Hotel Tikhaya Dacha Solnechnogorskoye Crimea. Quiet rest in Crimea

Guest house “Quiet Dacha” in the village of Solnechnogorsk offers a calm and leisurely holiday without overpayments for services that are not needed. There will be no bustle of crowded hotels, high prices in the spa and crowded beaches. This mini-hotel can offer small cozy rooms coupled with a large swimming pool and a luxurious garden. Another advantage of these places is clean water in the sea and a good beach. Add to this budget meals, Crimean wines and seasonal fruits. Of the cons: the village service does not meet the expectations of many tourists who are accustomed to fawning and helpfulness of the staff of five-star hotels. From the locals this can not wait. It is good to come here by car, then you can save on excursions and travel around all the local attractions. But most of the tourists come from Alushta on a minibus, which famously winds along the mountain roads, controlled by a clever dzhigit from the locals. The distance from the city to the village is 25 km.

Maxim Shcherbina writes a review: “Rested in August 2020. We loved it. Of the pros: the guest house is located close to the sea. There are many places around where you can eat deliciously. The sea is clean and without algae, the descent is gentle. Around the beautiful landscape – mountains, vegetation, coast. Of the cons: 700 meters to the sea have to go on the road without sidewalks, maneuvering between cars and bicycles. The Internet almost does not take: “youtube” is not loaded. There are also quite high prices for excursions.”

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Home-style rooms

The housing stock of “Quiet Dacha” consists of small, but homely cozy rooms, which can be divided into three main categories: standard, family and suite. Each has a bathroom with shower, air conditioning, a fridge and a small TV with cable channels. There is no kitchen, but there are enough canteens and cafes in the village.

  • The standard area of 15 square meters. meters is designed to accommodate two people. There are options with a double bed with an orthopedic mattress or two single beds. Parquet or laminate flooring is served. Opposite there is a small TV with 60 channels. The bathroom has a shower, shampoo, gel and liquid soap. An improved standard with an area of 25 square meters. meters, although designed to accommodate two people, but allows you to organize a third bed. A safe is added from the equipment.
  • The family room of 30 square meters has two rooms and is designed for a family with two children. Bunk bed is designed for children, large double bed for adults.
  • The suite is 32, 34 and 42 square meters. meters and is designed for 2-4 people. There is more expensive decoration and furniture. In general, cozy as in an apartment. Instead of a small TV, plasma hangs on the wall. The bathroom has a bathtub and bidet.

Meals in the hotel and village

The guest house “Quiet Dacha” offers a family-type restaurant, where the chef prepares breakfasts, lunches, dinners and food to order. The institution has a pleasant disposing interior, comfortable tables, a sofa, plasma on the wall. When booking, you can arrange full board or live in a hotel, and eat in the village. Here are the reviews of those who took a ticket with food:

“rested for two weeks, breakfast included in the price. The variety was: five days – semolina porridge, four – oatmeal, three – buckwheat milk soup, two – scrambled eggs. For men, portions are small. I advise you to have breakfast on the coast.” “The only disadvantage in the Quiet Dacha is food. We took a ticket only with breakfast and in the end we were very glad that we did not take full board. We ate in the village, where there are cafes for any purse. “

  • Cafe “Fortuna” is located opposite the store and has good reviews. Prices are the most affordable: “took for two with a child two mashed potatoes, meatball, pancakes, compote and water. The result is 380p”. Food here is prepared at home and without semi-finished products. There are pastries and inexpensive beer.
  • Restaurant «Sea cat» is located on the beach five meters from the sea. Beautiful views complement the modern interior. The food here is ordinary, the prices are average, the waiters are agile. But in the season, with a full load of staff is not enough, you can sit for half an hour, just waiting for the menu. If you do not rush anywhere, then the place is decent. In the evenings there are live music and dances.
  • The market is small and is located next to the guest house. Here you can buy seasonal vegetables / fruits and homemade wine, which is given to try. Experienced praise dried fish caught in the sea with the help of cunning devices. Grilled chickens are also fried on spit, but there are problems with pork, since most of the population is Muslim.

Hotel services

Those living in the “Quiet Dacha” use the pool and the infrastructure around it. The swimming pool for adults in length extends for 18 meters, is equipped with heating and countercurrent. Nearby there is a small pond for children. The space around is occupied by sunbeds and umbrellas. You can sit in the sun or in the shade. The recreation area is buried in the greenery of ornamental trees and flowers, there is a very beautiful garden.

The Russian bath, in addition to the steam room, has a pouring bucket, a shower and a rest room, which has a leather sofa, a pair of chairs and a table. The bath must be ordered in advance, as well as food from the restaurant.

Beach and surroundings

Vacationers praise the local beach, which consists of small pebbles and sand. The water is very clean and without algae, there are often waves that children love. Storm in the summer happens quite rarely. There are no piers and breakwaters, which has both pros and cons for recreation. On the beach there are changing rooms and toilets, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes and hawks. The beach is wide and long, so it’s easy to find the right place. The only drawback is the highway not far away, on which cars roar.

