Impeccable hotel complex “Bogatyr” (Sochi) — Prices 2021, description, reviews of tourists

“Bogatyr” (Sochi): prices for 2020, a description of the infrastructure and rooms, photos – all this information will help to collect a complete picture of the rest in this hotel complex. In this article, we will try to reveal all the nuances and fully reflect the mood of guests who have already managed to leave their reviews on various thematic portals and on the websites of tour operators in Russia. We advise you to read all the sections to make a positive decision and, finally, book an apartment in this entertainment center.


About hotel

“Bogatyr” is a unique project, forever inscribed in the history of the development of the tourism business in Russia. The occupied territory simply amazes with its size, and residential buildings are not inferior in design to medieval castles of France. The interior decoration fully corresponds to the external, I am not inferior to the latter in luxury and pomposity. The complex is already included in the list of attractions that are visited by travelers who came to Sochi, although it was built recently.

Imereti Bay is a resort area that is especially popular with vacationers not only because of the coasts not cluttered with breakwaters, but also because of the presence here of the largest Olympic Park in the city. People are also captivated by the close proximity to the air harbor and the railway station. And to the beach and all at hand – tourists spend on a trip to the aqua zone no more than three minutes.

Maxim, Nizhny Novgorod: “Due to the specifics of my work, I often travel abroad, in hotels in Turkey, Bulgaria and other resort countries, we hold trainings and corporate events. But I have never seen such a beautiful hotel. I’d love to spend two weeks here and I think I’ll be in one of his great rooms for the next vacation.”

Interesting features

In the hotel complex “Bogatyr” every vacationer will be able to diversify their leisure time as brightly as possible. Even a tourist who has seen the views, who has traveled around most of the resorts of the Earth, will definitely find something to his liking. The administration has provided everything, building chic swimming pools, a spa center, sports grounds and areas for concerts and entertainment events.

For all guests, the doors of a unique wellness center are always open. Here is a wide range of different procedures. For example, a strong half of vacationers in the evenings likes to visit steam rooms, hammams and Turkish baths, swim in the indoor pool and go to all sorts of massages. Women are closer to rejuvenating manipulations aimed at reducing wrinkles, cleansing and deep moisturizing. And if there is a desire to change the color of your hair or make a stylish styling for an evening event, visit the hairdresser, where real masters of their craft with many years of experience work.

During the summer season, guests of the hotel can not go to the sea, but sunbathe in the courtyard of the institution. There are sun loungers and umbrellas around the pool, and cheerful animators work on the terrace, who every morning conduct exciting classes in water aerobics and water polo. Nearby there is a picturesque garden with palm trees and beautiful flower beds, which means that you will enjoy your holiday in the most comfortable conditions.

Those who prefer an active lifestyle, and even on vacation do not forget about maintaining their physical shape, there are countless opportunities to engage in their favorite sports. You can stretch the muscles in the gym, equipped with the latest technology. Here, according to tourists, there is even a specially designated area for yoga and Pilates. And during the day, the administration offers to participate in team competitions in volleyball, basketball, mini-football, as well as play tennis and table tennis, badminton, darts, boccia, mini-golf and much more. A lot of guests learn horseback riding here, and also rent bicycles, roller skates, skateboards and even hoverboards.

On the beach you will find no less exciting adventures on the water. Near the coast there is a rental point for jet skis, motor boats, canoes and even yachts. Tourists who spent their holidays in the hotel complex, enthusiastically remember water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing and scuba diving. By the way, if you want to buy diving accessories, everything you need is sold in one of the shops located on the territory of the hotel.

Svetlana, Tambov: “I consider this hotel to be the best in our country. I have traveled all the resort towns, including even the Primorsky Territory, but I see such magnificence for the first time. When I arrived at the hotel, I thought that somehow miraculously I was in Turkey. But in addition to the stunning design, this hotel pleased me with the presence of all the necessary sites for sports. I was even struck by the fact that tennis could be played even at night. It is enough just to pay for night lighting, take rackets and balls and everything, play as much as your soul wants! No one will distract and rush, and if there are problems, employees solve them in the blink of an eyes. Great, thanks to the administration for such a great vacation!”

