Courtyard Marriott Hotel, St. Petersburg

3.6-4.9 million foreign and 3.9-5.5 million domestic tourists come to the Northern capital annually. For guests of the city open the doors of 1007 hotels. Of these, 34 five-star and 120 four-star hotels. The administration and staff of each hotel try to do everything possible to ensure that the service provided meets the increased requirements of modern tourists. Courtyard Marriott, a four-star hotel, offers its guests a comfortable stay in spacious, stylish rooms in the historic district of St. Petersburg.

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Courtyard Marriott: Where is the hotel?

The quarter in which the Courtyard MarriottHotel is located is part of the historic center of the Northern Capital. This is a popular tourist area, which houses the world-famous architectural masterpieces of St. Petersburg: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Mariinsky Theater, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty building and many others. Not far from the “Courtyard marriott” there are several famous objects:

  • New Holland (1.9 km) is a man-made island and a monument of industrial architecture, built in the style of early classicism;
  • metro – “Sennaya Ploshchad” (2.3 km), “Baltiyskaya” (2.2 km), “Spasskaya” (2.3 km), “Technological Institute” (2.3 km), “Admiralteyskaya” (3.1 km); “Garden” (2.3);
  • Griboyedov Canal (70 m);
  • Fontanka embankment (235 m);
  • English Avenue (164 m);
  • Pokrovsky Square (250 m).

Guests of the “Courtyard Marriott” get to the hotel along Sadovaya Street, which goes from the metro stations “Sennaya Square”, “Spasskaya” and “Sadovaya”. Further from Sadovaya Street along English Avenue to the intersection with Kanonerskaya Street, along which the path continues to the entrance to the Courtyard Marriott building. The second route is from the Griboyedov Canal through the arch of the gate leading to the courtyard, where the seven-storey courtyard hotel “Courtyard Marriott” is located. Distance (in km) from St. Petersburg railway stations to the hotel:

  • from Moscow – 8.7;
  • Baltiysky – 2,3;
  • Finnish – 7.0;
  • Vitebsk – 3.8.

More information. Most guests of St. Petersburg get to the courtyard marriott hotel from Pulkovo Airport. The distance that tourists overcome is 20 km. The path passes along Pulkovo Highway, Moskovsky Across, Sadovaya Street, English Prosp. and Kanonerskaya St.

It’s interesting!

  • Back in 1927, John and Alice Marriott, a couple who lived in the United States, opened a small bar in one of the expensive areas of New York. With this project began their business in the restaurant and hotel industry of the United States, and later in many other countries of the planet.
  • The first hotel under the brand “Marriott” opened in Virginia – a North American state on the East Coast of the United States – in 1957 Now, in 2021, it is a large and successful hotel chain, which includes 30 brands. Hotels accept tourists in 131 countries of the world.
  • In Russia, there are now 30 hotels belonging to the Marriott line. The first hotel of this family opened in Moscow in 2005, the building was located at the intersection of two streets: Nikitskaya and Tverskaya in the heart of the Russian capital. St. Petersburg hotel “Courtyard Marriott” opened its doors in August 2010 Since September 2020, the four-star hotel is officially called Courtyard by Marriott St Petersburg Center. The seven-storey building of the hotel is located in the Admiralty district.

Alexey Umeltstsev, Moscow. Lovely hotel. Stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel with his wife. Good location. St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Fontanka, Griboyedov Canal can be reached on foot. My wife and I enjoyed walking along the streets of St. Petersburg from the hotel to Palace Square and the Neva embankment. The nearest metro is far away. But tram number 3 runs regularly. The stop is 220 metres from the entrance to Marriott. We often used the services of “City-mobile” – the city taxi service.

Courtyard Marriott Hotel: what rooms are offered to guests?

