Hotel Democracy Sukko

Anapa is so one, there is a very mild climate. This place has always been regarded as a resort and the most favorable for families with children. In summer in Anapa it is never unbearably hot, because a light refreshing breeze always blows from the sea. Located near the seashore, the Democratia 3* hotel is one of the best places to relax with children.

Note! The Democratia 3* Hotel has an all-inclusive program for all guests. The staff and management of the hotel try to create for their guests the most comfortable conditions of rest.


Three-star hotel Democratia is located near Anapa, in the village of Sukko. It’s a protected area. Around there are several unique natural areas, where there is a healing microclimate, so in addition to a pleasant holiday at sea, almost all guests of the hotel visit them.

This location allows you to relax from the bustle of the cities and enjoy the peace and quiet. Magnificent views become just a balm for the tired bustle of the psyche and allow you to reset your mind in the shortest possible time to return, look at the solution of current work issues from a different angle. Perhaps it will be possible to find a more rational solution.

Recreational opportunities for children

Hotel Democratia 3 * positions itself as a place for families with children. For this purpose, a special infrastructure has been created. So that parents can fully relax, qualified employees are engaged in various activities with children.

Note! For guests with very young children, the hotel is ready to provide everything necessary for the convenience of staying at the hotel, including a summer stroller and a crib.

Pools and beaches

The hotel is located at some distance from the sea. Our guarded beach on Bolshoy Utrish is about 4 km away. Between the hotel and the beach constantly ply roomy “shuttles”, so there are no complications for visiting it. The territory of the beach is guarded, so there are no outsiders there. The beach is pebbly, but the part where the sun loungers are installed has a coating with a composite material.

You can also go down to the city beach, it is only 800 m. Such a walk will only add pleasure, especially at dawn or dusk. You can simultaneously admire the beauty of the sea and “gain an appetite”.

Beach infrastructure allows you to have a great rest, there is everything you need:

  • sunbeds;
  • beach umbrellas;
  • canopies;
  • locker rooms;
  • showers;
  • toilet.

Importantly! On the beach there is a first-aid post and lifeguards. Duty officers will always be able to come to the aid of the victim in time. The medical worker will examine and carry out the necessary urgent measures.

Those who do not want to go to the sea, enjoy spending time at the huge outdoor pool with heated water. It is divided into 3 parts:
the main part is deep enough for adult guests to swim comfortably,
children’s department takes into account the needs of young visitors. There is a play area, a small jacuzzi is 3 part of the complex. Hydromassage will allow you to relax and enjoy water treatments.

Note: on the beach, by the pool and in general on the territory of the hotel you get just wonderful photos and videos. Nature itself offers to make many thematic photo shoots that will remind you all year of the magnificent time spent at the Democratia Hotel.

Room stock

Hotel Democratia has 6 residential buildings, which are made in a classic style. It also performs all the numbers. The rooms are well furnished, there is everything that guests need for a comfortable stay. Some rooms with balconies, some without them.

Attention! The buildings are not equipped with elevators, it is worth considering this circumstance when choosing a room, if there are health restrictions or a trip with small children is planned. Buildings No. 1 and 2 are 5 storey, buildings No. 3, 4, 6 – 2 storey, building No. 5 – 6 storey.

Guests of the hotel are offered a large selection of rooms, different in terms of comfort and spaciousness:

  • STANDART 0 FLOOR – one-room, area 15-18 m2, sleeping places: double bed, located on the 0 (basement) floor building number 1 and 5.
  • STANDART TERRACE – one-room, area 15 m2, sleeping places: 1 double or 2 single beds, buildings No 3, 4 and 6.
  • STANDART WITHOUT BALCONY – one-room, area 15 m2, sleeps: 1 double bed. Located in buildings No. 1, 2 and 5 on floors 1 – 6. Some of the rooms are located in the attic.
  • STANDART WITH BALCONY – one-room, area 15 m2, sleeps: 1 double bed. Located in the building number 1 on 2 – 4 floors.
  • STANDART + 0 FLOOR – 2-room, area 22-30 m2, sleeps: 1 double and 1 single bed, extra bed – sofa. Located on the 0th (basement) floor, 1 building.
  • STANDART + TERRACE – one-room, 2-3 persons, area 18-21 m2, sleeps: 1 double bed, extra bed – folding armchair. Building No. 3 and 6.
  • STANDART + WITHOUT BALCONY – one-room, 2-3 persons, area 18-21 m2, sleeps: 1 double or 2 single beds, extra bed – folding armchair. Located in buildings No. 1 and 5 on floors 1 – 6.
  • STANDART + WITH BALCONY – one-room, 2-3 persons, area 18-21 m2, sleeping places: 1 double bed, extra bed – folding armchair. Located in buildings No. 1, 2 and 5 on floors 1 – 5.
  • JUNIOR SUITE WITHOUT BALCONY – 2-room, 2-5 persons, area 30 m2, sleeping places: 1 double bed, extra beds – double sofa bed, folding armchair. Located in building number 1 on the 1st floor
  • JUNIOR SUITE WITH BALCONY – 2-room, area 30 m2, 2-5 persons, sleeps: 1 double bed, extra beds – double sofa bed, folding armchair. Located in buildings No. 1 and 2 on floors 1 – 4.
  • LUXE WITHOUT BALCONY – 2-room, area 35-40 m2, 2-5 seats, sleeps: 1 double bed, extra beds – double sofa bed, folding armchair. Located in the building number 1 on 2 – 4 floors.
  • LUXE WITH BALCONY – 2-room, area 40 m2, 2-5 seats, sleeping places: 1 double bed, extra beds – double sofa bed, folding armchair. Located in the building number 2 on 1 – 4 floors.
  • FAMILY SUITE WITH BALCONY – 2-room, area 35 m2, 2-5 persons, sleeps: 1 double bed, extra beds – double sofa bed, folding armchair, rooms are separated by a door. Rooms are located in the building No1 on the 5th floor, in the building No5 on the 2nd – 5th floors.


