Ideal M.S. Arancia Resort Hotel 5* Turkey, Alanya, Konakli — Reviews, service, infrastructure

M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 reviews and descriptions are the subject of our article. Do you know an actionable way to learn all about a hotelyou’ve never been to? Of course, you just need to get acquainted with the opinions of guests, consider the photos and, of course, get acquainted with the information from tour operators. We provide an opportunity to see this complex from all sides, hoping that all the knowledge gained after reading will help you to make a complete picture and make your choice in favor of this tourist center. Shall we begin?

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Are there any excursions

The history of the city of Alanya has its roots deep in ancient centuries. It was built in the second century BC, which itself implies a large number of cultural heritage sites located on its territory. We strongly recommend you to visit the local caves – there are only three of them, the Kyzyl-Kule tower, the Byzantine fortress, the Suleymaniye mosque. The latter, by the way, was built in 1231 and a huge number of legends are composed about it.

In the vicinity of the city there is also a huge number of interesting sights, shrouded in an aura of mystery and having a mysterious history of origin. Especially I would like to note the maiden castle of Kizkalesi and the ruins of ancient cities called Siedra and Aytap. Be sure to visit them, and you are guaranteed to get a lot of positive and feel the centuries-old energy of these amazing places.

Anna, Vladivostok: “I flew not a single thousand kilometers, but I am insanely pleased with the result. Indeed, Alanya is a stunning resort area where every history buff will find something that will remain in the heart forever. Be sure to throw a coin into the sea to come back here again.”

What kind of hotel is this?

M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * was built on a chic area of about 66 thousand square meters. For the first time, a guest book at the reception in the main building was opened in 2006, and for the past 11 years, tourists have been enthusiastically talking about the highest level of service and developed infrastructure of this tourist center.

As you know, the vast majority of hotels in Turkey work on the concept of “all inclusive”, and the complex we are discussing is no exception. A bonus to a full three meals a time is the possibility of unlimited order of locally produced alcoholic beverages. Those who are accustomed to limit themselves to delicacies and lead a healthy lifestyle, attracts here the presence of shops with sports goods, swimming pools, tennis courts, football fields and golf courses.

Svetlana, Ekaterinburg: “There is everything that any modern traveler who is accustomed to travel abroad during the holidays can dream of. The service is no different from the service in European five-star hotels, you can even say that it has a lot of advantages, since it is closely intertwined with oriental hospitality and the breadth of the Turkish soul. Everything is cool, on “five plus”!”.

Where is

An experienced tourist at the first mention of the city of Alanya will understand that the hotel M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * is located on the Mediterranean coast. This means that guests have access to a wide beach strip with a length of about 300 meters. The place where the complex is built is called Konakli. In this village there are a large number of shops, cafes, nightclubs, so it is perfect for family and youth recreation.

Not so far away is the city of Side,so guests of the hotel can at any time make a trip there, using the services of a taxi or renting a car. But the remoteness from Antalya International Airport pleases not everyone. Upon arrival on Turkish soil you will find an hour and a half trip to the booked room. Those who get there on their own can go by bus, for the rest there is a convenient transfer included in the price of the voucher.

Alexandra, Nizhny Novgorod: “It is worth going here for those who like to go on excursions on vacation. I’ve been to the beach, sunbathed a couple of times, but I didn’t like it. The entrance to the sea, of course, is gentle, free sunbeds and umbrellas are provided, all this is certainly there. But I’m not thrilled with the pebble coating. I might as well go to Sochi.”

What do the rooms look like?

For many travelers, the arrangement of apartments is one of the main criteria, since it is very important to live really in comfortable conditions, otherwise the rest will not seem like a fairy tale. But visitors to M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * consider themselves happy owners of housing with a full set of everything you need and a cozy home environment. There are more than four hundred rooms of different categories. The pride of the administration are spacious rooms for spending time with the whole family and rooms adapted for people with disabilities.

