Magic Reme Beach Hotel 4* Turkey, Alanya, Konakli — Reviews, features of the tourist complex

Rheme Beach Hotel 4, reviews of which confirm that the hotel really deserves four stars, gladly welcomes tourists in their native language. Here you will find a small well-kept area, quiet apartments and all-inclusive meals. The complex is positioned as a place for family and youth recreation, but the main thing during the stay is to stock up on positive, so as not to see minor shortcomings. Then your vacation will be held at a high level.

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Rem Beach Hotel is located on the beach in the small village of Konakli. It is 115 km from Antalya Airport and 10 km from the city of Alanya. The complex occupies 3980 m2, opened in 2000, but the restoration was carried out in 2005. The beach stretches for 70 meters.

Do you like outdoor activities and do not want to sit still?

Then go to explore the surroundings, especially since there is something to see.

  • HanZade Hamam Spa Center is a center with Turkish baths, salt rooms, swimming pools and menthol rooms in Konakli. Prepare for the fact that they want to earn money on you and do not be afraid to bargain in order to eventually be in the win. Visitors note the high level of honey and therapeutic massage. The downside is that there is no playroom and children can get bored.
  • Megamall AVM is one of the largest local shopping centers. Here you will find anything at reasonable prices. Pay attention to the copies of perfumes of famous brands, their cost is low, and the quality is high – a great souvenir for relatives.
  • Orient VIP Turkish Bath & Spa is designed for people who want to improve their health. Masseuses are Thai girls who know their job.
  • Ulusky Tandem Paragliding offers guests to make an unforgettable flight over Alanya on a towed parachute. There are also boat tours and water sports. You can’t shoot with your camera or phone. Video and photos of good quality cost $ 30.

Yana, 28 years old: “I was vacationing with a six-year-old, so cleanliness in the rooms and on the territory, food and entertainment are important to me. Overall, we were all satisfied. Placed us in a nice apartment overlooking the beach, however, a little in the evening it was noisy, but not critical. There was enough food, but it is clear that there were no lobsters and lobsters, we still did not remain hungry. I liked the unobtrusive animation, my son was always busy with something, still enthusiastically remembers song contests. “


In Rheme Beach Hotel you will find all the necessary conditions for a carefree comfortable stay.

What does the administration offer?

  • Guarded private parking with car rental;
  • paid dry cleaning and laundry (no iron);
  • shops with clothes, souvenirs and other everyday trifles;
  • safe at the reception;
  • medical care;
  • TV room;
  • currency exchange;
  • beauty salon;
  • equipment for sports;
  • Turkish bath and sauna;
  • gym;
  • private sand and pebble beach;
  • outdoor swimming pool with multi-level water slides and children’s compartment.

If you run your business and do not know where to hold important negotiations, order the services of a conference room. It holds 60 people. There is the necessary equipment for presentations, photocopier, fax. Staff will also take care of cleaning and drinks.

Connoisseurs of quiet and calm relaxation will like the choice of books in the local library. You can sit comfortably on the balcony and at the same time admire the sea view.

Sergey, 26 years old: “Basically, not bad for a four star hotel. My daughter liked the fact that ice cream was given every day in unlimited quantities. I liked alcoholic beverages, quite tolerable for Turkey, there is something to compare with, beer as everywhere. The sea is located close, but the approach is inconvenient: you can go down the stairs or dive from the bridge. I think you can come here for a change, but not more than once.”


Rem Beach Hotel consists of one six-storey complex,which has 85 cozy rooms of four types. You will find family single, double and triple apartments, as well as suites. All rooms are decorated in a modern style and have a balcony. In the rooms you will find such amenities:

  • refrigerator with mini-bar (filling with drinks is paid);
  • TV with satellite channels;
  • individual air conditioning;
  • telephone for communication with the staff;
  • hair dryer and shower accessories;
  • extra baby bed on request;
  • bathroom with shower.

If you need a safe to store personal valuables, please contact the reception. They provide this service for free. Pets are not allowed.

Room service is available around the clock at an additional cost. At any time, you can order food and drinks, as well as get answers to your questions and get a quick solution to problems.

Tatiana, 31 years old: “We came here because there was no other choice. It seems to me that the hotel is not up to 4 stars, because everything needs to be reconstructed: furniture, children’s swings. The food is modest, well suited for vegetarians, as fruits and vegetables were always in abundance. The water in the pool is colder than in the sea, so few people bathed in it, and on the beach there is an inconvenient entrance to the water. Animation for three, it is clear that they want to relax, not work. “


The staff is specially trained to fulfill all the wishes of the guest. You can contact the reception at any time of the day or night to improve your stay. Upon check-in, you will be greeted with a friendly smile and will be guided through the complex, acquainted with the rules and traditions of the hotel.

