Hotel “Panorama” in Arkhipo-Osipovka

A small hotel “Panorama” in the resort village of Arkhipo-Osipovka is a private guest yard, acozy and affordable place for a relaxing holiday on the Black Sea for the whole family. Something nostalgic, post-Soviet: a long road, a train or even a plane, a crowded bus. Tired people, suitcases, boiled chicken, crumpled apples, and then a quiet room with beds, warm tap water and smiling hosts. Everybody, came, here it is, the sea. You can swim.

Meeting point – beach

The village of Arkhipo-Osipovka is located on the Black Sea coast near the rivers Vulan and Teshebs, administratively belongs to Gelendzhik. Despite the fact that the Olympics were not held in this area, it is worth coming here. Not in order, of course, to enjoy the construction of the century or to calculate where exactly buried a billion, but to see the true resort Russian South. The one that is without chain hotels and shrimp for breakfast, with a poor but very nice water park, supermarkets and kefir, which you can dine right in the room.

Gostiny Dvor is located near the center (but not in the center) of Arkhipka, in a relatively quiet private sector. To the sea along the intricately curving seaside streets 20 minutes walk. The flourishing village seems to consist exclusively of small hotels and barbecue hotels: the local population catches the moment, because the holiday season feeds them all year round. And there is something to catch: in the middle of summer, the beaches of Arkhipo-Osipovka are inferior in population only to the Moscow metro.

Thought-provoking information

According to reviews, in August on the central beach you can sunbathe exclusively standing shoulder to shoulder with other holidaymakers. If you don’t know the places where there are fewer people.

Walking through the streets of Arkhipka is a special, incomparable pleasure. Due to the specifics of the local climate – an unusual Mediterranean with atypically cold winters and hot but humid summers – the nature here is very different from Sochi and most similar to Kerch. In Arkhipo-Osipovka do not grow palm trees or cypresses, there are no pomegranates, persimmons and figs right on the streets, not too many flowers, and in general the vegetation does not indulge in exoticism.

Nevertheless, the twilight descending on the village is southernly thick, creamy. The night is velvety, and the noise of the sea in the evening covers any sounds of human life. From the balcony of “Panorama” after midnight, when revelers on the neighboring streets disperse for a short sleep, you can hear the breath of the Black Sea. And in mid-August to see the starfall.

How to stay

Gostiny Dvor “Panorama” is a really small hotel. This is a huge boon, especially in high season, when the streets of the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka literally do not push through. The hotel itself is always quiet, cool and calm, sounds from the street in the room with closed windows are not heard.

The number of rooms includes several one-room double rooms and two-room apartments in the attic with a kitchen.

In each room:

  • air conditioning and TV;
  • refrigerator and kettle;
  • shower, bathroom;
  • possibility of additional space;
  • balcony with different views – on the garden, from the attic floor – on the mountains and the sea.

Plus there is an economy option, a room for two beds with a separate entrance, shower and toilet on the street. The room has a TV and air conditioning.

Importantly! By prior arrangement in the hotel “Panorama” you can stay with a pet, which is rare for the Black Sea coast.

What and where to eat

Meals in the hotel “Panorama” is organized quite simply and depends on the season. From October to the end of May, the dining room works in sleepy mode and not on the full menu, but there is no need to starve. In season, there are additional employees, in the afternoon you can order food from the menu regardless of the time, breakfasts or lunches with reference to the clock no.

Naturally, there is no restaurant or lounge bar – not the same level, but in its own dining room there is a sane chef. The food is simple, without frills, but also without the risk of food poisoning. A special children’s menu is not developed, but even the smallest will suit the usual homemade dishes.

Near the pool there is a small counter:

  • ice cream;
  • milkshakes;
  • fruit slices and berries;
  • sorbet;
  • pastries, biscuits, sweets.

Guests have access to a shared kitchen. In addition, each room has a kettle, which guests shamelessly use: as much evening tea as they drink in Panorama, do not drink anywhere else.

Olga Nikolaevna, Likino-Dulevo: My grandchildren and I were in Panorama in the summer of 2019, lived for three weeks. I loved the hotel as my own apartment! Such nice hosts, everything is clean, neat, the water is always hot. With food we decided simply, because we had a room with a kitchen. We went to the “Pyaterochka”, bought eggs, milk: in the morning I made an omelet with vegetables, in the afternoon we ate somewhere near the sea, and in the evening we brought yogurt, cottage cheese, cut a salad or drank tea with cookies. We met a couple from Chelyabinsk, together on the grill downstairs roasted kebabs. Pizza was ordered, but it was not very good. And so, of course, the best holiday in my life, with the same Turkey can not be compared at all! In Arkhipka all ours.

Leisure and entertainment

Gostiny Dvor is a guest yard, not a cultural center that spends a little time in it: calm comfortable rooms provide a good rest, after which again on the sea.

Although it is a misconception to think that in Arkhipo-Osipovka there is only the sea. This is a completely unique village with powerful energy, exciting history and hidden attractions.

St. Michael’s Fortification

The history of Arkhipo-Osipovka stretches back to the distant XV century, when there were settlements on its territory, the names of which did not reach descendants. But at the very beginning of the XIX century, the area is mentioned, however, as the village of Vulanskaya in the context of constant military operations around one of the most important fortifications of the Black Sea coastline.

