Hotel Jama, Slovenia: Hotel by the caves – scary rooms!

Hotel Jama, located near the most famous cave in the country, the Postojnska Jama (Postojna Town). The abandoned rooms found here are a dark past and a legacy of communist times. They were discovered by chance, when repairs were being carried out in the hotel rooms, which later turned out to be right in the cave.

Location and history of the hotel

Karst cave. It is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for tourist groups and is one of the most used by visitors and people. It has the longest open space for visitors – 5.30 km. This is a very small part of the cave, the karst system itself in this place is more than twenty kilometers long.

It was punctured by the Beer River, the river and created deep gaps where it is easy to get lost. There, in the deepest darkness, are hundreds of different species of living organisms, many of which are found nowhere else on the planet.

A particularly striking creature is the “human fish”. She is a blind dungeon dweller, more like a small sized lizard, about thirty centimeters long. Its name is derived from its body color, it is almost pink, similar to the color of the human body skin. And the toes on her paws are practically human.

Hotel interiors

In the twentieth century, man has added much to the appearance of such a mysterious area. In some halls of the cave there are even traces of the terrible fire, everything here is covered with dark soot. It was during the Second World War that a partisan warehouse of various fuels exploded.

Room stock

And the secret rooms that were told about at the beginning of the article, they were chained behind massive metal doors. There is a huge layer of dust inside the rooms. Most likely, everything was done during the construction of the hotel back in 1969. All rooms had high-sensitivity technology that could be used to listen to what was going on in other areas of the hotel.

It is a fact that Josef Broz Tito, the eternal leader of the communist regime in Yugoslavia, stayed in one of the rooms of this hotel, and that various foreign delegations were received there.

This is also where those long tentacles of the communist regime have been recreated, stretching right into the depths of the cave.



Alina Abramova

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