Hotel Granat Divnomorskoye

Quiet, relaxing holiday without complaints: a reservation that the owners will definitely keep, a comfortable room with a clean shower and a great bed, normal internet. The central beach in half an hour of slow walking through the center of one of the most popular resort villages of the Krasnodar Territory: the hotel “Granat” in Divnomorsky is a great option for those who do not want to leave the comfort zone even on vacation.

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Location and history

12 kilometers from Gelendzhik and at least thirty years from Moscow: Divnomorskoye is a vacation completely divorced from civilization and as if hanging in a time loop: without industrial zones and public transport, without large shopping centers and megamarkets. Without tearing eardrums discos and too active walking youth.

The history of the village is rooted in the depths of centuries – however, where, no one specified. However, it is known that until the middle of the XIX century at the mouth of the Inagua River flourished Circassian aul, which was called Mezyb, multi-forest. During the Russian-Turkish wars, the settlement played the role of Gelendzhik-deception in the plans of the naval command. The name somehow stuck, and Mezyb until 1964 was a Fake Gelendzhik.

Under Soviet rule, the population decided to rename their native village: after all, Fake Gelendzhik is a so-so name. According to the results of the competition, Divnomorskoye appeared, which took root. It is not surprising, because the sea near the village is really wonderful.

A few years ago, Divnomorskoye was more than a backwater village that could not offer tourists anything but a temporary toilet on the street in the private sector. Recent years have benefited: there were hundreds of guest houses, hotels, boarding houses. The whole resort village is dedicated to serving tourists. He lives for the holiday season: when vacationers leave, and the sea temperature drops, hotels are closed for scheduled repairs, and barbecue – for reconstruction.

Hotel “Granat” is located iconic: not far from the center, on the most resort street lenin, on a very modest territory of 0.15 hectares, in fact, a fence to the fence with competitors. In the guest courtyard everything is compact, although the owners are proud of the heated pool, considering it the largest and cleanest in Divnomorsky. Guests agree, the pool is not bad. But for all guests in the season is still not enough.

Note: In the room you can settle with a pet weighing up to 3 kilograms. Walking and care issues should be discussed with the property additionally at the time of booking.

How to stay?

Hotel “Granat” in Divnomorsky is quite small, but in high season it receives about a hundred guests. Rooms have to be booked several months in advance, so the conditions are quite strict: mandatory prepayment for the first day of stay, which is not returned. If the reservation is withdrawn more than two weeks before the deadline, there is a chance to pick up 50%. But, according to reviews, this non-trivial task will require efforts and a strong nervous system. Similarly, with the departure in advance, no one will return the money.

For guests who travel by their own car, underground parking is provided. Paid – this must be taken into account. It is also important to remember that total video surveillance is conducted on the territory, which can cause discomfort.


  • 2-bed studio of 18 square meters;
  • 3-seater studio-comfort 20-22 square meters;
  • 4-bed studio-suite 28 square meters;
  • two-room suite of 50 square meters.

The pride of the hotel is the design of the rooms, designed in the eclectic style of post-Soviet Art Nouveau. Shades of design are selected with taste, everything is neat, cozy, without unnecessary pomposity and heaping of details. The repair is fresh, the furniture is obviously new, although not the most expensive, but without flaws. Each room has a small balcony with a table and two chairs.

In each room:

  • Bathroom: toilet, sink, shower with everything you need and hairdryer;
  • Appliances: refrigerator, plasma TV, split system;
  • For a snack: dishes, kettle;
  • Furniture: double bed (plus sofa or folding armchair), wardrobe, bedside tables (hanger, place for shoes and suitcases), chair, table.

The rooms have a safe in which you can leave documents and valuables without fear.

Note: The reception is open around the clock, but the estimated check-out time is 10 hours, and check-in is noon.

How and where to eat

Everyone who goes to the Krasnodar coast knows that with food there is not important, you need to get out on your own. On the territory of the hotel “Granat” there is a dining room, but the reviews about it are mixed, some blame the owners for the abundance of tasteless semi-finished products. Prices are not so that democratic, it remains a little to add, you can have lunch and dinner daily in the village. Moreover, the choice is huge.

Ekaterina, St. Petersburg: “We lived in Granat in 2019 in August. We stopped for 10 days. The hotel itself is quite nothing, only you need to watch how they clean. Clean, bright, all the amenities in the room, quite quiet – a strong economy class. But with the food they are very bad, we tried their so-called buffet a couple of times, but, firstly, expensive, and secondly, inedible. Therefore, I do not even advise you to count, it is better to immediately look for an institution to your taste on the territory of Divnomorsky. “

There are innumerable points where you can eat in the village. It seems that the entire population, not employed in the hotel sector, around the clock roars kebabs and cooks corn. However, a particularly impressive catering cluster in the center, directly along Lenin Street. Although if you move away from the main street for a hundred meters, you can find places even cheaper, although not significantly. On the other hand, there is a huge selection of open kebabs and burgers.

It’s both sutty and inexpensive

The Divnomorsk froze in time like a beetle in amber. This is evident in everything, but especially in the service sector and in nutrition. There are still dining rooms, where on thick faience plates serve a cutlet with mashed potatoes and half a glass of sour cream (dining room “Azure”), where compote is poured from huge vats with pots on a long handle, where dobredovye cooks wear starched caps. Dishes of post-Soviet and utilitarian Mediterranean cuisine are offered.

