Hotel Marinada in Salou (Spain)

Salou is worth visiting as it is a city in Spain with a clean sea and lots of things to do and see. Once in Salou you should stay at the Hotel Marinada. Because here reasonable prices and responsive staff that will quickly help you to get accustomed to the institution.

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Room stock

There is free Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms, so you don’t have to spend money on communication. All rooms are equipped with TVs and air conditioning.

All rooms have new furniture, where guests will be able to relax in peace.

Location and infrastructure

There is a coffee bar on site where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a buffet and if the guest is on a diet, he will not have to worry, as dishes with different caloric content are prepared there.

There are plenty of activities for children and adults on site. Adult visitors should visit the swimming pool, which is located within the Marinada establishment. Next to the pool there is a restaurant-bar on the outdoor terrace. In order for the guest to be able to order food close to the pool. There are night discos in the restaurant bars which are located on the territory of the hotel. Therefore, lovers of rest at night will not be bored here.

Entertainment and services

For entertainment, there is a golf course on the Marinada. It is also worth taking a child of 10 years old there, as the course is large and playing golf will be fun.

If you choose the Marinada Hotel, you won’t have to look for beach areas. Because near Marinade is the beach of Capellanes. There are plenty of water parks and slides for children on the beach. This beach is used for excursions along the Salou coast. Both adults and children will enjoy these tours. The beach area is equipped with summer cafes, where guests can grab a bite to eat.

Night discos are held on the beach, so nightlife lovers won’t get bored in Capellança either. The shoreline of the beach area is equipped with protective islands. So there is no need to worry about bathing safety.

Going on vacation to Salou and choosing the Marinada hotel as a place of residence, as well as visiting Capellans beach vacationers will not regret their choice. Because these places have everything for a comfortable stay as a single person, as well as with family and friends.

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