Hotel Complex Empire Evpatoria Crimea

Hotel “Empire” is a modern hotel complex that fully meets the high requirements of the hotel and tourism industry and opened in May 2009. In February 2013 he was awarded an honorary certificate of compliance with the European quality standard for a 3* hotel (EuHS).

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Location and description

Sanatorium and health complex “Empire” is a modern hotel,built recently and taking into account all the needs of the resort in terms of architecture, interior and design solutions, as well as in the field of services. Among the many objects in the city of Evpatoria hotel “Empire” stands out for its hospitable atmosphere, comfortable rooms and high level of service. It is located in the middle of a picturesque tourist area, within walking distance from the city promenade and the central city park. Suitable for families with children.

Near the hotel “Empire” are: Central Park, aquarium, dolphinarium and other institutions from the field of entertainment and recreation. A private sandy beach is 50 metres away. Despite the fact that the hotel “Empire” is located near the CPKiO them. Frunze, guests are not disturbed by the noise of the entertainment area of the resort.

More information! The distance from the complex to the airport of Simferopol – 50 kilometers, and to the railway station Evpatoria – 2 kilometers.

Room stock

Hotel “Empire” offers 66 comfortable rooms with air conditioning and furniture. A refrigerator, safe and LCD TV are standard. All rooms have a balcony. Hotel “Empire” consists of cozy and comfortable rooms of different categories:

  1. Uniform standard. This apartment of the wellness complex can comfortably accommodate one or two people. The interior is very elegant and hospitable, so vacationers are comfortable here. The bathroom has a shower.
  2. Double standard. Comfort and modern furnishings, designed for two or three tourists, make the rest as pleasant as possible. These spa apartments can be equipped with a large bed or two single beds. Exquisite fabrics, beautiful curtains, necessary equipment and new furniture are perfectly combined with each other.
  3. Junior suite. The junior suites of the guest house can accommodate up to four people. The room is equipped with excellent furniture, telephone, Internet, split system, electronic safe and refrigerator. The bathroom comes with a shower and an electric hairdryer. The living room offers a workplace for business travelers. The rooms are decorated in soft colors.
  4. Lux. Luxury apartments are suitable for one person, but thanks to excellent furnishings and equipment, three guests can comfortably accommodate here. The rooms of the residential block are equipped with modern furniture, satellite TV, split system, electronic safe and other furniture.
  5. Apartments. Luxury apartments are furnished with modern exquisite furniture, which is perfectly combined with the interior. Vacationers can use a mini-refrigerator, electronic safe, upholstered furniture, beds and TV. The bathroom is equipped with a modern shower, bidet and other plumbing.

Modern, comfortable rooms in a modern style are elegantly furnished and meet international standards. The floors are lined with ceramic tiles, laminate, parquet and carpet. For security reasons, all rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, which are connected to the general fire alarm system of the hotel “Empire”, the entrance doors are equipped with electronic locks with magnetic cards. Most rooms have a private balcony with a clothes dryer and towels. Each room has a bathroom with ceramic tiles, with shower, sink, mirror with shelves.

Pay attention! Check-in and accommodation at the Imperia Hotel are strictly in accordance with applicable documents. Upon departure, the passport or birth certificate must be valid.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet format are fully included in the price of accommodation in the hotel “Empire”. In fine weather, you can enjoy a delicious meal or drink on the restaurant’s outdoor terrace overlooking the sea. There are several places to eat:

  1. Summer terrace. It offers hot and cold appetizers, first courses, salads, pastries and desserts. There is a children’s kitchen with a special menu.
  2. Grill-café is located on the covered terrace of the hotel “Empire”.
  3. Billiard bar with a wide selection of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and tonic drinks.
  4. Lobby bar – a rich selection of Crimean wines, snacks and desserts, a selection of fresh beer, aromatic coffee, delicious tea and ripe summer fruits.
  5. Phytobar offers guests of the hotel “Empire” herbal teas with ecologically clean herbs of the Crimean steppe. Mineral water from the Evpatoria well with a depth of 750 meters and oxygen cocktails to strengthen immunity are also served.

More information! In the establishments of the hotel “Empire” guests can enjoy delicious dishes of European cuisine.

Rested with my sons 8 years in May of this year. But this isn’t the first time we’ve stopped at Empire. Here we are at home. Wonderful hotel “Empire” with a very convenient location. Beach, promenade, fountain shows, cafes, shops, all within walking distance. Nearby there is an aquarium and a dolphinarium, a lot of entertainment. The staff of the hotel “Empire” try to make the rest great, thanks for this to all the hotel staff! I want to write about animators separately. I hardly saw my son! The animators are amazing! In addition, until 17:00, the children are looked after by the teacher. Wonderful, kind woman. Thank you very much for your efforts! You should always go on vacation with a positive mood and not look for flaws! “Empire”, we will definitely be back.


Hotel “Empire” has a modern infrastructure. A wide range of services for children and adults is available. The presence on the territory of the equipped beach, billiards, tennis, sports grounds and the proposed excursions diversify the rest. Residents will appreciate the availability of parking and a shuttle service to the city center.

