Hotel “Sersial”, Alupka, Crimea

Crimea is one of our most beloved seaside resorts, and every year it offers its guests more and more comfortable places to relax. In recent years, the hotel “Sercial” on the southern shore of the Black Sea, in Alupka,has become very popular. The resort is fully ready to receive families with children, and everything is available for health rest here, simply because you do not need to pay extra for it – the sea breeze and clean mountain air are always “available”.

Deciding to come to the South Coast, to its “pearl” – Alupka, you have already made the right choice. Perfectly gentle sun and bronze tan are provided to you, just book your stay in the hotel “Cercial” and enjoy your vacation.

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Location and rooms of the hotel

The 2-star hotel is located in the center of Alupka, at the foot of Mount Ai – Petri, a 15-minute drive from Yalta. The resort “activity” of the village began to develop and glorify the place only in the 19th century, the Russian nobility came here and spent whole warm seasons. In Soviet times, boarding houses and recreation areas became popular, and the territory of the hotel “Sersial” is adjacent to the famous Vorontsov Park. The embankment of the river in this place is quite high, and for this reason from the windows of the rooms there are views of the mountains and sea spaces.

In two buildings housed 46 rooms, from budget to suites. Regardless of the category, there is all the equipment and accessories for comfort: TV, private bathroom with shower, modern furniture, constant Internet access throughout the territory. Interestingly, almost each of the rooms differs from the previous one in colors and style.

The hotel is located behind the fence and under round-the-clock security, it is calm and safe. For guests arriving by private car, there is a parking lot.

The southern seaside resort is a family place, so we pay special attention to the spacious room for several people. On 50 sq.m. – 2 rooms and a full kitchen, there is also a large balcony with furniture, which can easily be mistaken for a separate room overlooking the sea and the park. It is possible to live here in four, cook your own food in the kitchen, everything for this is available.

Olga, Nizhny Novgorod “I want to say right away that the stardom of the hotel is underestimated, in my opinion, would give all 4 stars for the quality of rooms, service, attitude to guests. Excellent value for money, in the season of food only breakfasts, but to order in the restaurant on the menu – not a problem, everything is available and very tasty. You need to go to the sea a little, but this is not a problem. Special thanks to the maids – they do their job perfectly! I recommend the hotel to everyone!”

Meals at the hotel

Only breakfasts are included in the price of accommodation in the hotel, and they are served only in the “high” season – from May to the end of September. In other months of the year, guests live without meals included, it is ordered from the menu in the restaurant. For children prepared diet menu, there is all the necessary furniture for their feeding.

There are several bars on the beach, where you can buy snacks during the day, and there are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the city center, for every taste.

In the main restaurant of the hotel lunches and dinners can be ordered à la carte, including diet meals for children and elderly people with special diets.

Leisure and additional services at the hotel

The territory in the hotel is small, but very cozy. There is an outdoor swimming pool with fresh water, open in the warm season, nearby there is a café – bar and a children’s playground. The pool is of medium size with different depths, convenient for both adults and children. The price includes the use of sun loungers and parasols, and there is also a solarium.

Both hotel buildings are located in the garden, and guests have the opportunity not only to walk and breathe fresh air, but also to explore the sights.

The beach near the hotel is sandy – pebbly, belongs to the city, but despite the fact that it is quite crowded, it is well-groomed and clean, and for guests of the hotel “Sensial” there is a dedicated area. From the hotel building you can get to the beach along the path through the park, it is located at 250 – 300 meters from the buildings. In summer, there is a special transport to the sea, the schedule of which can be found at the reception.

If even during the holidays you are not ready to part with your pet, that for an additional fee you will settle it with you in the room, but you need to notify the hotel staff in advance.

Hotel “Sensial” is a great place not only for a beach holiday, but also for conferences and business seminars. For this purpose there is a hall for 60 persons with microphones and video equipment. In the same space, wedding celebrations and banquets are often arranged.

Family holidays with children at sea – the phenomenon is the most frequent, and the staff of “Sensial” does everything possible to ensure that the guys do not get bored and spend their holidays with benefit.

The restaurant has a healthy and delicious children’s menu, comfortable furniture for the little ones. You can actively spend time in the pool and cinema hall, participate in animation or disco. If parents need to leave the child under supervision, there are paid services of a professional nanny.

Nikolai and Svetlana, Moscow “Rest on the southern coast is not the first time, we love it very much. We go with children, and always want them not to be bored, otherwise the vacation will be spoiled for everyone. When we chose the hotel “Sensial” in Alupka, then, frankly, they were afraid of poor service, although the guest reviews were good. You know, it was nice that they were afraid in vain – there is a good safe pool, if you did not go to the beach. Animators try to entertain children, there are a lot of them in the summer season. There are many activities on the sea – from renting water equipment to playgrounds. In general, everyone was satisfied, and this is great. Back to Sensial again”

Whatever the duration of your vacation, just lying on the beach is a rather monotonous matter, especially in the Crimea, where there is something to see. So, let’s go to the most beautiful places of the southern coast.

