Hotel Villa Alexandria Sudak Crimea

Villa Alexandria is located in the old Venetian quarter in the heart of ancient Sugdei. The hotel rooms offer a wonderful view of the Gulf of Sudak and the Genoese fortress. The pride of the hotel is not only its location, but above all the service provided by the staff, because the success of the holiday depends on their professionalism.

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Hotel Description

Hotel “Villa Alexandria” in Sudak is located in the south-west of the city, on the street Border Guards. The way to the sea takes about 10-13 minutes and leads along a concrete road running parallel to the cypress alley and leading directly to the sea. The entire infrastructure of the city of Sudak is in close proximity, so you can independently organize walking tours. The beaches of Sudak are sand and pebble, wide, which is very convenient for recreation.

It is impossible not to note the rooms of this hotel, all of them are made in European style, with a beautiful interior, elegant furniture and different colors with various decorative elements. Each room has a safe, but tourists can not worry about their safety, as the territory of the villa is fenced and is under round-the-clock security.

The building forms a beautiful courtyard with a lawn and a fountain. The windows of the large rooms overlook the surrounding area, the mountains and the pool with an open-air cinema. The hotel has a restaurant where you can enjoy Tatar and Russian cuisine during the day and a delicious homemade breakfast in the morning. The hotel is suitable for families with children, for pensioners and newlyweds who prefer to relax on the Black Sea coast. While adults cook barbecue, children can play on the playground.

In 15 minutes you can walk to the old Genoese fortress, a little further – an amusement park.

We vacationed in July 2020, although there was no available space at the time of booking, the villa management provided a better room than the one booked, and at no additional cost. The staff is polite, correct and will advise on any problem. Rooms as in the photo, air conditioning in the room, view from the balcony to the sea and the rock. There is a restaurant, the prices are reasonable, the service is of high quality. The main feature of the villa is the swimming pool, which we really liked. Next time we will go by car, as there is a guarded parking lot next to the villa.

Room stock

In total, the hotel “Villa Alexandria” has 43 rooms presented in different categories, which are made in a calm European style. At the same time, the interior of each room remains exquisite and elegant, and all furniture and other decorative elements are selected with special care. All of them are decorated in pleasant colors, comfortably furnished and equipped with everything necessary for a holiday. Available:

  • standard rooms;
  • economy rooms;
  • studios;
  • studios with kitchen;
  • Junior suites;
  • two-room apartment.

Also vacationers can stay in self-catering apartments with one or two bedrooms on the waterfront.

Important! Hot and cold water in the hotel “Villa Alexandria” is available around the clock

Hotel “Villa Alexandria” offers its guests luxurious rooms, with double or single beds, soft sofa beds and modern bedside tables, designed in the same colors as the main interior. The walls of the rooms are decorated with paintings with landscapes, flooring – parquet or carpet. All rooms have a TV, air conditioning, safe and private bathroom.

Rooms are cleaned daily. On the territory of the hotel there is free internet.


The hotel “Villa Alexandria” has a cozy restaurant with excellent local and national cuisine. The day begins with breakfast. Vacationers have the opportunity to order a hearty breakfast at a local restaurant or ask to be delivered to their room. The breakfast menu can be chosen independently or trust the taste of the chef.

Since the restaurant works on the menu, there is no specific time for each meal, so you can have lunch and dinner as much as you want. Visitors can choose from a variety of dishes of Tatar and Russian cuisine, as well as drinks and desserts from the chef.

In addition, a few meters from the hotel there are restaurants, bars and cafes where tourists can enjoy, for example, fish dishes and refreshing drinks. Especially popular is the “Dining room at home”.

This is a catering company that offers its visitors a wide selection of homemade dishes at affordable prices. Pleasant and always unique interior and friendly atmosphere, as well as high-quality and tasty products – the key to many years of successful work. In addition to the main dishes, there is a mini-café with donuts and burgers. In addition, the chefs produce a wide range of cookies, cakes, pastries, homemade jams, pastries and other assortments.

Things to do

Bath is one of the oldest and most popular traditions. Bath procedure is a need not only for cleansing, but also for relaxation, both for the body and for the soul. It’s a great way to lose weight, cleanse your body of toxins, and rinse your skin and hair. In the hotel “Villa Alexandria” sauna and steam bath is an example of a classic Russian building with a stone stove in combination with fashionable modern and comfortable conditions that meet the needs of a real Russian steam lover.

In addition to the bath – barbecue. What kind of summer vacation without meat and vegetables on the grill? There is a barbecue area on site. Large barbecue, dishes, running water, everything for a comfortable stay in nature.

More information! In the children’s pool area there is a summer outdoor cinema.

Entertainment outside the hotel is also not a problem. Active recreation and extreme sports are very popular:

  1. Club «Quadro 4×4 Active» offers a variety of atV routes through the steppe landscapes of Kapseltal. They vary in complexity and duration, so experienced and inexperienced fans of extreme sports will find a suitable option for themselves.
  2. Dive center “Varyag” is located near Sudak in the Capsule Bay at Cape Megan. The wreck here is only 400 meters from the club. Experienced instructors prepare novice divers for diving and accompany them on their first diving excursion. Underwater cave tours are available for more experienced divers. For those who are not yet familiar with the sea and are still afraid of long excursions, snorkeling training is offered. It includes swimming with flippers and snorkeling in the company of an experienced instructor.

