Korona Hotel, Evpatoria, Crimea

The sunny resort town annually receives thousands of tourists, and if you want to spend time safely and comfortably, come to the hotel “Crown”. It is located in the city center within walking distance from the blooming Central Park and the azure sea, in a cozy and quiet place.

Evpatoria is a western Crimean resort, primarily known for special medical sanatoriums and health resorts. Of course, people come here not only to be treated, but also to enjoy the perfect beach holiday. Mineral springs, healing mud and clean air – this is what gives health to every tourist of Evpatoria. In addition, the city is so ancient that for all the time of its existence, and this is almost 2500 years, a huge number of historical sights have been formed and preserved, they can and should also be examined. In short, a vacation in Evpatoria is interesting, beautiful and useful!

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Location and rooms

Private hotel “Crown” was built in 2002 on the main street of the resort Evpatoria, from the airport you can get here by taxi in an hour or order a transfer service at the hotel. Your daily journey to the sea and the beach will run through a picturesque park area, which also has many bars, cafes and attractions. The central embankment of Evpatoria is very close, and every evening hundreds of vacationers come here.

The hotel has one main building of 4 floors with an elevator and accommodates about 80 rooms of different categories: standards, junior suites and family three-room. Guests can choose any type of accommodation, according to their wishes, all rooms are fully equipped for a comfortable stay, many offer views of the sea. Friendly and well-trained staff are always happy to come to the rescue and organize your perfect family holiday. Children under 3 years old are provided with a comfortable crib at home.

Rooms of all comfort categories are equipped with air conditioning, TV and refrigerator, in the bathroom – sink and shower, as well as all necessary accessories.

The entire territory of the hotel is equipped with a confident Wi-Fi signal, and you will always be in touch with loved ones.

Special attention should be paid to the following types of rooms for family accommodation, they are in the greatest demand when booking:

  • Junior Suite with kitchen, consists of 2 bedrooms and hotel kitchen. From the furniture there is a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a bedside table for shoes, a full kitchen set, a sofa, a table with chairs, a refrigerator. The room has 2 bedrooms for 4 – 6 people and a balcony with furniture.
  • Family three-room suite, located on the 4th floor. There is a separate living room with a sofa (separate bed), sideboard, coffee table, chest of drawers, TV and refrigerator. Both bedrooms (with a capacity of up to 6 people in the main and extra beds) are equipped with air conditioning, wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables. The room has 2 bathrooms, one of them – with a shower.

There are only two such large and cozy rooms in the hotel, hurry to book if you wish.

  • The quadruple standard is also in demand, especially for a group of friends. There is a balcony or loggia.

Julia, Rostov the Great “Rest with friends in the Crimea almost every year, in Evpatoria visited for the first time, and the impressions of the hotel are the best. First, the room was chosen for the whole company inexpensive, but very cozy. All day we were at sea or traveled around the Crimea, so we came only to spend the night, but in this case it is also important that I want to return. Great view from the balcony, you can sit on it in the evening with a glass of wine. The staff is attentive, clean well and listen to the wishes of the guests. Everything is very nice and nice”


At the height of the holiday season, all guests staying at the hotel eat 3 times in the buffet system, this is included in the price. In the “low season (october to May) only breakfast is included in the accommodation, and lunches and dinners can be ordered à la carte in a local café – restaurant.

Adults can rent gazebos and barbecue for self-cooking kebabs and gatherings in the fresh air, so you can diversify your vacation, including.

When you come to the sea, you often do not want to cook yourself, and there are a lot of various cafes, bars and restaurants in the city. Even at the height of the tourist season, you can find decent places where they feed inexpensively and tasty, get acquainted with the local cuisine.

The hotel is located on one of the main streets, and the food infrastructure here is well developed. Do you doubt which institution to visit? Ask the hotel staff for advice, they will definitely prompt great places in the city or the most delicious dishes of the hotel café.

Oleg, Moscow “I would like to say separately about the food in the hotel “Crown”. When we arrived on vacation, we were sure that we would take only breakfasts, and during the day we would have a snack in the city and on the beach. Often it was, but when they saw what interesting and delicious dishes were offered in a local restaurant for dinners, and unwittingly stayed, they did the right thing. All the products are fresh, and the chef always tried to please and surprise. In general, the southern hospitable, everything was very nice. We recommend to all friends and not only”

Additional services

Hotel “Korona” is pleased to offer a rich and complete rest and quality service. Both adults and children like it here, no one is bored! Staff organise a daily entertainment programme that can include tournaments for all ages, competitions, board and active games. In the evening, all guests will have a disco. If you do not plan to spend all your time on the beach, then the hotel has something to do:

  • two outdoor swimming pools for adults and children with umbrellas and sun loungers, next to it there is a bar with snacks and drinks;
  • playground for kids and a playroom for older children;
  • darts and table tennis;
  • Russian bath;
  • gazebos and barbecues for outdoor recreation.

