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It is not easy for any new hotel to occupy a worthy niche among hundreds of hotels in the Northern capital. Most guests of St. Petersburg prefer to stay in the institutions of the city, which managed to prove themselves from the best side. However, “Peter Hotel” (official name – “Peter”) – a relatively new St. Petersburg hotel – quickly gained popularity. Connoisseurs of comfort, couples and young couples, as well as travelers who dream of immersing themselves in the atmosphere of historical St. Petersburg for a few days stay here.

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Hotel Location

Four-star “Peter Hotel”,located at the intersection of Admiralty Avenue and Gorokhovaya Street, began to receive guests in May 2014 Comfortable spacious rooms are located in a reconstructed historical building built in the XVIII century. The location of the “Peter Hotel” near the architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg is one of the main advantages of the institution. In the vicinity of the hotel there are famous historical monuments, sacred buildings and other status objects of the Northern capital (here the distance in meters to them from the hotel is indicated):

  • embankments: Admiralty (322), English (500), Palace (470);
  • Bolshaya Neva (325);
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral (215);
  • Alexander Garden (268);
  • “The Bronze Horseman” – a monument to Peter I (395);
  • Palace Square (380);
  • St. Isaac’s Square (217);
  • Admiralty (152);
  • Moika embankment;
  • Hermitage (412);
  • Admiralteyskaya is the nearest metro station (314).

Additional information: Next to the “Peter Hotel” there is a stop of trolleybus Number 10 and buses: No. 191, 24 and 7. If you go by road, you have to overcome the distance of 22 km from Pulkovo airport to the hotel, from the Moskovsky railway station – 3.5 km.

Andrey Zvyagintsev, Moscow. We came to St. Petersburg with my wife last summer, in June. Just in the midst of the White Nights. I really wanted to see the city at this time. We chose “Peter Hotel” because of its location. Close to the bridges, Neva, Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral. In general, to all the attractions that are known to every resident of the country. Rest were very satisfied. And the staff, and service, and rooms, and breakfasts in the restaurant – all at a decent level and corresponds to the four-star category.

Petr Hotel: a wide range of rooms

For tourists, the choice of rooms in any hotel is always the most important step on the way to the decision to stay here or prefer another institution. “Petr Hotel” has 62 rooms, which are divided into six categories. For the convenience of choice, the administration distinguishes several varieties of them. Therefore, on the website of “Peter Hotel” there are 14 categories of rooms:


(number of guests)

total area

(sq. m.)

1) Deluxe320
2) Deluxe325
3) studio228
4) Admiralty Deluxe 430
5) apartments237
6) family448
7) Grand Deluxe430
8) Admiralty Suite450
9) superior*217
10) superior*221
11) Admiralty Superior* 221
12) favorite suite340
13) luxury460
14) Carl Rossi Suite 460

Note! Registration of check-in in “Peter Hotel” begins for future guests from 14:00. Conditions for early entry are discussed on the spot with the administration. Check-out is due before 12:00. Superior* refers to a standard superior room.

Each of the 62 rooms of the Petr Hotel is decorated in an individual classic style. The walls are decorated with wallpaper, stylized at the beginning of the XIX century, and paintings, which from an unusual angle depict the famous architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg. The rooms offer views of the compact courtyard or the Alexander Garden, beautiful in any weather.

The interior of the rooms is dominated by light shades of delicate colors: blue, yellow, green and brown. Spacious rooms are equipped with a set of furniture and equipment necessary for a comfortable stay of guests:

  • soft sofas or armchairs;
  • two single beds or one double bed;
  • household electrical appliances;
  • dining and kitchen utensils;
  • air conditioning system;
  • desk;
  • flat-screen TV;
  • wardrobe;
  • comfortable bathtub and small shower in the bathroom.

The cost of rooms in the “Peter Hotel” depends on many factors. The main ones are the season and the category. In the summer, guests of the “Peter Hotel” will find a wide range of prices:

  • superior – 13,050–13,590;
  • studio – 14 580–15 120;
  • deluxe – 16 920–17 190;
  • family – 17 730–21 150;
  • suite – 19 530–20 250;
  • apartments – 17 730–19 530.

Note! Here is the cost of one room for two guests for one night of stay in the “Peter Hotel”. The prices above are valid for summer 2021 and room rates may be lower or higher than the listed rate, depending on the specific month. More accurate data should be found on the website of the “Peter Hotel”. Children who are under 3 years old use all the services of the hotel free of charge. Pets are not allowed.

