Majestic Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & Spa, Turkey, Side – Reviews and Merits

For everyone, namely for those who want to visit a particular country, and for those who want to visit a particular hotel, the most important thing is its location, such as Crystal Admiral Hotel Turkey Side.

When you choose Turkey to visit, you realize that this holiday with its all-inclusive package will be the most carefree and memorable. They love holidaymakers here, so when you go here, you will forget that you are human. All because in this country, the vacationer is practically worshipped. And this is not a joke, but a reality.

Today we want to tell you about a wonderful resort town on the Mediterranean coast – Side. It is an amazingly beautiful resort. It is magnificent with its clean air, beautiful beaches, service at the highest level. Continuing on about it, it’s an amazing city. This is where the fashionable hotels are located. And trust me, that doesn’t mean they’re expensive. Every resort has accommodations of varying levels. Any employee of a travel agency will confirm it to you. Is it important for you that in any hotel in Side, going out in the high tourist season, you can find a tree with tangerines and pick as many tangerines as you can carry. Isn’t it beautiful? This is a feature of this resort.

Now let’s talk about the complex, which has a lot of advantages, namely Crystal Admiral. The resort location is excellent and presents a wealth of opportunities for travelers. What can I say about the location of the hotel in relation to the beach and other amenities?

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Room stock

Crystal Admiral offers luxurious, bright rooms. There’s no dust or dirt in this hotel. It’s perfect. The room has everything you need. Upon request, a number of additional services (with a suggested price tag next to the bed) and a telephone are provided. The phone helps you stay in touch and contact reception (the place where you were checked in upon arrival) at your first request. The room has: – Temperature control system; – TV; – Minibar.

Nathalie: “Holidays with my boyfriend. Everything is super. Beautiful. The level is high. Rooms are comfortable. Did not watch TV. We ate a lot of food. Made us feel better. We would recommend to everybody.


Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & Spa offers animation on its premises. It’s completely free. What’s her appeal? All the same. People don’t like to sit bored in a room or by the pool. For this case and created almost all resorts entertainment program. What does it represent? Several trained people jump in front of you constantly, changing periodically throughout the day (changing shifts). First, there is aerobics in the pool with those wishing to participate, of course. Nobody’s forcing you to go anywhere. Then there are various “battles”, but not intellectual, but physical.

On the beach, animation offers beach volleyball, belly dancing for women and many other pleasures. Of course, no one wants to get fat during a vacation, so many women are involved, but men are also involved. The latter, favor beach volleyball to watch women jumping around in swimsuits.

Also, people like to keep themselves in shape and many give preference to the gym. Every morning you can see athletes running and jumping The gym is literally overcrowded with those who want to run on the treadmill or pump their abs. A very large number of people keep an eye on their form by going to sports training every day. It has its own water park. That’s a huge plus. All because families with children will be able to have fun on the slides in addition to the pools, if any, and the beach.

The water park is on the hotel premises, which is the biggest plus for the hotel, which itself is able to cater for it. What is meant by that:

  • handing out new towels;
  • washing towels that have already been used;
  • towel card control;
  • hygiene of the water park area;
  • selling non-alcoholic beverages or giving them away for free to guests;
  • selling alcohol or pouring it free of charge;
  • organization of meals on the territory, namely snacks (hamburgers, French fries, cola).

It’s a children’s paradise. There are lots of playgrounds, slides, swings. Literally every 20 meters. Everything for your little angel. At Crystal Admiral Resort you can relax everywhere. Your child will never be bored. Animators are ready to offer an entertaining program for children. It’ll never be sad.

Dora: “We went on vacation with my daughter. We constantly participated in different competitions from the animation team and danced bellydance. Loved the food. Very tasty and varied. My daughter gained weight, but not critically. The hotel is recommended.”

Genie: “We went on holiday with a girl. I liked everything. I advise a youth company. Large party would be more fun. Animation is normal, but not especially active or we were not very active on the rise. Rooms are large spacious. Service at quite a high level.

Marina: “I give 4+. I am very picky about nutrition. I lacked liquid dishes. Two dishes: soup and borscht. I’m not used to it. Everything is great inside and outside. The area is big. I recommend it.”


Anyone who likes to eat good and lots of food is recommended. No feeling of hunger, constant satiety. There are many dishes. For the amateur there is everything without exception. A menu will be brought to the child at your request.

Crystal Admiral offers cuisines of the world such as:

  • Italian;
  • Turkish;
  • Mexican.

