Hotel Staraya Sloboda Lodeinoe pole

Hotel “Staraya Sloboda” offers a comfortable stay in the natural area. It is located in an ecologically clean area of the Leningrad region near the village of the same name. Wooden comfortable houses are surrounded by a pine forest. In Peter’s time, Lodeinoe Pole was the place where boats were built for the Russian fleet. The owners of the hotel complex decided to equip it in the spirit of the Russian farmstead. The main two-storey building resembles a manor house. To decorate the yard and interiors, decorative elements borrowed from peasant everyday life were used.

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Location and history

The country hotel was founded in 2001. Before the start of construction, the site was consecrated by the abbot of the Alexander Svirsky Monastery Lucian. Metropolitan Vladimir of Ladoga himself arrived at the opening ceremony. Together with the abbot, they re-consecrated the hotel area. This approach was not accidental. Pilgrims who come to the monastery stay at the hotel. During church services, the chime of bells is heard here.

The country hotel is located 28 km from the railway station Lodeinoe Pole. Public transport is available towards the hotel. There is a taxi rank. Pulkovo Airport is 263 km away. The railway station is a hub for three directions. From here you can take trains to St. Petersburg and Murmansk. About 10 passenger trains and 3 trains pass daily.

For those traveling by road: three federal and regional highways lead to Lodeinoe Pole – M18 St. Petersburg – Murmansk, P36 and P37. The city has a bus station, through which 24-28 intercity buses pass daily. There is a good road to Staraya Sloboda. From Lodeyny Pole there are buses on schedule. Stop “Svirskaya”, then on foot (5 minutes from the monastery). Guests with cars are provided with free parking space.

Pay attention! In the city there are bank branches of “Sber” and “Rosselkhozbank”. Communication is provided by operators “Megafon”, “Beeline”, MTS, Tele-2, Rostelecom.

“We came to Staraya Sloboda to take a break from the noisy metropolis. There is a magnificent nature, Karelian forests, clean air. My husband immediately ordered fishing on Roshchinskoye Lake. I gladly devoted time to walking around the neighborhood, even collected some mushrooms and berries. Peace and quiet are the main advantages of this place. Although it can be quite fun when big companies come” Irina, Russia

Room stock

In the fund of the complex – hotel rooms, separate cottages and apartments. It offers guests – round-the-clock room service “room service”. The caring staff will deliver food and drinks upon prior reservation at the exact appointed time. Wi-Fi is available free of charge.

The following accommodation options are available for guests:

  1. Hotel rooms of category “Standard” are located in the main building. There are 24 rooms with their own bathroom and shower. Some of them can accommodate an extra bed. From household appliances: TV, refrigerator, fan, hairdryer. Iron can be taken from the receptionist. A telephone is installed for internal communication.
  2. Hotel rooms of “Economy” category are located in the administrative building. There are 22 furnished rooms. Bathroom and shower on the floor. The shared kitchen includes a water cooler, microwave, fridge, kettle and kitchenware. There is a TV in the lobby. Iron at the reception. Rooms are designed for 1, 2 and 3 people.
  3. Comfortable cottages can accommodate from 1 to 4 people. One cottage can accommodate a company of up to 6 people. These are cozy wooden houses made according to the Finnish standard from environmentally friendly materials. On the ground floor there is a living room and a bedroom, in the attic there is a second bedroom. The bathroom is combined with a shower. There is a summer terrace with a bench for relaxation.
  4. The apartments are located in a two-storey townhouse. Each of the rooms has a separate entrance. The apartment consists of a living room with kitchenette and a bedroom.

More information! The hotel accepts guests with pets. A payment of 150 rubles is taken for additional cleaning.

“The room is very clean and quiet. Clean every day. The floors in the Standard are warm, I don’t know how in others. The restaurant is not exquisite, but the food is delicious. If you want to try the monastic food, you can visit the refectory. The hotel yard is wide, there is a house for cooking kebabs. The children loved the playground. My wife and I – bath” Ivan, Russia

Meals and restaurants

Guests of the hotel complex are served by a spacious two-storey restaurant. At the same time, 250 people can dine here. The chef offers dishes of Russian and European cuisines. A lenten menu has been developed without fail. Breakfast is included and served from 09.00 to 11.00 is included. From lunch, the kitchen prepares an à la carte menu. Prices are average, lunch or dinner will cost 750-1000 rubles (without alcohol).

200 meters from the hotel (towards the monastery) there is a café “Staraya Sloboda”. The small establishment is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Here they prepare takeaway food, bake pancakes with different fillings. The café works on a self-service system, dishes are exhibited on the distribution tape.

