Hotel Europe Partenit Crimea

Hotel Europe in Parteita is an exclusive project that combines Oriental traditions and modern European hospitality. The cozy location between mount Ayu-Dag and Cape Plaka, unique design and architectural solution create all conditions for a good rest.

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Place and its features

The main building of the hotel is made in an unusual shape. The hotel resembles a ship that stopped near the flowering mountains and blue sky. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the hotel is famous for its impeccable European service. Comfortable apartments are combined with high service and affordable entertainment for all ages. Also, the hotel “Europe” is aimed at improving the health of its guests and their relaxation.

Hotel “Europe” is a romanticism of design combined with the highest level of comfort. From the microclimate to the kitchen of the restaurant in the hotel, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The snow-white ocean liner is located between Mount Ayu-Dag and Cape Plaka right on the Black Sea coast and fits perfectly into this natural complex.

Note. Entrance to the landscape park for vacationers in the hotel “Europe” is free, but it is worth asking the staff in advance for the appropriate pass.

Hotel “Europe” offers all the necessary services for recreation at the highest level. In addition to many cafeterias, a gym, a SPA center, a swimming pool and other facilities, the hotel has its own private coast.

Large areas of various parks protect the territory of the hotel “Europe” from adverse weather conditions. In Parteit, everything is saturated with history, it was here that the great people of the last and the century before last lived. It was they who chose this place and made a fabulous corner out of it, which is available for recreation to this day.

By the will of fate, our family accidentally came to this village and saw this hotel. Although we went Gurzuf to another, booked and paid hotel. “Europe” is in an exciting place, even you forget that this is the Crimea. The beaches are not crowded, there are no sellers of corn, baklava, lime, churchkhela, homemade fries and other “mandatory” attributes on the coast. This side of Partenit is more “civilized”. The sea itself is very clean, sometimes algae appear, but the beach staff solve this problem quickly. On the beach there are always places for those who do not like the sun, a huge canopy. Water equipment can be rented. If we talk about the rooms, they are excellent, very cool terrace with sun loungers for sunbathing. The hotel has a children’s room, a trampoline and 2 children’s pools. There is a children’s program every day. The animators are very friendly, as are the entire hotel staff, for which thank you very much. The only drawback of the hotel is the food. The husband did not eat, but the children always found something to stuff their bellies. There is a large construction site next to the hotel, but this is not a problem at all. The noise is almost inaudible.

Hotel rooms

For guests of the hotel “Europe” there are 67 rooms for accommodation of different categories. Each room has all the necessary furniture and appliances.

Only 6 levels of comfort:

  1. Standard. These are comfortable rooms for two people. All rooms have seaside views. The area of the rooms is 34 square meters, there are two balconies. In the bedroom there is a double bed, in the living room there is a comfortable single sofa.
  2. Standard one bedroom apartment. Spacious apartment, divided into two zones: bedroom and living room. The option is similar to the previous one. There are two separate beds.
  3. Junior suite. This is a one-bedroom apartment with two beds and comfortable furniture. There are rooms designed for people with disabilities.
  4. Lux. The apartment can accommodate three people, for example, a couple with a child. The area of 50 square meters, there are two large balconies. Additional guests can be accommodated.
  5. Deluxe Apartment. Magnificent two-room suite with modern and impressive design. From other options, they differ in the presence of a terrace of 80 “squares”. There is a kitchenette.
  6. Apartment «Eurolux». The living area is even larger – 75 square meters, and the balcony has the shape of a semicircular dome. One bedroom apartment with a terrace is suitable for tourists who like to live in luxury.

Note. All rooms located in the four-star hotel “Europe” undergo daily cleaning and free cosmetic kit.

Hotel “Europe” has a developed infrastructure. On its territory there is a fitness center, a gym and a swimming pool. Animations for adults and children are held regularly. There is also a tour desk that can arrange excursions in the surrounding area. There is a guarded parking for personal transport of guests.

The hotel specializes in receiving any guests, so there is entertainment for different ages and preferences. But, in addition, the hotel has several workspaces:

  1. Conference hall “Classic” with an area of 90 square meters. Maximum load – 70 people.
  2. The area of the conference hall “Partenit” is 180 square meters. Maximum load – 200 people.
  3. Meeting area “Lounge” – 110 square meters. Maximum load – 30 people.
  4. The meeting area “Lobby” is 125 square meters. Maximum load – 50 people.

The cost of the conference package includes: 1 flipchart (paper + marker + sponge), screen, audio system (2 fixed microphones, loudspeakers). You can order wireless microphones, conference sets (notebook, pen, mineral water), business center services, electronic pointer, recording on discs, projector for a fee.

More information. In addition to entertainment and business areas, guests of the hotel can use the gym, billiards, massage room and even a beauty salon.

Meals at the hotel

Delicious food and drinks are a necessary part of the holiday. To taste the Crimea, tourists recommend paying attention to the restaurants in Parteita. Hotel “Europe” offers to visit several of the best restaurants of the resort.

On the territory of the hotel there are two establishments: PartenEat and Al Percino. Every season there are new unusual dishes from chefs. But in addition to extravagant positions, the hotel menu includes the usual salads, hot dishes, side dishes and drinks.

