Hotel “Park Hotel Aluston” Alushta Crimea

The newest hotel (built in 2020) welcomes guests on the first coastline in the area of the Alushta embankment. This is a comfortable hotel complex,which is assigned a level of 3 stars. Vacationers are provided with sun, air, sea and all this with care for everyone. Free parking for 30 people is provided on site, guests will be helped to bring luggage to the room, those who wish will be provided with a transfer from / to the airport and railway stations of the peninsula. Free sanitizers are installed everywhere.

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Location and conditions

The hotel is located near the center of Alushta (1.1 km). It is good to relax after long walks along the embankment, many hours of excursions. Nearby are the beaches of the Professor’s Corner, the park “Crimea in Miniature”, the central beach of the city. The descent to the sea is still available only along the alley of the Decembrists. The owners are thinking about how to make the path shorter and arrange the descent directly from the hotel.

The territory is fenced and is under round-the-clock protection. Under the video surveillance system fall not only common areas inside the hotel, but also the full perimeter outside the building. The premises are cleaned daily. Free Wi-Fi, photocopying and document submission services are available.

Pay attention! Rest with animals is strictly forbidden by the rules of the hotel.

“I love new hotels! Therefore, for the May holidays, I went to the Park Hotel Aluston. Everything is clean, not broken, “not tired”, as experienced holidaymakers like to write. There are no problems with water, slippers and bathrobes are provided. The ground floor is fully equipped for parking. That’s understandable. The adjacent territory, as such, is absent. Of the minuses I can note the broken road leading to the hotel. Maybe they will do it over the summer. I want to separately note the work of maids. Girls are clearly focused on guests and do everything to make everyone comfortable» Julia, Russia

Room stock

The fund has 90 rooms. Six of them belong to the highest category “Suite”, the remaining 84 rooms for 172 seats correspond to the first category of comfort. All rooms are quite spacious, there are balconies with wicker furniture. There is a tea station, mini fridge, safe, TV, air conditioning. It is possible to install an extra bed (euro clamshell) or a cot.

The following rooms are available for guests’ stay:

  1. Standard (22 sq. m)- one room with a balcony and views of the forest and mountains. There are rooms with one double or two single beds. The bathroom has a spacious shower.
  2. Superior standard with sea view (24 sq. m.). To communicate with the administrator there is a telephone, on the balcony there is summer furniture, in the room armchairs and a coffee table.
  3. Suite with sea or forest view (42 sq. m.) consists of two rooms. It is possible to stay 4 people. The bedroom has a double bed, in the living room there is a sofa with a coffee table. In addition to the shower cabin, the bathroom has a jacuzzi. The pleasant atmosphere is maintained by automatic climate control. Of the features – underfloor heating, the presence of the function of a tropical shower.

The interiors are decorated in pastel beige shades. Some rooms have panoramic windows. The complete absence of decorative elements corresponds to the style of minimalism.

Meals and restaurants

The hotel restaurant with a bar counter is responsible for the organization of catering for guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available for a fee. The owners did not include them in the price, thereby allowing guests to choose the most suitable place for a daily meal. Breakfast can be ordered on the day of arrival. Room service is available around the clock.

On the alley of the Decembrists, where the hotel is located, there are not so many catering facilities. But it is necessary to go in the direction of the city Embankment, as there are a myriad of them. In Alushta, everyone will find their favorite cuisine. There are fashionable gastronomic restaurants and budget canteens. For gourmets, the following establishments will be the most preferable:

  1. “Meeting” is considered to be the best in the city. It organically combines a pleasant atmosphere and quality cuisine. Wooden panels and forged decorative elements are used for interior decoration. There is no view of the sea, but on the walls are hung photos of famous guests who rendered honor and visited this hall. Prices are reasonable, the menu is varied, the portions are large.
  2. “Old Town” is an iconic place in Alushta. The interior is decorated in the style of Western Ukrainian tradition. There are two dining rooms located on two levels, a summer terrace, a stage for musicians. The kitchen corresponds to the Ukrainian shinka. The menu includes borscht, dishes on coals, vegetables, a large selection of seafood.
  3. “Library” is located on the territory of the resort complex “Dacha”. The design style is European with metropolitan ambitions. Books are intersirsed with bottles of vintage wine, the menu – classics of world culinary hits.
  4. “Aquarius” is located at the very beginning of the Embankment and is one of the noisiest places in the city. The restaurant occupies a large area decorated in a rustic style. Tables are located on different levels. Children have where to run, and adults have a delicious meal. The menu has literally everything, up to lagman, lyulya-kebabs and kebabs.
  5. “Barabula” is an authentic bar specializing in Black Sea cuisine. The menu includes fried rapanas, boiled crayfish, mussels served with buckets and much more.

Of the dining rooms, we can note the franchise “Homely”, “”, “Family Kitchen” and other inexpensive establishments with a large selection of affordable food.

