Парк Отель Алубика Алупка Крым

Unforgettable rest in the Crimea is ready to offer a comfortable park-hotel “Alubika”,located in Alupka. Vacationers are waiting for view rooms of different categories, well-groomed territory, swimming pool, convenient location in the city center. Extras include indoor parking.

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Location and description

Hotel “Alubika” is located in the central part of Alupka,in its historical, cultural and business center. That is why it perfectly combines the sphere of entertainment, business activity and a measured quiet life.

The hotel meets high standards of service, and during its existence has managed to win the approval of many guests who have already appreciated its advantages and advantages.

Just a 5-minute walk from the hotel is the famous Vorontsov Park. Guests can use their own entrance to the Alupka Park, as its territory is closely adjacent to it.

Within the hotel there is a terrace for relaxation, which includes a swimming pool, cozy gazebos and a small water park.

Importantly! Upon prior request, guests can provide an airport-hotel-airport shuttle service.

Room stock

In a modern six-storey building there are 18 rooms. The windows offer a view of either the Black Sea coast or the Crimean Mountains. Each guest room meets high standards of comfort. For the convenience of guests, the rooms are equipped with modern furniture and appliances. Thanks to a well-planned space, a large amount of free space is preserved, which is especially necessary when resting with children.

For the design of the bedrooms were chosen sand, terracotta and purple shades. This approach allows you to maintain a sense of warmth and comfort even during a long stay.

Depending on personal preference, guests can check into one of the following rooms:

  • comfort;
  • family comfort;
  • Junior Suite;
  • luxury;
  • two-room deluxe.

The area of guest rooms varies from 18 to 60m2. One of the most amazing rooms in the hotel “Alubika” – premium room “Stone”. Its uniqueness is that one of the walls is made of stone of natural origin. The area of the room is 35 m2,here at the same time can accommodate 4 guests. The spacious balcony offers scenic views of the sea coast and Vorontsov Park.

Note! During the rest in the hotel every other day there is a change of towels. Bed linen is changed once every 5 days.

Karina, 35 years old, Voronezh: We had a rest here together with a friend. Great location, the sea is within walking distance. If you do not want to go to the beach, you can always swim in the pool. The water, by the way, was always clean in it. The staff is friendly, doing a good job. Loved the room, spacious enough. It offers sea views. The bed is comfortable, we slept like at home. Bed linen, towels are all perfectly clean, changed regularly. Only positive impressions remained from the time spent. We decided that next year we will come here again. Thank you for an unforgettable stay.

Meals and restaurants

In the hotel restaurant, guests can taste real culinary masterpieces. Chefs are professionals in their field. They take into account the preference of each visitor, so that even the most familiar dish looks exquisite and unique.

A varied menu includes soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, salads, slices. Special attention should be paid to the menu from the chef. Here, even the most demanding gourmets will be able to find something new and unusual.

To brighten up the wait for the dish, order a glass of real Crimean wine. Your favorite drink will add a note of sincerity to your evening.

Leisure and entertainment

In the hotel “Alubika” as such there is no entertainment, but this does not mean that the resort will not have something to do. Alupka has been hosting tourists for many years. The infrastructure here is developed in such a way that both adults and children will find an occupation for the soul.

For young tourists there are numerous playgrounds, slides and trampolines. In the park “Dreamwood” a large selection of attractions and all this at very affordable prices. Vacationers will like a rope park, a game of mini golf. New emotions will give acquaintance with ancient mines with virtual immersion. In addition, children can try themselves as an actor and play in the play on the forest stage.

An excellent entertainment in Alupka will be a visit to the theater of marine animals “Aquatoria”. Dolphins, walruses, fur seals and beluga whales participate in various show programs.

For adults, there are numerous bars and restaurants. In the evening, music sounds in some establishments. Many water activities are presented on the beaches of the resort. For vacationers organize parachute flights, diving. Catamarans or jet skis are rented. Everyone can ride on a yacht or boat.

Beaches & Pools

The luxurious swimming pool, which offers a magnificent view of the sea, is the real pride of the hotel “Alubika”. It will be a true salvation on a hot day. For connoisseurs of active pastime and kids, the pool is equipped with a slide.

