Sanatorium Krasnaya Talka

Health resort Krasnaya Talka is located in Gelendzhik,near the Black Sea coast. The medical base of the complex allows guests to improve their health, undergo a number of cosmetic procedures or simply relax under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. The convenient location of the sanatorium allows you to walk along the central embankment, visit cafes and restaurants, swim in the sea or sunbathe on the city beach. In the complex itself, 5 meals a day are organized for guests according to the buffet system.

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The sanatorium is located on the central embankment of Gelendzhik, two kilometers from the city center. To get to the complex closer from the airport, if necessary, a shuttle service is organized for guests. The railway station is much further, 37 kilometers from the sanatorium. Nearby there are attractions: a resort park 5 kilometers away, the central embankment and the city one 50 meters from the first buildings, a little further from the rest of the residential buildings.


Sanatorium“Krasnaya Talka”took care of everything that a guest may need on vacation. On the territory of the health complex there is everything you need. If the guest arrived ahead of the check-in time or has already handed over the keys, and before departure there is time for a leisurely walk, luggage can be left in the luggage room. The sanatorium has a payment terminal and an ATM, so you do not need to go to the city for cash. In addition, there are air and railway ticket offices on the territory.

For those traveling by private car there is a guarded parking lot.

To services of having a rest in sanatorium library, hairdresser, massage and cosmetology offices, shops where you can buy useful things, including beach accessories. The tour desk of the sanatorium is open all year round.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Sanatorium “Krasnaya Talka” is famous for its own pump room on the territory. The use of healing water of the source in combination with sea air mixed with phytoncides of Pitsunda pines and mountain oxygen, removes toxins and toxins from the body, renews the cellular structure and cleanses the blood.The medical center of the sanatorium offers treatment programs for diseases:

  • heart and blood vessels;
  • joints;
  • upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • genitourinary system.

Separate programs are aimed at improving the health of children from 4 years old and pregnant women.

Treatment programs are designed for 10 days or more.

Health and cosmetology programs include a visit to the speleocamera, a special room where the walls are covered with blocks of stone-salt and potassium layers with minerals (halite, sylvin, carnallite). Speleochamber helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the respiratory system.
In addition to the salt room in the sanatorium there is a SPA complex, which includes a Charcot shower, healing baths, wraps and other water procedures, an herbal bath, a massage room, and cosmetologists’ services.


On the landscaped territory of the sanatorium there are:

Indoor 25-meter swimming pool, divided into swimming paths, children’s area and SPA sector. The depth is different everywhere: the children’s zone is from 0.9 to 1.3 meters, the adult – up to 1.7 meters. Sea water, purified from foreign impurities according to the latest technology and heated to a comfortable temperature. The influx of fresh healing air is organized by a modern air conditioning system. Guests of the sanatorium use the pool free of charge for one hour.

The outdoor pool next to the second building has a depth of 1.7 meters. For families with children in the pool there is a shallow children’s section, as well as a hydromassage and heating area. Next to the pool there is an electronic scoreboard with up-to-date data on the temperature of water and air.

A similar outdoor heated pool is located on the second coastline between buildings 3 and 7. Outdoor pools are open during the holiday season, closing for the winter.

Children’s outdoor pool with heating and water attractions is located on the first coastline, next to the game room “Neposedy”. The depth of the pool is small, 0.9 meters, but it is strictly forbidden to leave children unattended in it.


Sanatorium “Red Talka” owns a coastal area with a length of 210 meters. Since the shore is dotted with pebbles, for the convenience of guests there are wooden bridges and a sandy area for children’s games.

On the beach there is all the necessary infrastructure:

  • sun loungers;
  • air mattresses for swimming;
  • umbrellas;
  • changing booths;
  • toilets;
  • zone with a canopy (shadow);
  • rescue and medical service;
  • landscaped entrance to the sea;
  • summer shower (with beach towels);
  • bungalow for 4 people;
  • café-bar;
  • table tennis tables;
  • children’s and adult animation.

Room stock

The sanatorium is located in six modern buildings:

the first and main nine-storey building, from which a covered heated passage leads to the medical center; there is a restaurant “Krasnaya Talka” and a lobby bar;
the second building consists of four floors, surrounded by swimming pools and playgrounds;

the third four-storey building with an elevator on the second coastline with the restaurant “Krasnaya Talka-2”;

4 and 7 buildings of three floors on the second coastline next to the third building.
new five-storey building No. 8 on the second coastline 350 meters from the seashore;

“Riviera” is a new three-storey building located on the central embankment. All rooms of the building are equipped with balconies, which offer a picturesque view of the mountains, the sea or the alley of Pitsunda relict pines. From the building “Riviera” to the sea is only 50 meters.

