Park-hotel “Gloria” Koreiz Crimea

Park Hotel “Gloria” is a great opportunity to spend an unforgettable holiday in one of the most picturesque places of the Crimean Peninsula. Due to its good location and high level of comfort, the hotel is suitable for both independent travelers and couples with children. Professional staff are able to find an individual approach to each guest, which makes the stay here as comfortable as possible.

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Location and history

Park Hotel Gloria was built in 2005. It consists of several free-standing buildings, each of which has its own name:

  • Lily, Lotus – modern four-storey buildings overlooking the sea and the park;
  • Dacha Naryshkin – the building was built in the 19th century for Prince Naryshkin and his family, resembles an ancient castle overlooking the sea;
  • Magnolia;
  • Gloria is the main building of the wellness center 150 meters from the sea.

Park-hotel “Gloria” Koreiz Crimea is part of the resort Mishor. This is the famous territory of the Park Chair, which is located in the urban-type settlement of Koreiz in the Crimea. 12 kilometers separate the hotel from Yalta and 500 meters from the embankment of Miskhor. It is considered one of the best hotel complexes in this region. Park-hotel “Gloria” accepts vacationers throughout the year. The place is considered unique due to the climatic conditions that contribute to the treatment of various diseases. Especially favorable effect of the climate on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of man.

Hotel “Gloria” has a well-developed infrastructure. During the stay, guests can use the recreation area with barbecue facilities, hold business events in the conference room.

Importantly! Children under 3 years old stay free of charge, provided they are accommodated in existing beds.

Room stock

The hotel provides rooms for every taste. Here you can rent guest rooms of the following categories:

  • standard;
  • Junior Suite (1 or 2 rooms);
  • luxury;
  • apartments;
  • Studio.

Rooms are offered with views of the sea, mountains or park, with a balcony and without, improved layout. Vacationers will be offered comfortable budget rooms and superior comfort.

Regardless of the category, each guest room has modern furniture, a bed with an orthopedic mattress. For greater comfort there is an individual bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, electric kettle.

Rooms of the apartment category have their own kitchen with all necessary utensils and appliances. This is a great option for those who are used to homemade food even during the holidays.

Victor, 59 years old, Moscow: Great hotel, spent a week here and did not regret for a minute about the chosen option. Everything claimed is true. The room is very clean, good layout, lots of space free. The staff is friendly, you can always make any request and be sure that your wishes will be taken into account. The sea is within walking distance, the beach is clean. There is a swimming pool on site. We will definitely come to you again.

Meals and restaurants

Hotel restaurant “Gloria” is located on the ground floor of the hotel of the same name. It combines the best traditions of European and Armenian cuisine, which allows you to enjoy a calm relaxing atmosphere during your meal. A friendly atmosphere and a high level of service are the key to a great evening. The restaurant is ideal for dining with your family and for business negotiations in an informal setting.

Professional chefs will prepare juicy Armenian kebab, delicious dolma or unusual tan-apur soup according to a unique recipe. An excellent completion of any meal will be a traditional dessert – Armenian baklava or a piece of “Napoleon”.

For many years, the restaurant has been organizing and conducting weddings, birthdays, corporate giving, banquets. It harmoniously combines warmth and cordiality with affordable prices and home comfort.

The professionalism of the chefs will be able to please even small children. Taking into account all preferences, your child’s favorite dishes will be prepared. The restaurant offers a takeaway service.

For hotel guests, three meals a day can be provided on request according to the “buffet” system. The menu is so diverse that it can surprise even the most demanding guest. Chefs offer several first courses, including soups, borscht, solyanka, shurpa. No one will leave indifferent meat and fish dishes, true gourmets will appreciate julienes, schnitzels, lyulya-kebabs, casseroles and numerous side dishes.

Note! The outdoor terrace is open only during the warmer years.

Leisure and entertainment

Koreiz is a village that is more suitable for a relaxing holiday. There are no large-scale entertainment venues, dolphinariums or water parks do not work. But, even despite this, you will not be bored here. Almost all beaches have a wide range of water attractions and entertainment. Here you can ride on inflatable bananas or buns, go on a boat trip.

Fans of extreme sports can visit the suspension bridge on the teeth of Ai-Petri. There are slopes for mountain bikes, paragliding and base jumping are developed. Together with the children, you can go hiking or horseback riding in the reserve. Quad biking is organized.

Beaches & Pools

For maximum comfort of guests on the territory of the park-hotel “Gloria” there is an indoor pool. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, the water in it is heated to +28 degrees. The pool is big enough. Its length is 11 meters, width – 4 m, depth – 2 m. Around equipped with a recreation area with sun loungers and rattan furniture. Thanks to this approach, vacationers can relax and enjoy their favorite drink during water procedures.

