New Year and winter resorts: Chalet Zermatt Peak – Switzerland

Autumn turns into winter and the New Year holidays, which we all love, are coming. The tradition of the Christmas holidays implies active winter holidays. Some prefer to flee the freezing cold to the south, somewhere in Cyprus or the United Arab Emirates.

We will describe to you a wonderful place, where we had a rest several times in the company and as a result the rest was very cheap and we received a lot of positive emotions. We recommend you to get together and have fun on New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Switzerland.

Location and infrastructure

A tunnel takes you to the famous Zermatt Peak Chalet hut (incidentally, it’s not just a hut, but a five-star hotel). Upon arrival at the chalet, you will be greeted by trained staff with champagne. Here you will find unmatched five-star hotel standards with professionally selected, highly qualified staff. Once you arrive at the cabin, you can relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of life. Chalet Zermatt Peak is just 5 minutes from the town of Zermatt. The place where the hotel is located, offers spectacular panoramic views of the rural and mountain ranges visible and the legendary Matterhorn.

Hotel interior

Conceptually the hut is designed using natural materials of the best quality. The interior combines warm tones and emphasizes the emphasis on the surrounding landscape and nature. High floor-to-ceiling 4.5m panoramic windows overlooking the magnificent landscape. The entire interior is the result of a design solution filled with unique materials. Excellent appliances, furniture, brought from all over the world. The owners of this hotel wanted to create a truly inspiring place for a fulfilling and quality holiday that offers special luxury and style.

Room stock

The hotel can comfortably accommodate fifteen people, both adults and children. Ten adults can be accommodated in the 5 en-suite bedrooms. That’s why we suggest you come to this place with your own company, so that you don’t feel uncomfortable being with strangers in the hotel.

You can inquire at any travel agency in your city about the cost and possibility of a Christmas and New Year holiday trip to this wonderful country of Switzerland with such great people and special service!



Veronika Samsonova

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