  • The spa offers a variety of health and beauty treatments, massages and a sauna. Also on its territory there is a large indoor pool, which can be used by all guests. The indoor pool area has large panoramic windows, so that vacationers can admire nature while swimming.
  • Billiard club. A place for a comfortable stay, where guests can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of various types: Russian or American billiards. An experienced scorer constantly works in the hall, shares the secrets of skill and makes a game on request. The cozy atmosphere of the club is complemented by a bar with a large selection of drinks.
  • Beach. One of the most attractive places of rest in the hotel “Empire” is a beautiful clean beach of Evpatoria with velvety sand, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Equipped with modern sun loungers, aerarium and umbrellas. Easy entry into the sea allows children to swim and splash safely.
  • Sports grounds. They make the leisure of guests more diverse and useful. In the fresh air, vacationers can play volleyball, badminton, basketball and other sports games.
  • Table tennis. This is the simplest sports game, which is the main attribute of sanatoriums. The boarding house has table tennis tables and equipment, so amateurs can always fight with a worthy opponent. Beginners can first watch the game pros, and then play on their own.

Pay attention! In summer, the Imperia Hotel offers entertainment for all ages every evening.


The complex of health and rehabilitation procedures of the hotel “Empire” includes the use of natural factors of the Crimea: climatotherapy – shallow sea in combination with the steppe climate, thalassotherapy – sea baths, heliotherapy.

Also, there is a mud therapy room – the use of the unique mud of the Saki Lake for the treatment of chronic non-specific processes. And several types of therapy are available at once:

  1. Magnetotherapy.
  2. Magnetic laser quantum therapy.
  3. Interference therapy.
  4. Ultrasound therapy.
  5. Phytotherapy.

In the medical center of the hotel “Empire” you can enjoy medical and wellness procedures, pamper yourself with massages and beauty treatments, visit the sauna and swim in the large indoor pool.

Important! To use some services, you must have a doctor’s referral.

For children

Younger guests will find something to do on the territory of the hotel “Empire”. A playground and a room are available. as well as animators in the summer.

The children’s room is equipped with a dry pool, a labyrinth and a designer. Younger guests can find a variety of activities to their liking, watch their favorite cartoons or play with friends.

Also on the territory of the complex there is a sports ground where children and adults can play football, basketball, volleyball, train on bars and horizontal bars, which is very useful for their health. And for the development of physical and creative abilities of children, the territory is equipped with swings and a carousel.

Rested with the family in the hotel “Empire”. What can I say about the disadvantages of the hotel – we stayed there for a couple of days and this is the only minus. And now to the pros. A few steps from the private beach. The buffet was varied and the food was delicious. Entertainment in the hotel “Empire” is just great. Different games every day. My daughter is 3 years old, my son is 11 years old. The animators liked both. Staff, this is a separate topic, it is very rare to meet so many friendly people. The room is very clean and cozy, the bed linen is new. Rooms were cleaned regularly.

Attractions nearby

  • Aquarium in Evpatoria. Once in the cozy alleys of the Frunze Park in Evpatoria, the tourist can not do without an unusual structure – a modern aquarium “Shark”. Already at the entrance, the visitor enters a kind of kingdom, in which coolness and twilight prevail. The corridor that begins at the entrance looks like a sunken ship and leads to a spacious underwater cave, where real miracles begin. The pillars here are made in the form of pitfalls, and the lighting in the aquariums is so diverse and bright that it seems as if they have fallen into the abyss of the sea. Visitors to the Evpatoria Aquarium are waiting for more than 100 different representatives of the marine world. For inquisitive tourists there is a professional excursion. The guide will tell you about the fish presented in the aquarium and explain the features of their lives. Here you can see fish living in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the rivers of South America, on the coast of Southeast Asia and other places.
  • House of Wine. Not far from the main square of the city, a new attraction has appeared, which simultaneously performs several functions: a tasting room, a museum, a shop and a souvenir shop. In the tasting room you can get acquainted with the best wines of the Crimean peninsula as a whole, learn more about each of the producers, study the history of the creation of wine and its appearance in the Crimea, as well as study in detail the subtleties of the culture of “drinking wine”. Here are exquisite exhibits with bright taste and unforgettable aftertaste from different parts of the peninsula. All wines presented in the store are purchased by manufacturers, so there is no doubt about their authenticity. A tour of the museum exposition with ancient Greek artifacts of wine culture will help to fully experience wine and “winemaking” in the Crimea. After the tasting, there will be an opportunity to purchase your favorite wines or wine souvenirs. If desired, you can also drink a cup of coffee, tea or mulled water.
  • Evpatoria Museum of Local Lore. Represents the history of the city of Evpatoria, the nature of the region, the material culture of the peoples. The military events of the period of the Russian-Turkish, Crimean wars, the First World War, the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War are reflected. Materials for the creation and development of the resort Evpatoria are presented. Here you can see the permanent exhibition “Mosaic of ancient cultures” with objects of decorative and applied art of antiquity, the Middle Ages and modernity.


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The staff of the hotel “Empire” has expanded its experience by passing a series of training courses of the European consulting company. Here, in Evpatoria, the empire of hospitality was born: the friendliness of the staff and comfortable living conditions will make the stay pleasant and unforgettable.