Hotel Usadba Elovoe Abzakovo

Home comfort, skiing and complete peace: incompatible can be combined, proved by the hotel “Manor Spruce” in Abzakovo. Winter respectable resort turns in the summer into a pleasant relaxing sanatorium,where you want to escape from the hustle and bustle at least for the weekend. Most of the guests return, and this says a lot about the level of service and the quality of the rest.

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Air Matters

A few decades ago, on this place, 300 meters from the railway station Novoabzakovo, there was a departmental rest house with massage rooms and a salt room. The historical scenery changed, an investor came to the crumbling base, who by 2005 made a candy from the old building.

He invested in the main value of the location – and no, it’s not just proximity to the mountain slopes. Air, peace and quiet: in the hotel “Manor Spruce” go to breathe needles, look at the Bashkir nature and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. After the senseless running of big cities, the feeling, according to reviews, is unusual. And it’s magical.

Sergey S., 42 years old, Yekaterinburg: My wife and I came for the first time three years ago, friends advised. My wife is immediately on skis, she is an enthusiastic skier, and I decided to sleep first. On the first day I slept until three, what a breakfast! And only then did I understand why. Air! You just feel how the brains are cleaned, even the thoughts are fresh. We go to Spruce three or four times a year, we have already tried all the rooms. I, as a connoisseur, recommend luxury, cottage and bungalow to me did not go. And be sure to try tea with honey and dumplings. It’s something.

“Manor Elovoye” is a modern hotel of the European level, which is located in Russian beautiful pine forest. 5 hectares of ennobled territory are surrounded by a stone fence to provide guests with privacy and exclude any interference from the outside. Guests quietly let the children walk around the territory, it is absolutely safe.

Note: The hotel’s water supply is connected to its own artesian well, so drinking tap water is not only safe, but even useful. Some guests, leaving, collect water on the road – how much the car will take away.


In the hotel “Manor Elovoye” in Abzakovo will not be too crowded even in high season. It is designed for 50 guests, who offer several comfortable rooms of different types:

  1. Comfortable Standard with double bed, sofa and balcony.
  2. Spacious Studio with a double bed, two sofas and a panoramic window overlooking the pine trees.
  3. Romantic Shelter with a double bed, in the décor of which natural materials are used – jasper, coil, birch.
  4. Two-room Suite with a double bed and two sofas is suitable for newlyweds and a couple with children.
  5. Huge SUITE WITH DOUBLE BED, sofa and furnished balcony equipped with Jacuzzi.
  6. In the walls of the Femeli Suite with a double bed and three single beds, sylvinite blocks are built-in, creating a spele effect and healing the body.

In addition, you can rent a cottage for 10 people (adults up to 8) and a bungalow with two rooms, for four and three people. No faceless standards, the staff will select a room for the needs of the guest, taking into account his wishes. And if you book in advance, you can choose a room even by the view from the window!

In the bathrooms underfloor heating, in each room a set of cosmetic accessories, hairdryer, bathrobe, bidet. Rooms are equipped with safety deposit boxes. Each room has a kettle, fridge and TV (often not even one).

The peculiarity of the hotel is a fanatical attitude to cleanliness: the rooms are carefully cleaned daily. The hotel has polite correct maids who are fluent in ninja skills: they do their job quickly, silently and dissolve in the shadows.

Tip: If it’s hot, cold or not enough light bulbs, immediately report to the reception! The staff reacts with lightning fast: they will bring a heater / floor air conditioner, add light bulbs, comfort, brew tea.

What would you eat…

In the hotel “Manor Spruce” perfectly cooked, amazing and very abundantly fed. Many complain – they say, there are no such skis in Abzakovo to compensate for lunches. But there are also dinners! Although, of course, this is a joke: in the extensive menu of the restaurant there was a place not only for national cuisine, but also for low-calorie recipes – steamed salmon, salads, chicken fillet. There is a vegetarian menu.

The restaurant at the hotel is a cute cozy institution of a closed type, only hotel guests eat in it. This is a reasonable precaution, as the queues of those wishing to try the specialities of the local chef would definitely spoil the charisma of the area. Many guests come to the hotel again, knowing exactly what they will eat, which touches the chef to tears.

Connoisseurs recommend trying:

  • kystyby with fillings according to the season;
  • dumplings with horse meat and spinach;
  • baked pelad, caught right there, 40 km away, on Lake Muldykkul;
  • fish assorted own salting;
  • Waldorf salad with chicken fillet;
  • shortbread biscuits under yogurt glaze.

If during the rest someone has a birthday, the chef will prepare a special birthday cake as a gift.


The pride of the hotel is the breakfasts, which are served on the veranda overlooking the mountains, pine trees and garden. The breakfast menu is constantly changing, but, according to reviews, remains the best in Abzakovo: whole grain cereals, muesli, yogurts, fruit slices, salads and (necessarily) dishes for healthy lifestyle advocates provide a morning charge of vivacity for all guests, regardless of food preferences.

And if you still do not like the buffet, you can make an order for scrambled eggs, casserole or several types of omelets.


They say that local herbal preparations and ginger tea with honey are the most popular drinks in the hotel. Only jelly from natural berries, especially wild ones, compete with them (guests prefer a classic cupkey with raisins to them).

The phyto-bar is free for guests, and at the reception you can additionally buy organic honey, fir oil and other local curiosities.

Cooking on our own

For those who believe that there is no rest in nature without a barbecue, there are two comfortable gazebos with barbecues and barbecues on the territory. The administration will advise where it is best to buy the ingredients.