The road to the sea passes through the territory of the park and takes no more than 5-7 minutes. One of the most important beaches of Alupka is Vorontsovsky, which is also called Central. It got its name because of its location next to the Vorontsov Park. It has a well-developed infrastructure. The coastline is not wide, but this is a feature of almost all the beaches of the resort. The shore is covered with small pebbles, there are areas with sand. Here you can always rent a sun lounger. Along the coast there are numerous shops with snacks and soft drinks. The beach is well suited for families with children. The entrance to the sea here is gentle, there are almost never waves.

Those who decide to change the situation and get acquainted with other beach recreation areas can visit:

  • Frog Beach – it got its name due to a large stone, which resembles a real frog in shape. The coastline is gentle, but not wide. This is a good option to swim and sunbathe. Due to the specific relief, the water off the coast almost always remains clean. On the Frog you can make a lot of colorful photos. The infrastructure is represented by toilets, showers, changing rooms. Within walking distance of the embankment with stalls;
  • Cape Verde Beach – despite the fact that it belongs to the hotel of the same name, you can visit it for free. The beach is also called Rainbow or Black Hill. This is one of the most comfortable coastlines in the resort. The sea here is cleared of large stones, additional sand was brought in. There is a well-developed infrastructure. In addition to standard services, vacationers are offered water attractions, as well as rental of swimming facilities;
  • Azure beach – the sea here has a beautiful turquoise hue. There are not many people, which allows you to enjoy a more relaxed and secluded holiday;
  • Children’s beach is an actual place for those who travel with small children. It is located to the west of the main beach of Alupka, that is, not far from the Vorontsov Park. For children there is a small bay, which was nicknamed “paddling pool”. Despite this name, adults will feel comfortable on the beach. There are sunbeds, cafes.

In Alupka there are several wild beaches – Dusya, Aivazovsky Rock, Three Stones. These are good places for those who are looking for privacy. However, do not forget that such places do not have any infrastructure, and for their security will have to answer exclusively independently.

Veronica, 51 years old, Pskov: We have been resting in the hotel for several years. We are already greeted here as family. The staff is very polite, always helpful. None of our requests remained unresolved. Always tell and prompt everything. The rooms are great. They lived in different categories. Each of them is completely worthy of its value. Cleaning is timely, the replacement of towels and bed linen is also regular. I like the food at the local restaurant. Everything is fresh, delicious. There is not even a desire to look for any other options. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your rest, we will come to you more than once.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Despite the fact that Alupka is a relatively small settlement, in it, as in its vicinity, there are places that deserve special attention:

  • Vorontsov Palace is the most important attraction of the resort, which every tourist is obliged to see. The palace is an elegant complex made in the Neo-Moorish style. In addition, there are elements of English architecture in the design. The palace was built in the XIX century for 20 years. Thanks to the creation of a museum in 1921, it was possible to preserve the interiors and exteriors intact;
  • Vorontsov Park is a real masterpiece of park art, on the creation of which Karl Antonovich Kebach worked. The landscape of the territory was planned during the construction of the Vorontsov Palace, and unique plants were planted for 25 years. Today, the park is a cultural heritage that is protected by the state. Its area is more than 300m2;
  • Cross Mountain – is located a kilometer from Alupka. Before the revolution, there was a wooden cross on top, which was laid in 1837. At one time there was an ancient Taurus settlement, then the fortress of Alupka-Isar. The ruins of ancient buildings have survived to this day;
  • Museum of test pilot Amet-San Sultan – it began to work in 1993. The expositions tell about the Soviet pilot of Crimean Tatar origin. The museum itself occupies a historic building built in the XIX century;
  • Tasting room “Massandra” – the first wine cellars at the resort appeared in 1820 Tasting room allows you to taste the delicious Crimean drink to hear the history of its origin, as well as get acquainted with the process of making wine;
  • Uchan-Su Waterfall is considered the highest waterfall in Europe. Its height is 95.5 meters, consists of 2 terraces. On the bottom there is a statue of an eagle, which is considered the mascot of these places. There is an observation deck, which offers magnificent views of both the waterfall itself and the surrounding landscapes.

Fans of outdoor activities can go to Mount Ai-Petri, see the mountain and Lake Shaan-Kaya, visit the observation deck of Aivazovsky.


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Experienced and hospitable staff of the hotel “Alubika” is able to find an individual approach to each guest. Rest in this place is the most picturesque landscapes, spacious cozy rooms, accommodation in the central part of Alupka, as well as service of the European level.