High quality service in the restaurants of the hotel is combined with affordable prices and European service. You can enjoy your meal in the elegant rooms, or in the fresh air in the outdoor terraces. Here you can also order a banquet.

In addition to restaurants, the hotel has a lounge bar. This place is designed for a light breakfast, business meeting or cocktail parties. Like other luxury hotels, the hotel “Europe” is great for families with children, as the restaurant has a separate children’s menu.

More information. Full board service with three meals a day is available. Breakfast is buffet style, lunch and dinner are served on continental menu.

Beaches & Pools

The hotel complex “Europe” is located right on the beach and has its own comfortable pebble beach. Entry into the water is gentle and gradual. The area is always clean, there is no garbage on the shore and clean sea water. Here are created the most pleasant conditions for recreation. The cost of living in the hotel includes sun loungers, umbrellas, canopies, changing rooms, showers and toilets. Lifeguards work on the beach. Nearby there is a café-bar, a children’s pool and a bath complex.

Despite the fact that the beach of the hotel is already for the better different from its neighbors, the owners of the hotel for several years in a row, before the opening of the season, are engaged in its improvement. They bring sand, laid wooden bridges along the shore and leveled the ground.

For those who do not want to swim in the open sea, on the territory of the hotel there is a children’s pool bath complex with a sauna, a swimming pool, a Turkish hammam, a cooling font and sun loungers for relaxation.

Importantly. Hotel “Europe” offers its guests everything you need for an interesting pastime by the water. For example, next to the outdoor pool for children in the evening there are entertainment activities for everyone.

Entertainment opportunities for children

In the hotel “Europe” there is a children’s club “Kids”, where young travelers are invited to have fun and find new friends absolutely free of charge, there are always a lot of children.

The hotel staff tries to develop animation programs so interesting that children are distracted from the screens of their electronic devices and spend their holidays with pleasure. In addition to entertainment events, where children splash out all the accumulated energy, the animators of the hotel conduct cultural programs and sports competitions. Here are some of the possible leisure activities at the hotel:

  • fine arts lessons;
  • weaving and sculpting of ornaments and figures from salted dough;
  • competitions in the pool and in the open air;
  • chess tournament;
  • team quizzes;
  • aquamasquerade and foam parties.

Further information on planned activities for children should be found at the hotel reception.

Quiet and peaceful hotel with advantages and disadvantages. In the summer of 2020, we lived in a posh apartment. Nice room, spacious, elegant (separate plus I want to give red leather sofas), a room with a huge king-size bed, about the terrace I am generally silent, it is huge and furnished with sun loungers, umbrellas and a table with chairs. You can sunbathe right on it. The rooms are well soundproofed, we didn’t hear the neighbors. All rooms have a view of the sea and the Bear Mountains. It’s a heavenly pleasure to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. There was always enough food, everything was tasty and cozy. There were lots of fruits and vegetables on the table. And, of course, thanks to the maids. Clean up every day! Everything is clean and tidy. Now about the disadvantages: 1. Beach. The entrance to the sea is difficult, you need slippers. Irritated by strangers who came to the beach and occupied the sunbeds for which we paid. 2. Well, be prepared for the fact that alcohol is NOT included in the price. I was fine with that, but sometimes there wasn’t enough wine for dinner.

Excursions and attractions nearby

For its guests, the hotel “Europe” offers many excellent opportunities to spend time actively and informatively, sometimes even extremely. There are a few places worth visiting:

  1. Bear Mountain Mountain. On the southern coast of Crimea, between Big Alushta and Big Yalta, rises the mighty mountain Ayu Dag or Bear Mountain. This is a truly amazing monument of nature, which has preserved for posterity many ancient archaeological artifacts. The mountain is also unique in geological terms: it consists of a gabbro-diabase made of deep volcanic rock, which in itself is unusual for the Crimean Mountains. The bizarre “bearish” outlines of Ayu-Dag are explained by its geological origin – in fact, it is a volcano, the magma of which froze, forming a bizarre top.
  2. Raevsky estate and Karasan Park. The palace is located to the east of the village of Partenit, just north of the Aivazovsky Park. According to one version, it got its name because the last owner – Raevsky Jr., visited the Persian province of Khorasan, and was so inspired by it that he decided to create something similar to himself. The attraction is located on the southern coast of Crimea. From the balconies of the estate you can see beautiful sunrises. It is surrounded by a huge park in which rare plants from different countries grow.
  3. Aivazovsky Park is one of the most famous sights of the peninsula. This park is a vast landscape area on the slopes of a small bay. About ten thousand different perennial plants are planted here. In addition to the landscape, here you can admire the magnificent architectural forms and reservoirs.
  4. Palace of Princess Gagarina. This place looks like a real castle of fairy tales, only in small sizes. The building is built in the Art Nouveau style and is skillfully diluted with Gothic elements. The project was developed by the famous architect N. P. Krasnov, on the basis of which at that time there were already many unique palaces and buildings. It took 5 years to create a fabulous three-story building. Each façade was decorated in its own way, each wall was unique and special. Building materials were imported from abroad. Now the administration of the sanatorium is located here, so it is impossible to get inside. But you can look at its appearance and walk through the nearby cypress park.

Hotel “Europe” in Partemit is one of the best resorts for recreation, it fully corresponds to its four stars. In addition, here you can not only spend a passive beach holiday, but also engage in active.


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