Do you like it spicy? Feel free to head to a Mexican restaurant. If you want pasta, go to Italian. You can taste Turkish cuisine in a Turkish setting that matches the country’s theme.

The most important thing is eating without control. You can take as much as you want from the table. That’s your right, as the food system is buffet style. It, in turn, assumes that you can eat as much as you want.

Marina: “I can’t say that I don’t recommend it. Of course, a lot of food on a diet doesn’t work. There are temptations and smells at every step. The hotel, of course, is beautiful, but not for those who adhere to the right diet. I did not find much pluses for me. I liked the gym and the territory”.

Beach and area

Admiral Resort has a beautiful green area. There are a lot of trees, it seems that you are drowning in greenery. A lot of clean air. It’s full of breath here. Walking out of the room, you can feel the air enveloped in the scents of citrus and floral fragrances. There are a lot of flowers. The smells are different. And what colors are here. Each photograph is a work of art. So many colors in all the variety that make the photo even brighter. The colours of summer, autumn, spring. Pick your time of year when you want to go there.

If you want to learn more about Turkey’s culture and sights, you can take a tour. Everyone does not want to sit on the beach or in a room while visiting a particular country. Anyone will want to see at least 1-2 highlights of the country and visit a few excursions. Tourists who decide to visit this hotel, guide will invite to such excursions: – Alarahan Fortress; – Manavgat Waterfall; – Green Canyon; – Titreengel. You can always ask for an excursion program at the reception or from a guide.

Stacey: “God, we loved everything. The tour is just something. So many pictures. Just a tourist paradise. I highly recommend everyone who wants an experience. Must go at any time. The vacation is unforgettable. The guide is very polite”. John: “I took my family on holiday. I regretted spending so much money. We went on excursions. Almost never went to the hotel. Could have saved money. Food is excellent. Had plenty to eat. Liked the hotel.


The hotel staff speaks different languages, including English. The language barrier has not been cancelled, so the comfort in communication is the key to a good holiday. 2.The hotel is quite far from the airport, but the travel time passes unnoticed. All because there is a guide on the bus that meets the person stepping off the plane, who communicates and talks about Turkey, the excursions and many important things on the way to the hotel. 30-40 minutes will go by quickly.

Pay attention to the tips of regular tourists as well. Many recommend bringing sunglasses, a mask and flippers. Lots of sunscreen. At least a few swimsuits, a pareo. To avoid getting lost, the GPS system in your phone will help you find those who get lost. A child can also be given a whistle. In case he gets lost in the crowd, he can whistle and his father or mother will quickly find him. It is also advised to take a radio or mp3 player with you. If bored with animation man can always be comfortably settled on a lounge chair, and, having relaxed, listen to your favorite music.

The hotel has very good food. Remember to take the necessary digestive medication or try not to overeat. You can call a doctor, but you will have to pay for it. The alcohol is of good quality. Regardless, pancreatin and hepabene type pills can’t hurt. Girls shouldn’t pay attention to Turks. They like all women without exception, and especially fat women. It’s best to keep your distance so you don’t get into trouble. It is clear that there is no need to take strangers to the room, although there are many who wish to get acquainted. In order to return from a holiday with a good impression, it is not advisable to look for meetings with foreigners.

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Simon: “Had a good holiday. A friend’s holiday was cancelled and I had to go myself. The vacation was good. I travelled much. I think that if you go on vacation to be on excursions, it is not necessary to choose such a hotel. It was enough and 4*”.

Crystal Admiral is worth the money. Not because it’s 5*, but because the service here is excellent. Here you can relax both with children and in a big company. Even a lonely tourist will not get bored here. It’s worth coming here already because it’s a large area, lots of activities. Very tasty and varied cuisine. Not only animators make this hotel “fun”, but also a rich excursion program, the presence of the water park. Constant contact with the guide and with the reception makes for a comfortable stay. Russian-speaking staff make it easy to solve any of your questions in the shortest possible time.

The best time to come here is from May to October. This hotel is suitable for everyone who wants to fall in love with Turkey. It is loved for its attitude to people, for its service, for its climate. Turkey is a hospitable country. There are a lot of videos on the internet about this hotel. A lot of satisfied tourists. People love this hotel. Choose a comfortable, worry-free vacation so you won’t be disappointed with the one vacation of the year you look forward to. This country will delight you with its climate, attitude and service whenever you want to visit it. Come and enjoy your holiday.