Отель Джеваль Евпатория Крым

Hotel “Dzheval” combines national traditions, a high level of comfort and an individual approach to each guest. It is here that guests can plunge into the atmosphere of a real oriental fairy tale, which will open a completely new world of emotions and impressions. This is the first hotel in Evpatoria network Dzheval. During the period of its existence, it managed to win the recognition of guests who appreciated all its advantages and advantages.

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Location and history

Ethno-hotel “Dzheval” is located in Evpatoria, in the heart of the old part of the city – on the historical square Odun-bazar. In the Middle Ages, there was a huge number of caravanserais, in which merchants and travelers from different countries were waiting for the night and a generous table.

Today, during the construction of the hotel “Dzheval” centuries-old traditions and the highest standards of service were taken into account, which made it possible to create a modern hotel in a unique ethnic style. The interior and exterior of the building correspond to the palace architecture of the Crimean Khanate. When creating the hotel, there are three components:

  • Ethnicity – reminds of the culture of the indigenous people. This is really an amazing recreational resource that attracts the attention of not only Russian citizens, but also guests from abroad;
  • Environmental friendliness – only natural environmentally friendly materials were used in the decoration – furniture made of natural wood, Tatar tiles. It will also be pleasantly surprised by advanced energy-saving technologies – a “green” elevator, a modern water purification system, an autonomous helio installation, thanks to which the heating system works and hot water supply is provided;
  • Exclusivity – the ethno-hotel is decorated with author’s handmade items. Here you can see the ceramics of Rustem Skibin, embroidery of Tamara Klyuchkina, watercolors by Ramiz Netovkin, kilims of folk masters.

The name of the hotel “Jeval” translates as “traveler-wanderer”. And not by chance, because it is here that an individual approach to each guest is felt, which creates a unique atmosphere of harmony and oriental hospitality.

Note! The hotel has all the facilities to accommodate children and people with disabilities. Children under 3 years stay completely free of charge.

Room stock

The rich number of rooms of the hotel “Dzheval” is able to satisfy the wishes of any guest. For accommodation offer both standard rooms and superior rooms.

Connoisseurs of comfort can stay in one of the three rooms of the Suite category – “Nar”, “Zeytun” or Badem”. Each of them is distinguished by individual decoration and furnishings, and the windows offer panoramic views of the coastal part of Old Evpatoria.

For people with disabilities there is a spacious room of 21.6m2. There are no thresholds, and all bathrooms are equipped with special fasteners. Extras include air conditioning, a TV, an electric kettle and a tea set.

Attention! Children under 3 years old can be provided with an extra bed absolutely free of charge upon prior request.

Ivan, 59 years old, Moscow: This is one of the best hotels in crimea that we have ever had to stay in. We travel a lot, so there is something to compare with. Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to the staff, who are always polite, helpful and hospitable. Helped in the organization of leisure, all requests and wishes were taken into account. Excellent design of the hotel, everything is done in the style of the Crimean Khanate. Gorgeous room, lots of space. Daily cleaning, timely change of bed linen. Delicious food in the restaurant, a huge selection of dishes. On the territory there is a coffee shop with different types of coffee. In general, only positive emotions remained from the time spent. Therefore, I want to come back here again and again, which we will do next summer.

Meals and restaurants

Feel the oriental hospitality in the hotel restaurant “Dzheval”. Guests will not only be able to touch the gastronomic culture, but also taste traditional dishes of the Crimean Tatar cuisine. In summer, the restaurant hosts culinary tours. Thanks to such events, everyone at home will be able to cook a real culinary masterpiece. The chef of the hotel restaurant will tell his signature recipe and reveal all the secrets of its preparation.

You can taste delicious coffee or tea in a coffee shop on the 2nd floor of the fortress gate “Odun-bazaar k’aves”. There are about 10 varieties of coffee from all over the world, each of which is prepared according to a special recipe. Guests will be able to taste Sultan’s coffee, Kezlev coffee and even the most expensive coffee in the world – Luwak. Fans of tea drinks will appreciate “chel-tea”, tea with pepper, salt and milk, tea with inflorescences and pieces of dried mountain berries. An excellent addition to any drink will be Tatar baklava, wedding yantyk, sweet kobete, sand kyurabiye.

Not so long ago on the first floor of the hotel “Dzheval” opened its doors a stylish café. Here you can taste delicious desserts, hot drinks, as well as lemonade of its own production. A great addition to the soulful evening will be a quality hookah.

Note! The hotel offers a children’s menu on request, as well as special diet menus. The concept of the hotel provides for the delivery of breakfast directly to the room at the request of guests.

Irina, 36 years old, Rostov-on-Don: An excellent hotel that gave the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the Crimean flavor. Delicious hearty breakfasts, all dishes are fresh, have a beautiful design. Booked a standard room, the conditions fully met expectations. Clean, comfortable, plenty of space. Cleaning every day. Got a lot of aesthetic pleasure. And the hotel has a great location. All the necessary infrastructure at hand, to the sea at hand.