The Democratia Hotel offers 5 buffet meals a day. Vacationers themselves decide what and in what quantity they will eat. A variety of dishes for every taste, allow you to build food at your own discretion. A large selection of local fresh vegetables and fruits pleases with its diversity. The wine list offers a glass of champagne for breakfast, and stronger drinks at lunch and dinner on request. The assortment includes a large number of Kuban wines.

Near the pool there is a bar with a variety of drinks for adults and children, their cost is included in the total price. Rest in the hotel Democratia will be a great “award” for percussion work during the year, and great selfies will decorate the page in the social network.

In addition, you can visit the restaurants near the hotel:

  • Porto Nero is 3 km away. from hotel in Anapa. Here you can taste seafood, Dishes of European cuisine, there are dishes for vegetarians.
  • Fort Utrish is 3 km away. on the way to the hotel beach. European cuisine, a lot of seafood are served.
  • Pelmen Venich is 7 km away. from hotel in Anapa. The menu includes Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine: soup, dumplings, pancakes and other goodies.
  • “Mountain”, located in the village of Sukko, a 10-minute walk from the hotel. It’s a fast food restaurant, but has some very interesting dishes in its me. Open in the evening, you can order takeaway food.


Creating a leisure program for its guests, the Democratia Hotel made sure that everyone was interesting: both adults and their children of different ages. While parents enjoy the rest, the sea and the sun, their younger children under the supervision of experienced educators can have a great time in the playroom. There are all the conditions so that children can make new friends and play pranks with them.

On the street there is also a bright playground for kids. Older guys, in addition to swimming in the pool, can participate in various activities together with cheerful animators, drive a bicycle or scooter.

For adults there is billiards, table tennis. You can arrange a family bike ride and much more, as well as watch a movie in the cinema hall. For moms, there is a wonderful Spa that will help you feel like a queen.

It is simply impossible to come to Anapa and not see the local sights! Staff can help arrange check-outs.

Excursions and attractions nearby

  • In the natural park Lake Sukko, admire the cypresses, taste barbecue in nature.
  • On a visit to the knights in the castle Lion’s Head. See a jousting tournament, a fire show, ride a horse and make a huge number of unique photos and videos.
  • In the reserve Utrish, to breathe fresh sea air, soaked in the aromas of junipers, admire the landscapes of stunning beauty. There is also a wonderful dolphinarium. Visiting their show for a long time will be remembered by both children and adults.


The Black Sea coast is replete with all sorts of resorts, sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels, there is a lot to choose from. The Democratia Hotel has a well-thought-out infrastructure, excellent staff, a large area where you can find something to the liking of each guest. The hotel positions itself as a family holiday destination and takes care of the needs of all family members. This is a wonderful place where you can fully relax with children. This is evidenced by the numerous rave reviews of guests who visited Democratia.

Elena from Orenburg writes that she came to rest with a small company at the end of last season. Everyone loved the pool and animators, it was very cool. The rooms are clean and well maintained and the staff are friendly and agile. Nature was especially impressed, the beach on Bolshoy Utrish became a favorite place to spend time. We were there more often than by the pool. In addition, there are many interesting things in Utrish. Photos and videos brought from the trip have become a wonderful souvenir and constantly remind of pleasant moments of rest.

Sergey from Pervouralsk spent the New Year holidays in the hotel with his family. We arrived on the recommendation of friends and did not lose. The impressions were the most remarkable. I liked everything: room, kitchen, entertainment, service. Even the weather was better than expected. We brought a bunch of photos and videos of the shooting, which are now and then viewed together. The whole family now dreams of visiting this wonderful hotel in the coming summer.

Alena from Saratov visited Democratia in early March and was also very pleased with her stay at the hotel. The kitchen is very decent, the staff is polite, tries to help in any matter. The animators are great. I received a charge of positive emotions, which will be enough until the next vacation.


The hotel is located on an area of 1 hectare. It offers 6 residential buildings, a private beach, a heated outdoor pool, divided into 2 parts, playgrounds for children, cafes, bars. There is Wi-Fi, rental of various equipment, guarded parking, shuttle to the beach and back, an extensive excursion program and much more that will help make the rest not forgotten.



The cost of staying at the hotel includes:

  • use of the selected number;
  • 5 meals a day, including lunch and coffee break;
  • drink – greeting;
  • champagne and Kuban wines during breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • drinks at the pool bar;
  • kettle, safe, mini fridge, ironing board, iron, hairdryer in each room;
  • use of the outdoor swimming pool;
  • cinema hall, billiards;
  • rental of bicycles, scooters, table tennis and other sports equipment;
  • rental of cots, baths and other accessories;
  • luggage storage;
  • taxi order;
  • use of the Internet via Wi-Fi;
  • laundry department (self-service);
  • beach;
  • transfer to the beach and back;
  • beach towel;
  • water, coffee, tea in the rooms;
  • use of the children’s room and playground.

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