For a fee, you can ride a water scooter or banana. There is an inflatable slide and shooting range. Locals are engaged in petty trade, sell all sorts of snacks: churchkhela, baklava, corn, ice cream, beer, fish, etc.

Small and nimble ships moor to the pier, on which tourists make refreshing walks along the coast. For a fee, those who wish can jump with a parachute, if there is an urgent need.

Grocery store “Alina” is located in the center of the village, accepts cards and cash. There are normal prices and a large selection of alcohol, including cognacs and Crimean wines. There are delicious tortillas, sausages, cookies, groceries, etc.

Olga1983 writes a review: “we went with my husband to the guest house “Quiet Dacha” and immediately decided that we would treat everything easier and more leniently. It helped, in the end we really liked it. Settled quickly, the room without luxury, but everything you need is there: new plumbing, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. Clean bed! The road to the sea in witches, in the morning jeeps drive to the waterfall – dangerous! There is almost nothing in the village, except for numerous cafes, a post office and a first-aid post with a pharmacy. The nearest ATM is located in Alushta. Cards are accepted for payment in large establishments, and in stalls only cash. The children’s playground is one and is located at the end of the village. But the pool and the views of the hotel are very decent. Sunbathed on sunbeds by the pool, ordered cocktails from the administrator – I liked it. Rested well, spending 45000r for a week (2019)”.

What you can visit

  • Waterfall “Jur-jur” is located at a distance of 10 km from the village of Solnechnogorskoye. This is a whole cascade of waterfalls and rifts located in the middle of a wild forest on the slope of the mountain. The picturesque landscape and pristine nature are well suited for a photo shoot and a picnic, provided that guests do not leave behind garbage. It is useful to breathe fresh mountain air, and for the convenience of climbing stairs are arranged. Not reaching the waterfalls, there is a café, parking, small trade in pies and all sorts of snacks. There is an opportunity to get to the place on the uazik (500r per person), while others go by their cars or go on foot.
  • The Museum of Disasters on the Waters is located in the basement of the beautiful Orthodox Church of St. Catherine. Nicholas of Myra, which rises above the sea in the neighboring village of Malorechenskoye. In the temple itself, you can defend the service, put candles, attach to the icons and order demands. The museum also presents an exposition in 14 halls on an area of 600 square meters. meters. A large number of exhibits raised from sunken ships were collected. The guide tells informative and exciting stories about famous cases of shipwreck on the Black Sea. One of the halls has the form of a ship deck with guns, cannonballs, a bell, etc.
  • The Genoese fortress is the main attraction of Sudak, which attracts tourists to the city. The place is interesting because the fortress is perfectly preserved, and knightly tournaments and performances are arranged inside. Trade in all sorts of paraphernalia is also developed. It makes sense to go here without an excursion – so you can save money. To visit it is better to choose a time when interesting events will be held inside the fortress.
  • The water park in Sudak is one of the best on the entire coast and is located in the bay. A large number of complex slides, the speed of flight on which reaches 70 km / h. On 10 thousand square meters. meters arranged numerous pools, the total area of which is 1800 square meters. meters. The center of attraction is four complexes with slides, a children’s pool and animation. Children will be delighted! Prices in the range of 1300-1800r, and for children up to 1 meter entrance and completely free. You can also fully eat in the restaurant, cocktail bar, pizzeria, and buy ice cream in the kiosk. Of the services it should be noted the beach with sun loungers, rental of windmed candy, safe deposit boxes, changing rooms and toilets.
  • Sun Valley is a village near Sudak, in which there is a famous winery with an underground storage, where wine stands in oak barrels. This is an excursion place with history, operating production and affordable prices. Tasting 10 wines costs only 500r. Guided tour – 350р. Wines can also be purchased at producer prices. Around the picturesque views and architecture of the 19th century.
  • Marble cave is one of the ten most beautiful caves in the world, so it is a must visit. This tourist site is located in the mountain range between Alushta and Simferopol. The last 7 km in front of the cave is off-road, but if you go carefully, you can get there by sedan. There are many halls in it, where stalactites and stalagmites create bizarre images and figures. Guides tell stories related to the cave, sometimes funny. Hewn steps and flat floors, coupled with multi-colored lighting, create the feeling that you are in a magical castle from a fairy tale. Very atmospheric place.
  • In Alushta you can visit numerous attractions and entertainment places. Two dolphinariums show a program for children and adults. Nightlife is concentrated in the clubs located on the waterfront and in the city center. The best Crimean fruits and vegetables at affordable prices are sold on the market. In boarding houses and sanatoriums carry out health procedures, massage and complex therapy.
  • It is better to visit the Ayu-Dag and Demerdzhi mountains with an excursion departing from Alushta. Pros: informative stories from guides and the absence of queues on the cable car, because groups are skipped without a queue. Minus: only the price.


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