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Modern three-star hotel “Lermont” is located in the heart of Gelendzhik, so it is very popular among vacationers. It is here that guests can feel a high level of comfort, sincere hospitality and quality of living. It offers a huge selection of rooms,first-class food, private parking and all this just a few meters from the Black Sea coast.

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Location and description

Hotel “Lermont” has been welcoming its guests since 2017 It is located in the heart of the resort life of Gelendzhik. Literally 70 meters from it is the main sandy beach of the city. All tourist infrastructure is within walking distance. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to the waterfront. Near Plantova Alley, Pervomaisky Square, city administration, market square, McDonald’s, shopping center, numerous shops, cafes and restaurants, the central square. There is also a public transport stop in a few minutes. Gelendzhik Airport is a 10-mete-high drive from the accommodation.

The exterior and interior of the hotel “Lermont” is designed in a single modern style. All rooms are located in a three-storey building, in front of which there is a guarded parking. The hotel is open all year round.

Note! Upon prior request, guests can enjoy a free shuttle service to and from the bus station or Gelendzhik airport.

Room stock

Rooms of the hotel “Lermont” are designed for simultaneous accommodation of 50 guests. All of them are made in a classic style and fully correspond to the level of the hotel. The design of each guest room is thought out so much to the smallest detail that even with a long stay, guests will feel real home comfort.

The interior design of the rooms used only light shades, which are perfectly combined with modern furniture and create a relaxing atmosphere. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, small refrigerators, telephones, safes and TVs. A separate bathroom includes a full set of toiletries, hairdryer, bathrobes.

Depending on the personal preferences of vacationers, the hotel “Lermont” provides the following categories of rooms for accommodation:

  • Standard single room;
  • Standard double room with balcony;
  • Junior Suite with balcony;
  • Superior double room with 1 bed and balcony;
  • Family Studio;
  • Family room with balcony;
  • Spacious double room with 1 bed on the 1st floor.

All rooms are spacious. Their area varies from 25 to 55 square meters. Some have balconies with mountain views.

Importantly! The hotel allows children from 0. Children under 4 years old stay free of charge when using existing beds.

Olga, 29 years old, Moscow: The hotel had a family with two children. Booked a family studio. The conditions, to be honest, exceeded expectations. The room is large, consists of two rooms, there is plenty of space. I was pleased with the perfect cleanliness on arrival. During the stay, cleaning was done regularly, thanks to the maids. The bathroom is also spacious, provided a full set of toiletries. Towels are snow-white. There are bathrobes. Separately, I would like to note the breakfasts. First, it is very tasty to cook. Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of dishes. Another plus for us is the location. The sea is within walking distance. The beach is good. Near a lot of catering establishments, there are even McDonald’s, KFS. On foot you can walk to the dolphinarium. The territory of the hotel is small, but there is a parking space. Thank you for a great stay. We’ll come to you again.

Note! The hotel offers family rooms for families with children, but does not provide any additional services for the organization of children’s leisure.

Meals and restaurants

When staying at the hotel “Lermont” in the price of absolutely each room includes breakfast. It is served in the dining room on the principle of “buffet”. Employees take care of each of their guests, so they always offer a wide selection of dishes, which is updated daily. For breakfast, guests are offered several types of pancakes, cheesecakes, porridge, omelets, sausages, cheese sausage, cereals, vegetables, potatoes, pasta, salads, baked sandwiches and this is not the whole list. Absolutely all dishes are prepared from fresh and high-quality products, which will give a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day.

Importantly! The hotel’s dining room is open for breakfast only. The rest of the time you need to organize meals yourself.

Leisure and entertainment

Gelendzhik is not only a beach holiday, but also a lot of other interesting activities. While relaxing at the resort, rent a bicycle or scooter and ride along its promenade. The embankment is one of the most visited places. Its length is 14 km, of which 8 km is the pedestrian part. Along the embankment there is a huge number of entertainment venues, bars, cafes, restaurants, fountains and various sculptures.

Those who want to see the bay of Gelendzhik from a bird’s eye view, must climb the Markotsky ridge. This can be done by cable car, quad bike or on foot. At the top there are various attractions, entertainment, there is a café.

For those who are tired of a beach holiday, water parks open their doors. In Gelendzhik there are several of them – Golden Bay, Dolphin, Behemoth. In addition, the resort has a dolphinarium and an oceanarium.

In Gelendzhik there is an amusement park “Olympus”. It consists of two parts, connected by a cable car. At the bottom is a petting zoo and a farm with crocodiles. In the upper – there are attractions, including a Ferris wheel, an observation deck is equipped.

Other activities of the resort include numerous water attractions, walks on sea yachts and boats. In the evening, bars and cafes begin to work, music is heard from all sides. You can have a delicious dinner, and dance from the heart.

