Nox Inn Beach Resort Spa, Turkey, Konakli — When everything is close by

Nox Inn Beach Resort Spa 5,reviews confirm this, is designed for a quiet and comfortable stay away from the hustle and bustle, because it is located in a picturesque corner of the Mediterranean coast. Pleasant friendly atmosphere, comfortable rooms and good food – those qualities thanks to which you want to return here again.


History and location

Nox Inn was opened in 2006, but until 2015 it was called Tivoli Resort & SPA. In 2015, a global reconstruction of the premises was carried out, and after that it changed its name. But the improvement of the body does not end there. Furniture and bedding are constantly updated, and the staff strive to make your stay here as cozy as possible.

The heated indoor pool allows you to receive visitors all year round, so with the end of the summer season, life does not end here.

Nox Inn Beach Resort is located in the Konakli area in a quiet corner remote from the center of the province. At the same time, the distance to Alanya is only 15 km. The way to Antalya airport is not close, on the highway you will have to drive 120 km.

Although it is believed that this is the second line from the sea, but its own beach is only 50 m. You can reach it along a picturesque path, one side of which is limited by a rock wall, or along a path past a mini-square with a lawn, palm trees and playgrounds.

The coastline is not very extensive, sandy on top, on the surf line of pebbles and stones. For easy entry into the water there is a wooden pier.

Almost the entire area of 6 thousand m2 is occupied by a large “L”-shaped body and a rectangular super pool. But this disadvantage pays off with the beauty of nature around. Very close to the hill is a small reserve Konakli Piknik.

Katya, Ekaterinburg: “Honestly, we chose this place only because of the low price. Still dreamed of getting into 5 stars, and the budget this year is limited. I can’t say that I am very disappointed, but there are a few unpleasant disadvantages. The first is to travel from the airport for a very long time. But this time is deducted from our short vacation. Then – the possession is very modest, except for the building and the pond, there is nothing. And that is not very large, due to the fact that the sea is inconvenient to enter, it is often crowded. Sun beds are not enough all the time, if you do not occupy in the morning, then you sit on chairs.

Although the location is essentially on the outskirts, but there are still other complexes nearby, so in the evenings the music still rumbles around. Of course, there are many good sides, including cleanliness, great food, friendly staff and good animation. Do not expect something special, but your money a ticket here, of course, was worth it.

Before dinner, when it was colder, we often wandered around the neighborhood. There are a lot of animals around, even saw once how a turtle crosses the road. 10 minutes from here there is a shopping street, where you can stuff yourself with souvenirs. “

Room stock

Knox Inn Beach Resort has one 6-storey building, in which 158 rooms, of which 150 are standard, 6 family and 2 are designed for people with disabilities. All of them have an area of 30 m2, in the standard there are two single or one double bed, and in the family one single and one double. Everywhere there is a bath and shower, glass sink, air conditioning, hairdryer, balcony, toilet, TV with satellite channels, washing accessories. Flooring – carpet. A safety deposit box and minibar are available for a fee. There are non-smoking rooms.

Cleaning is carried out every day, linen change – twice a week.

Despite the fact that this is the second line, the windows of the upper floors offer a beautiful view of the sea. Those who like to go to bed early prefer to take apartments from the side of the building, there is much quieter, and the windows overlook the hills overgrown with shrubs.

Julia, Kazan: “In general, the rooms are not bad, spacious, clean. But it is clear that the building is old, so do not expect chic apartments. Although it is very convenient that there is not a shower, but a bath with a shower. Of course, no one is going to take it, but the water does not spread on the floor, as usually happens in other places. The glass sink made an impression. Unusual and stylish.

And so we can say that from the outside the building looks nicer than inside. It’s pretty simple. The service is good, cleaned more or less, the linen is clean, not very dragged, the staff is friendly. Every day we left 2 bottles of water. All shampoos, soaps, paper are always available. The only thing is that there are not enough outlets, the equipment is inconvenient to charge. Sound insulation is also weak, neighbors can be heard and how the music yells on the street.

To be honest, I wouldn’t give 5 stars. Still, you count on something more stylish, new furniture, interesting design. And here everything is like in the top three. It’s good that everything worked fine, there is nothing to complain about.”


The main part of the territory is occupied by an outdoor swimming pool of 300 m2. Part of it is fenced off for bathing children. There is a spiral water slide, which is included on schedule. For those who come to Knox Inn in the cooler season, there is an indoor heated pool of 100 m2.

For meetings there are three conference rooms for 200, 150 and 40 people.

On the ground floor there is a common hall with TV and air conditioning, where you can sit in the company and just relax outside the rooms.

It offers visitors a restaurant, part of which is located on the street, a bar on the beach, in the lobby and by the pool, a disco bar, open from 23 to 02 hours. There is a SPA-center, own shop, hairdresser and medical office. For young vacationers organized a children’s club, there is a playground and a special menu.

Those who wish to spend time with health benefits can do table tennis, volleyball, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center for free. Animators conduct classes of aqua aerobics, water polo, sports games.

Wi-Fi is available on site.

