Perfect Armir Resort Ex Kemer Millennium Resort Ex Ganita Kemer 5′ Turkey – Rest for the Whole Family

About ARMIR RESORT ex Kemer Millennium Resort ex Ganita Kemer 5 can be found conflicting positive and negative reviews. The complex itself is positioned as a five-star, and offers its guests a large list of services for a comfortable pastime. The main drawback is the need to repair and upgrade furniture, but in the near future the administration will take care of it.

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The hotel is located in Kemer, 50 km from Antalya International Airport, on the third line from the sea shore. Opened in 2006 and during this time changed several titles including Ganita and Armas. The last restoration was carried out in 2014. The total area is 7,000 m2. The complex consists of a four-storey and one-storey building.

If you like to travel, rent a car and go to explore the local attractions.

  • Ataturk Boulevard is the main street of the city, where the monument of Turkey’s first president is erected. He is pictured with pigeons in his hands during the release. The White Stone Clock Tower is within walking distance.
  • Fountain “Rain of Love” – a scandalous work of art from the sculptor Safer Sari. It shows a man and a woman frozen over a small pond in a love dance. Stream water flows down the bodies of the figures. In 2009 they wanted to demolish it, but the court rejected the decision.
  • Kugulu Park is located near the pier in the heart of the village. In special enclosures you can feed kittens, animals and birds, so the place is a delight in children.
  • The Cave of Pirates is a picturesque grotto, which can be seen only from the sea. Surrounded by steep steep cliffs. Previously, pirate ships and boats were hiding in it, waiting for merchant ships.
  • Sakip Sabanci is a popular street in Goyniuk, where shops, hotels and restaurants are concentrated.
  • Orange Grove – citrus orchards with grapefruits, lemons and tangerines. Enjoy the aroma that comes from trees and shrubs.

Nelly, 29 years old: “All negative reviews are true. It’s time for the administration to update the number fund and pay attention to the re-education of the staff, behaved in a boorish manner. The rest was saved only by a bar with a large selection of alcohol and Russian bartenders. However, I heard rumors that the owner has changed and everything should be established, so I wish the complex success, because it is a shame that such a luxurious territory is lost in vain. But I don’t think I’ll be back here again, I’m very conflicting.”


ARMIR RESORT ex Kemer Millennium Resort has everything you need for a comfortable living. Here you will find such services:

  • Basic and a la carte restaurant;
  • Conference room for important talks and business events;
  • Outdoor and indoor pool;
  • water slide;
  • 4 bars;
  • Garden;
  • 24-hour check-in desk;
  • Lift;
  • Paid safe in the room;
  • air conditioning;
  • Gift shops;
  • beauty salon;
  • Airport transfers
  • shuttle to the beach.

If you book a conference room, the staff will prepare the necessary furniture and technical equipment for you. Any seminar and symposium will be held at a high level, and guests will be satisfied with a specially prepared buffet.

Did you come with the baby? It has a playground, a children’s pool and a mini-club. Rent a stroller or use the services of a babysitter to care for babies.

Diana, 26: “This is the third time I’ve been in Turkey and now I’m not very happy, I don’t look like a 5 star complex. I did not like poor cleaning, family familiarity of the staff, a meager variety of food, garbage containers with an unpleasant smell. It’s my fault that I didn’t read the reviews before choosing the tour, but I spent a lot of time behind the grounds, the sights and landscapes are amazing, but I didn’t pay for it.”


The hotel has 216 comfortable rooms for guests: standard and economy class. In each of them you will find:

  • Bathroom and toilet;
  • Hair dryer;
  • satellite TV;
  • Phone for external and internal communication with staff;
  • a safe;
  • mini-bar with soft drinks;
  • air conditioning;
  • high-speed wireless Internet (for good speed you need to pay extra at the reception);
  • fire alarm and fire suppression system.

The castle operates on a card system. The loss of the key is punishable by a fine.

Please note that pets are not allowed. In addition, smoking in indoor public spaces is not allowed, according to the law of 2008.

The apartment is equipped with a balcony, which offers amazing views of the sea, mountains, clouds. Landscapes you will definitely remember for a long time.

Nicky, 34 years old: “Of course, if you tune in exclusively to rest, you can close your eyes to a lot of small flaws. But if you evaluate the hotel from the guest, analyzing the cost of accommodation, I greatly overpaid. Initially, everything seemed to be good, at the reception nice girls, all in marble and gilding, settled us even before time, it pleasantly surprised, but the experience immediately spoiled the dark corridor without lighting and stuffy room. In the bathroom without slippers it is better not to go, as cleaning leaves much to be desired. Then we replaced the apartment, but it did not improve the mood, as further we got not in the restaurant, and the real dining room, in general, do not recommend.”


At ARMIR RESORT ex Kemer Millennium Resort, the staff tries to fulfill all requests of the guest in a quality and timely manner. Behind the 24-hour reception visitors are always greeted by friendly girls who understand Russian.

