Hotel Yacht Club Yalta Crimea

Resting in the elite hotel “Yacht Club”,the tourist is away from the bustle of the city and unnecessary attention of outsiders, but if desired, can always be in the center of all resort life for 5 minutes. The staff appreciates each client and is able to find an individual approach.

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Hotel Description

Hotel “Yacht Club” offers everything you need for a comfortable and interesting stay at the highest level. This luxury hotel has everything that vacationers are used to at home, as well as what they dream of on vacation.

The hotel is a three-storey building without an elevator. In the number of rooms there are various categories. The most popular option is a standard room for 2-3 people with a combined bathroom, as well as with a shared kitchen for several families. Some options have not only bathrooms, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning, but also a kitchenette for self-catering.

If you do not want to cook yourself, the hotel chefs guarantee delicious, healthy and diverse dishes. Here are dishes of Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern European and European cuisine. Be sure to try the fresh Black Sea fish and seafood, which are delivered to the hotel daily by trusted suppliers. Also the hotel “Yacht Club” offers exotic fruits, sweets and wines.

On site there is a canopy (tent with tables and chairs for outdoor dining), a shared kitchen for cooking, an equipped barbecue area, as well as billiards and table tennis. In the lobby of the hotel there is an opportunity to book a boat and organize a trip to any point of Yalta.

Also in the hotel “Yacht Club” there is a children’s playground, equipped with everything necessary for active recreation of children.

If we talk about the location, the “Yacht Club” is located 50 meters from the sea and pebble beach, and the Yalta port is 3.5 km away. Public transport is just 300 metres away, providing easy access to Yalta and Simferopol.

Hotel “Yacht Club” offers a round-trip transfer for guests arriving by plane or train. If you travel by your own car, you can be sure of its safety in the round-the-clock parking lot of the hotel.

Pay attention! The hotel has a round-the-clock laundry, and the staff every day keeps the rooms in perfect condition.

We were vacationing with friends who had already stayed at this hotel, and we were the first time. Everything was nice, the hotel is very good: clean, cozy. The staff is friendly and helpful. I especially liked the fact that it was possible to dive directly from the pier.

Room categories

  1. Standard room. The room has a total area of 45 square meters, a bed width of 180 centimeters, the room offers views of the sea, the city promenade or the mountains. Kitchen for several rooms. There is a possibility of additional accommodation.
  2. Classic room. Double room with one large bed and sofa. The total area is 45 square meters. The width of the bed is 180 centimeters. The room also offers a beautiful view.
  3. Deluxe. Bright and spacious double room of 50 square meters. Coziness and comfort especially for an unforgettable holiday. The design of the rooms is made in pastel colors, and the walls and furniture are made of environmentally friendly materials, namely wood, to create the most favorable environment for a calm and complete rest. The balcony offers a beautiful view of the Yalta Bay, as well as the unique and inspiring beauty of the Crimea;
  4. Luxurious room. Room size: 45 square meters. In the room: a large double bed, table, sofa, wardrobe, air conditioning, TV, kettle, minibar and other necessary elements. There is also a balcony with panoramic views.
  5. Suite. It consists of two large bedrooms with huge double beds and a bathroom. On the large balcony you can enjoy the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets of the Crimean sun, as well as the magical and fascinating beauty of the exciting sea and quiet mountains. The whole atmosphere will make you feel like on an expensive luxury yacht.
  6. Penthouse. The bedroom and living room are connected by an entrance hall, with a total area of 240 square meters, a bed width of 180 centimeters, a large balcony with a wooden pavilion and a lattice extends throughout the entire area of the room. View of the sea, Yalta and mountains. It is possible to place an extra bed.
  7. Apartment. Luxury VIP apartments are specially designed for the most demanding visitors. The huge size of the room is 230 square meters. There are endless opportunities for a holiday with a family or a large business company. The feeling of absolute comfort and cohesion guarantees thoughtful to the smallest detail equipment of the apartments.
  8. Family Suite. Duplex apartment with a total area of 240 square meters, on the ground floor there is a fully equipped living room for relaxing and receiving friends, on the second floor there are two bedrooms with private bathrooms and a large balcony.

More information! Suite, penthouse, apartments and family suite are self-catering. Guests staying in other categories can use the shared kitchen on the 1st floor.

Meals at yacht club hotel

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and a delicious breakfast is the key to a good mood. This is a very important event, with which you need to start every morning. In the morning, our body needs a new portion of energy to withstand all the stresses of a weekday. Therefore, breakfast should be not only tasty, but also hearty. That is why, this meal is included in the cost of living in absolutely all categories.

Also daily vacationers are served in the restaurant, à la carte and at other times of the day. Here are dishes of national, Russian, Mediterranean and other cuisine. If you dream of discovering new culinary horizons and trying national cuisine, then the chefs will do everything to make the Crimea a gastronomic discovery. Vacationers will not only satisfy their hunger after a busy day of rest and entertainment, but also experience real joy. And all this against the background of the beauty of Yalta, under the sound of sea waves and pleasant music.

Important! Room service is available at an additional cost.

Great hotel, especially for those who want a break from the bustle of the city. Closed area, some isolation from the city, excellent attitude of the staff, as they say “for every taste”. Recommend.

A variety of entertainment and leisure

Vacationers in the hotel “Yacht Club” can go to the beach or book a trip to the Crimea. They can also take a boat trip on a yacht or go fishing, diving, visit the water park and dolphinarium. Connoisseurs of art should visit one of the theaters, museums, palaces and temples. And, of course, tourists can stroll through the parks of Yalta and its environs. But if you do not want to go far, the hotel “Yacht Club” has prepared entertainment for every taste.

