Hotel “Atlantic”, Feodosiya

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a cozy modern hotel “Atlantic”,which receives its guests throughout the year and provides high service on the system “all inclusive”. Come to Feodosia in the hotel “Atlantic” and see for yourself that the quality of service it is not inferior to its Turkish and Egyptian “colleagues”.

“Theodosia”in ancient Greek means “Earth given by God”, and its beauty fully confirms these words. The very first settlements here, on the eastern coast of the Crimea, appeared in the 6th century BC. and now it is a resort with a mild climate and warm sea. The city is very different, and being in Feodosia on vacation, you can find entertainment for every taste: quiet family evenings or noisy youth meetings.

In a unique way, the traditions of the west and the east are intertwined at the resort, many famous people often visited here and even lived, and later monuments and entire districts were dedicated to them. Feodosiya is proud of his “participation” in the life and work of the marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky.

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Hotel location and rooms

The 3-star hotel was built in 2007, but several times renovation has already been carried out on the territory, and the condition of the room stock is maintained at the proper level annually.

The complex consists of the main building of 4 floors and two small buildings in the protected area.

The city centre is just 3 km away, the intercity bus station is less than 1 km away and guests enjoy the beach of the first coastline.

There are 86 rooms for accommodation: standards, suites and apartments. All of them are equipped with a safe, cable TV, refrigerator and air conditioning – all that you need during a comfortable stay. Most of the rooms have balconies, with views of the city or the sea.

Guests who previously stayed at the hotel noted the convenience of its layout and architectural features:

  • building of the 4th floor;
  • new building of the 2nd floor;
  • wooden frame of 3 floors;
  • house by the sea for 4 rooms, 2 floors.

Spacious duplex apartments (only 1 in the complex) – an ideal solution for a large company or several families. There are 4 rooms and 2 balconies, and in addition to the standard filling of the room there is a fireplace, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and 3 bathrooms.

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, a child under 6 years old stays free of charge, but a separate bed is not provided. If at the time of arrival there are available cots by age, then, of course, it is gladly given.

Staff can clean rooms daily or upon request.

Peter, St. Petersburg “We come to this hotel not for the first year, always we have a company not small, we are already known. I like that even a small, but well-groomed territory, the rooms are fresh, with working good equipment. The staff is really attentive, everything will be cleaned, brought, help with questions. Autumn liked the house by the sea, secluded and beautiful. We recommend to everyone and we will come back!”

Meals at the hotel

The concept of the hotel “all inclusive” implies 3 meals a day on the buffet system, and the main kitchen is considered European. In summer, it is very important to eat right, and the restaurant constantly has fresh fruits and vegetables from local producers. The main restaurant “Weeping Willow” is familiar to many with its name from the favorite Soviet comedy. Snacks, drinks, juices, beer and water are served in unlimited quantities throughout the day.

Guests of the hotel note that they feed in the “Atlantic” on – homemade tasty, diverse, often conduct culinary master classes.

If you are relaxing by the pool, then the order from the bar with drinks and desserts can be made there without leaving the territory of relaxation.

For children, the restaurant has special furniture for feeding, and cooks can prepare dishes from the diet menu even for the youngest.

Additional services at the hotel

Very convenient and so loved by all vacationers system “all inclusive” in the hotel “Atlantic” offers the following services included in the price:

  • use of the swimming pool and recreation area next to it;
  • bar with various drinks and snacks;
  • children’s playground and animation services throughout the day;
  • guarded safe area and parking;
  • own equipped sandy beach.

About these services, as well as additional paid we will tell in more detail.

Rest on the beach is a favorite time of all vacationers.

150 meters from the hotel has its own sandy beach with an area of more than 4000 square meters. m It is ideal for families with children, the entrance to the sea is gentle, without ledges, and the water is crystal clear. Guests can use sun loungers, parasols and changing cabins with showers.

A few minutes from the hotel you can also find the city beach “Pearl”, and it is called so because of the gentle – mother-of-pearl color of the sand. Its length is more than a kilometer, and even with a large seasonal workload, there is enough space for everyone. We advise you to come here early in the morning if you want to take a chaise longue, even for a fee. Adults can rent a boat, scooter or catamaran and arrange an active holiday. For the entertainment of children on the beach there are inflatable slides, “tablets” and “bananas”. All entertainment is safe and must be equipped with life jackets. Beach volleyball fans are sure to find partners in the game on the beach “Pearl”.


The quality of the pool in the hotel is often decisive for many vacationers, because not everyone spends the whole day on the beach. In the “Atlantic” it is of medium size 16 * 7 m and depth. At insufficiently high air temperature, the water in it is heated. Mode of operation – round-the-clock, with the exception of technical breaks. In the total volume of the pool there is a children’s aqua zone, so the whole family relaxes in it.