“Z” – Zet building consists of four floors, on which there are 12 standard rooms. Not far from the building lies the embankment of the Gelendzhik Bay, to the sea shore – 50 meters.

First coastline numbers

Standard double – one room with balcony is designed for two guests. The room has a choice of a double bed or two separate beds. Also the room is equipped with TV, refrigerator, split system. Location in buildings 1.2 and the Riviera.

Family double – two-room suite for a married couple with the possibility of placing a child on an extra bed. Case – 1.
Standard Comfortable – one-room comfortable room with balcony, air conditioning and TV. It is located in the building “Riviera”.

Family Riviera – two-room suite for a family with a balcony, split system, comfortable bathroom and everything you need.
Suite – a room of two rooms with a balcony, a large bed, a corner bath, ventilation and air conditioning and everything that guests may need on vacation. Building “Riviera”.

Standard Superior and Deluxe – double room of one room and balcony, equipped with a large French bed, bathroom with branded cosmetics, autonomous air conditioning, equipped with a mini-bar.

Suite double (Elegant) – studio with a large French bed and a living area, dressing room, bathroom with branded cosmetics.

Numbers of the second coastline

Apartments in buildings, which are located 350-400 meters from the seashore include new comfortable furniture, air conditioning, bathrooms with showers, TVs, refrigerators. Each room has a balcony, which offers a charming view of the park of the sanatorium, the mountains and the sea.

Standard double – 1 room
Family Double – 2 rooms
Classic double – 1 room


For vacationers organized five meals a day on the system “Buffet”. There are also restaurants, bars and canteens on site and off site. For guests sightseeing or walking around the city there are canteens in Gelendzhik, the menu is replete with a variety of dishes of European, Russian, Ukrainian and other cuisines.
Also organized meals on the beach, evening bar in the building and phyto-bar with decoctions of medicinal herbs of the Krasnodar Territory.


In the sanatorium “Krasnaya Talka” considerable attention is paid not only to recovery, but also to the rest of guests. We often stay with families with children of all ages, so in the arsenal of the sanatorium the best leisure activities, playgrounds and animation. But leisure is needed not only for children, for adults we also have a lot of interesting things.


Adults can keep fit by playing sports on the equipped football, basketball, volleyball courts, swimming pools and spa center. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a rental of sports and beach equipment.

For mothers and babies

The youngest guests, together with their parents, can visit the games room, equipped with modern toys, a dry pool with balls and a TV room for kids.

Water procedures for children from one year to 4 years are provided in the children’s and family pools, where there is a children’s town with attractions and slides. And after the water, you can take a walk on the playground or play in the sandbox.

For children and adolescents

The climate of Gelendzhik is favorable, with many sunny days. But if there was bad weather, children can come to the game room “Fidgets”. Experienced teachers and educators organize children’s leisure activities if parents need to do urgent matters or go to procedures. The playroom looks like a preschool group, familiar to all of us from childhood. Toys, dolls, designers, pyramids, funny books and board games will captivate young guests for a long time. For creative personalities, song events are held in the karaoke room and materials for drawing are provided.

Not far from the building there was a whole fairy-tale town with an outdoor swimming pool – a ship, a water park with water slides, a sports ground, cars for children and a playground.

Animators invite children and parents to the beach, where they hold exciting interactives and competitions.

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Guest Reviews

Konstantin, Moscow

The sanatorium is a place where I was able to breathe freely and easily. I was in March because I’m asthmatic and allergic. In the city, everything blooms, dust rises and I can hardly breathe. In Talka, not only did he breathe fully, but he also underwent a treatment program. Charged with positivity and health for the whole year. During his three weeks in Talka, he recovered by 4 kilograms. The food is very good, the choice of dishes is just wonderful. I got the room with a view of the sea, every evening I admired the beautiful sunset. I will come to my beloved Gelendzhik, where I have been going for 20 years in a row.

Stanislav and Alena

Sent parents in the velvet season, they have an anniversary of marriage – 30 years, a round date, decided to throw off with his sister and give a 14-day ticket. Returned rested, beautiful. They say everything went perfectly and want to come to the Red Talka again. Thanks to the staff of the sanatorium for their attention to the elderly!

Alina Abramova

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