You can go to Lodeinoe Pole, where there are restaurants and cafes. Guests noted several real points of catering, where they cook well:

  • café “Bell” in the TOP takes the first place in the interior and comfort. It serves Dishes of Russian cuisine, barbecue, soup, good ice cream. The institution is positioned as a family café. There is delivery and takeaway;
  • Café Deja Vu is a 5-minute drive from the highway. They cook good pizza here. A set lunch will cost 250 rubles (actual for February 2021). The interior is eclectic, but not annoying;
  • café “Svir” – a picturesque institution on the banks of the river. Works from 11.00 to 19.00, no delivery. The menu features dishes of Russian cuisine, the staff is friendly. Business lunch within 300 rubles;
  • coffee house “Joys of Life” – a soulful institution with unsurpassed pancakes and pastries. It is cozy and fed like at home. For lunch, soups, roasts and other delicious healthy dishes are prepared.

In the village of Staraya Sloboda there are supermarkets Pyaterochka and Dixie. There is FixPrice. The hotel has access to a shared kitchen, which is located in the administrative building. Unfortunately, there is no hob, so you will have to take food for microwaves. In the yard there is a house with a barbecue. Accessories can be taken to the receptionist and cook dinner on an open fire (grill, kebab, baked vegetables, etc.)

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Roshchinskoye. The village of Staraya Sloboda is surrounded by three lakes, each of which is home to fish. The hotel administrator will help to organize fishing on any of them. Fishermen always come back with a catch. Basically, perch bite, but sometimes pike come across.

The mushroom season depends on the rains. It usually lasts from August to October. At this time, popular hiking in the forest area, picking berries, mushrooms and herbs. The hotel has its own horse-riding yard. Horse riding and horse riding lessons are available at an additional cost.

Sports equipment rental is available at the hotel. In summer you can take a bicycle here, in winter – cross-country skiing. The hotel restaurant has tables for playing American billiards (pool). Hourly payment is taken. The administrator can offer board games, including table football.

The picturesque place attracts masters of fine arts. From time to time, traveling exhibitions of artworks are organized here.

The main place for relaxation and rest is the bath complex. It includes 3 Russian baths with separate entrances, wooden fonts, brooms and steam rooms. The relaxation room has a wooden table with benches. Each bath is designed for 10 people. The administrator suggests to register in advance, as there are always more people willing than there are free places. Baths are heated only with firewood, birch, oak and juniper brooms are prepared for visitors. Food and drinks can be ordered in the restaurant, the reception can take board games.

Important! The services of the bath complex are paid. It is open from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts guests without age restriction. For children from 0 to 1 year old, a cot is provided free of charge. Children under 7 years old can sleep with their parents or in a separate bed for an additional fee. Anyone 7 years of age or older is considered an adult. For kids in the yard there is a playground. It has a slide, swings, ladder. The restaurant has a separate children’s menu.

A mini zoo is on site. Here, young guests of the hotel can get acquainted with the four-legged and feathered inhabitants of the farmstead. Rabbits, chickens, pigs, turkeys are allowed to stroke, feed, take in your arms. The menagerie is constantly replenished with new pets. The administrator will tell you how to feed each of them.

Equestrian club “Staraya Sloboda” conducts riding training regardless of the age of the participants. In addition, hippotherapy is practiced here. This is a unique method of treating mental illness, withdrawal from stress, rehabilitation after illness with the help of therapeutic riding and communication with horses. Classes are available by appointment.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The administration of the hotel complex is ready to organize individual and group excursions to the most interesting places of the Leningrad region. The district has its own attractions. The main one is the Holy Trinity Alexander Svirsky Monastery.

The monastery was founded in the late 15th century. To our time, it has preserved buildings recognized as architectural monuments. With the advent of Soviet power, the monastery was looted, and its abbot was shot by the Chekists. For a long time there was a psychiatric hospital on its territory. Restoration work began in 1997. Today the monastery is an object of cultural heritage and is protected by the state.

The monastery is active. Services are held here, and visitors can explore the main temples of the monastery:

  • Trinity Cathedral (built in 1697);
  • Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary with refectory (1536);
  • Church of St. John of Damascus (1716);
  • Transfiguration Cathedral (1644);
  • Church of Saints Zechariah and Elizabeth ( 1668);
  • Gate Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (1791)

On the territory restored belfry built in 1646, the Preobrazhenskaya bell tower, built in 1904.

The monastery keeps Orthodox relics – the relics of St. Alexander Svirsky, a copy of the Shroud of Turin, particles of the relics of Orthodox saints, a holy spring. In the area there are two female operating monasteries – Veveden-Oyatsky and Pokrovo-Tervenichesky. The monasteries receive pilgrims and tourists.

Sightseeing tour of the Lodeyn Field includes the following objects:

  • Museum of History and Local Lore;
  • Park-memorial “Svirskaya Pobeda”;
  • Square of shipbuilders;
  • Alley of Heroes.

Many places are associated with the name of Peter I. It was he who ordered to build the first shipyards here. In honor of him, a memorial sign was installed on the site where once stood a wooden camping house in which he stayed. The monument was installed by the merchant Safronov with his own money at the end of the 19th century.

The hotel administration is ready to consider any proposals for the organization of excursion tours. The program of trips is negotiated in advance. “Staraya Sloboda” is considered one of the best places of rest in the Leningrad region. Having been here once, you always want to come back again.


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