Courtyard Marriot positions itself as one of the St. Petersburg four-star hotels. Choosing for their stay “Courtyard Marriott”, guests of the Northern capital will appreciate the advantages characteristic of all hotels of this family:

  • bright spacious rooms;
  • a wide range of services that meet modern European standards of the hotel industry;
  • location in the central quarter of the city;
  • proximity of well-known historical, cultural and sacred objects;
  • high level of service.

The Courtyard Marriott Hotel offers its guests accommodation and relaxation in 273 rooms. The interior design of the rooms is dominated by light colors with different shades of brown. All rooms of the hotel are divided into five categories:

categorytotal area

(sq. m.)

Bed price for two guests

(per day in rubles)

Deluxe Two Beds2026175–6500
lux3819075–10 500
Executive Suite38111 875–12 500

Each room has a large double bed. Some deluxe rooms are equipped with two double beds. From the windows of the rooms there are views of the roofs of cathedrals, facades of old mansions, status buildings and other recognizable objects. The spacious rooms are equipped with large opening windows. Suites, Executive Suites and Deluxe rooms with two beds have a separate spacious living room.

More information. The cost is relevant for the season 2021 Booking rooms of the hotel “Courtyard Marriott” can be made on the official website of the hotel, filling out a special form, or by calling the specified phone. Erring starts at 14:00. Check-out is due before 12:00. Check-in at the hotel provides a service fee of 250 rubles per guest. Extra bed is charged separately. The cost is 1 thousand rubles per day, including for children 4 years and older. If necessary, you can agree on an accelerated registration.

Hotel “Courtyard Marriott” from the very first day of its existence offers a high level of modern service. The hotel rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and rest of customers, many of whom are tourists from foreign countries. The set of what guests of the hotel use does not depend on the category and includes household and electrical appliances and furniture:

  • compact refrigerator;
  • silent air conditioning;
  • LCD TV;
  • a safe;
  • armchairs;
  • desk;
  • a set of utensils necessary for making tea and coffee;
  • telephone for internal communication.

Each room also has a bathroom with a comfortable bathtub and shower. A set of toiletries, towels and a hairdryer are provided. The main services offered to the clients of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel include the following types of service:

  • vacationers can watch several channels of cable, federal and satellite television;
  • wireless, free and high-speed Internet is available in the rooms and other areas of the hotel;
  • if it is necessary to change linen not on schedule or make additional cleaning, you can ask the staff about it;
  • amateur motorists staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel leave their vehicles in a small street parking lot;
  • for a fee, customers have access to movies of online cinemas.

For business people coming to St. Petersburg for negotiations, seminars, business trainings and other events, the Courtyard Marriott Hotel is equipped with four conference rooms (the number of people for each room is indicated in parentheses):

  • “Dostoevsky” – up to 15;
  • “Zhukov” – up to 24;
  • Turgenev – up to 10;
  • “Tolstoy” – up to 100.

Anna Grigorieva, Vyborg. We came – my husband and I – to St. Petersburg on vacation. The Courtyard Marriott Hotel was chosen because of its location. Close to historically interesting buildings. In the evenings we walked along the Fontanka embankment. The room is spacious, clean. Very pleased with the bathroom – big, bright. Everything works properly. The staff is customer-oriented and friendly, we were pleased to communicate.

Important! The service fee for registration at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel is 250 rubles per person. The hotel’s shuttle service has been abolished. Guests can reach the Courtyard Marriott on their own by public transport, a pre-booked taxi or their own car. Compact parking is available on the street away from the hotel. The service is free of charge.

How is the meals organized in the hotel?

Tourists staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel have no problems with food. The hotel has two restaurants:

type of foodcontinental breakfast, buffet breakfastbreakfast, lunch and dinner
dress code informalinformal

The spacious halls of both restaurants are decorated in light and dark brown tones. On the walls hang photos of famous St. Petersburg sights. Chairs with high backs, soft armchairs, long curtains on the windows and light coming from the elegantly decorated lamps standing on the tables – all this creates a beautiful atmosphere conducive to friendly communication.