Petr Hotel services

The quality of service is always considered one of the determining criteria for assessing the level of the hotel. “Petr Hotel” provides vacationers with a wide range of services that meet the requirements of the modern hospitality industry:

  • for orientation in St. Petersburg, guests of the “Peter Hotel” are provided with a detailed map of the city;
  • drivers with extensive experience in the city taxi, organize a transfer* from the airport or railway station to the entrance to the “Peter Hotel”;
  • Internet access is provided in the rooms and other premises of the hotel;
  • if desired, guests can request to be served in the rooms*, delivering food and drinks at a predetermined time;
  • the concierge will help you choose the most interesting excursions and cultural programs so that guests can get acquainted with the city;
  • for business people, if necessary, a photocopier is provided*;
  • TVs installed in the rooms accept St. Petersburg, federal and satellite channels, including those aimed at a children’s audience;
  • employees of “Peter Hotel” will gladly help to bring luggage into the building and place things in the luggage room;
  • motorists leave the car in a closed parking lot; the need to provide the service should be reported in advance;
  • The northern capital is known for its volatile weather; to avoid trouble and not get wet, if desired, guests receive an umbrella at the reception of the “Peter Hotel”.

Note! Here are marked with an asterisk* paid services of “Peter Hotel”. About the specific cost of each of them can be found on the spot from the hotel staff.

Alina Artemyeva, Ekaterinburg. In the spring of this year, 2021, we spent some great days in St. Petersburg. We are me, my husband and eldest daughter of 22 years. “Peter Hotel” was chosen because of its good location near the Palace Square and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The room is very spacious and luxurious. Wide beds, large sofa, beautiful wallpaper on the walls. Very cozy. The view from the windows was simply amazing – to the spring Alexander Garden. My husband really liked the fact that there is a compact parking in the yard, as we traveled by car. My daughter made us go out in the evenings for walks along the embankments. Beautiful views: palaces, monuments, bridges, Peter and Paul Fortress. The staff is friendly and attentive to requests. On the first day, I bombarded two employees with questions. They answered in detail and with a smile. And I, and my husband, and daughter were very pleased with the hotel and the rest.

How is the meals organized in the hotel?

“Peter Hotel” will not disappoint gourmets and ordinary connoisseurs of delicious food. The hotel has two gastronomic establishments: Mario – Italian trattoria – and “Tavern on Gorokhovaya”. The menu of the restaurant “Mario” offers a wide selection of dishes (here are the current prices in rubles for the summer of 2021):

  • pizza – 1450–2600;
  • snacks – 520–980;
  • salads – 350–1100;
  • soups – 270–420;
  • risotto – 750–880;
  • pasta – 350–1200;
  • main dishes of fish or meat – 480-1400;
  • wine of Italy, Germany, Spain and France – 1800–12 000 (for 750 ml);
  • Czech and Italian beer – 420 (for a 0.5-liter mug).

Young guests of “Petr Hotel” choose dishes from the menu, specially designed for children. This is not only a favorite ice cream for kids, but also delicious soups, cereals, cutlets, nuggets. The cost of dishes for children – from 100 to 340 p. Trattoria includes three halls: “Pinocchio”, wine and with oven.

Vaulted ceilings of the “Tavern on Gorokhovaya”, long massive tables, an old piano, a large fireplace, square windows with elegant curtains – all this interior seems to plunge visitors into the atmosphere of the century before last. The atmosphere is even more transformed and becomes like a real tavern, when live music sounds in the hall.

The menu “Tavern on Gorokhovaya” is dominated by Russian dishes at low prices – from 250 to 550 p. Guests can also drink strong coffee (150-230 rubles), herbal tea (350 rubles) or Crimean beer (250-380 rubles). Among the most popular dishes, several names stand out:

  • turkey fillet;
  • herring with potatoes;
  • rich borscht;
  • homemade smoked sausages;
  • barrel mushrooms;
  • self-made dumplings and dumplings.

Important! All prices above are valid for summer 2021 and breakfast is not included in the room rate. Guests of the “Petr Hotel” independently choose what to visit in the morning – “Tavern on Gorokhovaya” or “Mario”. Breakfast in the first institution will cost each client 1200 rubles, in the second – 500-750 rubles Breakfast time in the tavern – from 10:00 to 13:00, in the restaurant – from 7:00 to 11:00, on weekends from 8:00 to 12:00.

For guests of the “Peter Hotel”, who want to get acquainted with the gastronomic establishments of the city, the opportunity to realize their desire opens. Not far from the hotel there are several cafes and restaurants worth visiting:

  • “Idiot”;
  • “Dolma”;
  • Blizzard;
  • Tandoor;
  • Arcobaleno;
  • Ommane;
  • Percorso;
  • “Happiness”;
  • Sicaffe;
  • Tokyo City;
  • “Hayloft”;
  • “Attic”.

Valeria Pogodina, Tver. “Petr Hotel” perfectly conveys the historical atmosphere of the quarter where it is located. This applies to the interior of the premises, and the facade of the hotel building. Stayed together with my husband during our vacation together. The rooms are very spacious and, without exaggeration, chic. Breakfast was served in the restaurant “Mario”. The dishes are prepared by the Italian chef Abruzzo. The taste is great. We especially liked the risotto. My husband was pleased with the large selection of Italian and French wine brands. We were on an excursion in Peterhof. We took selfies while walking along the embankments of the Neva. 10 days in the “Peter Hotel” was remembered as a wonderful time, full of vivid impressions.