Guests staying in the bungalows have access to their own kitchen, where they can prepare dishes of any complexity.

This is interesting: The hotel administration has an extremely entertaining account on Instagram and Vkontakte. There you can admire the household life hacks of the kitchen. What are only your own pickled tomatoes for the winter!

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel takes care of the rest to the maximum, providing access to the slopes and slopes, arranging trips to the shopping center in the neighboring village. In addition, you can improve your health and have fun on the territory of the complex itself.

Things to do at the hotel

Hotel “Manor Yelovoye” in Abzakovo is an easy pleasant place where you can have a great time without ever having eaten out of the gate. Prices for all services for guests are reasonable.

Perhaps the range of services is not as rich as that of five-star chains, but, according to reviews, it is much more humane:

  • indoor swimming pool (10 x 4 m) with hydromassage area and descent, depth up to 1.8 m;
  • indoor skating rink;
  • Russian bath with birch firewood;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • speleochamber (salt room);
  • professional massage for children and adults.

But it is best to combine spa with outdoor loads, especially with skiing.


Fans of alpine skiing appreciate the hotel “Manor Elovoye” in Abzakovo, first of all, for its proximity to good slopes and free transfer for guests. The hotel owns a small fleet, so it takes those who wish both to Abzakovo (about a kilometer) and to the nearest ski center on Lake Bannoye (18 kilometers away).

Igor A., 27 years old, Ufa: In December, my friends and I usually open the ski season. Checked, there is no better place than “Spruce” to find! In fact, the hotel is located in a ski cluster, next to not only the GLC Abzakovo, there is also Mratkino and Bannoye, only half an hour drive.

GLC Abzakovo

Here you can buy or rent any kind of equipment, get up on skis in a few hours with the help of an experienced instructor, and even take a picture with a celebrity. For example, running to have a snack in the restaurant of the hotel Tau-Tash, where Stas Mikhailov began his career.

Abzakovo Ski Center:

  • tracks of different levels (13 workers);
  • the difference is 320 meters, the total length is almost 18 kilometers;
  • trails pass through the forest;
  • two cable cars and 6 lifts;
  • lighting at night and artificial snowmaking of trails.

In addition, the complex has a round-the-clock entertainment center NonStop, where there is everything from bowling and air hockey to striptease and conference rooms. Those who want to have fun on the water usually go to the aquapark “Aquarium”, which boasts a pool of 300 meters long and three slides from 6 to 42 meters.

Ski center Mratkino (Beloretsk)

A well-equipped complex for beginners and intermediate skiers, which boasts eight good trails with a slope of no more than 40%. There are four lifts. The maximum length of the route is 1485 meters, it also has the strongest height difference, about 300 meters.

Not far from the slopes there are good catering establishments with incomparable dishes of Bashkir cuisine.

Resort «Bannoye»

Quite popular GLC, which is located near Lake Bannoye and which is annually visited by almost a quarter of a million people. Its highlight is the unique natural environment of the South Ural forests and the healing waters of the ice-free Lake Banny.

All the routes of the resort face east, there are seven of them, they are designed for different levels of difficulty. The length of the trails is about 2500, the difference is more than 400 meters. Lifts and artificial blinding work. The season lasts from November to May.

What is offered to children

Children in the hotel “Manor Spruce” are very fond of, and these are not just words.

  1. Firstly, children under 5 years old stay free of charge (including breakfast). Children under 14 receive a significant discount.
  2. Secondly, the restaurant has a children’s menu, and kitchen workers are trying to improve the serving, make children’s dishes as attractive as possible even for the most fastidious kids.
  3. Thirdly, the entire territory of the complex is designed for the presence of children, there are no decorative or landscape elements dangerous to the life and health of the child. The child will not be able to leave the complex without an adult.
  4. Fourthly, not far from the residential rooms there are playgrounds with classic equipment and the path of fairy tales “Lukomorye”. And in the summer, everywhere grows a great grass on which you can lie down and feel closer to nature.

Program “Mother and Baby”

Every year in the hotel “Manor Spruce” in Abzakovo organize several comprehensive health programs. Most of all they are similar to sanatorium vouchers, only much more comfortable and interesting. For women with children, “Mom and Baby” is ideal, a wellness course for 8 days / 7 nights or 10 days / 9 nights depending on the season.

The program is divided into health and entertainment segments, and to take part in it, you need a minimum of medical documents and a good mood.

Tip: If you need a crib for your baby or you intend to use a high chair in a restaurant, inform the manager about this at the stage of drawing up the application.

Where to go and what to see

In the hotel “Manor Elovoye” in Abzakovo take care of the intellectual leisure of their guests, so they offer interesting excursions that are conducted by professional guides.

You can not visit the Southern Urals and not go to the Reserve Shulgantash to see the most visited Ural attraction – karst Kapova Cave. It is not just magnificent, it is part of the history and epic of the ancient Bashkirs. The tour starts from the hotel, passes by the Source near the village of Kagoy.

In summer, the hotel organizes rafting on the Belaya River, during which tourists get a huge amount of impressions about the amazing nature of Bashkiria, its mountain ranges, forests and turbulent flows.

In winter or summer, rest in the hotel “Manor Spruce” in Abzakovo will be unforgettable, but only in a good way. Delicious food, skis, unique nature and friendly staff charges with positivity and sets you up for achievements. By the way, it is better to book rooms in advance, then there will be a discount.


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