Yoga for beginners

Hotel “Yacht Club” offers yoga classes, which, as you know, help to achieve harmony of body and soul. Even if the vacationer has no idea how to do yoga, what is its essence and purpose, an experienced coach will help with goodwill and pleasure to spend your free time and show the basics of this ancient oriental art. Classes are held comfortably, taking into account the level of training and wishes.

Sea cruise on a yacht

Also, the hotel staff is invited to a unique sea trip on a yacht along the southern coast of the Crimea. The yacht is a real adventure. What does it take to feel like a real sailor? The swinging deck underfoot, the fresh wind at dawn, a good dinner from an experienced chef, some rum and the cries of seagulls for karma. All this is offered by the hotel “Yacht Club”.

Jet ski

Fans of speed and wind “Yacht Club” is pleased to offer high-speed jet skis. The instructor will help you drive along the most beautiful shores of the Black Sea and get unforgettable impressions from a fast ride.


This is an opportunity to explore the depths of the sea, to touch the history, the traces of bygone eras. The waters of the Crimean coast are interesting for diving for both beginners and experienced divers. A variety of reliefs and landscapes of the seabed, the consequences of tectonic faults and volcanic eruptions, a huge number of utensils and household items can be seen near the shore of the hotel. Diving center “Yacht Club” is located right on the beach. With the help of experienced diving instructors, the tourist will plunge into the Black Sea, acquire diving skills and receive an international certificate.


Staying in the “Yacht Club”, vacationers will be able to fish both in the sea and in the lake. In addition to fishing, you can enjoy fish prepared by the best chefs.


Hotel “Yacht Club” organizes tours for hunters. Available: hunting for quail, pheasants, ducks, hares, deer and wild boars in the best corners of the Crimea. The hunt is watched by experienced rangers. All off-road equipment, hunting dogs, hunting weapons, ammunition, all documents are provided.


If you need to combine work and leisure by the sea, discuss important topics with friends or business partners or organize a creative meeting, then the “Yacht Club” is the perfect place for this. At the disposal of vacationers is a comfortable and fully equipped conference room, the atmosphere of which has a positive effect on the success of negotiations, and a beautiful view from the windows makes any discussion more creative.


In fact, next to the Yalta Yacht Club there are two beaches, a private, guarded beach with an extensive infrastructure, owned by the yacht club hotel and a small pebble beach with a gentle entrance to the water.

On the first there are sunbeds, canopies, rental of beach equipment, all kinds of entertainment are offered. In addition, there is always a rescue point and a first-aid post. The beach is pebbly, clean – its cleanliness is checked by the staff every day. Also, visitors have the opportunity to order a yacht, the crew of which goes on a wonderful sea journey along the coast.

Guests of the hotel and beach lovers can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes in the restaurant located on the shore, decorated in Greek style.

For vacationers who want to relax with their family, with children or just for a young couple, this beach will be an ideal place to relax.

Important! Entrance to the beach is free, but is available only for vacationers in the hotel “Yacht Club”.

The second beach is urban, admission is free. It is located on the territory of an ancient commercial port, which has long been closed. It is primarily designed for those who stay in boathouses and hotels in the neighborhood. This beach is divided by a breakwater into two parts, both pebbly. There is also a fairly wide strip of concrete dam, which simultaneously serves as a motyle. The infrastructure is not as developed as the private beach of the hotel “Yacht Club”. However, you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and a variety of beach sports. There are also changing rooms and toilets for a fee.

Attractions and excursions nearby

Order a taxi to any point of the Crimea and organize any excursion with a professional guide is easy and simple for those staying in the hotel “Yacht Club”. Masterpieces of architecture of the southern coast, unique monuments of antiquity, wonderful nature will make the rest rich and informative.

Yalta is not only a famous resort town, but also a cultural center that attracts artists, athletes, politicians and public figures. This means that during the rest you can see pop stars, various festivals and sports events, theatrical performances in the famous theater named after A.P. Chekhov. In the hotel “Yacht Club” you can book seats for each concert, rent a car and order a yacht with a crew, which will send you on an unforgettable sea journey from the hotel along the coast. Fresh sea breeze, magnificent views, fish soup or barbecue will give unforgettable moments.

Here are a few more excursions and attractions that are popular with guests of the hotel “Yacht Club”:

  1. Dolphinarium “Aquatoria”. Dolphins are one of the smartest creatures. In addition to watching their performances, you can swim with them, play ball and, most importantly, feel like a member of their pack. The attention of these animals will bring adults and children unforgettable joys and memories.
  2. Aquapark “Atlantis”. This is a fairly new, but very interesting kind of entertainment. Mighty geysers, slides of varying complexity, thin waterways and pools will bring joy to tourists.
  3. Tasting of Crimean wines. Even in the days of ancient civilizations, people tasted wine, trying to assess its quality and potential for longevity. Tasting of Crimean wines will allow you to fully enjoy the bouquet of grape aromas, evaluate their taste and get full pleasure from acquaintance with the drink.

More information! Staff at the Yacht Club Hotel can offer other excursions to choose from. For a full list, you need to contact the reception.


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Nature, beautiful and comfortable environment, as well as attentive attitude of the staff – this is the exact description of the hotel “Yacht Club”. The hotel is built according to all modern requirements and is a great place to relax for couples, newlyweds and companies of friends.