Hotel Nord Partenit Crimea

Partenit is one of the symbols of the southern coast, personifying a relaxing holiday in the middle of colorful parks. It is here that the Nord Hotel is located. Hotel “Nord” is a place for those who want to combine business with pleasure: work, rest, communication with friends.

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A cozy city with a long history, located in the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula, can be a great place for a family holiday. Partenit is a very popular resort place located in the western part of the village of Gurzuf. People come here from different regions of the country to enjoy the clean sea and gentle sun and take with them a piece of hospitable Crimea in the form of shells, fragrant herbs, beautiful paintings and photographs. Every year more and more people rush here to see this fairy tale with their own eyes. And this is only the beginning, because tourism in the Crimea is developing by leaps and bounds.

One of the most tourist-friendly hotels in Partemit is the Nord Hotel. This is a new modern hotel that will help you feel at home and discover new horizons of rest in the Crimea. Here every guest will find a lot of new things, relax his body and soul, get a lot of positive emotions, as well as be able to get acquainted with the sights of the Crimea.

Hotel “Nord” is located in a hospitable, sunny, romantic place where rest and work at any time of the year can bring only joy. The hotel staff is always ready to help with the choice of interesting excursions, tours, as well as give information about the purchase of any tickets for flights of all types of land and water communication.

Room stock

Hotel “Nord” is represented by rooms of categories:

  1. Twin. Although this option is double, but there are two single beds in it. Features a TV, air conditioning, minibar, safe and hairdryer. This room has a private balcony with views and a private shower.
  2. Standard. The most common and popular option. It implies the presence of a double bed, as well as a table. This room is designed for two people.
  3. Standard +. This is a more spacious version of the standard room. It is designed for four guests.
  4. Comfort. Bedroom with large bed, living room with sofa bed and armchair, balcony with view and bathroom.
  5. Comfort +. Rooms for 5 guests have recently been renovated, equipped with modern furniture and new plumbing. Each comes with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning and a private bathroom with free toiletries. Each room has a telephone and Wi-Fi access.
  6. Domestic. Such a room, in demand among couples with children. In terms of content, it is better than others. It has everything you need to stay for 7 people. The room has a kettle, refrigerator, set of dishes, TV, air conditioning, two double beds, an armchair bed and a sofa that unfolds for an extra bed.
  7. Family +. This is the most spacious room for 7 people. The room is equipped with everything necessary for living. Clean bed linen. Bathroom, shower, toilet. Hot water constantly. Very comfortable, large balcony with beautiful views.

All rooms are equipped with modern furniture, TV, refrigerator, telephone.

More information! You can come to the hotel “Nord” by car, there is a free parking for residents.

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of the hotel “Nord” there is a cozy café with 50 seats, where guests are offered a varied menu. Here you can order a variety of dishes:

  • soups;
  • salads;
  • cold snacks;
  • main courses;
  • desserts;
  • cakes;
  • More.

The restaurant of the hotel “Nord” offers several options for service: breakfast, full board, as well as dishes from the restaurant’s menu. Breakfast – buffet. Lunch and dinner – with individual serving. Ordering à la carte meals is subject to availability. Room service is also available.

For celebrations and corporate parties equipped with a hall. The menu of the banquet hall includes hot, snacks, salads, fruits, coffee and tea.

Important! Dietary and baby food can be provided upon request.


The SPA center is the pride of the Nord Hotel. This is a place where guests can recuperate and enjoy a pleasant stay.

This spa area includes a sauna, massage rooms and beauty treatments. There is also an indoor pool with heated water.

The spa center of the hotel “Nord” offers its customers all modern technologies, time-tested: these are the latest types of massage, and unique cosmetic programs for the body and face, and various types of wraps and peels, and hair care procedures.

Other services are also available here. For example, in the gym you can maintain shape, in special bathrooms to calm the nervous system. And with the help of a sauna, you can not only increase the tone, but also treat some diseases.

In the spa center of the hotel, guests can order a variety of treatments that will help restore and strengthen health. If you are tired of the bustle of the big city, then you just need to visit the SPA center of the hotel “Nord”. Here you can escape from everyday worries, forget about problems and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Pay attention! The cost of services of the SPA center of the hotel “Nord” is not included in the price.

Recreational opportunities for children

The children’s room of the nord hotel under the guidance of experienced coaches and educators will not only give children entertainment and fun, but also allow them to have a good time. They will play and at the same time learn, which is very important for their development.

An experienced teacher organizes for children outdoor and board games, creative workshops and puppet shows. Thanks to the professional design concept of the children’s room, children will always have the opportunity to have fun and play, learn and practice the game.

The children’s room at the Nord Hotel is open from 1 June to 30 September. At other times, parents can visit with their children children’s entertainment outside the hotel or use the babysitting service.

More information! Children under 5 years stay free of charge at the Nord Hotel.

