Magnificent Euphoria Hotel Tekirova 5* Tekirova, Turkey – Reviews, description, hotel features

If you are unsure of the correctness of the choice of hotel Euphoria Tekirova,the reviews of guests who have already visited it, will strengthen your decision. This is a real paradise, as here you can enjoy the beauty of nature. On the one hand you will be captivated by the beauty and unexplored of the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other hand – fresh air and green territory. There is its own beach, swimming pool, comfortable rooms, so the rest will be held at the highest level. Let’s make sure of that together!


The Euphoria Hotel Tekirova is an all-inclusive resort. It is located on the beach. It is only 15 km to the city centre of Kemer, you can rent a car or use the shuttle. It is 75 km to Antalya Airport, but along the way you can admire the extraordinary scenery of the warm country.

If you like to travel and explore new places, then be sure to visit the attractions.

  • Ancient Faselis was founded in the 7th century BC. and existed during the Roman Empire. Now you can look at the aqueduct, the remains of pagan temples, the ruins of the amphitheatre and the Byzantine basilica.
  • Olympus existed until the 8th century and is poorly preserved, but travelers are attracted by Mount Janartash with its wildlife and fire that burns on the slopes.
  • The port is one of the largest yacht parks on the Turkish coast. Here you can fish, rent a boat and try the gifts of the sea in cozy restaurants that are nearby.
  • The “Moonlight” dolphinarium will appeal to adults and children. Dolphins and sea lion take part in the show. For a fee, you can swim and take pictures with them.

Nicol, 33 years old: “When we read the reviews with the girl, we thought that everything would be much worse, but rested on a solid four. We went in early October and were very surprised that the complex was completely populated by tourists. Among the shortcomings I can note not high-quality cleaning, probably, the maids just rushed to serve everyone, and furniture with appliances should be updated. In all other complaints there is no: the food is excellent, the animation is interesting, entertainment at least spare. Discomfort was delivered by the Russians, who ate and drank not in themselves, and on the beach sunbeds occupied from six in the morning, although they were enough for all.”


First of all, Tekirova is attracted by the developed infrastructure. Here is everything you need for the life of a modern man:

  • Protected parking with places for people with disabilities (there are hints in Braille);
  • outdoor and indoor heated and water slides;
  • Fitness center with modern simulators;
  • private beach with loungers, changing rooms, umbrellas and towels;
  • Spa and wellness center;
  • water slides for adults and children;
  • sauna and Turkish bath;
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Mini-market and gift shop;
  • Lift;
  • a safe;
  • beauty salon;
  • Business centre services.

Tennis, mini-golf, horseback riding and cycling are specially equipped for sports and recreation. There’s billiards and darts. Experienced instructors will help to master horse riding, diving and windsurfing.

Catherine, 26 years old: “I liked the gorgeous well-groomed area, there was a place to walk, the scenery is beautiful. The beach is clean, though, with pebbles, but it did not bother me. Many swam with masks, so clear water. The kitchen worked on five-plus: poultry, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, greens, sweets, a variety of side dishes – fantastic. There were 10 people of the animators and they had time to pay attention to everyone. It’s a shame that the repair is not in all the rooms, and I just got into a dilapidated, but it’s nothing if to come home just to spend the night.”


Euphoria offers 417 rooms in various categories. Each is decorated with a special design, and from the window you can see the Aegean coast. You will definitely feel at home here, and maybe better, because there are all the amenities for comfortable living.

  • Garden club room;
  • Garden club suit;
  • Deluxe club room;
  • Deluxe club junior suit;
  • Deluxe club family suit;
  • Hotel room;
  • Art room;
  • Butterfly room;
  • Dublex Jacuzzi villa;
  • Deluxe family villa.

In each apartment you will find a TV. There is a phone for internal communication with the staff, with which you can order room service. The mini-bar is replenished daily with mineral water and fizzy drinks. The air conditioning system is designed to heat and cool the room. The bathroom with the toilet is piecemeal, there is a set of shower accessories. If you need to store valuables, you can use an electronic safe. Free access to Wi-Fi, if you pay extra for speed, you can even watch TV series.

Some rooms are equipped with scales and a balcony with a Jacuzzi. There are special handrails for people with disabilities. Children can order a free extra bed. Pets are not allowed.

Irene, 31 years old: “I was on holiday in September with my husband and daughter and we loved it. Placed us on the ground floor where there was a terrace, you can sit and enjoy the scenery. They cleaned our country every day, changed towels and replenished personal hygiene products. The mini-bar was filled only on the first day, but on the territory there are refrigerators with bottled water 0.33, you could take when you want. The food is delicious, we didn’t even have time to try half, so there was a lot.”


Throughout the rest in Euphoria Tekirova you will improve the rest conditions of highly qualified staff. At the reception around the clock greet visitors with a friendly smile and if possible try to check into the room as early as possible. There is a luggage storage room where you can leave your bags while the rooms are vacated.