Bright halls, large tables, self-service and normal prices:

  • dining room on Kirov-17;
  • “Tasty and inexpensive”;
  • dining room at “Energy” (No28);
  • Resort plus.

The dining rooms mainly feature set lunches from 12 to 14 with a standard menu, breakfasts with cheesecakes, casseroles and dumplings, as well as dinners with second courses from lunch.

Tasty and stylish

On the resort streets of even the smallest village there is a place for craft beer, exquisite wines, interesting cuisine. Most serve European dishes, there is a menu for vegetarians.

Must visit:

  • café “Europe” for cocktails;
  • restaurant “Ivushka” for the sake of huge portions and a team of ear;
  • restaurant “Delicious Summer” for breakfast.

It must be remembered that in high season – a large influx of tourists, so in decent institutions there will be queues, and a free table will probably have to wait.

For sweet tooth

Almost all cafes and restaurants of Divnomorsky offer desserts from milkshakes to cakes, cheesecakes and sorbet. However, the best coffee, mulled grain and tiramisu in the “Little Coffee Shop”. A huge selection of gelato ice cream with different flavors that can complement the coffee to choose from black to latte.

Also there are excellent eclairs, and the barista is the most pleasant on the entire Krasnodar coast.

It’s interesting! Hot corn is a symbol of rest on the Black Sea, and in Divnomorsky it is especially abundant. According to the local recipe, it is cooked with a lot of sugar, so it turns out to be especially sweet. It is better to buy it on the beach after 10 o’clock in the morning, when the remnants of yesterday’s have already been sold, and new batches have just arrived.

Where on the sea?

Divnomorskoe is a really amazing sea: clean, though open, without bays or floods, not too pulling from the depths of algae and jellyfish, without debris and spots. Of course, it was appreciated: almost the entire coastal strip of the village is built up with sanatoriums and holiday homes with closed beaches.

However, there are free general, their chip is pebbles of the middle fraction, length up to 700 meters and width of almost 40. But their minus is in the density of tourists per square meter: in August it goes far beyond human understanding.

Central Beach

The main coastal part of the village is the Central Beach, the largest, most crowded and popular. Everyone goes here, including baklava sellers and proud owners of little monkeys.


  • shower cabins;
  • toilets;
  • rescuers;
  • changing booths.

The depth increases gradually, so it is good to come here with children. By the way, the best time to relax with children is August, this month there is the warmest and calmest sea. True, too many people know about it.

Fakel Beach

Rapidly conquering the palm from the Central beach “Fakel” is located just in the direction of Gelendzhik. Its highlight is a perfectly smooth rounded pebbles, always clean and neat.


  • parking;
  • first aid post;
  • rescuers;
  • rental of sun loungers, couches;
  • volleyball court.

In summer, the “Fakel” is stationed diving club “Ural”. Instructors give lessons, take on training children over eight years old.

What to do if not the sea?

Admittedly, there is nothing to do in Divnomorsky, except for the sea. However, this is if you do not look closely: over the past two or three years, fashionable entertainment has appeared in the village that even residents of large cities will like:

  • paintball;
  • Dudkin’s pottery workshop with master classes;
  • jeeping in the Caucasus Mountains;
  • DJ parties in “Europe”.

In addition to entertainment directly in the village, it is necessary to visit the iconic places.

Parus Rock

Not far from Divnomorsky there is a village Praskoveevka, and near it there is an unusual flat rock Parus with a round hole in the middle. The sail is more like a fin pierce with a core, which rushed into the sea, but looks very impressive.

Dolmens and waterfalls Pashda

About 40 kilometers from Divnomorsky there are amazing river waterfalls on Pashda: the highest Olyapkin (about 9 meters). Very close – dolmens, mysterious stone structures. There are special excursions on retro cars, you can buy a ticket on the main street.

Dolmens at Janet

On the river Jane there are several ancient mysterious dolmens (their age is approximately 2.5 thousand years). There are three groups of dolmens in total, the approach to them is paid. It is easy to get to them: by bus to the village of Vozrozhdenie, then a small transition along the signs.

Tip: For walks to the rocks, take with you not flip-lips and sandals, but at least sneakers. In addition, grab a first aid kit and a remedy for blood-sucking insects.

How about children?

Hotel “Granat” in Divnomorsky is positioned as a place of family rest, so it accepts children of any age:

  • up to three years free of charge, on request in the room will put a crib;
  • 3-10 years, extra bed for 300 rubles per day;
  • over 10 years – 500 rubles per day.

Folding sofas in the rooms are comfortable, they are usually quite enough for teenagers.

In the courtyard of the hotel there is a standard full-size children’s playground. It is not recommended to let the child go there on your own, since some slides are located directly on the tile without any substrate. The same with the pool: a child under 10-12 years old must be monitored, there is no lifeguard or controller.

The hotel has a children’s room, but the animator comes two or three times a week for a couple of hours. The hotel does not provide babysitting services. However, they do not go to Divnomorskoye to sit in a hotel: children prefer the sea, although in the village there is a small water park “Poseidon” with a shallow children’s pool.

On the main street in the season exhibit the usual resort set of children’s entertainment: inflatable slides, trampolines, cars, photos with animals. There are virtual simulators, labyrinths, rooms of laughter and fear, a variety of shooting galleries.

Hotel “Granat” in Divnomorsky is a good option if you need good rooms for a normal price for the region. In some cases, the lack of obsession on the part of the owners is even a plus. Although they should work on food, parking and help with children.


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