As for the design, everything around is made in a modern style and furnished with chic new furniture and appliances. Entering the“shelter”paid for by you, you will certainly see that there is a powerful air conditioner operating from the control panel, there is a large wardrobe with a safe, a TV with a large number of satellite channels, a phone with international access. The bathroom has a free hairdryer and all hygiene products. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the property, as well as in the rooms.

Evgenia, Moscow: “There are no complaints about the service: the staff conducts daily cleaning, replenishes the mini-bar, changes bed linen and towels. Everything is clean, neat and tidy. And the view from the window is so gorgeous that I always turned on the alarm clock to get up before dawn and admire the first rays of the sun. “

What is fed

As noted earlier, in the hotel M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * everything works on the system “all-inclusive”, which means that food is already included in the cost of living, In order for the system to work properly and smoothly, a huge number of restaurants and bars are built on the territory.In the main institution all the main meals are held, a chic “buffet” is covered here. Also, two ala-carte restaurants are always open to visitors, in which various delicacies, meat and seafood of the highest quality are prepared.

Often there are moments when breakfast has already passed, and before lunch is still far away, but the stomach already gives distress signals and makes you feel hungry. In such cases, you can visit snack bars and confectioneries, where delicious Turkish cakes, buns and various cakes are baked. There is also a poolside bar that serves delicious local ice cream.

Angelina, Krasnoyarsk: “After the Siberian frosts, being on the warm sunny sea coast is already a great success, and staying in this wonderful hotel is a real miracle. The patio is literally bathed in greenery, restaurants with open terraces beckon with aromas, and bars offer delicious exotic cocktails. The local confectionery is the dream of all gourmets, desserts are not cooked better anywhere else in the world!”

How to spend leisure time

What awaits you at M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5*? The reviews that we carefully studied before writing this article are replete with various descriptions of chic animated shows. They take place every evening by the main pool. There is always live music and laughter caused by the comments of the presenters. It should be noted that the hotel staff approach the events with all responsibility and try to do everything possible to ensure that visitors receive a lot of positive emotions.

And now about water entertainment. On the seashore they are represented by a great variety: here and water skiing, catamarans, jet skis, fishing, scuba diving and windsurfing. On the beach there are playgrounds for volleyball, basketball and mini-football. By the pools you can do aerobics.

Of course, there is a gym and a spa on site. Vacationers have the opportunity to steam in the hammam, undergo a course of massage, bask in the hot tubs and Jacuzzi. Adherents of an active lifestyle note that the hotel is equipped with good tennis courts with night lighting and golf courses.

Natalia, Novosibirsk: “I was struck by the book collection of the local library. I work 20 hours a day and don’t always have enough time to read books. So on vacation, they are my best friends. Here I spent all day soothing in the sun, drinking soft drinks and reading. I was also pleased with the speed of the Internet, because free access allowed me to solve work problems, being thousands of kilometers from the office. “

How to entertain children?

Believe me, in the hotel M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * you do not have to puzzle over this issue, the kids will find something to their liking. Every day animators work with them, selecting educational games for them according to age and individual preferences. If you send him to a local mini-club, the child will be able to communicate with his peers and find real friends for life.

Young guests of the complex can count on their own pool with slides, in which they will swim and have fun under the supervision of experienced lifeguards who always make sure that children do not ignore the safety rules during games in the water park. If you are going to attend an evening event, leave your child with a paid nanny.

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Anastasia, St. Petersburg: “For a long time I was in thoughts, to buy a ticket here or not, because we were planning a vacation with a four-year-old son. But friends assured that this is a great place for a family vacation. I was convinced of this at the first breakfast when I got acquainted with the menu. And while I was choosing soup or porridge, my son ate cakes and ran away for a swim in the pool. “

Concluding the article, I would like to note that M.C. Arancia Resort Hotel 5 * – an ideal hotel for travelers from all over the world. You can come here even in deep autumn, because due to the very warm climate, the tourist season lasts more than six months. Here equally feel comfortable and “sloths”, preferring two weeks to lie in the sun and swim in the sea, and representatives of active youth, exhausted by the thirst for adventure and adrenaline. After analyzing the reviews of guests, we concluded that this place should be visited, even if you were not going to go to Turkey.