Magnificent Kahya Aqua Resort Hotel 5*, Alanya, Turkey – With its own water park

The network has quite a lot of conflicting reviews about Kahya Aqua Resort Hotel 5. What is the complex in fact we will understand in the article. So, in Alanya, it attracts with the silence of country life and comfortable inexpensive accommodation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The hotel is very good for couples and young people, as well as for families with children. Here it is possible to watch peacocks and rabbits, ride in the water park without leaving the territory, have fun from the heart with talented animators. And how many friends will remain after the vacation!


Room stock

The hotel has two types of rooms:

  • Standard Room – spacious equipped dwelling. Suitable for couples or the whole family. For comfortable accommodation there are 1 double bed, 1 single bed, sofa and sofa (convenient for children).
  • Family Room is a two-room suite, divided by an interior door, 1 double bed and 2 single beds.

Each room has central air conditioning, mini-bar (replenished with water), balcony with partial view of the coast, bed, places to accommodate things and clothes, showers with hairdryer, TV. Use of the safe for an additional fee – 3 $/day.

Cleanliness is closely monitored by maids, cleaning daily. If a tourist wants to skip the day of cleaning, then just press the button located by the bed. You won’t be bothered today.

All bedrooms are non-smoking.

Anton, Samara: “The room itself is great but the staff love tips. Rather, without them, neither the fact that a swan from towels will not be made, and body lotion can not be delivered. For a “penny” service improves at times!”


The total length of the complex is very large, about 30,000 square meters. m. Possessions are well-groomed, there are really many pools. There is a beautiful full-fledged water park, to the delight of children and many adults. Infrastructure:

  • 2 buildings for settlement;
  • zone with slot machines;
  • private beach in 100 meters;
  • Spa;
  • waterpark;
  • swimming pools;
  • slides;
  • lazy river, with picturesque banks, from which all children and adults are delighted;
  • place for smoking hookah.

In the pools, the water is chlorinated, on the river it is mixed with the sea, and chlorine is not felt absolutely. Swimming is comfortable.

There is a sauna, hammam and spa services. With children are not allowed – silence and relaxation.

Two buildings to accommodate guests: old and new. If you got the old one, and the guests want a new building, then $ 20 solve all the issues. There are rooms with jacuzzi.

Julia, Fastov: “We spent a lot of time near the children’s pool with fungus, my small ones liked it. It was great to ride the big slides. You could have a snack everywhere, near the pools delicious pizza, hamburgers, and at 15.00 fried awesome donuts. On the beach, the food was not so fast food: poultry, spaghetti, potatoes, vegetables. “


The main restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine:

  • Breakfasts according to standards: eggs, cereals, cheeses. There’s not a lot of meat. Fresh lunches are diverse: soups, salads, chicken, lamb, vegetables. Hearty dinners.
  • Fruits: watermelons, peaches, apples, melons, oranges – just in abundance.
  • Pastries and Turkish sweets are a separate pleasure, which is in abundance.
  • You can choose a diet or vegetarian menu (free of charge).

A’la сarte restaurant Akdeniz serves aromatic seafood dishes. Another offers to try the delights of Ottoman and Anatolian cuisines. A la carte establishments operate on a buffet system.

“All inclusive” from 10:00-00:00, it includes kitchen and drinks, including local alcohol. Extra charge: imported drinks, freshly squeezed juice, bottled drinks, Turkish coffee.

Separately, we can note the composition of bartenders. Extremely friendly, and try to find a personal approach to vacationers.

Some drinks, of course, dilute. Pleasant tasting cocktails are made in the lobby.

Pool bars in addition to drinks offer fast food: French fries, nuggets and pizza.

Cons: some guests come to eat in clothes dressed on wet swimsuits, which is why you have to wipe chairs and walk through the wet floor in places.

Tip: you should come to eat earlier than 30 minutes before closing, since the dishes begin to clean 15 minutes before closing.

In the period from 16:00 to dinner there is practically no food. Keep in mind who is with the kids.

Serving waiters, reception, maids are mostly Turks. Many communicate in different languages. In general, there are no problems with communication.

At the reception, they smile warmly and, if there are free rooms, settle instantly. When the complex is loaded, they offer, leaving things in the luggage room, to start resting on the territory: the sea, bars – everything is available. So waiting 14:00 before check-in is quite nice.

Conflict situations sometimes arise, as elsewhere, they try to solve them as quickly as possible. However, if the guest has reached the scream or rudeness, they can respond with “cold”, not particularly participatory attention.

Anatoly, Kaluga: “On nutrition, I will say this: it is impossible to stay hungry here. There is a lot of food, there is a choice. But for those who have been on the Limak network and above, the local menu may not be enough. Meals are fresh and fragrant. From meat: turkey, lamb, chicken. Sometimes crayfish and seafood are served. Salads abound, potatoes, pasta and snacks, also in the range of dishes. There are queues in restaurants, but rarely.”


In the property of Kay 84 m of clean sand and pebble coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Distance to the sea (1 line) 100 m (across the road). The road does not cause any inconvenience at all. For a comfortable passage to the beach, an underground safe passage has been created.