The beaches of Koreiz are considered one of the best in the Crimea. Their image can be found on numerous tourist advertising forms. All the beaches of the resort are pebbly, however, unlike Yalta, the coastal strip here is not so narrow and rocky. In rare cases, boulders can be found on the shore, and at the entrance to the sea there are large stones.

Note! The beaches of Koreiz are distinguished by the purity and transparency of the water. All this thanks to pebbles, the sea is not muddy even during storms.

The nearest beach is a 7-minute walk from Gloria Hotel. The hotel rents this coastal part, so guests can feel the most comfortable. For the convenience of vacationers, sun loungers, showers and toilets are installed.

In Koreiz there are no wild beaches, almost all parts of the coast belong to sanatoriums or hotels. The most famous beach areas are:

  • Mermaid – the beach got its name thanks to the sculpture of a mermaid with a baby in her arms. Admission is free, sunbeds are available at an additional cost;
  • Dulber – belongs to the sanatorium of the same name. Entrance is paid, to get to the shore, you need to go through the park area. There is the necessary beach infrastructure, a café;
  • Warrior is another small free beach. The infrastructure is poorly developed, a road passes nearby, which can cause some discomfort;
  • The beach of the hotel “Repkt-Hall” – you can visit it for free, but for the use of beach paraphernalia will have to pay extra.

Veronika, 39 years old, St. Petersburg: Great holiday in a great hotel. We chose it according to the reviews and did not regret it. Despite the late check-in, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist. Check-in took only a few minutes. The room is very clean, had a view of the sea. Comfortable bed, snow-white bed linen. No problems with plumbing, hot water at any time of the day or night. We ate in the hotel restaurant, everything is very tasty, nourishing. A large selection of dishes, there is even Armenian cuisine. Thank you for the warm welcome. Our recommendations.

Recreational opportunities for children

Families with children will find everything you need for the active leisure of their kids. For them, the hotel has a children’s playroom, which contains many toys for girls and boys. At the request of the children, professional teachers will conduct classes in fine arts, English. Animators organize a competitive and entertainment program, interesting quizzes.

On the street, in a closed courtyard, there is a spacious children’s playground. For younger guests there are swings, a playhouse with a slide, a sandbox. Children of any age will feel comfortable on the site. The play area meets all safety requirements. From injuries as a result of falls protects a special floor covering.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Koreiz is a resort where both adults and children will find entertainment. Attractions nearby will give vacationers unforgettable minutes. You can visit them yourself or by booking an excursion. Experienced guides will help you learn more about architectural monuments, conduct fascinating author’s tours. So, where can you go, resting in the park-hotel “Gloria”:

  • Swallow’s Nest is a castle in miniature. Business card and symbol of Crimea. On a steep 40-meter cliff there is a palace. The high tower, sharp spires, made in the Gothic style, resemble the Middle Ages;
  • embankment “Mermaid” – attracts located near the shore bronze sculpture depicting a Mermaid holding a child. Here vacationers learn the legend of the beauty of Arza, visit the free beach, admire the sea coast, make beautiful photos;
  • the embankment of Yalta is a place where all tourists come. Walking, vacationers can watch the sunrises and sunsets, visit all sorts of attractions, buy souvenirs, take a photo against the background of ancient architectural structures or the sea;
  • the cable car on Ai Petri – its uniqueness is that it has the longest span in Europe, which is not supported by supports. This is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records;
  • Dulber Palace is a beautiful building built in the 19th century by the famous architect N. Krasnov. The project of the palace was created by the uncle of Nicholas II during his journey through the countries of North Africa;
  • Park Chain – located on 23 hectares. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that among the mountains unique plants grow here. The flora is represented by both traditional and exotic species brought from afar. Attractive at any time of the year;
  • Palace of Count M.S. Vorontsova is a unique architectural structure that makes up a single ensemble with the plant world. Attracts tourists with its beauty, originality, interior;
  • Yusupp Palace – occupies an area of 9.5 hectares. In addition to the palace, which amazes visitors with its beauty, elegance, on the territory you can see sculptures made of marble, bronze, rare plants;
  • Livadia Palace – built for the Romanov family as a summer residence. The pearl of Crimea and a beautiful landmark.


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Rest in the park-hotel “Gloria” is suitable for any age. Convenient location will allow you to get to the beach in a matter of minutes. A short drive away is the famous Yalta with its attractions and entertainment.