are with umbrellas or without them. Such convenience costs money, but the price is quite affordable. Moreover, you take them for the whole day, and then you can enjoy rest in the shade. There is an opportunity with the breeze to ride on a yacht, but this is a pleasure from the category of expensive. And the entrance itself is free, so you should come without hesitation.

“A great alternative to Turkey. The water, of course, is not so clear. But they rested perfectly, and the people are quite normal.”


This beach is a nice addition to the hotel of the same name. It is available mainly for residents of the hotel itself, being considered truly elite. No, it can’t be called completely closed either. Those who wish to visit the Pearl, but live outside the hotel, must simply pay for the entrance. And this amount will be 700 rubles. So there are few people who want to sneak in this way.

And visitors to the hotel, leaving their rooms, go straight to the first-class coast. It stretches for as much as two hundred meters, and is able to accommodate a couple of thousand people without much difficulty. Traditionally on the beach, all basic amenities are included in the range. There are booths everywhere, the toilet is always in sight. There is an opportunity to order a massage. For special extremals, there is a surf station, and even an aerary is found.

This beach works from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. On it you are guaranteed service at the highest level. The food in the restaurants is delicious, the employees are polite and courteous.

“Loved the pool. In addition to pebbles, there is a large concrete slab on the beach – it is also convenient to sit. The rooms are modern.”


There are smaller beaches in Sochi. They are located further from the center, and some – and at all on the outskirts. So, one of the extreme areas on the north side is the village of Lazarevskoye. There is a wonderful beach called Dolphin.

The most remarkable thing about it is that the purity of the water in these places is literally amazing. Perhaps this is the most transparent sea in all of Sochi. The reason for this and the second plus – people are extremely few. Even in the morning early, when the sun has not yet begun to burn, and it’s time to get out on the beach, dolphin remains extremely free. It is clear – few people are willing to go that far.

Attractions are also few, but there is a minimum. The same goes for food. And to get to Lazarevskoye itself, the easiest way is to fly to Adler by plane. From there, transport to the village goes anywhere, ranging from the bus to the taxi.

“Everything is very clean and decent. Got there by accident, during a tour of the city – I liked it. “


Adler is a large resort area of Sochi,which has a lot of interesting things. There are hotels there, and there are beaches. One of them is the beach Ogonyek, located next to the guest house “Irina”. This place is designed for swimming in the event that you are not afraid of the waves. There are simply no breakwaters there. The shore looks rocky, and a strip of large stones only to the water itself is replaced by smaller ones, and then not everywhere.


Compared to other, large and landscaped beaches, Ogonyek looks wild. In fact, it is. The facilities are there, and you will remove the chaise longue without difficulty. Where to leave the children – playgrounds nearby. Canteens are full. But still, there is a greater freedom, and less influence of civilization. As if the rest of the coast someone combed and smoothed, and then everything remained as it was originally. Only sunbeds on the beach put.

“The water is clean only early in the morning, and after a few hours it becomes cloudy. Planes often fly overhead, and low – near the airfield. “


And again we will talk about the sanatorium. A lot of them have accumulated in Sochi. And everyone has their own beach – Spark is a new confirmation of this. The facilities on it are quite decent. The shore is smooth, comfortable, as well as the bottom. There are among the services of boat rental, and massage parlor.

Visit Iskra mainly guests of the eponymous health complex. From the coast they are separated by only five minutes of quiet walking. If you need to get from the central areas, there are a lot of buses. They follow Kurortny Prospekt, and take you where you should. Everything you need will be found on the spot. All kinds of equipment are rented. Have a snack, if the food of the sanatorium gets bored, get in the surrounding cafes. No yard can do without them.

“In the sanatorium itself there is such a pool that even in winter hunting will come. It stands in a separate house, and can completely replace the sea. “


This beach lies on one of the outskirts, like Dolphin. It is also special, in several parameters at once. For starters, it consists of several separate beach areas. The width of each of them is small. It does not exceed fifteen meters. But due to the fact that getting here far, there is a lot of space. In this it is similar to other shallow coasts.

And the shallow beach Sunny makes not only its size, but also the depth of the sea in the area. Even small children can swim here, because it will be difficult to find a great depth. Of course, parental supervision is still needed. But the help of rescuers anyone will hardly need. There is a modest beach at Chernomorskaya Street. The nearest stop to it is the Circus. There are minibuses, well, you can order a taxi.

“The pebbles on the beach are too big! Walking is uncomfortable. But in general, the beach is wonderful, although there may be problems with children on pebbles. “


Wellness complex Sputnik offers you another, medium in size and level of convenience beach. Here you can enjoy a fairly wide shore – under thirty meters, and the length reaches three and a half hundred. This is much less than that of the elite Riviera, but the flow of tourists here is rare.

But here you can safely engage in fishing, or diving. These entertainments complement the minimum list of services. If you want to spend an unforgettable day with a fishing rod, and stay in a cozy, slightly remote sanatorium – Sputnik is just for you. And also there is a summer stage on which interesting events can be held. From the railway station there are constantly buses.

“The food in the sanatorium is delicious! I came to treat my knees, I do not complain about them anymore. The place is calm and tidy. But entertainment for the older generation is not enough, everything is focused on young people. “


In the case of the Albatross, it turned out that this beach is located just in the central part. But on its size and popularity it affected very mediocrely. And like everything is in his kit. The infrastructure is well developed. The sanatorium is located nearby, “Rus” is called. And the people are still not enough. Everyone prefers to relax on the big shores.

And let it be, because where there are fewer people, there breathes more freely. If there is no one else on the two-hundred-meter Albatross, you can consider it your personal beach. It is worth going here if you live in close proximity. And in other cases, the previous options are likely to be the best. But everyone has their own tastes, and the coast is beautiful everywhere in its own way. Come, look around, and then make your own decision.

“Instead of pebbles, sand is a clear advantage. You can build a sand castle.”

On the beaches of Sochi you will find vivid impressions, unforgettable emotions, new acquaintances, fun parties, love affairs. Absolutely everyone will like it here, regardless of age.