Beaches & Pools

The nearest beach in relation to the hotel “Lermont” is central. Its length is almost one and a half kilometers, the width varies from 3 to 80 meters. Admission is free. The shore is covered with sand, only on the outskirts there are pebbles. In the middle of the beach there is a marine station with piers, from where you can go for a walk along the Black Sea.

The beach is quite clean, it is cleaned daily. In high season, there are always a lot of tourists here. The infrastructure is well developed. They rent out sun loungers, there are toilets and showers, changing rooms. Along the coast there are cafes, bars, shops. There are sports grounds for beach volleyball. On the Central beach it is convenient to relax with children. It is shallow, the entrance to the water is gentle, the depth increases gradually. Along the beach is the famous promenade of the city, it is considered one of the most beautiful on the Black Sea coast.

But the beaches of Gelendzhik do not end there. There are more than 10 of them in the city, there are paid ones, there are free ones. From such a variety, everyone will be able to choose exactly the part of the coastline that will most like it. Consider the most popular beaches of the resort:

  • Dolphin – bordering the Central Beach, covered with coarse sand. Admission is free. The infrastructure is well developed, rescuers are working. There are several paid parking lots nearby;
  • Sport – also bordered by Central Beach. The shore is sandy. The lack of beach is the proximity of the pier, which is why the water here is muddy. But this does not affect the number of vacationers;
  • The beach of the sanatorium “Caucasus” is covered with small pebbles. Equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Admission is free. Sun loungers for guests of the sanatorium are provided free of charge, the rest can rent them. The coastline is clean and well maintained;
  • The beach of the sanatorium “Blue Wave” is located a little away from Gelendzhik, which makes it an ideal place for a more relaxing holiday. Its length is about 300 m, width – does not exceed 20 m. The shore is covered with pebbles. The entrance to the water is gentle, without a sharp drop in depth. The infrastructure is well developed, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay. There are water attractions;
  • Builder – located on the border with the “Blue Wave”. Its advantage is the sandy bottom, so it is well suited for families with children. Nearby there is a water park. All the necessary tourist infrastructure is developed;
  • Sandy bottom – covered with pebbles mixed with sand. Some places have wooden decks. The depth increases gradually, at the bottom of the sand. Visit the beach is only in calm weather, during strong waves the water reaches almost to the embankment;
  • The Cote d’Azur is a beach that belongs to the boarding house, but everyone can visit it for free. It is located in the center, all the tourist infrastructure is within walking distance.

Other free beaches include “Sun”, “Edelweiss”, “Lomonosova”, “Sunny”.

Attention! There are no swimming pools on the territory of the Lermont Hotel.

Veronica, 22 years old, Rostov-on-Don: We have been resting in the hotel for two years in a row. I like everything. It is safe to say that this is a hotel with European standards. Excellent professional staff. Employees are always polite, greet with a smile, interested in how the rest goes. The room is very clean, every three days change bed linen. Daily replenish stocks of shower gel, shampoos, drinking water. It feels like you’re being treated like a welcome guest. Provide bathrobes, slippers. Very tasty breakfasts, this is not found in every hotel. Every day they add some new dishes. Another big plus is the availability of parking. It is small, but there was enough space.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Gelendzhik is one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast, so there should be no problems with organizing your leisure time. There are a lot of interesting places in the city and its surroundings, many of which can be visited even with children:

  1. Dolmens are unique structures of ancient times, created by human hands. In the area of Gelendzhik, there are about 120 such buildings, scientists estimate their age at 5 thousand years. You can visit historical monuments both independently and as part of an excursion group.
  2. Safari Park – covers an area of 160 hectares. It is inhabited by animals that have faced cruel treatment by humans. The park is home to leopard, cougar, wild boars, lions, bears, tigers, etc. Their living conditions are as close as possible to natural. The lower part of the park with the upper one is connected by a cable car. At an altitude of 640 meters, an observation deck was equipped.
  3. Waterfalls on the river Janet is one of the most popular routes. It is best to visit in the spring, when the snow melts. Then the water flows reach their maximum.
  4. Gallery “White Horse” is a unique place, as here all the exhibits are created from waste. But at the same time, they not only look beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but are also filled with deep spiritual meaning.

If you have walked around Gelendzhik from the heart, you can visit interesting places located nearby: the old park in Kabardinka, Dzhankhotsky forest of Pitsunda pine, Juniper grove in Kabardinka, Mount Big Afips, Guam Gorge, Pshad waterfalls, Gebius waterfalls.

Hotel “Lermont” in Gelendzhik is rightfully among the best. It is really conveniently located, so that from it in a matter of minutes you can get to the beach and to the most interesting places of the city.


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