Rested in May-June 2020 with 2 children and 3 adults. We came to the Hotel Nord by accident, because due to poor service and inflated prices, we ran away from a neighboring hotel. Urgently looking for a place and were in the hotel “Nord”. The hotel has a contract with the sanatorium “Crimea”, and when living in it you can freely use the beach and the park of the sanatorium. The hotel has great staff, we got a superior room at the price of the standard, as they had a promotion, and they also gave us an additional discount, since the cost of our stay was more than 100 TR. Rooms at the hotel are kept in good condition and the furniture is relatively new. Plumbing is clean and unbeaten, if something breaks, very quickly repaired. The staff is very attentive, they gave us free extra sheets to lay them out on the floor for a crawling baby. Bed linen is changed every 3 days. The food is excellent, they can cook something for the baby separately and in the form of puree, without problems. If you go somewhere for the whole day, they will give you rations. The hotel has a small but cozy swimming pool and a separate area with warm water for the little ones. Staff can ask to heat the water in the pool, no problem. There is a sauna, but it is paid. There are hot tubs and massages, including for children. There is a small children’s playground on site. That’s the most important thing for us. In the children’s room there are children’s parties and master classes, a nanny works with children.

Beach nearby

On the territory of the peninsula of Crimea there are many beaches that have different categories, are located in different regions and have different characteristics and conditions for recreation. But all of them must comply with the established standards for a safe holiday. The beaches of Partenit in the Crimea are different from other beaches.

Partenit is a resort village, which is located on the southern coast of Crimea. It is one of the popular holiday destinations in the region. Parteit has many beaches. All of them are municipal, free and freely available.

The nearest beach is located on a flat terrain, which attracts those who do not want to show miracles of physical fitness, climbing the paths of the slopes up after rest. The coastline is small pebbles, the entrance to the sea is gentle. Entrance to the beach is free, but for a sun lounger, as well as the use of a shower and toilet will have to pay. On the beach there are many cafes where you can have a snack and sit, as well as bars that serve light drinks and souvenir shops.

By boat or boat, you can go to the natural beaches, which are small shoals in calm lagoons. The coast is rocky, the water is turquoise-emerald, transparent, with a special shine. There is very clean and warm water, even on the hottest days it is pleasant to plunge. In these waters there are small fish and crustaceans that live only in these places. The surf here is not strong, but in some places the water becomes muddy, especially during the rainy season, when after a strong storm the water in the sea becomes gray and acquires an unpleasant smell.

Excursions and attractions nearby

  1. Park of landscape art Aivazovskoe. Aivazovsky Park is one of the most popular parks in Crimea, located on the Black Sea coast at the foot of Mount Klimentyev, 13 km from Yalta. Founded in 1912 on the initiative of F. P. Ushkov, one of the largest landowners of the Crimea, philanthropist and collector of works of art In the park there are many interesting things. This is not only the largest landscape park in the Crimea, but also the world’s largest field of tulips. In spring, tulips, irises, hyacinths bloom in it. And in the park grow fruit trees, lilacs, grapes. In summer, you can find lavender and other fragrant herbs, and in winter you can go sleigh rides. Throughout the year, flower exhibitions are held in the park, and from May to October concerts are held here.
  2. Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain). This is a mountain range in the south-eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula, on the territory of Greater Yalta. It is located north-west of the village of Gurzuf on the southern coast of Crimea. The Ayu-Dag mountain range stretches in the form of a triangle stretched from north to south for 8 kilometers with a width of 5 kilometers. This is one of the main natural attractions of the Southern coast of Crimea. Translated from Turkish, the name “Ayu-Dag” means “Bear-mountain”. According to legend, Mount Ayu-Dag was named after a bear that lived in the mountains. According to another version, the mountain was called “Bear” because it looks like a huge head of this animal.
  3. Museum of masterpieces of nature and antiquities in the Crimea. Here you can see the unique creations of wildlife, preserved to this day. Even in the museum you can get acquainted with the history of the Crimea, visiting the halls: “Polovtsian idols” and “Ancient Greek ceramics”, as well as look at the unique archaeological sites: a medieval pottery complex and the remains of a settlement with ceramics of the Bronze Age. On the territory of the museum-reserve there is a unique observation deck.

More information! In the hotel “Nord” you can book a tour of the sights of not only Partenit, but also the whole Crimea.

How to get there

To get to the hotel “Nord”, first of all, you need to get by train or plane to Simferopol. This is the main point from where you can get to Partenit. Then by bus, trolleybus or city taxi you need to get to Yalta, stop Partenit. You can also take a bus to Partenit Bus Station. After, you can order a taxi or walk to the hotel “Nord”.

Pay attention! In the hotel you can book a transfer in advance from anywhere in the Crimea.


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Hotel “Nord” invites travelers to spend their holidays in the beautiful resort town of Crimea – Parteit. Here tourists are waiting for a wonderful holiday, a sea of entertainment and service of the highest level.