The territory is guarded, which is important for recreation with children, they can also be entrusted to professional animators, while parents devote time to themselves, at least a little.

Accommodation in the hotel “Korona” can also be combined with professional treatment, first of all, ENT organs, both in adults and in children. Here the reception is a well-known doctor of the highest category Tkach Yuri Nikolaevich. For his many years of experience he has patented more than 25 of his professional techniques and inventions in 5 countries of the world. Back in Soviet times, he received a medal for the restoration of hearing with the help of embryonic transplants. His merits can be listed for a long time, but now it is a great success that such a professional conducts receptions on the territory of the hotel “Crown” in Evpatoria.


Hotel “Korona” owns a dedicated area on the public beach of Evpatoria. It is sandy, in a safe gentle entry into the sea. Sun loungers are available at an additional cost, and all other equipment is included in the price: changing cabins, canopies, toilet, rescue and medical posts.

Spending a vacation at such a famous resort as Evpatoria, it is impossible not to take the opportunity and not to visit the unique natural and historical sights of which there is no analogue on the entire peninsula.

What to visit in Evpatoria

If you ask where to go in the first place, it will be very difficult to answer, because every building and monument here is known for its history and traditions.

Karaite kenassas

Such an unusual word denotes the prayer complex of the ancient Turks – Karaites, consisting of the Small and Big Kenassa. For us, such names, and in general their religious beliefs are an unknown phenomenon. On the territory of the complex you can get acquainted with a religious school, household and household buildings and cozy courtyards. The Turks who lived in Evpatoria built their spiritual life here, and the buildings date back to the 19th century. They seem to be scattered between houses in the old town and decorate the cobbled streets.

The temple complex is a recognized ethnographic museum, with traditions and rules. Guests can enjoy local cuisine at the local restaurant.

Dervish Monastery

The monastery was built in Evpatoria in the distant 15th century for monks – wanderers – dervishes. It is a mosque with a minaret and an inn. Let’s imagine for a moment that this is the oldest urban building, which by 2000 was returned to believers. In the national language, their temples are called “tekie”, so there were more than 20 of them two centuries ago, and now there is only this monastery here, in Evpatoria. It is distinguished by the simplicity of architecture, which indicates an ascetic way of life of dervishes, here you will not find expressive ornaments and bright colors, which has its own charm. They lived in small, even cramped cell with small windows. The place is filled with unique energy, which is felt now.

Water Park “Banana Republic”

If you want to visit the most popular water park in the western Crimea, go 14 km from Evpatoria, the path will take no more than 20 minutes. This is the largest place of water entertainment on the entire peninsula. On 4 hectares of territory there are 8 swimming pools for adults and children, and in the holiday season more than 3000 visitors come here every day. Locals note that this is not an expensive tourist place, but water attractions accessible to everyone, so they are happy to go here themselves.

The park is competently divided into separate zones for children and adults, where slides of different levels of complexity and danger. The highest of them with a height of 7 – a storey house.

In the “banana republic” you can easily spend the whole day, you can eat in numerous cafes and restaurants.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

The lake with such an unusual name is the largest in the Crimea. Its area is 75 sq. km. It is very shallow, a little more than a meter, but unique for its therapeutic mud and salt of juicy pink color, which gives the surface of the lake a unique color. The minerals contained in the mud have a beneficial effect on the body, thousands of tourists come here for recovery, its popularity is growing every year.

In addition, such unusual photos as on this lake, because the color of the water can vary from pink to lilac. This happens because bacteria live in the salt, and depending on their activity, the water changes color.


Beloved by all children, the local dolphinarium is a symbol and business card of the city, it is located in the center, on the embankment. Initially, it was built 25 years ago, but in 2012 it opened its doors in a new comfortable building. The hall is large and can accommodate up to 800 people at a time. Both children and their parents are delighted with the performances of local artists: dolphins, sea lions, white whales, fur seals. All of them are very talented and listen to the trainers perfectly. Scientists have found that communication and swimming with dolphins is an excellent therapy, and in this dolphinariums conduct such sessions.

Ancient city – port of Gözlöv

The Peninsula of Crimea is an ancient place, and there are many unique archaeological finds here. All tourists arriving here, no matter what religion they may be, will be able to find temples close to them, including learning a lot about the ancient beliefs of the peoples inhabiting the Crimea.

The place where Evpatoria is now developing is very ancient. In the 13th and 18th centuries there was a port city of Gözlöw, and today, looking at the streets of the old city, you can imagine what it was like many centuries ago.

Once there was a powerful fortress, now the gates of the Tower of the Wood Bazaar remain from it. Imagine that there were 24 such towers inside the fortress wall, protecting the life of local residents.

Feel the spirit of the ancient city and imagine yourself in the Middle Ages on the streets of the old city.


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Come to the original and so warm in its hospitality Evpatoria, plunge not only into the sea waters, but also into the ancient unique history of the city. Book accommodation in the hotel “Korona” and relax in the Crimea with pleasure!