In 1840, the village became Arkhipo-Osipovka: by the highest decree it was renamed in honor of the hero of defense, Private Arkhip Osipov, who sacrificed himself in the defense of the fortification.

Now on the site of the fortress ethnographic museum, the ruins of an ancient tower, there are good excursions and collected an excellent exposition until Roman times.

Museum of Cosmonautics

In Arkhipo-Osipovka there is a Cosmonaut Rehabilitation Center. It is here, not somewhere, that they recover from flights, tests and training. Of course, you can’t get to the Center, but the beautiful Museum of Manned Cosmonautics is open to everyone. To be in Arkhipka and not to get to this place is a crime. Two floors, more than a thousand exhibits and a real great Yuri Gagarin and besides, in the Museum you can try space food!

It’s interesting! The Museum has real interactive simulators, conduct master classes for children, and you can take pictures as much as you want and for free.

Muse of Bread and Wine

A tiny private museum of two exhibitions dedicated separately to grain growers and winemaking of the region, a must-see for anyone who came to the sea in Arkhipka:

  1. First, it’s just interesting: a working mill, millstones, homemade bread that you can try.
  2. Secondly, it is informative: a collection of sickles from the III to the XIX century, pythos, working models of mills.
  3. Thirdly, it is surprising: somewhere in the river Oulan found an old (really not known how old or century) millstones, around it built a working wooden mill, which make flour and immediately bake bread.
  4. Fourth, wine can be bought or tasted on the spot, and it’s just fine.

The museum is located very close to the center, not far from the St. Michael’s Fortress.

Beaches & Pools

In the guest yard “Panorama” there are two swimming pools, ordinary and heated and a hot tub. Access to them is free, but in the summer guests prefer to spend time at sea. Moreover, the choice of beaches in Arkhipka is huge, you just need to know where to look.

How to choose a beach

The central beach in Arkhipo-Osipovka is a place where you need to go last simply because everyone has already come there. Soft sand, muddy water and tens of thousands of human feet and hands that make this water even darker. Screams, noise, squealing, baklava, banana riding – without this, of course, there is no rest on the Black Sea.

The beaches in the central part of the village are almost all crowded, and, according to reviews, even in May. The beach behind the mountain Hedgehog is wild, there are periodically collapses, so swimming there is not recommended.

Note! If you go somewhere, let it be the beach behind Oulan – in the direction of the Right Cape, there is still need to be crossed by boat. Apparently, just such an inconvenience scares off the resort. The Oulan beach is clean, small pebbles and a maximum of a couple of dozen vacationers. By car, you can drive up to the Prokhorovsky sandy beach, also surprisingly unpopular among tourists place.

If not the sea, then…

Surprisingly, nov Arkhipo-Osipovka has a pretty good water park “Albatross”, which many call one of the best on the Black Sea coast. True, it is more sharpened for rest with children, but it can boast:

  • two swimming pools, adult swimming and entertainment with fountains;
  • small “paddling paddlings” for children, one of them – with slides;
  • children’s river, which can be rafted on inflatable circles (320 meters!);
  • attractions, toys on the water.

And in the “Albatross” has its own rescue service, which is vigilant.

We go to the sea, take the children

Hotel “Panorama” gladly receives guests with children, and is positioned as a place of family rest. Of course, there is no question of any animators or nannies. However, we must understand that people most often come here to take children to the sea, for this purpose. No one is counting on additional staff. In this sense, the hotel is a suitable place:

  • quiet hour from 23 to 8 hours;
  • good soundproofing of the rooms;
  • smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas;
  • the staff is friendly, knows how to handle children;
  • the owners on the spot instantly solve all problems.

In season, a trampoline is exhibited in the yard, in addition to it there is quite a decent children’s playground. The pools are suitable for children, but only when accompanied by an adult.

Note! Because of Panorama’s reputation as a boring family place, there are no cheerful companies with booze until the morning and crazy empresses, even despite the heated pool. But to get acquainted with peers from other regions of Russia has every chance.

In the village itself, a full (and typical) set of any resort town is provided for children – an oceanarium, a water park, a petting zoo.


A small but neat and interestingly designed oceanarium, of course, is not really an oceanarium: several aquariums mainly with freshwater inhabitants, one nervous shark and an extremely phlegmatic turtle, as well as a showcase with ammonites – fossils from the seabed.

The chip of the oceanarium is an old humpback car “Zaporozhets”, which was converted into a blue aquarium. Looks funny, kids like it. In addition, you can take pictures inside the aquarium with tropical fish.

For children, the Dinosaur Planet franchise with moving and growling lizards, as well as a small petting zoo with lemurs, will also be interesting.

Excursions and attractions nearby

On the central streets of the village, local guides offer many excursions that will appeal to both adults and children. The most popular for some reason is on the crocodile farm, where they will tell a couple of legends and show a small show with feeding not so giant reptiles.

Not far from Arkhipo-Osipovka is Mount Hedgehog, a trampled path leads to its top. Despite the rather comfortable conditions of the walk, vacationers there are not too eager, so there will definitely be no pandemonium. The rise is gentle, but it is better to go in the morning before it is too hot. It is advisable to take water with you.

At the top of the mountain there is a spontaneous platform, which offers a view of the resort village, the sea and other villages. Everything looks beautiful, calm and disposable. However, as the whole Arkhipo-Osipovka is a resort village, which miraculously managed to save the soul.



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