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Yalta is not only the main resort of the southern coast of Crimea, but also the largest tourist destination. People come here not just to relax on the sea. Here you can get in touch with the history of the peninsula, its past, present and, to some extent, the future. According to legend, Yalta was founded by Greek navigators. Archaeological excavations indicate that in the V century BC. on the territory lived indigenous Crimeans – Taurians. About the history of the development of the Crimean lands, their settlement by different peoples, the development of the South Coast, as a resort area, numerous tourists strive to learn as much as possible. For this reason, they are most interested in a convenient place to live. Hotel Bristol is one of the best options.

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Location and history

The hotel is located at the very beginning of the city’s Embankment. This is the historical part of Yalta, located 100 meters from the administrative center of the city. Within walking distance – the entire entertainment infrastructure of the resort, the port, shops, the beach. To the main entrance there is a convenient entrance, public parking. A friendly reception is greeted by a friendly receptionist. The caring staff will help to bring the luggage to the room.

Pay attention! Free concierge services are available to all guests. With its help, you can order a transfer, sightseeing tours, flowers, tickets for entertainment performances, rent a car. Guests pay only the cost of the order itself.

The hotel complex consists of two buildings. One of them is relatively new. The second dates back to 1863. Before the October Revolution, there was a hotel “Yalta”, then “Central”. It was the closest hotel to the steamship pier with 70 rooms, electricity, a bathroom, a first-class restaurant and the best “Freiberg billiards”. For that money, the cost of living per day was 1 ruble, a large amount that not everyone could pay.

The founder and first owner of the hotel was Matilda Antonovna Rybitskaya, the wife of the titular councillor and mayor. She arranged a decorative pool in the courtyard, ordered architect Ashliman a building with an elevator, on the ground floor opened a tavern and shops. Famous people began to come here. It is known that the writer Maxim Gorky, the Crimean Tatar educator Islayim bey Gasprinsky, the artist Nesterov stayed here. In 1863, during a holiday in one of the rooms, the famous Russian actor Mikhail Shchepkin dies.

Today, the old hotel is in constant demand among popular artists and politicians. Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mikhail Pugovkin liked to stay here, nowadays artists of the new generation regularly stop – Alexander Domogarov, Alexander Baluev and others. In the lobby, a photo gallery has been created, where each guest is captured in moments of rest in Bristol. This iconic place has always been distinguished by fashionability and elitism.

“We came to Yalta for the New Year holidays. Accommodation in “Bristol” was not chosen by chance. This is a classic, respectable hotel with a long history. It should be considered as one of the attractions of the city. There is a small but substantial museum dedicated to Roosevelt. The names of many famous people are associated with the history of the hotel. This is the place where you can come at any time of the year just to walk around Yalta” Ekaterina, Moscow

Room stock

108 rooms have been prepared to accommodate guests. Regardless of the category, each room has air conditioning, safe, mini-refrigerator, modern TV, telephone for internal and external communication, hair dryer, cosmetics. You can choose from the following categories:

  1. Standard A and B (16 sq. m) with balconies and without them, with the possibility of installing an extra bed, bathrobes are issued for an additional fee, windows overlook the patio, bathroom with shower.
  2. Superior (18 sq. m) with and without balcony, windows overlook the courtyard, electric kettle is available on request, the room has tea accessories, for greater comfort there is an additional sofa and armchair, a bathrobe is included in the price, a bathroom with a shower.
  3. One-room deluxe (24 sq. m) with a regular or French balcony, without a balcony, there is a working area with a desk, a bathroom with a bath and bidet, the room has a sofa and an armchair.
  4. Two-room suite (43 sq. m) with a standard or French balcony, in the living room there is a soft corner with a coffee table, a desk, in the bedroom – a double bed, a chest of drawers, a dressing table for cosmetics, a bathroom with a bath and a bidet.
  5. Suite Studio (45 sq. m) – two-room apartment with a kitchenette, French or standard balcony, the bathroom has a bath and bidet, in the bedroom in addition to a double bed there is an armchair, in the living room – a sofa and an armchair, the area is enough for a family or a company of 4 people.
  6. Family Suite (45 sq. m.) – two-room junior suite with partial sea view from the windows, bathroom with shower, kitchen equipped with microwave, refrigerator, tea station, lockers with utensils, there is a sink with a faucet for washing food and dishes.
  7. Deluxe Suite (50 sq. m.) – two-storey two-room apartment with a kitchen and a French balcony, a bathroom with a regular and hot tubs, bidet, branded cosmetics “Bristol”.

The price includes breakfast, sauna complex, swimming pool, gym, includes the first introductory lesson with an instructor.

Meals and restaurants

Breakfast is served buffet style in the dining and banquet halls of the main restaurant “Cypress”. The line is open throughout the day, so you can schedule lunch and dinner for an additional fee. Only breakfast is served in the banquet hall, the rest of the time banquets, receptions, corporate events are held here. The building has a coffee shop “Deep Coffee”. The assortment includes a wide selection of teas, Colombian and Brazilian coffee, exclusive desserts of its own production, alcoholic beverages.