Rest in “Petr Hotel” and in the city

The main entertainment for tourists staying in the “Peter Hotel” are board games, watching TV programs and movies available online. Therefore, if desired, guests can relax more diverse in the city. The concierge service will help in choosing interesting cultural programs and places of leisure:

  • performances in famous theaters: Mikhailovsky, Maly and Bolshoi Drama, Mariinsky, Lensovet;
  • parties and dance marathons in the clubs of the city: “Maximus”, Holy Bra’s, “Envy”, Music Bar, Stackenschneider;
  • concerts, performances, show programs on the territory of creative spaces (clusters): “Golitsyn Loft” (on the Fontanka), “Taiga” (Palace Embankment), DOT (Vasilievsky Island).

Here are named a variety of places of leisure, which are united by the proximity to the “Peter Hotel”. To get acquainted with the city better, active tourists often use the services of bicycle rental. The nearest office of the company Smart Bike is located next to the “Peter Hotel” on Admiralteysky Prospekt.

Children’s leisure

Directly in the “Peter Hotel” there are no conditions for recreation of young tourists. Parents who stay in a hotel with children can find interesting activities for them in the city. Not far from the “Peter Hotel” there are several entertainment centers. The most interesting of them are: Smile Park, Petrovskaya water area and Culinary On:

  1. In the “Smile Park”, located on bolshaya Morskaya, for young guests there are 12 museums and original attractions. Especially popular are the “Mirror Labyrinth”, “Pool of Balls” and the interactive zoo.
  2. In Culinary On young visitors are waiting for exciting master classes. Experienced chefs will teach young guests the art of making sweets, ice cream, salads and pastries.
  3. In the Petrovsky water area – an unusual museum – in a few minutes visitors get acquainted with the famous buildings towering on the banks of the Neva and the Gulf of Finland. This was made possible thanks to the layouts reproducing the original architectural masterpieces in a ratio of 1:87.

Attractions near the hotel

The northern capital amazes guests with a variety of historical, cultural and sacred monuments. Many attractions that are interesting for curious tourists are located near the “Peter Hotel”:

  • Palace Bridge;
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral;
  • Admiralty;
  • Mariinsky Theatre;
  • embankments: English, Admiralty, Moika, Palace;
  • museums: Hermitage, connections. A. Popova, Russian, history of religion, V. Nabokov, political police of Russia;
  • gardens: Admiralteysky, Mikhailovsky, Alexandrovsky, Summer.

Guests of the “Peter Hotel” visit many of these objects on their own. In the evenings, you can leisurely stroll along the embankments of the Moika and Neva. If desired, one of the nights guests are happy to go to the Palace Bridge to see how the divorce of the structure takes place. The beginning of this interesting event at 1:10, the end – at 2:50.

Connoisseurs of painting and sculpture visit the halls of the Russian Museum and the Hermitage. In the first temple of art are the works of domestic artists, in the second – masterpieces created by European masters of the brush. Tourists are sure to try to be at the “Bronze Horseman”. The bronze monument to Peter I, erected in 1782 according to the project of Falcone, became famous thanks to the poem of A. Pushkin. The height of the monument is 10.4 m.

Be sure to visit the observation deck of the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. From there, from a 47-meter height, you can consider the famous status buildings, squares and gardens of the Northern capital for a long time. For lovers of walks there is a great opportunity to walk along the straight alleys of the two nearest gardens: Alexandrovsky and Summer. In the first of them there are sculptures to famous Russian figures: N. Gogol, N. Przhevalsky, M. Glinka, M. Lermontov and V. Zhukovsky. In the Summer Garden, visitors look at copies of sculptures for a long time:

  • Apollo;
  • Minerva;
  • Trajan;
  • Bacchus;
  • Two-faced Janus;
  • Diogenes;
  • Frederick I and others.

Excursions that can be booked at the hotel

“Peter Hotel” is located in such a place of the Northern capital that guests can spend a few days to get acquainted with the sights located nearby. If you want to expand your knowledge and see more interesting places, tourists order the most popular excursions:

  • a trip to Pushkin, Pavlovsk or Peterhof with a visit to the palace and park complexes of these three suburbs of St. Petersburg;
  • bus tour through the streets of the Northern capital, served by the City Tour service, working on the principle of hop-on-hop-off, allowing passengers to enter and exit the bus at any point of the route;
  • a walk on a comfortable boat along the numerous canals and rivers of the city;
  • a large night tour of St. Petersburg;
  • acquaintance with the world-famous cathedrals: Kazan, Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s, Smolensk;
  • visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress.

More information. Excursions can be booked with the help of the concierge at the reception of the “Peter Hotel”. The cost of activities is from 650 to 3700 rubles. the Duration of each excursion is from 3 to 16 hours.

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The main thing that distinguishes “Peter Hotel” among similar St. Petersburg hotels is its proximity to the world-famous historical sites of the Northern capital. This allows guests of the city to independently get acquainted with the masterpieces of architecture, visit the famous museums and stroll along the alleys of the famous gardens. Comfortable rooms of “Peter Hotel” and friendly staff will only add positive emotions and pleasant impressions to tourists.