Leisure and entertainment

In winter, guests can visit a real wood-heated sauna located on the seaside. Thanks to the healing air and the opportunity to plunge into sea water, the benefits of the steam room are increased at least twice. All baths have a sea view, which makes them unique.

The hotel “Dzheval” has all the conditions for organizing and holding wedding events. It can be as a lush celebration with a banquet and all the ceremonies, and a simple wedding weekend in the atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale.

Attention! The hotel staff is concerned that the road of guests to rest was as comfortable as possible. Therefore, on request, a transfer to any airport or station of the peninsula can be arranged.

The hotel has an advantageous location in the city center, close to a well-developed infrastructure. There will be no problems with organizing leisure time, and professional employees are always ready to come to the rescue and suggest where you can have fun and active time.

Beaches & Pools

Every tourist, going on vacation to the sea coast in the summer, dreams that the beach is as close as possible to the chosen hotel. Checking into the hotel “Dzheval”, this dream becomes a reality, because to get to the cleanest sea will take no more than minutes.

The nearest beach to the hotel Côte d’Azur. It is considered one of the best on the Crimean peninsula. The beach strip is quite wide, covered with fine sand of light color. The depth increases gradually, which allows you to relax here even with small children. The infrastructure is well developed. There are shade canopies, sun loungers, there is a shower, a toilet. There are several cafés within walking distance. For connoisseurs of a secluded environment, VIPs are installed almost near the water itself. Near the beach is the famous Moinak Lake – a reservoir with supersaline water and therapeutic mud. It was thanks to them that Evpatoria received the status of a balneological resort.

There are several more decent beaches in the city:

  • Central – one of the most visited beaches of Evpatoria, it is always crowded. Most of its territory belongs to hotels and sanatoriums, and only 800 meters remain for free access. The infrastructure is well developed. You can rent sun loungers, umbrellas. There is a large selection of water attractions and entertainment;
  • Robinson – is located near the city center and the water park “U Lukomorye”. Open until 18:00. Entrance to the territory is free. The infrastructure is well developed. You can rent a chaise longue, or sit on your own towel;
  • Spring – a great option for a family holiday. The shore is flat, covered with the smallest sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, the water is always well warmed. Large selection of children’s entertainment;
  • Golden Sands – located away from the city center, but even at the same time is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding travelers. The infrastructure is developed at a high level. All opportunities for both active and measured rest have been created.

Among the other beaches of Evpatoria include – Solaris, New, Oasis, Tavria, Primorye, Super Aqua, Concrete, .

Importantly! There is no swimming pool on the territory of the hotel “Dzheval”.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Evpatoria is the place where you will not be bored. There are many places that you can see on your own, and there are those that are worth going to with a tour group. So, what attracts the city of travelers:

  • Embankment named after Gorky – was created in the late XIX – early XX century. Today it is considered one of the most beautiful on the entire Crimean peninsula;
  • Park of living sculptures – you can see it on the embankment only in the summer. The role of sculptures is performed by make-up actors, sometimes it is even difficult to imagine that these are living people;
  • The arboretum is a great place for walks, especially on a hot day. Both native plants and imported plants grow in the park. This place is especially beautiful in the spring, when many plants bloom with all the colors of the rainbow;
  • Aquarium – located on the territory of Frunze Park. All halls are made in the style of cave grottoes, which gives them features. There are many exotic fish, including sharks;
  • Dolphinarium is the place where you definitely need to go with children. This is the largest dolphinarium on the peninsula, and it received its first guests back in 1996. A fascinating show will appeal to all ages;
  • Aquapark “U Lukomorye” – if you are tired of a beach holiday, then diversify it with a visit to the water park. It works only in the summer, as it is located in the open air. Made based on Pushkin’s fairy tales, as its name already indicates;
  • Aquapark “Banana Republic” – is located at the entrance to Evpatoria. Large enough, consists of 25 attractions and 8 pools. It has its own beach;
  • Park “Lost World” is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the world of dinosaurs. All sculptures are made in full growth, and some of them “come to life”;
  • Park “Crimea in miniature” – gives you the opportunity to see the main attractions in a reduced form;
  • Gezlev Gate – their construction dates back to the XV century. At one time, they were at the entrance to the city, and right behind them there was a bazaar where they sold firewood. Now the building houses a museum;

Of course, the sights of the city do not end there. In Evpatoria there are many museums, there are a huge number of religious objects, including synagogues and mosques. You can just spend hours wandering around the city and admire its architectural structures.


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The brightest, authentic and colorful hotel of the Crimean Peninsula “Dzheval” will make your holiday truly magical, and will also provide everything you need to spend time here left only bright positive memories.