Magnificent L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5* Turkey, Kemer, Çamyuva — Description, photos, reviews of tourists

L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5* (Turkey)has at its disposal its own recreation area by the sea, a spacious swimming pool with fresh clean water, many sports grounds, terraces for sunbathing and a spa center. In general, judging by the opinions, there is everything to ensure that vacationers can fully enjoy their holidays abroad. And whether this is really so, let’s figure it out together.

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As you have already understood, this institution is located in the resort area of the city of Kemer, which means that just a few meters from the buildings is the coast of the warm and incredibly clean Mediterranean Sea. I must say that there is a calm and peaceful atmosphere, so elderly tourists and newlyweds often come here who dream of spending their honeymoon in solitude and silence.

Upon arrival at Antalya International Airport, you can take a shuttle bus or taxi. If you have agreed with the tour operator and paid for the transfer, in the building of the air harbor you will be waiting for a guide, in whose company you will overcome the distance of 60 kilometers to the hotel.

I must say, the climate here is very mild, but it is better, of course, to come in the midst of the season. If the planned time for the trip falls on the summer, we recommend that you book an apartment in advance, since at this time of year in the complex almost all the rooms are occupied.

Svetlana, Taganrog: “Today I came home after a two-week stay at the hotel L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5 *, and I hasten to share my impressions. Upon arrival in Antalya, I and several other tourists were met by a guide, put us on a small bus and disappeared somewhere. We waited for him for half an hour, and then set off. We stopped at other institutions, eventually came to my complex. I was amazed at the beauty of the surrounding nature. The buildings are surrounded by a dense ring of protected forests, and on the one hand the sea comes to it. In the courtyard there is a beautiful garden with palm trees and exotic flowers. Trust me, it’s a real paradise!”

Room stock

The hotel complex L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5 * was built relatively recently, and this year it celebrated its first ten-year anniversary. Major repairs were made four years ago, so we can safely say that the rooms have everything for a comfortable stay and sleep. The only thing that travelers speak negatively about is a relatively small area (only 16 thousand square meters). But everything necessary is built on it, only placed compactly.

All rooms for guests are located in three buildings of different types. Most of the rooms are concentrated in the main four-story building, which also houses a restaurant, bar, conference room and other infrastructure facilities. Also, the administration offers its guests options for increased comfort – rooms in six luxury villas.

I must say, the design of the apartments is thought out to the smallest detail, since dozens of experienced specialists worked on it. Each room has an individual air conditioning system with an individual control panel that allows you to perform any manipulations with equipment and set the desired temperature level at any time of the day. For most travelers, this circumstance is sometimes a fundamental criterion when choosing a hotel.

Going to the booked room, you will definitely find here a plasma TV, a telephone with international access, a safe, a spacious wardrobe for storing things, a mini-bar and a couch. The lion’s share of the premises is complemented by balconies, and from the window you can see the gardens and the sea coast.

Maxim, Omsk: “Many thanks to the maids who take their work seriously. Cleaning was carried out daily, according to the schedule, and nothing could affect it. I have repeatedly complained to the administration, because after lunch my son always sleeps, and in the meantime the vacuum cleaner is noisy in the room. But the problem was never solved. True, the staff coped with the cleaning flawlessly. Towels are always clean, bed linen is changed every three days. In the bathroom, plumbing shines, hygiene supplies are replaced with enviable regularity. If they hadn’t woken my child up, they wouldn’t have had a price!”

Children’s leisure

Very often travel companies present the hotel L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5 * as an ideal place for a family holiday. Indeed, this statement is true, as evidenced by the rave reviews of those who came here with young children. For kids there is a mini-club that accepts children from 4 to 12 years old. Experienced animators and nannies constantly communicate and spend time with them. The latter, by the way, can be called for a fee to your room, if parents do not want to leave their child alone in the room in the evening, going to a disco or night show.

