Hotel Elm Grove Sevastopol Crimea

Apart-hotel “Elm Grove” was built in the late 90s for the rest of celebrities and wealthy people. It is located in the village of Orlovka near Sevastopol.

E.K. writes a review: “stayed for 4 days. Quiet and peaceful place. That’s what my wife and I were looking for. We took a superior room – everything you need for living is there. Large well-groomed area. There is nothing outside it except a mosque. Even the store was searched and not found. Breakfast is a celebration of the belly. We went for a massage, were satisfied. It was not eclust to swim because of the strong wind. We recommend it to those who are looking for a quiet and secluded holiday.”

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Comfort and luxury on the coast

Such famous people as Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Rosenbaum, Alsou and others rested here. Gorgeous sandy beach, beautiful territory, spa, delicious breakfast, privacy – so briefly you can describe the advantages of this residence. A good option for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday in an atmosphere of luxury and hot climate of the Crimea. Separately, it is necessary to mention the local park – this is an example of garden art. Trees, flower arrangements, bushes, decorative decorations – everything looks beautiful and organic.

Room stock

All rooms have free Wi-Fi. Employees of the room service bring bottled water, clean the rooms, change bathrobes and towels.

  • Studio Superior is the most economical accommodation option in the residence “Elm Grove”. With an area of 35 m2, this room is designed to accommodate two guests and one child. The level of comfort is quite consistent with junior suites of hotels 4-5 stars. In the center of the room there is a large double bed, opposite it is plasma with cable TV. The window has a kitchenette with a bar, fridge, kettle and microwave. There are no electric stoves and kitchen utensils. In the bathroom there is a shower cabin, simple plumbing is installed. Bathrobes and towels are used for textiles. There is a safe and a hairdryer. The split system is also present, because in the hot climate of the Crimea without air conditioning to rest stuffy. Repair is the simplest: suspended ceiling, walls painted white, in the bathroom on the floor laid tiles, and in the room laminate.
  • Studio Junior Suite with an area of 65 m2 is ready to accommodate a family with two children. From the equipment is added bidet, ironing board with iron, kitchen utensils. A large space of the room is divided into a bedroom and a living room, in which a soft sofa, an armchair and a coffee table are installed. The interior is selected by the designer in the same style. Carpets, paintings, expensive curtains and figured ceilings with lighting create a luxury coziness.
  • Exclusive are luxury rooms with an area of 65-80 m2 with individual interior and furnishings. They are located on the 3rd floor, from where the windows offer a beautiful view of the sea. The design of the rooms is dominated by bright colors: stained glass windows, multi-level ceilings, elite furniture, carpets, panoramic glazing. There are options with a shower or hot tub.
  • Two-room apartments with an area of 75-100 m2 are two or one-level. Two large rooms are adjacent to a bathroom with Jacuzzi and a terrace without garden furniture. The living room has a small fireplace. The luxurious interior is made in the oriental style, in which Dagestani novorishes like to equip housing. The apartment can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. 3-room apartments in the same style with an area of 210 m2 are designed for 6 tenants. They have 3 levels connected by stairs to each other. There is a garden table with chairs on the terrace.
  • The Royal Suite and apartments of 170-200 m2 are designed for only 4 guests. The interior is made in a modern European style with the use of marble and valuable wood. The spacious terrace offers a panorama of the green park and the blue sea. A fully equipped kitchen is most likely designed for a personal chef, since with such luxury it is unlikely that someone will cook soup with their own hands. In the bathroom there is a large jacuzzi, there is a spacious dressing room. The terrace has a sun lounger, a soft sofa, a table and armchairs.

Spa & Phyto Bar

The hotel has two large swimming pools – outdoor and indoor in the spa. Guests are allowed only in the indoor pool, which, however, is enough to swim (25 meters in length). Outdoor swimming pool only for VIPs or host guests. There are several types of steam room: sauna, hammam and Russian bath. You can also order body care, thalassotherapy, massage and buy products in the phyto-bar. The menu includes healthy drinks and snacks. Prices for services must be specified when booking.

Nutrition among elms

Breakfast in the residence “Elm Grove” causes the warmest memories even among those who write negative reviews. Serve tables in the clearing among green elms, where it is very beautiful and atmospheric. The variety of the Swedish line is liked by vacationers: several types of hot, fruits, vegetables, meat cuts. There are canapés with red caviar, salted fish, jamon, local cheeses and other delicacies. From drinks it is possible to allocate fresh fruit fresh and grain coffee. In short, reading reviews about the hotel, you meet only positive assessments of the quality of breakfast.

Restaurant “Elm Grove” has an interior in green colors and a simple design. The menu is monotonous and does not update. Price tag for dishes as in elite Moscow restaurants. At the same time, the quality of cooking certainly does not reach such a high level. But the guests will not remain hungry. It is worth adding that this is the only place in the district where you can have lunch. The bar also serves cocktails and drinks. The distance to Sevastopol is 20 km. The city has many cafes and restaurants for every taste.

