Hotel Tavrida Cape Lucullus Sandy Crimea

Rest in the Crimean village of Corner is intended for those holidaymakers who love peace, privacy, exceptionally clean air. It perfectly combines dry steppe and marine climates, which contributes to the treatment and prevention of respiratory and ENT diseases. The village is located in a cozy bay between capes Lucullus and Kermenchik. In Soviet times, large enterprises built holiday homes here. The sanatorium area has survived to this day. Today it is modified, and new residential buildings are constantly being added to the old buildings. One of these new buildings is the hotel “Tavrida Cape Lucullus”.

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Location and history

The hotel complex was built in 2001. Initially, it became part of the Atelika network. In 2013, a complete reconstruction of the building and infrastructure units was carried out. In 2017, the hotel went out of the network with the full preservation of staff, catering and leisure activities. Here they accept the “All Inclusive” system and try to create ideal conditions for the rest of parents with children.

The village of Corner is located in the Bakhchisaray district, 30 km from the center. Sevastopol is 45 km away. By public transport from Simferopol in any case you need to go to Bakhchisarai, and then change to the bus to Uglovy. From the stop to the hotel will have to walk towards the sea. The property recommends booking a transfer so as not to waste time on stops and transfers.

The complex is located on the first coastline. To the sea and the beach – only 50 m. The total area of the territory is 4.5 hectares. On it there are the main objects for a good rest – a café, a swimming pool, sports grounds, a souvenir shop. The perimeter is fenced and guarded around the clock from unauthorized persons. This is very important for people coming on vacation with children. The hotel does not accept pets. This is regulated by internal rules. Check-in is carried out from 12.00, you must leave before 10.00 immediately after breakfast.

More information! There is a car park on site. A seat must be reserved at the time of booking. Parking is free.

“The 2 star hotel fully corresponds to its level. But for a budget holiday is ideal. The sea is nearby, the food is adjusted. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, as well as intermediate snack stations. Great place for families with children.”

Room stock

The number of rooms is 102 “Standard” for 242 beds. After reconstruction, all rooms are landscaped, each has a bathroom with showers. Rooms are bright and all have panoramic windows. Not all have balconies, but this does not prevent guests from getting enough sleep and having a good rest. For a comfortable stay there is air conditioning, refrigerator, standard set of furniture, TV.

2 residential buildings were built on the territory. One of them on 4, the second on 3 floors. Standard rooms are available for guests only. They are designed for different numbers of residents. You can choose from:

  1. Single room with an area of 10 sq. m. There are 5 such rooms. They do not have a balcony, a bed is installed, on which, if desired, a mother with a small child can sleep. But mostly these rooms are designed for people who appreciate solitude. They are quite enough footage, space in the bathroom. It even provides a basin for washing feet.
  2. Double room with an area of 10 square meters. m is perfect for a budget holiday for two people. The rooms have two single beds. Not all have a balcony, but if it is, then necessarily with outdoor furniture. Extra bed is not provided (not enough space), also not installed baby cot. The fund has 44 such rooms, which can accommodate a married couple, two friends, a parent with one child.
  3. Triple room with an area of 17.5 square meters. m is a budget option for a family of 3-4 people. In addition to three single beds, it is possible to install a folding bed for the fourth member of the family. The balcony is not available in all rooms, so you need to warn the administrator about your desire to have a room with a balcony.
  4. Double two-room suite with an area of 23.5 square meters. m is ideal for a young couple with children. The bedroom has two single beds, but in the living room there is a double sofa bed. In the large hallway there is a wardrobe and a refrigerator. All 6 rooms have a balcony.
  5. Double three-room suite with an area of 30 sq. m. These are 2 rooms equipped with their own kitchenette and dining area. For this purpose, a whole room is allocated. In the second there is a bedroom with a double bed. In the third room there is a living room with access to the balcony. It has a double sofa, which can accommodate two more guests. In a large hallway there is a wardrobe, a pedestal for shoes, a mirror. A spacious bathroom with a shower cabin and a sink is constantly provided with hot water due to an electric water heater.

The price includes three meals a day in the format of a “buffet”, intermediate tea stations, use of the pool and all water programs that are associated with it (water aerobics, water polo), sports and children’s playgrounds, a beach with sun loungers and shade canopies, adult and children’s animation.

Pay attention! Kettle, hairdryer, baby cots, safe deposit boxes, laundry services are available on a fee basis.

“I recommend the hotel as a budget place for summer holidays. Despite some squalor of the interiors, it is clean, the rooms are cleaned every day. Well thought out entertainment. Every day animators come, hold parties for children and adults. Excellent swimming pool with also a well-thought-out sports component. In the morning you can come here for a general exercise, during the day to engage in water sports (swimming, polo), as well as take part in various competitions. There is one big drawback in everything – on the territory of a terribly weak Wi-Fi” Oksana, Russia

Meals and restaurants

The main meal is organized by the dining room of the complex. A buffet is served three times a day for breakfast, lunch and a choice of dishes. The chef has developed an assortment taking into account the maximum health benefits, because the resort goes not only for sunbathing and swimming. Recovery of the body plays an important role in the resort holiday. The assortment always includes fresh salads, soups, several types of hot dishes, pastries, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

For children, a separate menu with their favorite steam, stewed and sweet dishes has been developed. On the recommendation of Rospotrebnadzor, the time for meals is increased by half an hour. This is also convenient for families with children, whose meal usually takes longer. Therefore, now the breakfast room opens from 07.30 in the morning.

