KSKK AquaLoo Sochi

Sun, beach, sea – the three main components of a good health holiday regardless of the time of year. For the completeness of good impressions, guests of the resort far from beach romance prefer to add good accommodation in the room stock, full meals, treatment, necessarily an entertainment program.

Such a holiday becomes truly healing not only for the body, but also for the soul.

AquaLoo KSKK is a cozy complexthat combines all the components of a good holiday. It attracts attention with its transport accessibility and pricing policy. Here you can spend unforgettable time with the whole family.
The sanatorium is located among sprawling palm trees on the very shore of the warm hospitable Black Sea.


Family sanatorium AquaLoo is located on the edge of the coastal village of Loo, which belongs to the territory of the resort of Greater Sochi.

In order to get here, you do not need to loop many hours along the mountain serpentine. This will be a special advantage for families with children, the elderly, who prefer a personal car for travel.
For guests who prefer air or rail connections, there is a shuttle service.

AquaLoo welcomes guests all year round. For those who, instead of the summer heat, like walks on the beach and a light sea breeze, there is a year-round spa complex, an indoor pool.

The format of rest here is not only family. It will be comfortable for parents with children, elderly people who have decided to improve their health. Also in the sanatorium will appeal to couples in love who have planned a romantic trip away from the hustle and bustle.

For children there is a children’s water park, a leisure room, a sports club. On the territory there is also a bowling club, an entertainment complex, a bathhouse, a sauna, a spa complex. Thanks to the abundance of services, everyone will find something to their liking and will be able to spend time with benefit.

Vladimir, Moscow.
In July 2019, my wife and I rested in this wonderful sanatorium. Pleased with the clean white beach, the availability of rental water catamarans. A sunbed could always be found if they went to sunbathe immediately after breakfast. There is a lot of space on the beach. We went to the water park only once for the sake of good photos. Had a great time, restored health, breathed fresh air. The food is good. My wife was a little capricious that local wines were not served for dinner, and champagne for breakfast, but I easily reimbursed this in a nearby restaurant. There is a free guarded parking lot where we left the car for all 14 days of rest and did not worry about it.

Beach holidays

Pension AquaLoo has its own two hundred and fifty meter beach, which is located near the main medical and health building.

For passage to the sea line there are two entrances, as well as an elevator.

The sandy “white beach” smoothly turns into small pebbles at sea level, which creates comfortable conditions for sunbathing and sea baths. It is recognized as one of the most favorable, clean, environmentally friendly and snow-white beaches on the entire coast. The wide coastline allows you to accommodate a large number of guests.

The seabed is flat, without large differences in depth, so that the sea water warms up evenly. The entire beach line of the boarding house is landscaped. It offers comfortable benches for rest, drinking fountains, slides, attractions for children, sports grounds for those who are older.

Tired of the sun, guests can sit on the cozy veranda of the café and restaurant, where the adoption of air baths continues without too much fuss. They will be offered a barbecue menu or a wide selection of pizzas from the chef, cocktail, wine and dessert list.

In the evening, the sunset on the beach can be found to the music of the karaoke bar VIP “Art Voyage”, which is located near the seashore. From the windows of the sanatorium offers a beautiful view of the sea beauty of Greater Sochi. For lovers of outdoor activities there is a rental of scooters, boats, catamarans, diving equipment, surfing equipment.

Complex of swimming pools

Separately, it is worth noting the water rest. Indoor complex of thermal pools with different general mineralization of Baden-Baden, Karlovy Vary, dead sea will be an excellent addition to any wellness program.

On the territory there is one of the largest water parks of the Black Sea coast, which attracts a large number of guests of the resort every year. Modern equipment and water purification system will make the rest comfortable and safe. The complex includes 11 extreme slides, the longest of which reaches 150 meters.

All water activities of the water park are focused on different age categories.

For children there is a water town, mini-waterfalls and pools with a depth of up to 60 cm.

The park belongs to the year-round entertainment of the sanatorium. He is the only one on the entire coast who works in this format. Free Wi-Fi access is available in all areas.

Alexander Dmitrievich, Novgorod.
I was resting on a social voucher. I liked everything. The girls are polite, courteous. Medicine here is good, everyone will ask, help, tell. After a course of massage and baths I felt better.
Most of all I liked the green and well-groomed area. Everything is green, despite the month of February. Often made a walk along the shore, breathed the sea air.
The food is good. Those who complained that they were not given peaches in February and recorded a video about it, I will say right away. Peaches should be eaten local in July.
I loved it. I would like to come back in a year and relax as well.


On the basis of KSKK AquaLoo, various procedures are performed aimed at promoting health, treatment, as well as the prevention of various diseases.

Medical profile of the sanatorium:

  • nervous system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • digestion;
  • endocrinology.
  • female or male genitourinary system.

Several treatment programs have been developed, which are recommended after diagnosis and consultation of specialists.

Among the procedures, the most popular include massage, herbal medicine, balneological, hydrothermal procedures, mud therapy. For guests with problems of the digestive system, an indispensable procedure will be a visit to the drinking pump room, where table and mineral waters are presented.

With the help of specially designed programs, it is possible to restore the functioning of some important body systems in 14 days, to prevent diseases of the ENT organs, to restore immunity and the nervous system.

A lot contributes to the overall improvement of body systems and the surrounding nature and landscape. The air of the mountainous area in combination with the phytoncides of the relict forest works wonders and affects the body in an exceptionally positive way.

Room stock

Comfortable rooms of the dormitories of the sanatorium have everything you need during your vacation. Their simple layout and high-quality repair of interiors will allow you to relax your soul and hide from the summer heat.