For kids on the territory of the hotel complex built a shallow pool with slides. Near him constantly on duty rescuers. Young guests can also play on specially equipped playgrounds with swings, carousels and cable cars.

Natalia, Kemerovo: “My daughter is a “little tooth”. To put at least a piece of meat in her mouth is a huge problem, accompanied by screams and tantrums. But in the hotel, she gladly ate everything that was offered to her. The fact is that in restaurants for children a menu with a large number of beautifully decorated dishes has been developed. Looking at her breakfast, even my husband was drooling. Thank you very much for creating such masterpieces for our children.”

Entertainment for adults

Hotel guests can not only swim in the pool and the sea, sunbathe on the beach and drink soft drinks, but also play sports and improve their appearance. A large gym has been built on the territory of the complex. It employs instructors of the highest category, who are always ready to prepare individual exercise programs for their guests. In addition, aerobics lessons are held every day near the pool, so you should not be afraid that everything eaten in the restaurant will be deposited on the sides and buttocks in the form of extra pounds.

Those who prefer a mobile and active lifestyle to lazy lying on a sun lounger are offered a large number of playgrounds equipped for games and sports. For example, next to the main building there is a tennis court with night lighting and an ideal artificial surface. Nearby there is a point of renting accessories for tennis. Many tourists like to play mini-golf, basketball, football, boccia, darts, billiards, learn to shoot archery and ride horses and bicycles.

The administration is ready to offer you water activities. On the beach there is a diving school, windsurfing and parasailing lessons are taught, motor and non-motorized equipment is rented. We recommend that you get your own mask and plunge into the underwater world, where you will find many amazing discoveries.

In the morning or in the evening, after an active holiday on the Mediterranean coast, you can pamper yourself and your body with a massage, a visit to the sauna, steam room and Turkish bath. Access to the jacuzzi and hot tubs is free of charge as part of the all-inclusive programme.

Anatoly, Samara: “The reception offers a large number of tours around Kemer and its surroundings. I advise everyone at least once to make such a trip and get acquainted with the sights and objects of cultural heritage of Turkey. Their cost is not much more than the price tags installed in numerous nearby offices. I also advise you to go fishing, ride a yacht and water skiing. It’s very cool!”

Food system

As mentioned earlier, in the hotel L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5 * everything is subject to the concept of “all inclusive”. This means that all main meals, as well as light snacks during the day, are included in the total price. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are held in the main restaurant in the format of “buffet”. It serves European, Turkish, American and Mexican cuisine, children’s menus, steamed and grilled meat and vegetables. For children, there is a separate area for eating and small chairs.

Also on the territory of the hotel there are several restaurants “al-carte”. According to the program, you are entitled to one free visit by prior reservation. During the day, guests can share pastries, fruits, ice cream, pizza and fast food at local bars and cafes. Alcohol is ordered in any quantities, but remember: the list includes only alcohol-containing products produced in Turkey.

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Elena, Saratov: “My husband on vacation very often relaxed and allowed himself alcohol in the evening. In the mornings, he never complained of feeling unwell, he says that nothing is diluted here and does not mix low-quality alcohol. For myself, I will say that the power system is debugged to the smallest detail. You can go down for a late lunch, and on the table there are always meat, fish, seafood and other goodies. At night, the lobby bar has everything for a light snack until the morning, and with the sunrise on the terrace serves fresh pastries and coffee.”

Hotel L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5 * – a chic institution in which everything is filled with luxury. In the rooms on the walls hang paintings, there are even elements of décor on the bedside tables. By the way, the bed is just huge, the mattress is very soft. Wireless Internet access is available in public places, so you can contact your loved ones via video link at any time, tell them your impressions and share new photos.

But as mentioned earlier, this complex is focused on a relaxing family holiday. Elderly travelers from around the world often come here. After eleven in the evening, life here freezes. Discos and animated shows are always held, but at midnight on the terrace there is no one. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet hotel in which at night no one will bother you with screams and laughter, come here, you are guaranteed to like it here!