Important! For all guests there is a single tariff on the system “All inclusive”. Accommodation without meals is not provided.

There is not a single restaurant near the hotel. The nearest of them “Prevysokov” is located at a distance of 4 km. Therefore, the hotel has a bar “Kalamita”, which offers its own menu, as well as the weekly “Kazan Show”. You can participate in it, show your own culinary skills, learn from local chefs, and then taste the prepared dishes.

The assortment of the bar includes author’s burgers with juicy cutlets, steaks, seafood, interesting sauces. For them, sesame buns are baked, which are then caramelized in a special toaster. The kitchen offers naguets, potatoes/onions/squid fries rings, baked chicken wings and a host of other familiar cold and hot snacks in the author’s performance.

From 10.00 to 20.00 in the bar there is an intermediate power station. At this time, you can have a snack with pancakes, pies, pizza, canapés, salads, drink beer, cider, lemonade, try desserts.

Children and adults can buy themselves ice cream with different fillers and toppings at any time. By the way, it is on the territory of the bar that animators conduct developing master classes with young guests of the hotel, so you can combine business with pleasure.

Leisure and entertainment

In the evening, the hall of the bar “Kalamita” turns into a play area. Here they gather to play “Mafia” and other board games. On the big screen you can watch sports matches, at the same time order beer and snacks to feel at home. The screen is used for karaoke lovers. The hall has equipment that allows lovers of singing to demonstrate their abilities, and at the same time earn bonus points. In short, the Bar is the central entertainment area for hotel guests.

On the territory there is a small sports ground with horizontal bars. There are no simulators yet, but the management is working in this direction, so sooner or later the fitness room will still appear here. In the meantime, sports fans can only be content with horizontal bars, a volleyball court and a football field. By the way, you can not fully play football in every Black Sea hotel.

Here they also took care of lovers of reading. A small but well-equipped mini-library with soft sofas is located in the lobby just behind the safe deposit boxes. Employees popularize crossbooking, so vacationers often leave their books here, which they took from home and have already read.

Animation is included in the price. If there is a desire to receive individual services, for example, to congratulate you on your birthday, then you need to contact the chief animator, who organizes a commemorative event for a fee.

Hotel “Tavrida Cape Lucullus” is one of the central places of rest in the village, so those who live in other hotels or the private sector buy day passes here. Guests are attracted by the developed infrastructure and the presence of many entertainments. In particular, there is an attraction “Air Hockey”. This is an exciting team game, the equipment for which is installed on the summer playground by the pool. Tokens are sold at the Kalamita Bar.

Beaches & Pools

It features a large outdoor pool. It is next to the bar’s summer playground. The water is heated to a comfortable temperature (+22) so that children can swim in it. For them, a shallow area with a depth of up to 60 cm is allocated, the Pool is open from the morning until 21.00. Later, it is forbidden to swim, as sanitary water purification is carried out. In addition, at night the surface is closed with a special thermal protection. During the day, you can swim, participate in entertainment and sports activities.

A private beach area is 50 metres away. The sand and pebble upper tier is equipped with sun loungers and canopies. The depth increases gradually, for several meters stretches shallow water. It is very convenient for bathing children. Changing cabins are installed. Every day the animators entertain the children.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel welcomes young guests from all ages. Kids up to 4 years old can live with their parents for free, if they do not need a separate bed, and they will eat according to the parental package. A children’s menu is available in the dining room. A cot can be rented at an additional cost. Discounts are available for children under 12 years of age.

Important! The benefit applies only to one child staying in the room. Discounts are provided for other children.

The hotel has:

  • children’s room, where children can play with toys or watch cartoons;
  • outdoor playground with slide, swings, handle and carousel;
  • children’s club with a program of educational games.

Everywhere with young guests are engaged animators.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel is ready to organize excursions to any point of the Crimea. Applications are accepted at the reception desk. For hiking in the local natural sites, it is advisable to order the services of a guide. Cape Lucullus is a rather dangerous place, since its clay rocks can collapse into the sea at any time. Today this place is declared a reserve. Local guides have developed several safe routes.

On Cape Kremenchik there is an archaeological monument of the Scythian Ust-Almin settlement. This is just on the border of the villages of Corner and Sand, a stone’s throw from the hotel. The Scythian city was founded in the 2nd millennium BC and at one time was a major commercial and maritime center.

On the alma river there is a large memorial complex in memory of the battle of 1854. This is a mass grave where Russian, English, French and Turkish soldiers are buried.


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In the hotel “Tavrida Cape Lucullus” every holidaymaker will find for himself what to do and how to relax.