Отель Альтера пгт Поповка Крым

The Family Holiday Hotel Altera is a dream vacation on the Black Sea coast. There is everything for a comfortable stay: a healing climate, the cleanest sea, healing mud baths.

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Hotel Description

Hotel “Altera” is blown by gentle sea winds and caresses by the bright sun. Here lives summer, happiness and complete carelessness, because what to think about on vacation, when in “Altera” everything is done for tourists? It offers 3 meals a day on site, and you can also order something from the main menu of the café. Also here you can spend time with loved ones, cook delicious meat on a fire in the barbecue area and enjoy a warm Crimean evening in good company, swimming in a large pool.

Children at this time can have fun on the playground, study with animators and make new friends, read books and play board games.

The rooms are bright and comfortable, with comfortable furniture, air conditioning, LCD TV and private bathroom. Some have a balcony or terrace. The bed and pillows are comfortable, the bed linen is clean, the TV with many channels, throughout the Internet works stably. The hotel complex itself is well furnished, there are no trees, but many bushes. Meals are organized in the hotel’s café, which, as of August 2021, is open from 09:00 to 21:00.

Altera Hotel is located in the tourist village of Popovka, 80 km from Sevastopol Airport and 26 km from Evpatoria Train Station. Popovka itself will charm the guests of the Altera Hotel with its friendly provincialism and simplicity. At the same time, here you will find all the entertainment and objects of interest. The infrastructure of the village is well developed and will satisfy all needs.

Pay attention! Convenient transfer and car service are available for an additional fee.

Rooms in Altera Hotel

The capacity of the hotel is represented by rooms of several categories:

  1. Standard room.
  • How many people fit: up to 3
  • How many rooms: 1
  • Where is the bathroom: in the room

What is in the room: split system, satellite TV, modern furniture, comfortable bed with orthopedic mattresses, wardrobe, workplace.

  1. Comfortable room
  • How many people fit: 1-3
  • How many rooms: 1
  • Where is the bathroom: in the room

What is in the room: air conditioning, plasma TV, comfortable bed with orthopedic mattresses, additional furniture, hallway, workplace.

  1. Suite with terrace with sea view.
  • How many people fit: up to 3
  • How many rooms: 1
  • Where is the bathroom: in the room

What is in the room: plasma TV, new furniture, beds with orthopedic mattresses, wardrobe, bedside tables, table.

Rooms in the hotel “Altera” are equipped with all amenities. Hot and cold water is always available. Regardless of which apartment you choose, the price will include tour services, luggage storage, board games on request and use of the pool. The number of rooms depends on the categories.

The service at the Altera Hotel was solid, on a solid 4. Towels were changed every three days, sheets once a week. Wishes were almost always fulfilled. Without cons, too, was not done. The beach is far away and there are constantly parties on it, which is interesting for young people, but not for me, a pensioner. But we were not very lucky with the weather (the cyclone went, the clouds and rain came), so we did not go to the beach much. During our vacation, the salsa and bachata festival was held, the hotel staff helped to issue tickets. It was interesting to attend this master class and dance. I wish the owners of the hotel complex good guests.

Where to swim?

The sandy beach is a 15-minute walk from Altera Hotel. It has all sorts of attractions for children, catamarans, “bananas”, jet skis. There will be no problems with the rental of diving equipment.

Popovka beach is a long sandy beach with crystal clear water and a gentle entrance to the sea, which is located in the western part of the Crimea. The gentle exit to the water increases very slowly, so swimming here gives pleasure to both adults and children. Do not be afraid to encounter sharp stones, algae or viscous silt – there is only fine sand with clearly visible numerous shells.

Popovka is known to tourists as a resort with snow-white beaches. The beach closest to the Altera Hotel is no exception: fine clean sand covers most of the coast. In some places the width of the beach reaches one hundred meters. Families with children often come here: there is no extra fuss and music on the beach, so it is suitable for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

In addition to the sea, here you can swim in the lakes:

  1. Lake Donuzlav, near Popovka (near the village of Mirny), is a unique place of rest. Along the shores of the lake you can see many recreation centers, boarding houses, sanatoriums and camps. There is a lot of greenery and trees, very clean and fresh air. Lake Donuzlav is home to the most diverse fauna. Many legends and myths about the Azov campaigns, about the legendary heroes-sailors, about ancient cities, etc. are associated with this place. In Soviet times, Donuzlav received the status of a natural monument.
  2. Oybur Lake is a salt pond rich in unique blue clay. It is rich in beneficial minerals that help restore a weakened immune system. On three sides, a large estuating spit encircles the lake. The name is associated with the Turkic word “Oiburu”, which means “waterless”.

For those who do not want to go far, the hotel “Altura”, offers a swim in the pool on site. The pool is clean with depth for children, there is a small area for adults. There are many sunbeds along the perimeter, canopies are installed on one side.

More information! The sea shore near the hotel “Altera” is clean and well-groomed, the staff here cleans every day.

