Mar Adentro Cabos Hotel in San José del Cabo, Mexico

Mar Adentro Cabos is a new luxury hotel and residence located minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. This design-oriented creation is the vision of renowned Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, who after the success of his first hotel, Encanto Acapulco, as well as numerous private homes, office buildings and public spaces, decided to take on this masterpiece. Mar Adentro Cabos Hotel is a 10-minute drive from Los Cabos International Airport. It offers 205 well-appointed rooms and additional private residences. Each dwelling was designed by Aragonese with simplicity, comfort and elegance in mind.

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Location and infrastructure

What a relaxing ocean view and all-white aesthetic that ensures there is no fuss, just space to contemplate and time to enjoy beautiful things. Each room and suite is equipped with exquisite “Polyform” furniture and first-class appliances. Guaranteed every guest can relax knowing that every detail will take care of their stay. With a private beach club, luxury retail space, five world-class restaurants, yoga and fitness areas and a comprehensive Mar Abierto Spa, guests won’t need to leave the hotel unless they choose to enjoy one of the best surf spots in Baja.

This is the first luxury hotel of its kind in Baja California. With Los Cabos’ most sophisticated and powerful art gallery with rotating local and international exhibitions, a fashion partnership with Mexican designer Carla Fernandez and an exclusive artist partnership with the famous Los Angeles Concert Hall, the Mar Adentro Cabos Hotel will give guests an artistic experience in every aspect of their stay.

Using the sun (the source of all light and color) as his guide and water as his muse, Miguel created a masterpiece that pays homage to the artistic hand of nature. The hotel’s clever architecture maximizes daylight design, incorporates the cleansing power of water and inspires creativity through its exquisite simplicity. All the amenities in the hotel and homes are luxury, from Polyform furniture to Flow cushions Through this hotel Aragonese has created an architectural opus in Los Cabos. A poetic space that pays homage to the landscape and where water is a central theme, the Mar Dentro Costa Azul provides a tranquil retreat for relaxation and contemplation.

Room stock

The hotel has 205 well-appointed rooms, suites and villas. Complete with luxurious furnishings and appliances, guests can personalize their experience with personalized virtual menus, a helpful concierge, and an aromatherapy menu to complement the personalized treatments at Mar Abierto Spa. Be sure to dine at one of the five on-site restaurants or shop in the luxury plaza. If someone prefers a serene stay, you can also choose not to leave the comfort of your room and order from a tablet, which also controls the temperature, light and sound in the room.

Services and entertainment

“Mar Abierto Spa offers guests the best holistic spa treatments, designing totally individualized treatment regimens for them. Working with a clinical aromatherapist and specialist, spa guests will be able to receive treatments to improve sleep, alertness, detoxification, general well-being or any other area. Signature rhythmic massages using “waves” of water pressure will lead guests to relaxation, while other treatments will use different temperatures, steam and minerals to harness the mysterious nature of water for healing and rejuvenation. After treatment, the spa will introduce guests to its own restaurants, offering the best cuisine to meet everyone’s needs. Herb and drink tastings with essential oils as well as edible beauty products will provide each guest with an unforgettable experience.

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Mar Adentro Cabos HotelMar Adentro Cabos Hotel