Hotel Olga Sheregesh

Hotel“Olga”is a whole hotel and entertainment complex among the taiga forest near the center of Sheregesh. It is located in the heart of Mount Green near the ski slope. The cable car is a stone’s throw away. Nearby are all the most popular places of the resort, including ski slopes of the ski slope and landing stations.

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Location and history

Sheregesh (Russian: Sheregesh) is a rural settlement in Tashtagolsky District, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. It is located at the foot of Mount Green. Now this place is a famous center of winter sports. In 2018, according to the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018, Sheregesh was named the best ski resort in Russia. In these parts, the winter is surprisingly mild, while the snow cover remains stable and reaches one and a half meters. These are ideal conditions for skiing. By the way, the local soft dry snow is considered one of the best in the world for skiing, comfortable for skiing in any weather.

Andrey, St. Petersburg “We liked the large and bright room. Lifts and all other entertainment are nearby. The food is very tasty, there are a lot of dishes! I liked that the coffee machines at breakfast are equipped with cups with lids so that you can take coffee with you. And a huge selection of entertainment: karaoke, swimming pool, hammam, billiards, even karting. We haven’t had so much fun in a long time, thank you!”

Rooms & Facilities

The rooms of GRK“Olga”consists of 69 rooms of different categories and sizes decorated in a classic style and furnished with wooden furniture. Available from the category “standard” to two-room suites. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen LCD TV, minibar and fridge.

Hotel “Olga”is perfect for business events, meetings and conferences. There are two conference rooms with a capacity of up to 30 and 100 people with modern convenient equipment.

The hotel has an ATM for cash withdrawals and a small shop where you can buy souvenirs.

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of the hotel complex there are several food outlets where you can eat deliciously. There are several restaurants and cafés, as well as a lobby bar. In the restaurant “Berloga” breakfasts are held on the system “buffet”. In the rest of the day here you can taste the best dishes of Uzbek and traditional Russian cuisine. Siberian pickles and natural drinks of own preparation are the hallmark of this institution. And while adults enjoy their meal, children can have fun in the games room. In the restaurant “Olga” you can combine stunning views of the mountain slopes with gastronomic experiences.

In addition to popular European dishes, unique dishes of author’s cuisine, desserts of own preparation and drinks from natural forest berries are served here. Fast food café “Olga” also offers a “buffet” in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening – complex lunches and dinners at affordable prices from home cooking. The lobby bar is open around the clock. The gastronomic variety of the menu allows you to enjoy not only the classic European menu, but also seasonal offers from the chef. And for lovers of barbecues and barbecues on the street there is a gazebo with barbecue.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel has its own SPA-complex, where you can relax after an active day in the Russian bath, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Turkish hammam, mini-sauna “Cedar barrel”, made of Siberian cedar wood, indoor and outdoor pools and Jacuzzi or salt room with Himalayan salt. At the same time, it is possible to order food and drinks directly to the spa-center from the lobby bar. Guests can also enjoy a relaxing massage or chocolate wrap. And to look even more attractive and impressive, you can use modern devices of vertical and horizontal solarium.

Table tennis and billiards can be played in the hotel complex. On site there is an indoor ice rink with a natural ice cover. Guests can rent bicycles, skates, ATVs, jumpers, Nordic walking equipment, skis and other types of sports equipment. If you come with your own equipment, it can be stored in a special ski storage of the hotel.

The main entertainment of Sheregesh is the ski slopes. Here you do not have to use snow cannons and create artificial routes. There is a lot of snow here, and at the same time it is surprisingly crumbly. There are 15 trails with a total length of 35 km. The difficulty is suitable for both beginners and professional skiers and snowboarders.

In addition to comfortable trails for classical skiing in Sheregesh there are unprepared areas on the slopes of Mount Mustag, which are popular among freeride lovers. To make the descent safe, you can purchase the service of accompanying a guide-instructor, he will control you during the descent, and also teach you the intricacies of extreme descents.

For descents from the slope on inflatable vatrushki there is a special route. Snowmobiling is popular at the resort. At the reception in the hotel will help to rent a snowmobile or even get on a special excursion – a trip on snowmobiles to the Poklonny Cross on Mount Kurgan.

If you like extreme sports and the sky with mountains, try paragliding. And they also offer excursions by helicopter, during which the helicopter performs various piloting figures.

Another type of extreme recreation that is becoming popular at the resort is enduro. This is such an off-road technique of riding motorcycles Motogesh, for which the rights of category A are not needed. In Sheregesh offer training in this technique from scratch and excursions with an instructor-guide.