On the territory there are nine dormitories, which differ in the number of rooms, their location and area. From the windows of the rooms offers a breathtaking sea panorama, and the air has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and heals it.

In the building “Crystal” there are 14 apartments ranging from 100 to 150 sq m.
In the building “Azure” 9 floors and two hundred and fifty-four rooms ranging from 27 to 40 sq.m. “Amber” has 7 floors. It has one hundred and seventy rooms ranging from 17 to 40 sq.m. In “Pearl” the same number of floors and rooms.

The area varies from 37 to 51 sq.m. The building “Azure” has nine floors, and the total capacity of two hundred and fifty-four rooms.

“Paradise” has eight floors with rooms one hundred and sixty-eight rooms ranging from 37 to 64 sq m. In the “Emerald” 3 floors and 70 rooms.

“Marine” is 4 floors and 64 rooms.

Separately located 600 meters from the common complex building “Ocean”, which has 16 floors and 263 rooms.

Also accommodation is possible in the rooms of detached houses “Sea coolness”.


The size of the room is 18 sq. m. It is designed in calm beige tones. It offers two single beds or one double, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, a minimum set of dishes. Some rooms have a balcony.

In the bathroom or shower room a set of toiletries and towels for each. Possibility to install extra space – euro clamshell.

Standard (House Sea Coolness)

Comfortable room located in wooden houses with a kitchen.

The area of 20 sq. m. The room is two single beds, a mini-refrigerator, a set of dishes, an electric stove, a kettle. In the shower room hygiene supplies and towels for each guest.

Possibility to install extra space – euro clamshell.

Standard comfort

The size of the room is 28 sq. m. The room consists of two rooms – a bedroom and a rest room. The bedroom has two single or one double bed, TV, telephone. In the rest room a set of upholstered furniture, refrigerator, air conditioning, a set of dishes. All rooms without balconies. The shower room is equipped with a bath or shower. For each guest a set of hygiene supplies and towels. Additional accommodation on a sofa bed is possible.

Standard comfort plus

The size of the room is 35 sq. m. The equipment of the room is the same as in the two-room standard comfort. The size of the room is increased.

Pc Standard

The room is decorated in pastel colors. Area 30-35 sq. m.

For guests in the room two single or one double bed, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, telephone, set of dishes. There are rooms with a balcony.
A bath or shower is possible in the shower room. For each guest a set of hygiene supplies and towels. Additional accommodation on a sofa bed.


Cozy and comfortable room in white tones. The size of the room is 40 sq. m. It consists of a bedroom and a rest room. In the bedroom there is a double bed or two single beds, telephone, dressing table, chair. In the lounge TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, set of dishes. This room does not have a balcony.

A bath or shower is possible in the shower room. For each guest a set of hygiene supplies, towels, bathrobes and slippers.

LUX plus

Superior three-room suite with an area of 64 sq. m. It has two bedrooms and a recreation room. One bedroom has a double bed, the other has two single beds. The lounge is equipped with a set of upholstered furniture, table, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, a set of dishes. This room has 2 balconies.

A bath or shower is possible in the shower room. For each guest a set of hygiene supplies, towels, bathrobes and slippers. There’s a hair dryer.


The spacious rooms of the apartment are designed for families with children or guests with high requirements for accommodation. Room size from 100 to 150 sq. m.
It has two comfortable bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen area. A microwave oven, an electric kettle, a refrigerator and an iron are added to the standard set of furniture and accessories. Rooms without balconies.

The room has two separate sanitary rooms with bath and shower. It offers hygienic accessories, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer.

Extra accommodation is possible on the sofa or beds in the second bedroom.

Separately, you can select the numbers of the building “Ocean”. In the categories for accommodation 1 room standards, quadruple rooms, as well as junior suites – one rooms with an additional sofa.

Mariana, Krasnodar.
Rest in Sochi is not the first year. I prefer to drive my car. The sanatorium is located almost at the entrance to Sochi. I chose it for a long time. I re-read almost all the reviews. I didn’t lose. I was satisfied. There is a very good spa here. Clean well maintained beach. I was able to really take a break from work.
Loved the saltwater pools. When it was rainy outside, there were mostly splashing children, but in the heat I swam there calmly, then went for massages, procedures. After the rest, a friend noted that I was 5 years younger.


Meals are included in the price. It is carried out according to the buffet system on the basis of several restaurant complexes located in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings. Intermediate meals are provided on the second floor of the water park complex.

The diet of each guest is rich in the presence of fish, meat dishes, a large assortment of fruits and vegetables, drinks, desserts.

Meals three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner.

You can have a snack or spend a romantic evening in the à la carte restaurants.

AquaLoo offers:

restaurant “Azure” with a variety of dishes from the chef, rich wine list;

lobby bar, where you can choose not only alcoholic beverages, but also fragrant tea, coffee and desserts;

white beach café, located near the sea line;

pizzeria, which will especially appeal to young guests.


To spend time with benefit for the body and soul can all without exception guests of the sanatorium thanks to a well-developed infrastructure.

Restaurants, bars, karaoke club are open for them. You can use the services of a medical or spa center.

On the territory there is a bowling alley, parking, game rooms.

An animation program is held daily for guests. Competitions in Russian billiards or American pool are held.

Corporate clients are provided with a business menu, conference rooms, services for organizing events.

AquaLoo complex, which is located in a picturesque corner of the Krasnodar Territory on the Black Sea coast. Here you can not only relax, but also have fun, leaving a lot of memorable photos as a memory.

Alina Abramova

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