On the service off the coast worked perfectly:

  • towels, sun loungers, mattresses and umbrellas in free access and use;
  • women and children who want to occupy themselves on the beach can use a paid service – henna drawings on the body. Very entertaining and beautiful;
  • also from the paid service offer lessons of clay sculpting and drawing on the sand.

The entrance to the sea is sandy, but of the minuses mark the cobblestones at the bottom when entering the depth. But such a moment can be excluded: there is a zone with a gentle entrance, closer to the boats, asking the servants, everything becomes clear.

At 11:30 the beach bars start working. On the shore there are delicious grilled fish, vegetables and sparkling water on tap. Delicious beans.

Olga, Moscow: “The beach is very good on the left side of the sea. Entrance without stones, pleasant. The shoreline is monitored for both safety and cleanliness. True, of course, cigarette butts in the sand are found. But this is the “scourge” of the culture of visitors throughout the region. The bar by the sea was very impressed with the roast trout and delicious snacks, we didn’t even go to the main restaurant because of it.”


There is an active animation team.

Children’s animation is available, but easy. Nat. charging, mini-disco. With children play darts, bochu, bake pizza, dance. There is a children’s club. The playground consists of a sandbox, swings, plastic slides – for a 2-year-old kid – super.

The team of animators invites everyone to participate in competitions and various games. During the day, you can play volleyball, do yoga, Pilates, play billiards, water polo or ride a jet ski.

In the evening, a disco for children, to which the baby goes with pleasure, after it some entertainment program, shows, contests, songs, karaoke.

Adult disco daily. The music is diverse, dancing is not tormented only by Turkish tracks. Evening shows put both dance and acrobatic, and the standard contest “Miss Hotel”.

A good water park and a lazy river with a jacuzzi loved by many visitors!

Wellness programs in the Spa significantly brighten up the vacation. Massages, relaxing hammam and other services bring joy and refreshment to the body. The gym has equipment for both intensive training and light fitness.

As a concern, they give a Turkish bath and saunas for free. On request, everyone can use these relaxing and useful services at least every day.

Those who want to soak up the surf are offered a massage on the shore, but this service, of course, is already paid.

Rooms for people with disabilities are available.

Masha, Kiev: “There are two amphitheaters, but concerts are held only in one – until 21:00 children’s program, then for adults. When the show is its own – lame at the level of school amateur performances, when the guest – everything is fine. In general, for those who want to spend their holidays without lying in bed, all conditions have been created to combat boredom. There are many pools and no infection, no one was sick, although the children swallowed a lot of water. There are slides for all ages.”


Everyone knows that Alanya is not only the warmest place on the coast, but also the most profitable in cost, due to the distance from Antalya airport. Due to this, the rest in Kahya Aqua 5 * is of a very high level, but at the optimal cost.

The majority, according to the reviews of the 2018 season. rate the hotel on “excellent”, especially in terms of price – quality. There are not many places in the Alanya region that I would like to return to, Kahiya is one of them.

There are four markets opposite the hotel. You can buy, but the prices are inflated. The city is cheaper. There is a bus stop nearby. To get to Konakli costs $ 1, to the center of Alanya $ 1.5. Promenade and tourist infrastructure in Alanya (distance 14 km, about 15-20 minutes drive). There is no one near the hotel.

In Alanya there are enough souvenir shops, clothing boutiques, spice shops and other goods for every taste. There are decent restaurants.

Nearby is a village with a dolphinarium. The place is perfect for a romantic swim with dolphins or a fun holiday with children.

Interesting points:

  • There is no doctor here.
  • Internet only in the lobby.
  • There are many places where cigarettes smoke on the territory.
  • Photographers are excellent, gorgeous catch shots with children.
  • Strollers can be rented at an additional cost.

Alesya, Moscow: “For children, it is especially worth noting a small zoo. Every child is crazy about the peacocks, chickens and rabbits living in it. Fun photos are provided.”

The hotel,like all others, has different responses. What is the main thing: the hotel is price-quality, not Deluxe. Exquisite, or impressionable from a speck on a napkin or mirror, most likely, it is worth looking for an alternative. Suitable for those who want to spend a vacation for relatively little money and are ready to accept some nuances: food in abundance, but not to break from the tables; animation is active, but there are flaws…

Is it worth going here with children?

It depends on the temperament and character of your children. If you have tomboys who require constant attention and entertainment, here they may not be enough, although they will undoubtedly be satisfied with the water park and the river. But the children’s mini-club itself is small.

If the kids are more calm, then they will be occupied by something: there are both disco and games.

Couples and people without children can have a great time on the equipped beach under the pleasant sun, lie by the pools, chilling with drinks and have fun at the night disco.

The village of Pallayar itself, in which Kahya Aqua Resort Hotel 5 is located, has exceptionally positive reviews in 2019, from tourists who appreciate a quiet pastime. The promenade, several cafes, a number of shopping stalls and the absence of crowds and noise characteristic of the central resorts are very fond of visitors.