Hotel Residence Leonora Gelendzhik

Hotel “Residence Leonora” is surrounded on all sides by a garden with fruit-bearing trees. It is located in the city of Gelendzhik, a few meters from the sea.

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Hotel description

Private hotel “Residence Leonora” was built on May 1, 2014 on the first line. This place is ideal for a good rest. In addition to the fact that from everywhere you can see the sea, which is only 2 minutes away, each room is decorated in an exclusive design.

Residence Leonora is located in a picturesque place where every tourist will feel the energy of the Black Sea. You can watch the splashing waves directly from the windows of the complex. Inspired by this view, you can go directly to the water itself. And without spending more than two minutes on the way to the beach to be by the sea.

It is impossible to find something as beautiful as the “Residence leonora” on this coast. These are large houses for receiving tourists with excellent service and unique design rooms that are quite different from each other. The design and interior will undoubtedly surprise anyone. Rooms can be chosen to your liking and mood for rest.

Holidays at Residence Leonora are not easy opportunities to get closer to the sea and the sun. Here you can observe the environment and immerse yourself in a wonderful world. Residence Leonora Hotel is located just a 10-minute drive from GelendzhikAirport.

Note! It is worth beware of enterprising taxi drivers who offer to take “only” for a few thousand rubles. You can get to the hotel “Residence Leonora” by public transport or book a transfer.

“Residence Leonora”, consists of only eight rooms, each of which is unusual in a special way. For vacationers there is also a cinema with a bar, a courtyard with a luxurious landscape and a real river, as well as cozy small buildings for relaxation.

The complex has an outdoor pool. Also, every tourist can use the excellent Internet at any point of the complex, the connection works without the slightest interference.

Residence Leonora is especially beautiful in the evening, when the lights are on in the houses and on the paths. It seems that we were in a fabulous emerald city, immersed in greenery and soft light of lanterns.

Each room has everything you need to relax at the highest level: rich interiors created by professional designers, comfortable furniture and a full package of services.

Hotel rooms

Departure from the “Residence Leonora” is carried out every day at 11 a.m. And check-in at 3 p.m. If another feature of booking at this hotel is a minimum period of two nights.

Several accommodation options are offered:

  1. Shed. This room was built as close as possible to the seashore. The main facilities of the Residence Leonora are 100 metres away. This option is suitable for those who want to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. The room has a double bed and a sofa.
  2. Ice. This room combines cold colours in its interior. White, blue, gray, transparent ice – this combination fills the room with a feeling of refreshing coolness even on the hottest days. There is a double bed.
  3. Glamour. This room in the hotel “Residence Leonora” is for those who appreciate luxury and style. A great solution for a honeymoon, wedding anniversary, romantic date. In such a room, a woman feels like a real queen, and a man understands that everything in the world depends on him.
  4. Black and white. The resort in Gelendzhik is full of bright colors. And sometimes you want to take a break from this variety. People with a subtle emotional organization are offered a quiet room in black and white. A great place to find harmony. There is a double bed.
  5. Bungalow. This guest house room will be close to adventurers who dream of the tropics. The decoration uses bamboo and other materials that can create the illusion of being on a desert island. Here you can spend your honeymoon feeling lonely all over the world.
  6. Japan. Residence Leonora offers Japanese-style rooms. Minimalism and clarity of lines in the interior of this room are combined with the refined beauty of the interiors of the Land of the Rising Sun. This room is a real find for lovers of both Chinese and Japanese culture. In the interior of the room there are authentic items from Japan. This room has a double bed.
  7. Africa. Residence Leonora Offers an African-style room. Africa is a beautiful continent that has always attracted romantics and adventurers. The interior of the room combines traditional African colors and design solutions in the traditions of the hottest continent. There is also a two-room bed.
  8. East. Having settled in this room, the tourist will get to a real oriental palace. Here everything reminds of the luxury and beauty of the heyday of the Ottoman Empire. This is a large room with 3 rooms: two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. There are two double beds, a sofa and armchairs.
  9. Green. This is another room in the guest house “Residence Leonora”. Green is one of the favorite colors of interior designers, because it has a calming effect and creates a favorable mood for relaxation. And in combination with white looks even fresher and cleaner. This room on the first shore will bring true joy to nature lovers. The room has a double bed.

The rooms are comfortable and spacious options. All rooms are individually decorated and feature ergonomic furnishings. At the disposal of vacationers TV, air conditioning and hairdryer. The bathroom has a shower and toilet.

Important information! If the child is going to take a pet with him, it is worth dissuadeting him. Pets are not allowed at Residence Leonora.

Food in and around the hotel

A continental breakfast is served every morning. You can also cook fish, meat and barbecue vegetables on site at residence Leonora.

But every tourist wants to diversify their food, so it is proposed to visit local institutions, especially since nearby restaurants offer a wide selection of dishes. Room service is available upon request.

Just a few steps from the Residence Leonora Hotel, there are many restaurants and cafés worth visiting for lunch or dinner. Including:

  1. Cafe “Jam & coffee club” offers a wide selection of dishes and the most delicious desserts in Gelendzhik.
  2. “Temptation” guarantees lunch and dinner in a relaxed atmosphere near the sea.
  3. Karaoke club “Strawberry” and “Oasis” is a pleasant evening pastime. Open in the evening and work until 6 am. In addition to songs, they feed here.
  4. The best restaurant of Gelendzhik is “Lavash”. Yes, this place is far from the hotel, but it is worth it. It serves Armenian cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. They are prepared in the kitchen, open to guests. The hall is filled with aromas of fried meat, greens and wonderful Armenian wine. As is customary in the Caucasus, each guest is treated as the dearest guest.