While you wait to check in, you can leave your bags in your luggage storage room and go explore the hotel and surrounding area. From the moment you cross the threshold of the main building – you are a welcome guest and can use all the free services. Therefore, if the room is still a few hours before the release, safely go to the restaurant to eat from the road.

Waiters and bartenders try to improve the quality of rest, so constantly monitor the cleanliness and order in their establishments. You don’t have to wait for a clean table to dine. Cleaning is carried out in a timely manner.

Maids are also well aware of their work and quickly serve all apartments, not forgetting to curl the original figures from towels. If you wish, you will be replaced with linen and towels.

Sergey, 34 years old: “Impressions remained contradictory. Animators did well, tried to entertain the people and constantly invited to participate in unbeaten contests. The pool is also nice, but at the bottom there is pebbles, which is carried in swimsuits from the beach. We had a foam party where we had a good time. To reach the sea, you need to go through a trash and a pond with ducks and turtles, but there were always free sunbeds.”


The hotel has a catering system. Here you will find a large number of restaurants and bars with a variety of treats and treats.

  • Disco Bar offers visitors local and imported drinks from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Lobby welcomes you with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious snacks. Here you can talk heart-to-heart in the company of interesting satellites.
  • Ottoman A’la Carte Restaurant serves national Turkish cuisine. It can be visited once during the stay for free. Don’t forget to reserve a table beforehand.
  • Beach is located on the beach. Enjoy drinks, snacks and ice cream while relaxing on the beach.
  • Pool is a pool bar where you can always try fresh tortillas with toppings for all tastes and various goodies. Tea hours are held from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Bartenders give delicious sweets.
  • Main is the main restaurant for 600 people. It hosts breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-inclusive night soup. Twice a week you can go to a gala dinner, decorated in the thematic style of the holiday or the country, the dishes of which is offered by the chef. There is a children’s and diet menu.

Serge, 34 years old: “Maybe I’m an optimist, but the complex deserves the right to life. You only need to make cosmetic repairs and pay attention to the attitude of the staff, some of them are rude and constantly sloppy from work. The rooms are decent, spacious and clean, the towels are of good quality. To get to the sea five minutes, there is a non-alcoholic bar near the sea, on the shore of large sand, the water is the purest. Alcohol is a good beer, but it was always running out, delicious whiskey.”


At ARMIR RESORT ex Kemer Millennium Resort, you’ll have fun. The team of animators tries to interest guests and during the day invites to participate in sports competitions, aqua aerobics, gymnastics and group fitness.

You can relax with your soul and body when you visit the free hammam, bath and sauna. Experienced masseurs will help to get rid of blocks in the joints and rejuvenate you for several years.

There is a pool room, table tennis, a gym and a disco. If you like to travel, the tour office will find the perfect tour.

Children like the mini-club, where they work with experienced educators. Guys participate in sports competitions, play together, learn to tinker with their own hands.

In the evening you will find fascinating shows and concerts. Order a delicious author’s cocktail at the ball and enjoy your adventure.

Asy, 23 years old: “We were first moved to a room with a broken air conditioning unit and a balcony overlooking the first floor visor, but at the request we were moved to the third floor, where everything was fine, and from the window there was an amazing view of the pool, mountains and sea. Basically, if you are an optimist, you will be able to have a good rest. The water park worked through the times, but the animators lifted the mood with aqua aerobics, water gymnastics and other activism. The reception is staffed by sympathetic and smiling people. I would come back again , if only after the repair.”

Interesting features

The hotel gives guests nice compliments because it appreciates them. On the wedding anniversary and on the wedding day you will receive a bottle of quality wine, a basket of fruit and a room decorated with rose petals. Champagne and sweets await you on your birthday.

As the beach is located 300 meters from the hotel complex, it can be reached by a special transfer. You will be pleased with the sandy and pebble shore, always loose umbrellas, sunbeds and mattresses. Towels are free. There is a round-the-clock rescue team, monitoring the health of holidaymakers.

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Clara, 33 years old: “Unlike other holidaymakers, we were satisfied with the food. Every day there was mackerel, chicken, sweets, watermelons, plums, for breakfast there were delicious mannicas, and at lunch excellent homemade flatbreads, grilled meat strongly similar to soy. With cleaning did not work out: until you choose a less clean table and plates, the appetite disappears. Wi-Fi catches very poorly, it is almost non-existent, and the spa smell bad. In general, if you constantly go on excursions, you can live here, but a permanent holiday is unlikely to be pleasant.”

As we can see, ARMIR RESORT ex Kemer Millennium Resort ex Ganita Kemer 5 causes conflicting impressions among holidaymakers. The complex is suitable for family holidays, but needs renovation. If there are no positive changes with the new management, the number of visitors will decrease many times due to numerous negative reviews. Suitable for non-fussy guests who go to Turkey for the sake of the sea and sightseeing.