Отель Голубая Даль Дивноморское

Blue Distance is a hotel with a high level of service and an excellent location.

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Location and history

Divnomorsk or simply Divnomorsk, as it is often called by locals and tourists, is a small Black Sea resort near Gelendzhik. The picturesque large bay is located 10 kilometers from the village, it is she who attracts tourists from all over the country. There are no large enterprises in Divnomorsky, and the local population lives by tourism, gardening and viticulture. Like many villages on the Black Sea, Divnomorsk is extremely beautiful. The nature here is unique: the sea is clean and transparent, pine forests give their healing air, and mountains and steep cliffs – as if from a fairy tale. To rest in such a place, quiet and beautiful, is a pleasure.

It is here, 7 kilometers from Gelendzhik, on the Black Sea coast is the hotel (sanatorium) Blue Distance,first opened back in 1963. Initially, it took for the recovery and treatment of families with children, and is now known as a wonderful place for rest and recovery.

The sanatorium is built in the heart of the park of the mixed park, the “pearl” of which is the Pitsunda pine. The territory is so large and picturesque that it is impossible to bypass it all at once. The hotel stands on the first coastline, and this location is considered the best in Gelendzhik. It is easy to get here, there are three airports in the region, the nearest of which (Gelendzhik) is 20 kilometers away. Fans of travel by rail can book transfers from the stations to the sanatorium. Travel time is just over an hour.

Room stock

The hotel is located on the territory of 15 hectares and consists of several residential buildings of different number of storeys. Despite the fact that it was built more than 50 years ago, it looks very well-groomed and modern – the administration regularly conducts renovations.

At the same time, more than 500 people can live here in rooms of various categories – for every taste and budget. The most often booked is considered to be an improved and family standard, many guests come with children. All rooms are renovated recently, furnished with comfortable modern furniture, equipped with climatic appliances, refrigerator, TV. Almost all rooms – a view of the sea, pine groves, the territory of the park.

For their luxurious holiday, guests can choose two-room suites with furnished terraces, sea views.

Rooms are cleaned daily and extra beds and baby amenities are available on request.

Svetlana, Moscow: We chose the Blue Dal sanatorium for treatment and rest and were very satisfied. We lived in a very cozy and beautiful room – standard. For two – very convenient. Modern interior in calm colors, good bathroom equipment, everything that was needed – we brought. We felt at home. Many thanks to the staff.

Meals and restaurants

One of the most important rules of treatment in the sanatorium is a healthy diet. How and where is the Blue Distance hotel fed?

Without a doubt, the quality of nutrition here pay great attention, approach the issue responsibly. All products for the kitchen – exclusively local production, fruits and vegetables are grown on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and are supplied daily. The menu is competently composed by experienced chefs, very diverse and at the same time balanced.

For all guests, three meals a day are offered, but depending on the category of booking, it takes place in different dining rooms.

The hotel has 2 large restaurants for catering guests, an à la carte dinner room and a banquet hall. Also on site there is a summer café and a large bar on the beach, where you can treat yourself to delicious cocktails, fresh coffee and tea, small snacks during the day.

The sanatorium is focused on family holidays with children, so in all points of nutrition there is necessarily a children’s menu.

The restaurant always offers fresh fruits, juices, healthy teas and decoctions, because this is what you want in the summer on vacation, especially for children.

Leisure and entertainment

Guests choose the sanatorium Blue Distance for various reasons. Some come here in order to get a balanced treatment, others – to actively spend time at sea, and at the same time for all there is the right one.

The huge territory is perfectly equipped with sports grounds of various orientations: a tennis court and tables for ping – pong, volleyball and basketball fields. There is a bicycle rental, billiards, gym, yoga and aerobics courts. Outside the territory there are trails for lovers of hiking trails.

Every evening, the hotel’s animation group hosts entertainment, dance shows, games and quests, even on the beach.