For guests of the hotel “Courtyard Marriott” also open the doors of a stylish bar and banquet hall of the restaurant “Poem”. For fans of a foamy drink, Bierstube (Bierstube) works – a cozy beer restaurant, where in the company of friends you can drink the German “Pilsner” or another brand, play a game of chess and watch a football match on TV.

The opportunity to get acquainted with the skill of St. Petersburg chefs is not limited to the restaurants of the courtyard marriott hotel. Not far from the hotel there are several gastronomic establishments worthy of a visit:

  • “Idiot” is a wonderful restaurant, ideal for business meetings and romantic dinners;
  • “Shamrock” is a well-established Irish pub (one of the first in St. Petersburg), where you can not only drink a mug of craft beer, but also watch sports broadcasts and listen to live music by famous performers;
  • “Repa” is a small restaurant of author’s cuisine; traditional Russian dishes are served here;
  • “Beans” is a cozy café, where European cuisine prevails;
  • “Sadko” is one of the most popular restaurants where ancient Russian dishes are prepared according to forgotten recipes;
  • Graf-in is a well-known gastronomic institution for St. Petersburg, which combines a restaurant, a confectionery, a bar and a hookah;
  • “I want kharcho” is a luxurious restaurant serving delicious Georgian dishes.

More information. The cost of continental breakfast in the restaurant “Poema” of the hotel “Courtyard Marriott” – 750 rubles, “buffet” – 985 p. In the hotel you can order such a service as “room service”. Guests are introduced to the menu in advance and order their favorite dishes. Breakfast or dinner is served in your room. The service is paid separately.

Galina Ignatova, Murmansk. Gorgeous hotel. Large rooms, several restaurants. My husband spent hours in the fitness center. We had breakfast in the restaurant “Poem”, lunch – in “Onegin”. Both restaurants were very nice. Borsch is delicious, a large selection of desserts, wines, salads. The serving of the dishes is excellent. Waiters work with a smile, answer all questions, explain in detail the features of the dishes.

Rest in the hotel and the city

Leisure for guests of the Courtyard Marriott is associated with entertainment and activities outside the hotel. Directly at the hotel, they can visit a small fitness center, well equipped with everything necessary so that lovers of physical exercise can get a full load on the muscles. In the hall there is a treadmill, a multipress, as well as three simulators:

  • elliptical;
  • cardio;
  • bicycle.

Guests of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel have free access to the fitness centre. Access is open daily during the day. Tourists staying in the hotel, rest in various places of the big city. Among the entertainments, a group of the most popular activities stands out:

  • inspection of the famous buildings of the city from the observation platforms: from the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the summer terrace on the roof of the new building of the Mariinsky Theater, the belfry of the Smolensk Cathedral, the roof of the art space of the “Project Floors”;
  • participation in exciting quests: “Otto’s Farm”, “Houdini’s Escape”, “Brain”, Insane Paranoid and many others;
  • leisurely walks in good weather in the gardens – Summer, Mikhailovsky, Alexandrovsky, Pokrovsky, – along the Fontanka embankment, in St. Isaac’s Square;
  • parties in clubs: Police Station, “Lomonosov”, Stackenschneider (Stackenschneider), MOD, “Griboyedov”;
  • visit to the theatres: Mariinsky Theatre, Youth Theatre, Maly and Bolshoi Drama Theatres;
  • observation of a vivid spectacle – the bridges over the Neva.

Many of these cultural venues, entertainment centres and attractions are located near the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. They can be reached on foot. To the rest – a few stops by public transport.

Importantly! Tourists can choose the quest that interests them on the website of the special service “World of Quests”, specifying certain parameters: the type of quest, the number of participants, the date, time and others. The closest bridges to the courtyard by Marriott are the Annunciation and Palace bridges. The divorce time during the navigation period, respectively, is 1:25–2:45, 1:10–2:50.