Did you know that diving is also possible in Siberia? Book a trip to Temirtau, where you can dive to the bottom of an artificial lake to see beautiful fish and even a flooded truck. This lake is often compared to Lake Baikal because of its unusually clear blue water. You can buy a diving course here and get a certificate at the end.

Another place away from Sheregesh is the village of Ust-Kabyrza. There are guided tours on motor boats, offer rafting on catamarans in the Shor National Park and fishing. There is also an interesting Gulag museum in Kabyrza (officially the Museum-Reserve “Three Rivers”). In addition to archival photographs, clothes and household items of prisoners, a copy of the real camp with barbed wire and observation towers was created here.

Recently, summer tourism has been developing more and more actively in Sheregesh. It is difficult to remain indifferent to the stunning beauty of the local nature. On mountain trails it is comfortable to ride a bicycle. And from the age of 16 you can ride on rented ATVs. You can ride on your own or join the tour.

Children will be interested in looking into the Geti Park – the residence of Bigfoot at the Alpen Club Hotel. They organize an entertainment program that will appeal not only to young visitors, but also to their parents. You will learn local legends and myths, you can participate in master classes and watch scientific shows.

Recreational opportunities for children

GRK“Olga”strives to provide a comfortable stay for all its guests, including the youngest. For children there is a special playroom with toys and tutor services. There are many board games and puzzles. Older children will appreciate the whole hall of slot machines and the opportunity to play slot machines or PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox One S. There are also table tennis tables. Restaurants offer a children’s menu, and there is a playground outside.

Svetlana, Moscow “We travel as a family. I liked that the hotel is all thought out for children of different ages. The playroom on the second floor is great, the child didn’t want to leave. Excellent free parking. We have never regretted that we chose this hotel for our holiday.”

Excursions andother attractions nearby

The mountainous taiga area around Sheregesh is called Mountain Shoria. It is located at the junction of the Saidan and Altai mountains.

One of the most popular places among tourists is the Worship Cross on Mount Kurgan. In summer, they come here on foot, and in winter they come on snowmobiles. On the way to the top of Mount Kurgan you will see the rock formations of Stone Camels. These are the remains of rocks. And they were called so, because in shape they really resemble a caravan of camels. These rocks are popular among novice climbers, because they are considered not a difficult area on which beginners are convenient to train. The road passes through very picturesque places, you will be provided with cool photos. The cross itself was erected in 2001 in honor of the two-thousandth anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. To erect such crosses is a long-standing Christian tradition.

Other popular routes are along the tops of the Sarlyki and Devil’s Finger mountains. Sarlyki is a mountain consisting of giant boulders of stone. Its height is more than a kilometer. Devil’s Finger will get this name because of the unusual shape, resembling a finger raised up. From the top of the mountain there is a stunning view of another mountain – Mustag. Mount Mustag is a sacred place. It is mentioned in many legends and beliefs of local residents.

Another interesting excursion is the “Heart of Shoria”. This excursion is evening, it is a trip to Tashtagol, which is the administrative center of Shoria. The trip includes sightseeing and walking.

Another excursion is “Mysteries of Shoria”. During this excursion you will visit the village of Ust Kabyrza, which is more than 300 years old, and also Shor villages, you can swim in the waters of the Pyzas and Mrassu rivers in the territory of the Shor National Park and visit the taiga apiary.

In Sheregesh there is an attraction “Upside Down House”. Such attractions first became popular in America, and then appeared in our country.

Not so long ago, near the village of Spassk, huge well-processed granite boulders of rectangular shape were discovered. Apparently, they are the remains of some global structure, which was built by a fairly developed civilization many centuries ago. This place was immediately dubbed the Siberian or Russian Stonehenge, and some call the Spassky Palaces.

The Azas cave became a popular place after local hunters said that here they saw a huge creature covered with wool. Some people believe that Bigfoot live in the cave. Gradually, this place has become very popular, now excursions are organized here.

The theme of the Yeti is actively developing in the region, so it is not surprising that an unusual monument was installed here – a composition of two large Yeti figures with helmets put on their heads and holding snowboard boards in their hands.

Another local monument is Aysik, a dog loved by the people of Sheregesh. The monument was erected on their donations.

In the village of Tashtagol there is a Museum of Ethnography and Nature of Mountain Shoria. Here they talk about the life of the Shors (the indigenous population of these places), Russian immigrants, local animals, plants and minerals.

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