Entertainment for all ages

Family health guest complex “Altera” invites not only adults, but also their children. Children can play on the playground with animators and new friends, read books and play board games. This is not only a great way to have an exciting time, but also an opportunity to develop important skills – attentiveness, sociability and self-confidence.

Hotel “Altera” is a place where all conditions are created for young guests. For younger visitors, the hotel has a separate playground with toys. In addition, the “Alter” has a swimming pool with a shallow depth – especially for children.

For adults, the range of active activities in Popovka is wider:

  • underwater fishing;
  • boating;
  • scooters;
  • water skiing;
  • catamarans;
  • riding on the surrounding trails.

You can also relax and have fun with the whole family. You can, for example, arrange a family walk, play volleyball, tennis and badminton, as well as make a horse race through natural attractions.

Many sunny days, light rains, luxurious beaches with almost white sand, warm, but not boiling, crystal clear sea, healing air, therapeutic mud – all this has a positive effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves metabolism, cleanses the blood, heals the skin, gives strength and improves mood.

Important! In the hotel “Altera” and Popovka in general, it is always hot and rarely rains. Therefore, it is full of fruits that grow on every corner. To prevent consequences, tell your children that any fruits and vegetables plucked from the tree should be washed thoroughly.

Where to eat?

There are several options for meals in the hotel “Altera”: you can order only breakfasts together with the room in advance, or e-boarding with three meals a day. Those who decided to arrange only breakfasts, can buy lunches and dinners every day, or order dishes from the menu.

The café of the hotel “Altera” is small in area, but there is enough space for all residents even at full capacity. The food is homemade, delicious and varied.

If you want to diversify your food, you can visit the institutions that are nearby:

  1. Restaurant “Leningrad”. It is located on the territory of the complex “Parus”. It serves Russian and European cuisine, as well as seafood. The peculiarity of this place is in its decorative territory and architecture. There is an unusual landscape, a lake, narrow pleasant trails along which you can walk both day and night. Due to the unusual design – this place is perfect, for example, for a romantic dinner.
  2. Dining room “Dionysus”. This place is suitable for those who want to taste home cooking and not overpay for delights. Tourists note that prices are not low, but do not bite.
  3. Café-bar “Ruslan” is also located next to the hotel “Altera”. This institution is distinguished by delicious food, affordable prices and a pleasant interior. In the café-bar you can not only have lunch or dinner, but also have a good time with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

Important! If you prefer to cook for yourself during your holidays, this service is not available at the Altera Hotel.

We paid for accommodation on the spot, there were no delays in registration. The hosts, as well as all the hotel staff, were welcomed warmly. The hotel consists of three identical buildings with rooms of different sizes. It turned out that our rooms were in different buildings, but the administration quickly went to meet and placed us in two adjacent rooms in the first building, for which they are very grateful. There were no kettles in the rooms, and at our request we were immediately given. I was surprised that there was no soap and hairdryer in the bathroom. The sanitary equipment was worn out, but everything worked flawlessly, the water was hot and cold without interruption. As for the food. Breakfast was included in the room rate. The food is homemade, varied and delicious. Portions correspond to the price – small, but enough is enough for us. The dining room has a playroom for children, cots and high chairs.

Nearby Attractions

  1. The ancient settlement “Chaika” is an archaeological monument located in the south-eastern part of the Crimea, at the mouth of the Bogaz River, near the village of Popovka. The settlement arose, according to research, in the middle of the II millennium BC, when the Cimmerians lived in the Crimea. The settlement “Chaika” consists of several fortified and unstified residential quarters, surrounded by defensive ramparts and moats. Currently, the settlement is listed in the list of objects under state protection.
  2. The site of the festival “KaZantip”. This festival was held in Popovka for more than a decade. But a couple of years ago, the project decided to close. This place can also be attributed to the number of historical monuments. The festival had a very high rating around the world. In 2014, KaZantip moved, and Popovka had its own playground with unusual decorations and buildings.
  3. This is a city of a new generation, where the best educational, sports and entertainment programs in the Crimea are collected. Z.CITY is not only a holiday, the project helps people to correctly understand such life values as friendship, family, love, creativity and personal development. This is not through endless moralisms, but through a high level of commitment and creativity. This place appeared recently, in the same place where the festival “Kazantip” was held. Today it is undoubtedly the most interesting place in Popovka, where almost all guests of the village try to relax. Clean edges of the beach, beautiful art objects and installations that are regularly updated with new designs. Attractions and entertainment in the area are paid: you can pay with a bracelet, which is easy to replenish at the box office. Nevertheless, you can relax by the sea, on the beach for free.
  4. “Stairway to Heaven”. This is an active attraction on the festival site, which allows you to enjoy the panorama of the city and see all its main attractions without spending a lot of time on the tour.

More information! Despite the fact that the village of Popovka is small in its area, there is something to do here. The staff of the hotel “Altera” will help to determine the cultural program and offer interesting excursions.

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Every year Popovka is developing more and more and even becomes similar to the resort of the European level. The quality of service is growing here. An example of this is the Altera Hotel.