A spa, steam room, sauna and hammam are available every day. Massages and various beauty treatments are charged separately.

The quality of medical services in the sanatorium is considered very high, and many guests choose this place to improve the condition of the nervous and respiratory systems, metabolism.

Hotel Blue Distance also offers professional venues for conferences and seminars. It has several rooms equipped with huge screens with a high-quality sound system, projectors, microphones and stands. A great opportunity to work and relax on the sea.

Nikolay, Kirov: I am very pleased with the choice of a hotel for my family, because there is something for everyone. There is everything you need to argue, if you do not want to go to the beach (which happens), children are always busy with cool animators, and in the evening you can visit the sauna or hammam. Recommend!

Beaches & Pools

Rest on the sea is always a rest on the beach, and in Divnomorsky they are the best in the region.

Sanatorium Blue Distance is on the first coastline, to the beach is only 100 meters. The beach is made of small pebbles, private and very well maintained. Parents have no doubts about its safety and comfort for children, as well as the entrance to the sea – sandy, with a uniform depth. The rescue team is nearby throughout the day, monitors the safety of residents. It offers comfortable cabins for shower and changing clothes, a service for renting sports and beach equipment. Bar on the beach “Fregat” is very popular among vacationers, especially in the hot time of the day.

The hotel always has two swimming pools: outdoor and indoor. Many guests note that they try to swim in the open because of its uniqueness – it looks like a lake in shape, and is surrounded by green trees – this is an incomparable pleasure. The water in it is heated to the optimum temperature, so guests can swim at almost any time of the year. It is also convenient that the children’s, shallow, zone is nearby, and you can always monitor the safety of your child.

The indoor pool is smaller, equipped with a hydromassage function and is located in the spa area. Here you will relax in any weather and time of year.

Recreational opportunities for children

The sanatorium is deservedly considered one of the best for families with children. People come here even with the youngest who are not yet three years old (accommodation for children is free, without providing separate meals).

If you choose a treatment program for a child, then this is possible when you reach 4 years of age.

All restaurants and cafes prepare a special children’s menu, with the obligatory presence of high-quality dairy products, vegetables, fruits, juices.

Interesting leisure for your child will provide educators and animators working on the beach, outdoor area and children’s playroom.

Young guests will find many friends, learn new things, participate in events and holidays.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Coming to rest in Divnomorskoye, you find yourself in an interesting place, rich in historical and natural attractions, which can be visited in one or two days:

  • Dolmens – ancient mysterious places, stone sacred buildings, found by scientists quite recently. Some of them are open in the valley of the river Janet, stand alone in groups, on the walls of some ancient drawings and inscriptions are distinguishable. The way to the dolmens lies through a beautiful relic forest, which in itself is valuable. Visiting these ancient buildings – places of power – is possible as part of a horse ride or jeeping;
  • Jeeping is a type of active recreation, full of adrenaline and positive emotions. Professional instructors and drivers a few years ago developed and paved routes through forests, rocks and mountain rivers. It is possible to depart for a less extreme trip by jeep – to tourist attractions;
  • Parus Rock: a unique natural monument rises above the water for 25 meters in the sea between Divnomorsk and Gelendzhik. This is not the creation of human hands, but part of the rock, which once broke away from the coastal part. So amazing how it stands in the sea, because its thickness is only 1 meter. Such amazing natural creations always cause delight and superstitious hope for a miracle among tourists. Come and see for yourself.

Vasily and Elena, Moscow: We have not rested on the Black Sea for a long time, we chose the Gelendzhik district, the Blue Dal Hotel. The location is beautiful, the view from the room pleased every morning – the sea and the mountains. Clean air, even on the territory, you do not need to go far. A small but very well-groomed beach, sun loungers and umbrellas are always there, free of charge. The food is excellent, varied and fresh. Can be ordered in the room. Not all the sights were visited this time, enjoyed the sea. We’ll definitely be back.

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