Children’s animation the hotel is very professional and interesting, they are engaged both in the pool and on the playground. Sports competitions, entertaining quests, quizzes and master classes are held. Leisure for kids is organized so active that parents will definitely have time for themselves.

Access to the spa area is already a paid service, but many vacationers have already managed to appreciate the high quality of service. The complex has several areas to choose from guests:

  • Russian steam room with an ice hole or outdoor pool (seasonal). You can spend your leisure time between treatments in the cozy relaxation room. There are showers, a room for changing clothes. Traditional soaring procedures heal and give a sound sleep.
  • The Finnish sauna works to cleanse the body and completely relax the body. It is especially useful to come here after a day of sunbathing at sea, including to strengthen immunity and lose weight.
  • Roman sauna helps to remove toxins, in the relaxation room you can enjoy several types of herbal teas.
  • Hammam is a special kind of Turkish steam room, a visit to which normalizes the work of the whole organism. Equipped with two fonts, there is low humidity and low air temperature, which is suitable for many.
  • Spa – procedures, carried out by doctors.
  • Massage sessions relieve muscle pain, remove salt and excess fluid from the body, reduce weight and simply cheer up.

In the hotel “Atlantic” there is a cinema hall, and it is really very pleasant to come in the evening to see famous paintings. There is a large screen, soft chairs and modern technology.

Spending time in the hotel and at sea is the purpose of rest for many, but coming to the Crimea, it is necessary to allocate time to get acquainted with its beauties – natural and historical.

What to visit in Feodosia

Safari – Park “Taigan”

At the moment, this is the largest park of this species in Europe, and in one sest absolutely all species of the cat family are collected. You will forget that you are in Russia, in the Crimea, and it seems that you are walking in the wild, and in Africa. On 30 hectares live 60 lions, 40 tigers, cougars, cheetahs, lynxes and many others. You can visit the park only accompanied by an experienced guide – a guide, as many animals can be dangerous.

Also in “Taigan” you will see monkeys, giraffes, llamas and camels. They all live well here, because there are no cages and various enclosures. Visitors move around the territory only on special platforms – platforms.

National Art Gallery. I. K. Aivazovsky

This is one of the most famous sights of Feodosia, we can say, its business card. The gallery was founded in 1880 by Aivazovsky himself and became the country’s first museum of one author. The very first exhibition showed 49 of his paintings and was symbolically held on his birthday. After his death, according to his will, the gallery was transferred to the city. In the 1990s, it was awarded the title of national museum, and in our time everyone can come here and admire a huge number of paintings, there are more than 12,000 of them, and all dedicated to the sea. Of course, not everyone belongs to the brush of Aivazovsky, the authors are his grandchildren, students and modern painters.

Genoese fortress

The fortress of Kafa is a symbol of Feodosia, and the first such military fortifications appeared here under the ancient Greeks, later destroyed by the Huns, were at the mercy of the Tatar ruler Oran – Timur. In the 13th century, there was the largest market in the region, which was what merchants from Genoa liked.

The Italian Renaissance is reflected here in buildings, both religious and secular. In the Middle Ages, there were more than 100 mosques and churches on the territory of the fortress, more than 20,000 private possessions, and water came to them through a system of wells.

Nowadays, the fortress is called a historical and architectural monument, but, unfortunately, is poorly protected.

Dacha Stamboli

A chic mansion in the non-Moorish style, which can be fully called a palace or even a khan’s residence. So decorated buildings in the Crimea a few centuries ago, noble families, intelligent. The atmosphere of an oriental fairy tale is created by covered galleries, arches, columns, lattices of ornament and small minarets.

The history of this cottage is connected with the surname Stamboli, who returned here, to her homeland from Istanbul. We started the tobacco business. At the time when the mansion was built, they were already magnates in Feodosia.

It is very interesting that in recent years excavations and research have been conducted at the dacha, and many objects have been found – witnesses of different eras.

Karadag Reserve and Golden Gate

The nature reserve is located 30 km from Feodosia and is a volcanic massif that was formed about 150 million years ago. The territory of 3 hectares is now protected by the state. Here you can see about 80 species of rare plants, including from the Red Book, more than 120 species of birds and animals. Ecological trails for tourists are formed here and the museum “History and Nature of Kara – Daga” is opened.

The park owns another symbol of the Crimea – the Golden Gate rock, 8 meters above sea level. Previously, ships even passed into the rock opening, but now this is not allowed to preserve it. It got its interesting name from the shade of basalt, which casts gold, especially at sunrise and sunset.


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Feodosia is unique and amazing, such natural beauty is still to be found, even in the Crimea. The climate here is therapeutic, so in the region for many children successfully working sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels. Homely cozy, modern hotel “Atlantic” is waiting for its guests!