It should be noted the diligence of the waiters. They clean in a timely manner and monitor the condition of the dishes. If one of the dishes ends at the distribution, it is immediately replenished with a new one. The chef offers simple but exquisite dishes that you will not try in the usual local restaurants.

Pay attention to the fact that there is free Wi-Fi, but its speed is enough only for communication in social networks. If you want to upload a photo or watch your favorite TV series, you need to pay extra for a good speed.

The hairdresser employs experienced stylists who will help improve the image. Guests leave the complex sunbathed, rested and beautiful.

Christina, 22 years old: “Here you can bask in the sun near the sea. By the way, the food could be better: the choice is small, the taste is specific. Cleaning in the rooms also did not cause delight, somehow everything through the “I do not want” from the local maids, it was necessary to remind myself of myself. “


Rheme Beach Hotel 4 has a buffet restaurant and 3 bars with local and imported alcoholic beverages.

In the main building you will find five meals a day, including night soup. Therefore, you will definitely not remain hungry. Guests note that the menu could be more diverse, but quite edible. It serves meat (mainly chicken), occasionally fish, several types of salads, cold snacks, fruits, vegetables, sweets. The menu also includes dishes of international and Turkish cuisine, food for children. By the way, for babies there are high chairs for feeding.

Bartenders prepare delicious cocktails, decorating them no worse than in five-star complexes. There you can try fresh and original desserts. Every day for an hour near the pools children are given delicious ice cream from two balls.

Visitors who are already leaving, collect on the road a package with lunch, consisting of sandwiches.

Svetlana, 33 years old: “With us there were a lot of disgruntled holidaymakers, which surprised us a lot, it seems that people were going to look for the disadvantages of the hotel, and not enjoy the long-awaited weekend. My two kids and I had a great time: in the morning for breakfast, then the beach, lunch, sleep, games, dancing, songs, ice cream. From food is not delighted, but not in horror, everything is decent, but a little boring and monotonous. I saw that young people who came without children were bored, they were saved by drinking in a bar and discos in Alanya. By the way, when leaving, do not rely on lunch boxing, it is very modest, prepare your own food on the road. “


If you are in doubt about the choice of hotel because of entertainment, let’s look at the activities that the administration of Rem Beach Hoteloffers us. Animators work here, who constantly offer guests to participate in competitions and sports competitions. You can play table tennis, darts and volleyball for free. For an additional fee, visit the billiard room, go diving, surfing and other water activities.

In the evening, there is a disco for adults. Drinks can be enjoyed at the bar next to the dance floor. For a change, you can go for $ 15 to the Club Analia.

For children there is a swimming pool with slides, a playground and a mini club. Therefore, if your child is already 4 years old, you can not worry about his leisure. Here, the child is offered educational classes, games, competitions and participation in sports events. There are safe swings.

For complete relaxation, go to the massage room. There, professional craftsmen offer several types of manipulations, including healing and relaxing. But if you do not want to pay extra for the service, go to the sauna or hammam for free.

Julia, 25 years old: “Big plus the sea and nature, everything else was a little upset. Of course, I understood that I was not going to five stars, but I still expected more from Turkey. I did not like the food, because it was simply not tasty and monotonous, the fruits are not the first freshness. The animation is also weak, as in the evening there was no entertainment program except competitions and music for dancing. In general, who loves alcohol, they were able to have fun, the rest of us have nothing to do here. “

Interesting features

In the hotel, 80% of the guests are Europeans, mostly Germans. Often pensioners and couples rest more actively here. Visitors among the advantages note the cozy atmosphere and efforts of the staff. The owner of the complex is always on the territory, so you can tell him about your wishes to improve the service personally.

Among the shortcomings should be noted inconvenient entry into the sea. There are difficulties during swimming with young children and children who do not know how to swim. If desired, you can go to the beach in the neighboring hotel, there is a gentle entrance. Also, discontent arises because of the cool water in the pools.

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Evgeny, 28 years old: “Rested with his wife and children, in principle, not bad, but the second time we will not come here. My daughter and son had fun on their own, as the animators did not have time (or desire) for them. There were slides in the pools, but during the week of our stay they did not work once, you can go to the sea only near the rocks, and so you need to jump from the pier immediately to the depth. The food was too monotonous, I could not look at chicken and soy meat. But the room is clean, cozy and in working condition.”

As we can see, Rheme Beach Hotel 4 has both advantages and disadvantages. However, here you can have a good rest for a small price. If you want to soak up the sun and taste the local Turkish cuisine, then this place is for you. For children, animation works, offering various games and competitions, so your child will be satisfied. In general, come and see everything for yourself!