In Sudak you can rent a comfortable catamaran or a boat for fishing. A day on the high seas will leave a lot of impressions. After all, from the deck of the ship you can not only fish, but also dive.

Just arrived from vacation. The whole family liked the hotel. The territory is well-groomed, there is a swimming pool, a children’s playground, a gazebo where you can cook on the grill, everything is free. We stayed in a standard room overlooking the fortress. Huge balcony. Clean every day. Downstairs restaurant, despite not very extensive menu, you can always have a delicious meal. The furniture is all new, nothing falls anywhere, the balcony door is glazed to the floor, the noise insulation is good. The room has air conditioning, which worked properly. The staff is friendly and helpful with any problems. We ordered a transfer from the airport and back from the hotel, we were picked up and dropped off on time without problems. The cypress alley leading to the beaches is a 10-minute walk away, the beach is a 15-minute walk away. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, this option is for you.

Beaches & Pool

Near the hotel “Villa Alexandria” there are several available swimming pools:

  1. Beach in the city center. You can get to the beach, like others, in just a few minutes. In the immediate vicinity of numerous entertainment venues for adults and children, bars, restaurants, amusement park. On the beach itself there are several kiosks with drinks, changing rooms, a massage room and a rescue tower. There is a large selection of water attractions. Near the beach there is a toilet and shower. On the shore there is a café where you can order a hookah, drinks and enjoy the evening to pleasant music and the sound of the sea.
  2. Mojito Beach. The modern beach is located near the fortress mountain. Mojito is an artificial beach that has recently become a fashionable and popular tourist destination. There is a concrete terrace with sun loungers and sun loungers, there is a VIP-zone and a convenient place for diving. Until recently, Mojito was wild, but today it is a popular place that operates as a paid club from late evening to morning; Anyone can come to the beach, but you will have to pay for renting a sun lounger. At the same time, the price is quite acceptable.
  3. TOK beach “Sudak”. Guests can enjoy a boat trip, sailing catamaran rental, banana ferry ride to the bays of the New World with a stop and swimming on the Tsar’s Beach. According to tourists, on the Sudak beach you can go diving and organize fishing. There is a team of animators who conduct various entertainment programs. The safety of vacationers is monitored by a rescuer, there is a first-aid post.

If you do not want to go about 800 meters to the beach, you can use the pond in the hotel “Villa Alexandria”. The pool is equipped with a countercurrent and a massage fountain. All this can be adjusted to your liking.

More information! Staff provide clean bath towels and sun loungers. All this, of course, is free for hotel guests.

For children

In addition to the barbecue area, where parents can cook something tasty for their child at any time, there is a playground that will not leave anyone indifferent. Swings, horizontal bars, climbing frames – everything for the development of the child. In the hotel “Villa Alexandria” in the city of Sudak, the kid will definitely find something to entertain himself: swim in the children’s pool or ride a swing.

The hotel “Villa Alexandria” in the Crimean city of Sudak has a large and deep pool for adults. And it has a shallow children’s pool built into it. Therefore, you can safely sunbathe, diving into the clear water with the whole family, without even visiting the coast.

Note! While all other hotels are deterred from visiting the pool by very strict rules, in the “Villa Alexandria” you can comfortably jump into the water from the sides. This is, first of all, great news for children.

The hotel also offers paid services such as babysitting and renting chairs and cots.

Local attractions

  1. Sudak fortress. Above the steep cliffs of the Fortress Mountain rises the Genoese stone fortress, the pride of Sudak, its business card and priceless pearl. Today it attracts crowds of tourists with its magnificence, but hundreds of years ago the appearance of the citadel played a secondary role. Due to its advantageous position and powerful defense, the Sudak fortress was considered almost impregnable. It was also protected by steep mountain slopes and an artificial moat that existed at the time. The Genoese Sudak fortress was built between 1371 and 1469 on the site of another fortress,
  2. Cypress Alley. The long hiking trail has become a good corner for not only travelers, but also for placing retail outlets. Therefore, it is not just a park, but a lively place where you can relax with the whole family. They say that the lane was originally supposed to be chestnut. History doesn’t know what happened, but the result was even more original. Some do not like this place because of the large number of people, countless stalls and loud music. Others argue that this gives the cypress alley in Sudak a special flavor.
  3. Sugarloaf. This is a small rocky massif in front of the Genoese fortress. Initially, it was a coral reef, which eventually petrified. The stone gets its name from the resemblance to a sugar cube. Several paths are marked on the rock. From the cliff there is a beautiful view of Sudak and the Genoese fortress. Scenes from the film “The Master and Margarita” were shot here, in which not only famous actors, but also residents of Sudak took part.

Pay attention! Hotel “Villa Alexandria” offers excellent service for a full and comfortable stay. The staff organizes trips to the Crimea, both for individuals and for groups.


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