Evgeniy Mughik writes a review: “It is cozy, beautiful and quiet. There is everything for living and relaxing holidays. The only sandy beach (with small pebbles) in the area. Nearby flows the river Belbek. There is useful clay. You can catch fish on a fishing rod: horse mackerel, mullet, perch, sargan, herring, ruff. But to rest here is very expensive by Russian standards. Because of this, the hotel (residence) is not crowded.”

Beach and sports on the coast

The closed sandy beach of the hotel has practically no drawbacks. For vacationers there are sun loungers and umbrellas, the beach area is cleared of stones. There is a pier from which you can dive into the water. Summer bar sells refreshing drinks, cocktails, ice cream. The territory is fenced – only hotel guests rest. You can rent jet skis, jet skis and even a real yacht.

The gym has a large volume of space, panoramic windows, air conditioning and a seating area. Modern sports equipment and simulators are installed. Around the beautiful views of the green spaces and decorations of the hotel. It’s nice to play sports here.

Tennis courts with clay surface will serve as a great entertainment for guests of the hotel. Of course, playing tennis is not cheap, but this place is designed for wealthy people. You can also rent mountain bikes of several modifications and ride along the forest paths on the coast.

Holidays with children

A playground for children is located in a clearing with a green lawn. There are slides, trampolines, swings, houses and various toys. Kids love to play with each other here under the supervision of adults.

The Kids Club is a small room in which there are two air hockey machines and several tables with soft chairs. For children there are soft toys, cars, board and educational games. There are books for different ages. Animators play different games with children and look after them while parents can relax a little.

Andrew Gl writes a review: “Not a bad hotel. We rented a room – spacious, bright, beautiful and a little tired of time, but the hand does not rise badly to write. The beach is also good, sun beds are included in the room rate. Parking is there, but under the scorching sun. We ordered tapak chickens in the restaurant, brought carcasses by a kilogram – they could not eat. Staff and service for four, not VIP-service. The staff is entirely local. Without a personal car, it’s hard here – no shops, no entertainment. Everything is in Sevastopol.”

Local attractions

The lack of entertainment in the hotel can be more than compensated in Sevastopol, getting there by car or taxi. In the city to the services of vacationers there is a large number of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. In addition to them, guests visit the sights known throughout the Crimea:

  • water park “Zurbagan” is a great place of rest for children and adults who with a scream and squeal rush along the trunks of twisted slides directly into the mouth of the pool. The water park has a developed infrastructure, parking, beach. It is located next to victory park, which is also worth a walk. See fountains, garden compositions, monuments, as well as a museum dedicated to the fighting in the Crimea;
  • Tauric Chersonesos preserved part of the fortress walls and the majestic Vladimir Cathedral, in which Prince Vladimir was baptized in 988. This ancient city has existed since the 5th century BC. until the 15th century, when it was destroyed. The cathedral has preserved mosaics and ancient frescoes. Here they conduct informative excursions with a story about the life and customs of the inhabitants of the capital of ancient Taurida;
  • “Frilandia” is a recreation center for children. There are many game locations, labyrinths, balls, themed rooms, etc. It is also the largest trampoline center in the Crimea, in which children of all ages enthusiastically jump on trampolines, having time to communicate with each other during the break. There is a family restaurant with a children’s menu, dishes from which are prepared only from Crimean food;
  • “underground Sevastopol” lost the function of a secret object of the Ministry of Defense and turned into a museum. The complex of underground structures was built by the forces of prisoners on the orders of Stalin. Now anyone can explore the preserved bunkers with authentic interiors of that era, as well as listen to a fascinating story about the history of the emergence of these objects;
  • the museum in Balaklava attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world, who dubbed it “the miracle of Soviet engineering”. Inspecting the giant underground halls in which submarines were repaired, the feeling of surreality of what is happening does not leave. So much labor and resources were thrown into the conquest of the underground spaces of this mountain;
  • St. Vladimir’s Cathedral is no less majestic Orthodox church than the cathedral in Chersonesos, which is also worth a visit. Preserved beautiful marble floor and magnificent decoration, carefully restored in our time. Here is arranged the tomb of the famous admirals-defenders of the Crimean Peninsula: Lazarev, Istomin, Nakhimov and others;
  • The Count’s Wharf retained the charm and design of the mid-19th century, although it was restored in Soviet times. Civilian ships and tourist ships are moored here. A very atmospheric place, built by order of Admiral Lazarev on the site of a wooden pier.

This is not a complete list of famous objects of cultural heritage and leisure that guests of Sevastopol visit. You can also go to the local circus and theater, visit numerous museums and parks, shopping and entertainment centers and the city embankment.


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