One of the best hotels in Abkhazia – San Palace Gagra

Many people associate Abkhazia with tangerines, Soviet service and a noisy railway station, where taxi drivers invite tourists with shouts of “Housing is inexpensive”. As a rule, they offer to live in rooms at a price not higher than 500 rubles per night. But it is difficult to call living in such conditions comfortable.

Few people know that in Abkhazia there are quite decent hotels, accommodation in which will cost much cheaper than in other countries on the Black Sea coast. Take at least Gagra – one of the favorite resorts among tourists, which boasts modern hotels.

San Palace Gagra is a four-star hotel that will not leave indifferent even picky tourists. There are two buildings – one on 6 floors, the second was rebuilt not so long ago, and there are only 3 floors in it. Accommodation in rooms from 2700 rubles per day per adult without meals. Dei under 6 years stay free of charge. If you buy breakfasts, lunches, dinners in the hotel, one meal will cost 300 rubles per person.

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Room stock

The rooms are rich – mostly two-room suites. In one room there is a bed, a desk, plasma, a refrigerator, a wardrobe and a safe. The other has a leather sofa bed, desk, wardrobe and refrigerator. In this room can easily fit two families. The bathroom is also spacious, there is soap, bathing gel, shampoo and even a shower cap. Each relies on 3 white towels, which are changed every day.

Not all rooms have balconies, but if the window overlooks the main street, the scenery opens up worthy – mountains immersed in lush greenery, and countless eucalyptus trees with a tart aroma.


The reception is open 24 hours a day. Before arrival, you can pre-book a transfer from the airport in Adler. If tourists got to Gagra by train, it is easier to sit down with any taxi driver, the trip takes 5 minutes, at a cost – no more than 150 rubles.

Excursions can be booked at the reception. Children under 6 years old – free of charge, the maximum cost of the tour per adult – 3000 rubles.

The hotel has its own beach, but it is a 1 hour walk to it. In this regard, free buses run daily to the beach. The timetable can be photographed at the reception in the main building.

The beach is pebbly, umbrellas and sunbeds are free. The main thing is not to lose the bracelets that are issued at the reception during registration. On them you can get clean towels on the beach, in the evening they need to be returned.

The restaurant from the hotel is organized meals on the system “buffet”, but this is not the type of food to which vacationers in Turkey are accustomed. All tables with food are closed, first the tourist needs to choose several dishes, then contact the chef who lays them out in portions.

If initially the voucher did not include meals, then it is necessary in advance, 3 hours before the meal, to contact the reception, pay for breakfast / lunch / dinner, and then name the room number in the restaurant.

Are there any drawbacks

Disadvantages are even in privileged hotels. At San Palace they are as follows:

  • Superficial cleaning in the room. For example, the cleaner may not wash the floors, but will change towels and report tubes with finished cosmetics.
  • Poor food. Hungry guests will not remain, but it will not be possible to sew. The main menu is homemade dishes such as meatballs, goulash, soups. And they distribute food in limited quantities, that is, it will not be possible to get not 1 bun, but two. What can we say about cakes, different types of meat and fresh fruit – this is here in minimal quantities.
  • The hotel is located far from the center. There are no supermarkets and a large number of canteens. To the nearest “civilization” an hour on foot or 15 minutes by bus.
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Alina Abramova

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