The maids will deliver breakfast to the room if they wish. Cleaning is carried out daily. It includes changing towels, washing floors and plumbing, removing dust, as well as replenishing the minibar and shower accessories.

In the center of health and beauty you will find comprehensive care of the face and body, as well as different types of massage. In the Turkish bath and sauna you will find a relaxation zone where you can stay in silence and alone with your body and spirit.

Animators day and evening entertain adults and children, so you do not have to be bored. They arrange mobile games, competitions, as well as interest in new sports.

The staff speaks four languages: Turkish, English, German and Russian. Therefore, misunderstanding is excluded. Any issue will be solved promptly and qualitatively.

Marina, 43 years old: “I enjoyed my holiday with my husband in Turkey for the first time, in general, everyone liked it. Particularly impressed by the incredible amount of fruit, as well as the beautiful patterns on them that were cut out by the chefs. Every day I admired the amazing views. Food around the clock is throughout the territory: if you do not have time to the main restaurant, there are bars, ala cards, cafes, where you can easily eat. There is free alcohol at the discotheques, the animators are cheerful.”


There are 17 places in the territory of Euphoria where you can eat, so it is simply impossible to get hungry. In the main restaurant you will enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner from the buffet. You will be captivated by the variety of international cuisine. There is a children’s and diet menu. Toddlers under the age of two are provided with a feeding chair, microwave and cooking blender.

In ala-cards, try exquisite french, Chinese, Mexican, Latin American, Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. In the fresh air, you will be prepared meat and vegetables grilled. The cafeterias serve quality tea and coffee with sweets and their own pastries.

Near the pools and the beach there are bars where alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are poured. There are even imported drinks. Don’t forget to take your child a free portion of ice cream and fruit. In the pastry, enjoy the original cakes and cookies, and in the snack bar snacks to beer.

In the hookah cafe of the green garden, smoke a hookah with different tastes to feel the national flavor of the country.

Eugene, 33 years old: “I found everything you need for a good holiday: great food, the purest sea, pools, delicious alcohol and interesting entertainment, even started a holiday romance. Of course, flaws can be found if you look for them. But the purpose of my journey was relaxation, who wanted what, he got it. I will not complain about the hotel, as the staff are polite, cleaning was carried out in a timely manner, and outdated TVs did not bother me, as there was no time to watch them.”


To the guests were not bored, in Theaia Tekirova a large list of entertainment. On the playground there are trampolines, swings, assault rifles and places for drawing, board games.

Adults can choose for themselves large or table tennis, mini golf, horse riding, diving, karaoke, canoeing, darts, windsurfing. Fishing enthusiasts can go on a fascinating journey by sea, where you can catch exotic species of fish.

Day and evening for you work Russian-speaking animators who will help to make the holiday memorable for a long time. Shows are held with guest artists, local and Russian popular stars.

If you like to relax with a book, in the library you will find literature for all tastes from fiction, to detective stories and love novels.

At the disco, visitors are pleased with modern hits performed by experienced DJs. That’s why you can do a lot of dancing here.

In any case, in the tourist complex, every visitor will find something to their liking.

Oksana, 23 years old: “I went on a weekend with friends and constantly expected something unpleasant, as it turned out, in vain. Everything was cool: dancing till the fall, free alcohol, delicious food, friendly staff. I had time to sunbathe beautifully, although I didn’t spend too much time on the beach, more near the pool. Children adults did not interfere with rest, as they were engaged animators in a separate territory. It is a shame that many people did not come to enjoy life, but to find some disadvantages, probably, such a mentality.”

Interesting features

At the Euphoria Hotel Tekirova, the conference rooms are conducive to successful conferences, seminars and business negotiations. Warn the administration in advance that the staff fully prepared the room for the reception of an important delegation.

  • Taurus is designed for 400 people. There is an exit to the banquet hall and the presidium.
  • “Ottoman” is designed for 50 visitors and is suitable for indoor events.

The business center offers a computer, printer, fax and a direct-line phone.

In support of the fact that tourists are appreciated here, provide compliments to regular visitors, on birthday and newlyweds. They include a greeting card and discounts on paid services, and newlyweds organize a romantic dinner.

Igor, 20 years old: “I came with my parents and sister, although I didn’t really want such a company. But in the end, we hardly saw each other. The kid was always busy, and in awe of it, mom and dad sunbathed on the beach while I enjoyed some delicious drinks at the pool bar. In the evening there was a decent disco with good music, quality sound and professional DJs. In general, there was no time to be bored, we will definitely return again.”

In general, Euphoria Tekirova deserves its five stars for its developed infrastructure, comfortable rooms, well-groomed green territory and excellent service. People of all ages will have a great weekend here.

You don’t believe me? Come and check!