Paid services:

  • For an additional fee, you can use transport services – transfer to the airport, taxi call.
  • Those who wish can get massages and SPA-procedures in the wellness center.
  • A safety deposit box and cable internet are available in the rooms.
  • For those who want to spend time with benefit, there is billiards, as well as surfboards and other equipment for water sports.
  • For kids, you can order a babysitter.
  • Laundry and ironing services are available.
  • In this quiet place you can see a lot of interesting things. Therefore, for those who prefer active recreation, it is possible to rent bicycles.

Artem, Ufa: “Very nice service, quickly solve all problems. Once it turned out that in the restaurant the tables were occupied, so we quickly found another table somewhere, brought a tablecloth, sat down – well done. Absolutely not impressed with the SPA. We ordered a massage for 60 minutes, and in fact something was rubbed there, obviously much less in time.

The animation also did not impress – first dancing for children, where the melodies are the same every day, then an adult disco, but also so-so. Normal shows were only 3 times. During the day, as elsewhere, darts, aerobics, etc. Guys seem to try, but the entertainment is only about an hour after lunch and that’s it. Evening disco is also so-so. There are few people there, the music is not very good. In general, we entertained ourselves – bathed, sunbathed, went on excursions.

Knox Inn is clearly not for those who love to hang out, but rather for those who just want to walk and relax, i.e. just for us.”


During the season, the “All Inclusive” system works here. In winter, half board is available. The first breakfast starts at 7:30 and lasts 2.5 hours. After that, brunch is served immediately. Hurry up for lunch at 13:30 and for dinner at 19:00. After lunch, the beach bar serves snacks and ice cream, followed by the pool bar with tea and pastries. Cooks serve a variety of dishes of vegetables, fish, chicken, veal, turkey. There are always fresh fruits, vegetables and special food for the baby.

Vladimir, Omsk: “The food in the restaurant is outstanding. At first I regretted that I took vouchers here, everything is beautiful outside, and the rooms are so-so. And it’s cramped, everywhere pushing. But after dinner, I realized that it was not for nothing that we were coming here. The food is varied, a lot of meat and fish, every day there are grilled dishes, vegetables, fruits – watermelons, melons, apples, plums. All ripe, sweet. Desserts, however, are all the same, only in appearance different.

Of course, there are some things very sharp, you just need to remember what foods should not be taken. Trays are never empty, everyone reports quickly. Knowing this, no one goes to grab first, there is no big queue, everyone has enough. Everything is very tasty, cooked with soul. By the sea in the afternoon pizza, burgers, hot doges. One hour of ice cream, you can take as much as you want.

I thought for the vacation I would lose weight – swimming, walking, etc. But with this food, on the contrary, I gained a couple of kilograms. Of the drinks drank mainly beer, it even seems not very diluted, and red wine. Once I took whiskey – not really, I decided not to take any more risks. “

Sea and beach

Knox Inn Beach Resort has its own beach, located 50 meters from the main building. The building stands on an elevation, you need to go down the stairs to the water. The shore is sandy and pebbly, near the surf line there are stone slabs, so in shallow water there are sharp changes in depths, which makes it difficult to enter the sea with small children. But in this case, a small “paddling paddling” is fenced off nearby. To facilitate entry into the water on the shore there is a wooden pier. There are also free umbrellas and sunbeds.

The place for swimming is not very wide, but to the left near the rock the shore is sandy. Nevertheless, in order to protect your feet from scratches, it is desirable to get special slippers for swimming.

Alina, Moscow: “The sea here is clean and warm, but, apparently, on the shore is quite shallow, so there is often a strong surf. You can swim from the pier, but I feel insecure at depth, so swimming was difficult. With children, people generally came, splashed in the chasing station and after 10 minutes left. By the way, the pier does not inspire confidence, narrow, the boards are loose, slippery, so with the kids there is definitely not to jump. Even an adult is scared. The way out is to go to a paid beach nearby or swim near other people’s hotels, the benefit of this no one is watching, and sunbathe to return here.

I didn’t really like the pool. It seems to be not small, but there are a lot of people, noisy. It is a pity that there is no more for those who like to relax where it is quieter. But with all the desire, there would be nowhere to place it. Separately, I want to note just a gorgeous view from the windows. The building stands as if on an elevation, behind it a small green square, then white sand and gorgeous blue water. It is a pity that the shore is sandy only from above, and where to go – some plates. It seems to me that the owners could make a more reliable pier and somehow improve the approach, then they would come to them more often with children. “

Nox Inn Beach Resort is sure to appeal to those who come to Turkey not only to sunbathe and swim, but also to walk along the picturesque streets. If you love wildlife, walking and cycling, and don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, a trip here will be a great choice. Those who love the vast sandy beaches, most of the time is going to spend in the sea, and prefers once again not to leave the territory, may not really like it here.

The hotel is not ideal for children, although they have everything they need – a playground, animation, a separate menu. Because of this, those who take their child to the sea often prefer to choose other places. If you go on vacation without children, this can be a plus.

Many note that the small territory, not too rich choice of entertainment and the quality of the interior do not correspond to the declared five stars. But the prices for vouchers here are very democratic, one of the lowest among the five-star hotels in the region, so there are always enough people who want to relax in Nox Inn Beach Resort Spa 5 *