Top 5 activities for children in the city

Courtyard Marriott Hotel does not provide leisure activities for minors. But in the central districts of St. Petersburg there are dozens of different entertainment for teenagers and children. Among them, there are five places that are most often chosen by young guests of the city:

  • “Divo-ostrov” is a large amusement park, where 15 extreme, 10 children’s and 20 family attractions are equipped;
  • Leningrad Zoo, where you can see how wild animals and birds live: kangaroos, white cormorants, deer, Japanese cranes, curly pelicans, ponies, lemurs, Chilean flamingos, polar bears, emu ostriches, snow leopards and many others;
  • The Great St. Petersburg Circus, where you can visit a performance with the participation of lions, acrobats, elephants and tigers;
  • Oceanarium, where bright shows with ferocious sharks and good-natured seals are held; young visitors also enjoy watching the life of tropical fish in aquariums;
  • quests for children and teenagers: “Metro”, “Possessed”, “Flying Dutchman”, “Epidemic”, “Asteroid” and others.

Sights of the city near the hotel

The northern capital, like no other city in Russia, is rich in historical monuments, palace complexes, status buildings, bridges, parks and museums. Not far from the hotel “Courtyard Marriott” there are several objects that arouse the sincere interest of guests of the Northern capital:

  • Nikolsky Garden;
  • monastery of St. Anthony;
  • Mariinsky Theatre;
  • cathedrals: St. Isaac’s, Sea Nikolsky, Troitsky, Uspensky;
  • Conservatory them. Rimsky-Korsakov;
  • museums: art and military medical;
  • Rumyantsev’s mansion;
  • New Holland;
  • churches: St. John, Intercession, St. Stanislaus, St. Andrew’s and Assumption.

Guests of the Courtyard Marriott Can Explore the nearby attractions on their own or choose the excursion program that interests them. The hotel staff will help vacationers to navigate the city.

Excursions offered at the hotel

Resting in the Northern capital, tourists staying in the hotel “Courtyard Marriott”, not limited to acquaintance with interesting sights located near the hotel. The city is rich in architectural monuments, well known to connoisseurs of the beautiful whole planet. Therefore, tourists are happy to join the most interesting excursions offered by St. Petersburg companies:

  • acquaintance with the cathedrals of the city – Nikolsky, St. Isaac’s, “Savior on Blood”, Kazan, Smolensk;
  • visiting the Hermitage with a tour of paintings by Western European painters;
  • boat trip to Peterhof with a visit to the palace complex;
  • acquaintance with the masterpieces of Russian painting in the halls of the Russian Museum;
  • travel on comfortable ships through the labyrinth of canals and rivers of the city;
  • a trip to Pushkin with a tour of the Catherine Palace and the adjacent park;
  • visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, from the foundation of which the history of the Northern capital of Russia began;
  • visiting the colonnade and halls of St. Isaac’s Cathedral;
  • night bus tour of the most famous sights of the city;
  • a trip to Kronstadt with a visit to the famous Naval Cathedral;
  • boat trip to Peterhof with a tour of the palace complex;
  • tour of three historical squares – Palace, Senna and St. Isaac’s.

Note! Each excursion lasts from 2 to 18 hours. The cost is 750-2500 rubles. Booking of excursion programs is made at the reception of the hotel “Courtyard Marriott”.

Alexander Guriev, Sevastopol. I was in St. Petersburg on a business trip. I wanted to see the famous city at the same time. The Courtyard Marriott Hotel has chosen many famous attractions because of its proximity. I was on two excursions: to st. Petersburg cathedrals and to Peterhof. Loved. And cathedrals, and excursions, and the professionalism of guides, and the palace, and parks. Pleased with the hotel staff. When I asked how to get to a particular place, everything was explained in great detail. I put the hotel “5” out of 5!


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Rest and accommodation in the courtyard Marriott hotel is suitable primarily for business people, foreign travelers who get acquainted with historical St. Petersburg, lovers of excursions and connoisseurs of comfort. Close location to the famous sights of the Northern capital, friendly staff, delicious restaurant dishes, bright spacious rooms – all this adds advantages to a four-star hotel.