Organization of children’s leisure

Often in the reviews you can see phrases such as “rested in the “Bogatyr” with the whole family, were completely satisfied.” Indeed, tourists with small children often come here, because next to the complex there is a unique amusement park. It should be noted that even without going to this institution, children can find entertainment to their liking, becoming a member of a mini-club called “Carousel”. Within the framework of this project, young guests are offered not only entertainment events with soap bubbles, animation characters and animators, but also classes aimed at developing the creative abilities of kids. In a specially equipped room, the children sculpt figures from clay, plasticine and kinetic sand, collect a designer, draw and read cognitive literature.

On the territory of the hotel there are a large number of playgrounds with swings and carousels, as well as a special artificial pond with a small improvised water park. During the bathing of the children, rescuers are watching them, who will definitely come to the rescue and, if necessary, create all the conditions for transporting the child to the medical center.

Evgenia, Nizhny Novgorod: “My child did not want to fly away from Sochi and with tears persuaded us to stay here to live. In “Bogatyr” he found real friends, with whom for the past six months continues to communicate, despite the fact that they all live in different parts of our vast Motherland. Previously, it was impossible to persuade him to go with us on vacation, he constantly went to his grandmothers in the village. But it’s different now. And for this, many thanks to all the animators, nannies and educators who taught him to communicate with his peers and helped him to contact others. “

Food system

In the hotel complex “Bogatyr” guests have the right to a full, and most importantly, free three meals a day on the principle of “buffet”. The main restaurant, where the main meals take place, offers a huge number of dishes, including soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes, seafood, as well as dairy products, fruits and vegetables. At the request of guests, the chefs prepare a vegetarian menu, which is dominated by herbs and steamed products. Young parents can order here mashed potatoes and cereals for babies, which, by the way, are prepared exclusively from fresh vegetables, chicken and beef.

If you’re not a self-service advocate, have lunch and dinner at à la carte restaurants. Here roars an amazing atmosphere, conducive to long gatherings and real feasts in the circle of friends and new acquaintances. There are also areas in which couples in love often book tables. Live music plays in the establishments, and the design is made with such diligence that, once here, you do not want to leave this place immediately after saturation with the delicacies offered.

Alexandra, Kaliningrad: “Everything is fine, the food is delicious, there were no complaints for two weeks at all. The waiters were great, quickly cleaning dirty dishes and changing tablecloths, offering soft drinks and bringing chairs. Based on everything I have seen and tried, I will unequivocally summarize: the food here is excellent!”.

Features of booking and accommodation

In the hotel complex “Bogatyr” there is a huge number of apartments for every taste and budget. Even in the most modest room you will find free toilets, TV, telephone, safe, mini-bar, huge double bed, wardrobe, safe and upholstered furniture for rest during the day. The views from the window are gorgeous, most of the rooms have balconies with outdoor furniture, where in the morning you can read the latest press, admire the surrounding beauty and enjoy fragrant coffee.

But there are things that the administration categorically prohibits. Such taboos include smoking in public places and staying with pets. But for tourists with children, all conditions are created here. For example, for the accommodation of a child under three years old, the administration does not charge a fee, for a young guest under the age of six years will take 600 rubles per day, and for a teenager under 12 years old – 1100 rubles. Agree, the offer is very profitable, given that the food is provided by the hotel.

The hotel complex has rooms equipped for people with disabilities. The rooms have expanded door openings so that you can move freely in a wheelchair, as well as handles and holders that facilitate the use of the bathroom and sleeping area.

Konstantin, Taganrog: “The registration process takes a little time. Reception staff begin registration of new guests after 15.00 and until midnight. But it is allowed to leave the apartment strictly before lunch. This is very convenient, of course, if your plane lands in Sochi in the afternoon. But what do you do when you arrive at the resort at nine or ten in the morning? Fortunately, I did not have to wait so long, but I recommend that the administration pay close attention to this issue. “

The hotel complex “Bogatyr” is an ideal place to relax with a developed infrastructure and a high level of service. Having analyzed the living conditions and service, the features of the beach and the entertainment offered, as well as relying on the reviews of tourists, we without a shadow of a doubt put this institution a rating of “five with a plus” and advise everyone to spend the next vacation here.