In addition to these institutions, in the area of the hotel “Residence Leonora” there are many different canteens, fast foods, cafes and convenience stores.

Entertainment and recreation

Herzen Street, on which the hotel “Residence Leonora” is located, starts from one of the main streets – Lunacharsky and is close to the Sea Coast.

The hotel staff will tell you where to go, where to relax and how to spend your free time. Gelendzhik offers its guests a lot of interesting entertainment all year round. The most significant event happens every two years: this seaplane show. Flying machinery performs tricks over the water. There are no analogues of such an event in the whole world.

In addition to horseback riding, ATVs, jeeps and speed boats, locals and travel agencies advise:

  • skydiving;
  • paragliding;
  • hang gliding;
  • zipline (descent from a great height on a steel cable);
  • hot air balloon flight;
  • flyboard (flight over water on a special board driven by the force of water flow);
  • diving.

On the coast there are rental points of cruise yachts, boats and jet skis. You can go on a sea trip or go on a romantic trip along the Black Sea.

Importantly! Wi-Fi catches throughout the hotel.

Places for swimming

Gelendzhik is the most convenient place for a relaxing beach holiday due to its geographical location. The city is located in a cozy bay surrounded by the Marcot Range. The shore stretches for several tens of kilometers. It is divided into numerous beach areas, which are marked on the map of the city and have their own names.

Gelendzhik Bay is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. All thanks to the shape, geometrically repeating the horseshoe of different diameter capes. And once the horseshoe brought real happiness to this wonderful corner of nature. Attracted by the excellent conditions, several thousand years ago ships came here to replenish fresh water supplies and relax from the hardships of a long journey.

Private hotels and inns are now where the old hospitable houses and taverns for sailors used to be. The beach next to the “Residence leonora” deserves special words. Historically, it was made of stone, and it wasn’t long before the early 1970s that fine golden sand was washed away from the seabed to shore. Now vacationers are happy to sunbathe on this sand.

Also in the hotel itself there is an outdoor swimming pool, which is open in the warmer season. Guests can swim, sunbathe on sun loungers and enjoy refreshing drinks.

Gelendzhik has always been a favorite vacation spot of Russians, but today you can meet guests from other countries.

We lived in the new building for only 4 days. And there are a lot of impressions! So, all in order. Very cozy, despite the delay, we were greeted warmly and hospitably and showed one of the best rooms of the hotel. Everything is very friendly and tasteful. Very pleased with the unique design of the hotel itself and the unusual landscape on its territory. The hotel is brand new and, it is clear that the owners do not save on the interior, design, furniture. In general, there are a lot of positive emotions. The main thing was very comfortable and cozy. By the way, the breakfast here is just great! I sincerely recommend this hotel especially to couples. Although I do it with caution, as I want to come back here with friends and I suspect that next season there will be a lot of people who want to relax in this place!

Entertainment opportunities for children

In the hotel “Residence Leonora” from children’s entertainment only TV channels with cartoons and educational programs. There are no game rooms, animators do not work. But parents will easily find something to occupy their children in Gelendzhik.

For children’s recreation are available water parks “Behemoth” and “Golden Bay”, oceanarium “Ocean Park”, a petting zoo with cute animals and closed terrariums with lizards and crocodiles. As well as the popular Dolphinarium.

“Safari Park” helps to really get acquainted with nature. It covers an area of 160 hectares. This is not just an open-air zoo, but a real rehabilitation center for wild animals. The conditions of their residence are as close as possible to natural.

Not far from the hotel “Residence Leonora” there are two playgrounds for children. And for those who are older – adventure quests. The children will definitely be interested in finding a pirate treasure in a bear cave, walking through Jurassic Park and going to the future.

Take the cable car to the top of the Marcot Range. There, from the observation deck, a view of the Gelendzhik Bay opens. Then you can go down to Olympus Park and re-explore the surroundings from the city’s only Ferris wheel.

Note! Only children over 12 years old are allowed in the hotel.

Nearby excursions and attractions
The resort town of Gelendzhik is associated primarily with the cable car. Therefore, this is the first place to go. There are two “cable cars” in the city, one of which is located on the south side of the Markoth Range and begins right on the territory of the Safari Park. During one excursion you can visit several places at the same time, for example, a unique zoo and a cable car.

Next to the hotel “Residence Leonora” there is an excursion tent, which offers trips to the Safari Park with the subsequent ascent by cable car. You can also come here on your own by minibus or by your own car. The ascent from the Safari Park to the observation deck on the top of the mountain takes just over 20 minutes – 650 meters above sea level

The manager of the Residence Leonora hotel can help arrange horseback riding , quad biking, walking, etc.) and sightseeing tours. The service is paid. The most popular are the following natural sites:

  1. Sailing rocks (best viewed from the ocean, sitting on board a boat or yacht).
  2. Waterfalls on the river Janet (near the village of Vozrozhdenie). The complex consists of 400 waterfalls, each of which is unique in its own way.
  3. Kabardian juniper grove is a natural monument.

Unusual collections are presented in the exposition of the Local Lore and Historical Museum. The fund has 86,000 specimens, starting with archaeological finds. Nearby is the original Aqua Gallery. This is a tunnel oceanarium, where a person is literally on the seabed and can observe the life of underwater inhabitants who are as close as possible.

More information! If you need parking, it is worth warning the hotel in advance so that the staff prepares the place.

Guests of the hotel “Residence Leonora” have a great opportunity to live on the Black Sea coast and interestingly organize free time. Even an ordinary walk along the city embankment can turn into an exciting quest.


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