Hotel Titanic Royal (Hurghada)

Titanic Royal Hotel is 11 km from Hurghada Airport, and is about 30 minutes away by shuttle bus. From the street, the main hotel building looks very pompous. There are statues on the facade and a huge fountain in front of the entrance. If you exit the hotel and go left, after 900 meters there is a two-storey Cleopatra Bazar. There you can buy souvenirs from Egypt for all tastes at fixed prices. And if you walk even further, on the right hand side is the Senzo Mall, where you can buy sims, fruit or fresh seafood, which you will be cooked right there.

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Hotel infrastructure

If you don’t feel like walking, you can hail a taxi from the mobile app. And you can get to the mall for only $1. On the right side of the hotel the road leads to Hurghada, but you can’t reach it on foot, as the city centre is almost 15km away.

There are no pedestrian walks directly to the hotel. But you can walk to a gift shop and a large shopping mall if you want to.

Right in the middle of the hall is a circular structure with vases and flowers in the middle. The reception is very spacious and bright. There are plenty of sofas and coffee tables around for guests to relax in comfort.

Hotel room

To get to your room, you have to overcome a long corridor. All rooms are located in a three-storey U-shaped building. And a characteristic plus that all rooms overlook the territory of the hotel – at the pool or the sea, that is, there is no view at the construction sites, dumps and the like. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. They have everything for comfortable rest – big beds, fridge with drinks, plasma TV.

The beds have bedside tables with lamps. Everything is made in light colors, which is impossible not to like. The two rooms are equipped with sleeping berths for children. This is a true private room with full single beds.

Hotel area

The area with pools and seating is comfortable enough and not dangerous. It is about 12 thousand square meters. And located between the U-shaped buildings with different numbers. At the entrance of the reception there is a small terrace with tables and colourful fountains which are switched on in the evening. Nearby there is a bar, benches and small green lawns planted with tall grass. Next is the largest swimming pool in the hotel. And in the middle of it is an island, which can be accessed by a small wooden bridge.

On the island there are very interesting beds with soft mattresses and pillows, on which it is very comfortable to relax. There are sun loungers right next to the pool in the water. They are very good for sunbathing in the summer, especially in the heat. The main thing is to control the amount of time you spend in the sun, as you can easily get burnt on these cool water beds. There are also towel booths nearby, as well as one more pool with lots of sun loungers and umbrellas around it.


A big bonus to the territory of the described hotel is the opportunity to visit the water park of the neighboring hotel on the second line Titanic Beach Spa & Aqua Park. And you can take a small bus there and ride the fun slides. It’s literally a 5 minute bus ride, but well worth it. There’s a full-fledged water park – 14 slides for adults and 15 for children. Here you can have a good time, which is exactly what tourists do.

Even if you don’t try out all the slides, this water park is a decent place to spend a few hours of relaxation. The children will surely be pleased and will ask you to come here again. Although the Titanic Royal does not have a full-fledged water park (as there are slides for very young children), it still turns into a hotel with a real water park, one of the best in Hurghada in terms of the number of slides. And that’s a huge plus!


The hotel has 3 restaurants, two of which you can go to by appointment. You can also grab a bite to eat at the restaurant on the beach. The main restaurant is on the ground floor near reception. If you arrive for lunch at 1pm sharp, it becomes a problem for you at the restaurant – there are no seats. But if you wait a bit, you can find vacant tables.

The restaurant offers a variety of meat and fish dishes. Also on the shelves are vegetables, salads and fruits in abundance. Garnishes also delight with their variety. A variety of sauces can be taken to accompany the dishes. In addition to fresh vegetables, there are also pickled vegetables. The bakery table offers plenty of options of rolls, croissants, scones, pastries and loaves for those who love to eat. Choose from a wide variety of seasonings, oils and sauces to dress your dishes.

There is also a separate meal for children with a variety of food presentation. Even the youngest gourmands will be impressed by the varied and delicious food.


Since the hotel area is small, it won’t take long to get to the beach from any of its points. The closest distance is 20 meters from the sea. It’s practically on the beach. The furthest rooms, which are next to the reception, are 150 meters from the beach. Even from afar, you’re sure to love the beach, as it has plenty of thatched umbrellas. They stand evenly row to row, and it dilutes the comfortable environment.

Of course, it is impossible to leave this beach without the presence of huge white sand. When you walk on it, your feet just sink. But, of course, when the weather is hot to walk on the sand is not very comfortable, because it is just hot. The area with the sand under the umbrellas, on the other hand, is very pleasant. Here you can lie and sunbathe together with the kids.

If you want to sunbathe in the open sun, just pull out the sun loungers, lie down on the sand and sunbathe. Equipment is plentiful and there are always free sun loungers and extras available. And they are all new, the beach line of the hotel is about 200 meters. It’s nice to take a walk, sit or lounge on the shore, and for the little ones to build castles.

As for the sea and depth, many tourists will be disappointed. Unfortunately, you have to go to the depths.


The entire daytime animation programme takes place by the poolside. Loud and energetic music starts playing as early as 10am, so it’s impossible not to notice the animation programme and the cheerful atmosphere of the area. And also part of the program takes place on the beach. There’s a volleyball court and places to play. There are active programs for children.

During the evening animation, the atmosphere is also noisy and fun, so it feels as if you are at some kind of celebration. Backlit fountains also work. And it looks impressive.

Although the hotel has only recently opened, it has positioned itself as a full-fledged and long-running hotel. The Titanic Royal is a new hotel, so it leaves a pleasant impression behind. But while the sea is shallow, the beach and grounds make up for the shallowness. And the ability to use the water park every day, only adds pluses to this hotel.


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Titanic Royal, Hurghada

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