Leisure and entertainment

Leisure activities are not organized at the hotel. Guests will be helped with excursions, prompted where to go, but no more. Therefore, guests have fun themselves. The main type of recreation is the beach. The distance to the nearest of them is 800 meters, walk about 7 minutes. Near the Promenade is the Central Beach. In the summer, you can’t push through here. The place is popular with vacationers. Next to it is the beach “Grace”. It is adapted for people with disabilities. There are special handrails for entering the water.

The closest from the hotel are the beaches of Professor’s Lane. This is a quiet and cozy area, stretching for 2 and a half kilometers. On the right there are free, in the left part – private beaches of sanatoriums and rest houses. They are separated by breakwaters. Coating – small and medium pebbles with islands of shale sand. The entrance to the water is gentle. The infrastructure has been created at a good level. Canopies are installed, sun loungers and other beach equipment are rented. The swimming season begins in May. But the water at this time is still cold, so they begin to swim in June.

In the evening, the city Embankment becomes a favorite place of rest. Its improvement began in the 19th century. Even then, the shore was strengthened, the alley was laid out and the first shops were opened. In the walking area you can find both modern and historical art objects. The symbol of the embankment and the city itself is a snow-white rotunda, installed in 1958.

In summer, there are cafes and eateries, everywhere you can hear music. These visiting musicians entertain holidaymakers and locals. On the summer open stage concerts of popular and little-known artists who come to Alushta on tour are held.

For lovers of active pastime, there is also something to do. There are several nightclubs in the city. On the waterfront there are rental points of equipment for water sports. In addition to the catamaran and jet ski, you can rent a kayak or surfboard. For those who want to explore the underwater world, several diving clubs are open. Bicycles can be rented at the Professor’s Corner. There are not only single bikes, but also tandems.

More information! Alushta is located between two picturesque mountains – Demerdzhi and Chatyr-Dag. From their tops you can make a flight on a paraglider. If the health and condition of the wallet allows, why not fly over the resort area.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children of all ages. A child under 4 years old can live with his parents for free if he sleeps with them. An extra bed is a surcharge. Children’s entertainment is not provided. There is no swimming pool, no playground either. Parents independently organize children’s leisure, using the infrastructure facilities of Alushta.

In the Professor’s Corner on the embankment there is a water park “Almond Grove”. It is located on the territory of the hotel of the same name. Its attractions and design are effectively inscribed in the natural mountain landscape. Entrance fee. There are discounts for large families. For visitors there are 6 swimming pools, 14 water slides, a VIP zone with a jacuzzi, a children’s café and a fast food snack bar. For valuable things there are safes, for clothes – luggage storage. There is a first-aid post.

Children will be interested in visiting other places. For example, popular with young guests of the resort are:

  • Alushta aquarium;
  • Viking Film Park;
  • Museum of Disasters on the Waters;
  • dolphinarium “Nemo” and “Watercolor”;
  • petting zoo.

For hiking, a hike to the Valley of Ghosts can be approached. It is located at the foot of Demerdzhi and consists of bizarre stone figures that change images in different lighting.

Almost every café or restaurant offers its own development of children’s menu. For kids prepare porridge, for older children – mashed potatoes, pasta with cutlets and delicious desserts. Visitors are always welcome in the largest children’s amusement park “Rainbow”. In addition to attractions and playgrounds, Dinopark is located here.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel offers sightseeing services. Before you go to other parts of the Crimea, you can see the local sights, which are famous for their uniqueness.

The Crimean Nature Reserve occupies 44 thousand hectares. It stretches from Alushta to Yalta. Hiking and cycling trails can be laid out in the surrounding area. The main one passes along the “Tsar’s Road” or Romanovskoye Highway. Along the way, tourists will visit trout ponds, the ancient Kosmo-Damianovsky monastery, the holy spring of Savluh-Su, which is located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level. The last stop will be the observation deck “Gazebo of the Winds”. Back the group descends the picturesque slopes to the “Red Cordon”.

Not far from the Central Beach are the ruins of the ancient fortress of Aluston. The territory is ennobled, but it is not so easy to go to the citadel. It is surrounded by private sector houses and signposts lead to its location.

Park “Crimea in miniature” will be interesting for adults and children. Here are collected models of all architectural and historical objects that have become the hallmark of the peninsula. All miniatures are made with love for the native land and pride in its contribution to the national culture.

If there is a desire to explore the most beautiful house in Alushta, then you should go to the Seaside Park. Here is an old mansion of the merchant Stakheev. It was built in the 19th century. At one time, the most famous Russian artists, artists, writers visited the dacha. Today, a children’s center of creativity is based here. Young Crimeans from childhood get used to appreciate the beautiful and develop good taste.


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Hotel «Park Hotel Aluston» will be a good place to relax for those who dream of a warm sea, excursions to places of interest and walks through the picturesque mountains of the vicinity of Alushta. The owners guarantee good service and kindness on the part of the staff. The team works for the first year, so it will be glad to any advice and wishes.