Attractions Alupka

What happened in these places not so long ago, for example, in the 19th century? Alupka then – a small settlement, and on the outskirts of the Russian Empire. Count Vorontsov was appointed governor, and then the city began to develop actively. The aristocrat had excellent taste and zeal, and thanks to this Alupka turned from a province into a famous tourist oasis. And to work – that Vorontsov did not have much – nature created all the beauty itself, but to build something new – was in his power.

Vorontsov Palace

The estate of the count is a symbol of Alupka. This is an amazing palace in its beauty and architecture, it combines neo-Gothic and Moorish style. In the early 19th century, the Englishman Blore worked on his project, and built it as a result of 20 years. It is also interesting that the architect had never been to the Crimea before and was not familiar with local styles, but extremely accurately “inscribed” it in the landscape.

The palace was incredibly “lucky” to not be destroyed during the revolution, when many other buildings of the era of the Russian Empire were at least damaged. In the Vorontsov Palace, even the interiors have been preserved, and this is wonderful. Now it can be visited as a museum of life of the 19th century.

Museum of Crimean Tatar Culture

Tatars have been inhabiting Crimea for a long time, and their traditions and history are inextricably linked with the peninsula. The modern museum began with a private collection of works by the Crimean Tatars, it did not fade over time, but on the contrary was replenished and before us now – a museum with a rich collection telling about the life of the culture and traditions of the indigenous population. Guests can get acquainted with the objects of decorative and applied art, sculptures and paintings. If many of us know little about this nation in principle, then in the museum you will be introduced to it closely, through art.

Tasting room “Massandra”

Winemaking and Crimea are two inextricably linked concepts. “Massandra” is the oldest wine depository, it is more than 200 years old, and the same Count Vorontsov laid the foundation for it. It was here that the world-famous wines of the region were aged. More than 30 years ago, we decided to open a tasting room, which can still be visited, it was the best advertising. It offers 4 halls with vintage wines for a sample plus an interesting story about the Crimean winemaking. Liked the wine – buy it immediately in the company store. The complex is open all year round, but in summer, for obvious reasons, there are a lot of visitors.

Mount Ai-Petri

It is in the area of Alupka that you can find the highest mountains, the teeth of the peaks are visible for several kilometers. One of the most famous peaks – Ai – Petri, reaches 1200 m. At its peak there is an observation deck, and you can imagine how beautiful the landscapes are observed from it. On the mountain there are waterfalls, a beech grove and even caves. Very romantic are horseback riding, but the passage over the suspension over the abyss bridge fills only adrenaline. For the most daring and physically prepared tourists there are hiking trails to the top of Ai – Petri, but it is most convenient to go there by cable car. As they say, it is already easier to go down, and it is even interesting to do it on a rented bicycle, such a service is provided.

Rock and observation deck named after Aivazovsky

It is no secret that beautiful places inspire not only tourists to travel, but also many years ago attracted the attention of painters. Alupka is no exception, and the main marine painter of our country, whose name even children know, Ivan Aivazovsky, loved to visit here. He had one favorite place that miraculously inspired him to write masterpieces. What kind of place is this? The answer is simple – the most ordinary rock in the water, and the endless sea around. So many works were performed in this area that she, the rock, simply deserved to bear the name of Aivazovsky. This is reported to guests by a sign on the observation deck on the embankment. It’s been a long time since then, but now creative people come here for the atmosphere and tranquility. A great place for romantic dates and just walks.

Shaan Kaya Mountain and Lake

It’s hard to believe, but in the wild, without human control, anything happens. It is said that the rock Shaan – Kaya once broke away from Mount Ai – Petri, and now it (rock) is the most extreme even for professional climbers. Here, at an altitude of no more than 900 meters, very steep slopes, even with a negative slope, and elevation differences – up to 250 meters. For a very long time, no one dared to conquer it, the first brave souls came here in 1966 for a few days, immediately the rock did not succumb.

Who else in our time comes to Shaan – Kaya? We answer: fans of jumping with equipment, and in free fall you can fly about 160 meters. Agree, the lesson is not for everyone. But what will be pleasant to every guest is a crystal – clear lake with the same name and icy water. People come here not only to enjoy the unique landscapes, but also to breathe the mountain air.


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The southern coast of Crimea is so beautiful that it would be wrong to exchange it for anything else. Such a sea and air you will not find anywhere, not in vain because all its advantages, as a resort, “bitten” russian aristocrats a few centuries ago. Come to Alupka, stay in the hotel “Sensial” and get a real southern pleasure, spend your vacation correctly!