“Breakfasts at the hotel were quite good for taste and variety. We had lunch outside the hotel, as we were on the road during the day. In the evening we went to the restaurant again, paid without a limit buffet and were quite satisfied with the quality of the dishes” Irina, Russia

Nearby there are several interesting catering establishments that are worth visiting in your free time. These include:

  • restaurant “Frolov” offers a large selection of author’s dishes from fish and seafood;
  • café “Vietnamka” – a budget version of business lunches, lunches, dinners, the owner is Vietnamese, so the menu presents Asian cuisine;
  • café “Parus” specializes in European cuisine, the team of chefs has repeatedly won prizes at local gastronomic competitions, the interior is made in a marine style;
  • dining room “Lilac” – a place with the most democratic prices in the center of Yalta, a large selection of traditional dishes, prepare and pack takeaway food, is located on the way to massandra beach;
  • JROO BURGER & STEAK café prepares food from products from local farms, good service, large and rich burgers, steaks of varying degrees of prodarka and much more.

With the organization of food in Yalta, vacationers never have problems. If something does not suit in the kitchen of the restaurant of the hotel “Bristol” (until this happened), then there is always a place to your liking and taste nearby.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel demonstrates the traditional hospitality that was incorporated into its concept in the century before last. The owners are constantly improving the living conditions, including new services. Half of them relate to the organization of leisure and entertainment. It is worth noting that most of it is included in the payment for accommodation and is freely available. Guests can freely visit the bath complex, making a preliminary appointment with the administrator. It includes:

  • Russian steam bath;
  • Finnish dry sauna;
  • Roman bath – is not a classic version, but a combination of a Turkish hammam with the traditions of an ancient Roman bath.

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle are waiting in the gym. It is equipped with modern cardio and strength training equipment. Introductory lesson with an instructor is held without payment, subsequent ones are paid according to the price list.

Pay attention! A mandatory requirement when visiting the hall is the presence of sportswear and closed sports shoes.

Water aerobics classes are held daily according to the schedule. Those who wish can join the group absolutely free of charge. Training is for adults only. The paid list includes yoga, aerobics, Latin, Pilates and fitness. The building has table tennis tables, darts, shooting range, you can order paintball through the concierge with departure to the venue of the game.

Sports equipment rental is available on site. There are bicycles, ATVs, roller skates, skyboards, beach equipment.

Beaches & Pools

The nearest beach is 100 metres away. This is one of the best Yalta beaches – Massandra. Towels can be taken from the hotel concierge, and it is better to rent equipment directly upon arrival at the sea. Massandra beach has a lot of advantages over other parts of the coastline in Yalta. He was awarded the Blue Flag for the purity of the water and compliance with the norms of safe bathing. The beach is divided into 6 sections. Each section has its own design, colors and music.

The infrastructure includes:

  • rescue service;
  • first aid post;
  • paid aerosolaria;
  • canopies, awnings and secluded reed bungalows;
  • cafes, shops, souvenir shops;
  • pedicure salons by Gara Rufa fish.

In the rental points you can rent equipment for scuba diving, jet skis, catamarans, pedal boats, ski boat. From entertainment offers riding on a banana, vatrushka, parachute flight, sports and children’s playgrounds.

With the onset of the evening, the nightlife begins here. Tables are exhibited, umbrellas are changed, guests are offered a menu and a wine list. Massandra beach is the largest place in terms of thematic parties. Frequent guests of the holidays are famous artists who come to Yalta on tour. The whole territory becomes a large dance floor, where the tone is set by guest DJs.

More information! The beach is pebbled. It is advisable to purchase special shoes, which are sold in Yalta on every corner. Admission is free. Services (rental, swimming pool, attractions) are paid. Entering the water is gentle, but the depth increases quickly, so parents need to monitor the children or choose a section with a children’s pool.

Bristol Hotel has its own indoor pool with a comfortable lounge area. It is not very deep (1.20 – 1.45 m), and is usually used as an analogue of cardio training. Swimming has a more gentle load on the body, and the effect is sometimes greater than expected. Water is purified weekly on Mondays. Once a month, a complete cleaning of the bowl with water drain is carried out. These days the pool is closed to the public.

Recreational opportunities for children

Children are accepted from any age. A baby up to 3 years old lives with his parents for free without meals, but with the provision of a cot. For leisure activities, there is a children’s department in the indoor pool. Otherwise, parents themselves think about what to do with their child. In Yalta, the infrastructure of children’s recreation is well developed. In particular, you can visit:

  • water parks “Atlantis” and “Blue Bay”;
  • Dreamwood Amusement Park;
  • rope parks “Laziness in stump” and “Freeright”;
  • gameland “Merry Roger”.

In the city there are children’s cafes, game rooms, special children’s recreation areas are equipped on the beaches.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel offers services for the organization of excursion tours. They can be grouped into the following thematic categories:

  • palaces of the South Coast (Vorontsovsky, Massandra, Livadia and others);
  • museums and historical sites;
  • natural attractions;
  • entertainment and wine tasting.

Guests are offered horseback riding and hiking, jeep trips to the mountains, sea excursions and much more.


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Staying at the hotel “Bristol”, guests come into contact with the history of the resort capital of the southern coast of Crimea. Living conditions, which offers the oldest hotel in Yalta, often exceed the expectations of guests.